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Found 1 result

  1. IMPORTANT: Hi! If you’re hoping to join or rejoin us, please do so in our current thread! Well, everyone knows I can't go a day without creating a roleplay. This one stems from random cremposting on a status update (take that, Firerust), wherein I said something vaguely mysterious, Lunamor said it sounded like a prophecy and wrote the first line, and I, er, went crazy writing a prophecy? So. Yeah. (I hope this doesn't flop, I had fun making it all ) The Augury: As you may have guessed, the tentative plan for this RP is that it will have ten parts or 'verses', each named after and corresponding to a verse in the Augury - Ten of the Void, Hate's Creation, Fight the Rise, Oblivion, Storm's Break, Time Will Out, Until You Betray, All That Shatters, Watch Them Fall, and Powers Reviled (not necessarily in that order, names subject to change). I do have plans, but there's plenty of room for improvisation...and both could have really cool implications. Anyway, rules are as normal for roleplays on here, please do ask me if you have any questions! Both roleplay and chat will take place on this thread (until a new one is started), so please put all non-RP in quote boxes. WORLDBUILDING: Preferred character profile: I'll happily give more information on almost anything worldbuilding-wise if you ask, though I can't give away much in the terms of plot. HAVE FUN! Characters: