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Found 4 results

  1. Alright my friends, many of us quarantined, but that doesn't mean this is necessarily a bad thing. Why not share some photos of the ones who are most likely thrilled at this whole situation: our pets? I don't know about you, but animals always cheer me up. I'm currently housesitting for a family and taking care of a golden retriever, two cats, two bearded dragons, and three tortoises. Here is a photo of Steve-O the six toed cat and Duncan, the gentlemanly golden.
  2. I did this for two reasons, 1) Sometimes people just need to let out their feelings. 2) I kinda need to tell other people, besides the people I am with in quarantine. Today my dog Jax (Who some of you sharders know about.) got half his teeth pulled out because they were rotting. I am kinda worried.
  3. I've been wondering how many Sharders keep pets in their households, and if so, what kind of pets, the pets' names, what kinds of behavior the pets engage in, and a number of other pet-related queries. I like pets. I live on a farm, and on top of that I have somewhere over a dozen cats named Momotaro, Jade Dingle, Julian, Oreo, Rory, Sergeant Zimmykins, Raggedy, Loki, Nekko, Oni, Shadow, Splotches, and my personal favorite of the names, The Blackthorn. Anyone else have too many cats pets that they love to talk about?
  4. I've noticed a few users that have a particular favorite character that they adore and identify with very strongly. These users tend to be experts on their pet character. I thought I'd make a list of them so that anyone with questions about those characters can go to the resident expert. To start I have two, feel free to comment with others, I'll add them to the OP. Stormlight Archive: FeatherWriter: Renarin Kholin Maxal: Adolin Kholin Venture Mistborn: Siri Mail-mi, ScottLeft: Spook Emerald101: Elend Reckoners RPG: Reckonersverse Kobold King: Mizzy TwiLyghtSansSparkles, Edgedancer: Obliteration