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Found 13 results

  1. AV prequel thread ideas: There was a little more, but this is all the discussion. Enough people seem to be interested for it to be a legit plot. ^ what I copy-pasted onto the Chat Thread Oof, the formatting is messed up, I’ll try to fix it later. For now, my two cents are: we use the canon timeline. We change the power level to some extent just for this plot. Oh, and it’s been confirmed that any character used in this plot would not count as one of your character slots, like how it is with the alternate universes. What do you guys think? Days before all the guilds but the DA? During the time when some of those earlier guilds existed, and with characters possibly being members of them? Et cetera, et cetera. The plot is based around whether or not the Alleycity should be built (of course, in the end it will be). The point cap is now 300, with 100 having to be skills. It is 1,300ish years before the present day (200 years after the establishment of the AV). We want this to be less about the guilds and more about the individuals, and the DA might be less known at this time, since communication wouldn't be as great. List of Characters:
  2. worldbuilding

    Hello everyone! This thread is for planning a fantasy world as voted on in the Chat Thread. Fantasy is a pretty broad topic, so there are a lot of different settings that we could come up with, ranging from the extremely bizarre to the almost normal. In my opinion, it's probably best if we based it off of Sanderson magic systems, but that still leaves a wide range of possibilities open to us. A few options have already been presented, but nothing's been decided on yet. Post here if you have an idea on what you think this fantasy world should be! Master Planning Google Doc Here's what we have so far:
  3. horror

    Hello all! This is going to be the planning thread for the horror setting that was voted on in the chat thread, now personally I enjoy horror a great deal, I DM a lot of horror games for my D&D group, and I've had something of a horror plot up my sleeve since era 1 of the Alleyverse so I would greatly enjoy worldbuilding and to an extent GMing this thread, but I'm not the only one who voted for the setting so in the interests of fairness I wanted to get some feedback on what exactly people wanted when they voted for this setting. Some people may be interested in a thriller more than an actual horror per say, alien monsters and things with tentacles and stuff, but still playing essentially the same characters as in the main Alleyverse, relatively powerful heroes whose job is to chop down all the alien monsters so they don't eat all the world or whatever. Some people may be more interested in psychological or a cosmic horror in which case I'd suggest that the PCs be completely unInvested if possible, and we'd likely need someone to act as a Game Master to drive the plot and drop some surprises in from time to time. (From my experience these kinds of horror really doesn't work well in an RP where everyone has equal narrative-creation power because people all want to do their own thing and it turns into a mess more than anything) Typically in these games the ambition of players should be to survive as long as possible rather than to actually defeat their enemy. Some people may be interested in something somewhere in between those two, where you're not playing as just some average joe who got stuck in the middle of a fight between Elder Gods, but you're also not a super magical hero slaying endless hordes of meaningless mooks. I would see this as similar to the kinds of D&D game I run from time to time, where the PCs are exhausted, tired, and a little bit crazy by the end but do ultimately have a hope of victory. So please provide any feedback on what you'd be hoping to get out of this or how you hope it could be run, either related to the above points or not. And we can start brainstorming. Current list of characters: Sorana (Lizanne Farmer): ZincAboutIt (Renata): ITIAH (Wilhelm Wendigo): Silva ( Ashira Celeste Blanche Addington): Ark1002 (Hellbent-Son-Palm): Blessing of Potency (Arundhati): Kenod (Lisa Waite): Kidpen (Tishyl): Beantheboy12 (Zib): Snipexe (Jack Overchild): Gancho Libre (Fah'Loofah Smedry):
  4. So, this is for Sci-Fi planning. There is a horror, fantasy, and wild west planning thing, so we needed a sci-fi one. The idea's I have seen are from @Dr. Dapper where he said we have a planet, can't remember the name, and on the planet it is cyberpunk, and of the planet, in the space around it, it is space opera. I have a few questions that we should specify; how large is our are? Like, is it glaciate, universal, or just in the one system. I think it should just be the ne system, for simplicity's sake, but I will not argue this point. Another is, DI we have magic, and if so, what ind? Is it just minor, or do we have the force level? Do we make it form scratch, or do we include Starwars, Halo, WH40K, and or Destiny? Also, how much do we break the laws of physics in this? Does it stay strictly to Sci-Fi, or do we add in some Sci-Fa* as well? Anything else? *This means Science Fantasy for the uniformed.
  5. Planning thread for era 2 planning
  6. Sadly, I'm on my phone and can't open this thread with a pug picture. It's up to you guys to carry on the Question's bold legacy and post as many pug pictures as you can.
  7. I felt it appropriate to also begin this thread with a pug. And not just any old pug. May I present to you…..
  8. I thought this quote a good place to end the last thread.
  9. This was completely necessary.
  10. As promised, I shall allow Fantomah to begin this thread.
  11. And the question of the day for this thread is.... Which fanon couple in this RP would win the cutest couple contest?
  12. New topic, new possibilities. I expect great things and many ponies from you guys.
  13. Since the old Question thread will be full in 5 more posts, here's a new one for when it happens.