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Found 2 results

  1. Dragonsteel has announced that the Kings Wild Project will be selling playing cards themed after Mistborn: The Final Empire! They can be pre-ordered from the Kings Wild Project website now through the end of November, and are expected to be printed and shipped spring 2022. Editions The cards are available in two editions: The Scadrial Edition ($18): Standard version of the cards. The Gilded Allomancy Edition ($45): Cards with gilded silver edges, plus a faux leather slipcase. There are also two collector's boxes: Final Empire Collector's Box ($230): Twelve decks of Scadrial Edition cards, along with a collector's box. Cosmere Collector's Set ($270): Everything in the Final Empire Box, plus one Gilded Allomancy Edition deck. Suits: Spades: King: Lord Ruler Queen: Steel Inquisitor Jack: Koloss Diamonds: King: Sazed Queen: Tindwyl Jack: TenSoon Hearts: King: Kelsier Queen: Mare Jack: Marsh Clubs: King: Elend Queen: Vin Jack: Spook Jokers: Preservation and Ruin What do you think of the cards? Will you be buying any? Feel free to share why or why not in the comments section!
  2. Basically, I'm replacing classical playing card roles with Cosmere ones. This is similar to ideas such as the Mistborn Chess variation and Mistborn Tarot cards, so props to the people who made those. Roshar = Spades Ace: Honor King: Dalinar Queen: Jasnah Jack: Kaladin 10-2: The heraldic numbers. Scadrial = Clubs Era One: Ace: Preservation King: TLR Queen: Vin Jack: Kelsier 10-2: FE Steel Alphabet Numbers Era Two: Ace: Harmony King: Waxillium Queen: Miles Jack: Wayne 10-2: Era Two Steel Alphabet Numbers Sel = Diamonds Ace: Devotion King: Raoden Queen: Shai Jack: Dilaf 10-2: I'm not sure whether there is a numeric rune system we know of on Sel... oh well. Nalthis = Hearts Ace: Endowment King: Vasher Queen: Shashara Jack: Susebron 10-2: Not sure Nalthis has numerical runes either... oh well. Jokers Jokers: Hoid