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Found 5 results

  1. The Shard Plate and Blade(Firestorm) of Gavilar Kholin
  2. When Stormfather told Dalinar about the Honorblades , he said “ with it you became a Windrunner Un-oathed , and more ...” I always wondered what he meant by that . Are thier more powers it grants that we haven’t seen ? Then I thought of the creatures the Heralds fought during desolations , Thunderclast , midnight essences , etc . I further thought of how the spren copied what they saw the Heralds doing. So I wonder can the Heralds when they have thier Honorblades produce plate . Without it they could be taken out fairly easily by 3 or 4 Fused attacking in concert . If they have a Thinderclast or unmade in the vicinity it would be even easier to kill one . If they had plate however , they couldn’t be laShed and wouldn’t be susceptible to any of the influence of the unmade surges . With thier experience it would give pause to even 10 Fused to attack one. When Honor was alive he supplied them with stormlight so they would really be scary to Fused having that much power at thier fingertips. What do you think ? Plate or no plate?
  3. So as we have seen in Elantris (and as was discussed by Raoden) it doesn't matter what an Aon is inscribed in, as long as it is inscribed correctly (Aons in stone walls, mud, etc). So, would it be possible to create armour consisting of plates inscribed with Aons which provide protection to make said armour stronger? I can't remember the Aon, but in Raoden's fight with Dilaf we see him use one that pushes back against any force equally. If this were applied to a piece of armour, no matter how hard your enemy struck the armour, it would resist with equal force, effectively making it unbreakable (unless you are a Dahkor monk or such that can remove Aons). Is this plausible? I welcome your thoughts.
  4. A conventional warhammer is not designed to destroy the armor it is used again. It is supposed to transmit enough energy and momentum through the armor to harm the wearer. Shard Plate seems to block this kind of attack to a large extent. The design of conventional warhammers reflects its use. It is a one-handed weapon not much heavier than a sword. But fighting against a shard bearer some factors change. A shield is useless Armor is useless You must attack as a group You cannot really train realistically Parries are impossible That means you want range. If you are attacked you must dodge. Hence your fighters will carry only their weapon, no shields or armor. The weapon can be swung with both hands. It seems to me that leaves you with a very long weapon, up to the length of a smaller poleaxe. You also expect your hammermen to die quickly. Realistically speaking attacking a shard bearer with a hammer is suicide. Tiring of your soldiers is not an issue. You will give them a heavy weapon. If they can get in a single strike that does significant damage, that is a success. It also means that you will not use your best men in that role if you can help it. Expensive training would be a waste. They swing and dodge. That calls for a hammer as large as those used in construction: 5 to 10 kg. If you can swing it at the speed of a baseball bat, that will get you more than 3 KJ of impact energy. The longer the haft the more leverage, but you want it short enough, so that you can grip close enough to the hammerhead to lift it up reasonably well again. A bit less than man height I would estimate. And I'd tell my men to go for the hands. It is possible to disarm a shard bearer, if you hit there hard enough.
  5. I have seen many theories of where Shardplate and Shardblades are. We know that there once were many, many sets of Plate and Blades, right? Well, what if most of them were destroyed? Certainly, there are many sets of Shardplate and Shardblades in Urithiru, of course. And the Shin almost certainly have plenty of sets of their own. However, chances are there were still dozens, perhaps hundreds of sets of Plate and Blades left unaccounted for. My theory here then is that most of the sets have been destroyed. If there were many mini-wars during the Recreance in which normal people took Shardplate and Shardblades and fought each other for it all, one would assume that many, many sets would have been utterly ruined. In addition, we cannot assume that it was common knowledge that inserting gems into newly-given Shardplate would make it "regenerate" the broken portions of it. I am assuming that this was knowledge receive much later on - at least after a fair number of sets of Shardplate were smashed to bits and then scattered. And then these broken, shattered, scattered pieces of Shardplate, over the course of four thousand five hundred years, got buried in the sands of time and... sand. Y. Ness. Stuff. Apologies if this has been suggested before. I (1) didn't know what to search, and (2) didn't find anything when I tried to search... Now... tear me down and point me to the light! Hahaha.