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Found 7 results

  1. I'm not sure if this is a new restriction, but personalizations on Brandon's store are limited to 12 characters, for some reason. I'm wondering how I could ever fit a question into that limit, and how anyone else has, as well. (I've definitely seen other people's question exceeding this, so I'm not really sure what's going on...) The only thing I can think of is that Brandon decided to stop some of the questions coming through from book purchases—maybe due to the lack of space—though I have no idea is this is true. If anyone knows anything about this, please help
  2. Question: Was the black mist spirit that Alendi saw Preservation or Ruin? Which one? Why did this rusting question get a rusting RAFO?
  3. So I just realised that there are some common personalizations for books. Apart from "RAFO" and "RAFO!". Cosmere: Elantris: drawn Aon Rao Emperor's Soul: I know your soul Final Empire: I am hope Well of Ascension: Mists await Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Rust+Ruin! / Keep your lucky hat on, mate! Shadows of Self: Bands Of Mourning: Way of Kings: Some part of First Oath: Life before death/Strenght before weakness/Journey before destination Words of Radiance: Bridge Four Warbreaker: My Breath to yours... White Sand: May Sand Lord protect you Arcanum Unbounded: Can I eat your lunch? / Are you listening? / Shut it, Voidbringer! Other: Alcatraz: Rutabaga (BTW, you can ask him to sign the book as Alcatraz. You get Alcatraz signature upside down cause that's how Alcatraz would do it) Perfect State: Enjoy! Legion: Not crazy Legion: Skin Deep: So...zombies? Rithmatist: Rithmatic diagram Steelheart Firefight: potato in a minefield / calzone stuffed with dynamite Calamity: there will be heroes Wheel of Time: Memory of Light: The end. Please add your personalizations.
  4. So, I was buying the Firstborn/Defending Elysium combo pack on Brandon's website, and for the personalization, I asked "What Allomantic Abilities would Demoux have on Roshar?" (He RAFO'd me. Go figure.) Evidently, there is some room for speculation here. So: Speculators, go!
  5. I bowed to temptation and ordered the TES/Defending Elysium (I quite like that story)/Firstborn 2-pack over the holidays, and I asked a question for the personalization. I feared a RAFO, but got an answer, so my thanks again to Brandon for putting up with me. Kurkistan: Could an Augor Compound Health out of a goldmind if its proper owner messed with Identity in the right way? Brandon: This is possible. So that's one more theory to put to bed.
  6. As some of you may know, Alaxel is... on an enforced break from the forums for the next while. The circumstances surrounding his absence aside, Alaxel got in touch with me via email (apparently I'm one of the few people who has an email address on record ) and asked me to post some info on his behalf. I am ever eager for new WoB, so I agreed to serve as his agent in this matter. Without further ado: Alaxel got a personalized copy of WoK, and written in it was "Odium and Hoid were once friends." I would like to publicly thank Alaxel for sharing this info, and say that I take this as a good sign that we can turn over a new leaf and avoid hurtful/heated discourse going forward. ----- EDIT: So far as analysis goes, this indicates that Hoid's hatred of Rayse now is the fruit of some poisoned friendship rather than a lifelong rivalry.