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Found 5 results

  1. Some spoilers for Perfect State follow. This morning I finished reading Perfect State, another good novella by our beloved Bandersnatch. There were things I liked about it and things I felt were kind of meh, but all in all I greatly enjoyed it. In particular I adored the central concept of the story: the concept of a world where brains are removed from fetuses and plugged into elaborate virtual realities specially formulated to match their personalities and desires. Which brings us to this simple thread. Assuming that Perfect States match the idealistic fantasies that we all daydream from time to time, what would your personal State be like? Personally, I think that my State would basically enable me to be the Doctor from Doctor Who. I would live in a vast and procedurally generated setting with joint fantasy and science fiction elements, which I would explore with some kind of magical ship that enables me to traverse through time and space. I'd arrive on planets just on the cusp of war or some natural disaster, and using only my wits and inexplicable charisma would save the day, earning the praise and admiration of the masses before running back to my ship and setting sail for another distant part of the cosmos. ... Ahem. What would your Perfect State be like? If there were a world programmed entirely to enable you to be the hero of your daydreams, what would it look like?
  2. Hello all, I want to discuss what it is we all think Kairominas can do with Lancing. What can Lancing do? I initially thought it allowed energy manipulation, as most descriptions of it seem to make that obvious, but then there's chapter 3. I'm not well versed in pigment science, so I could use some help. Would Kai drawing out the pigment still classify as energy manipulation? Pulling the moisture and splitting the molecule all fall under that umbrella, but I am unsure about the pigment stuff. As a note, this is a discussion as to what Lancing can do on Alornia, or in a world where it functions in the way Kai is familiar with. This is not a discussion about how Lancing works after Sophie hacks Maltese to let Kai control heat. Thanks for the help! Edit: After looking it up, pigmentation alteration is a form of energy manipulation.
  3. So I'm working on the Besk page on the Coppermind, and I've come across the issue of figuring out when Besk actually met Kai. Two different excerpts are potentially contradictory, and I'm not sure what to make of it. From Chapter 1: “My lord,” Besk said, stopping on the wall-walk. “This is most unseemly of you. I'm reminded of the child you were, not the king you have become.” From Chapter 5: Don’t be foolish, I thought to myself. I’d survived for centuries without Besk looking over my shoulder. Chapter 1 seems to imply Besk has known Kai since Kai was a child. Chapter 5, on the other hand, implies Besk didn't meet Kai until after Kai had lived for 200+ years. It is possibly that the Chapter 1 excerpt merely references Kai having acted like a child, running off on wild adventures. At the same time the Chapter 5 excerpt could be understood as Besk not traveling with Kai during all of his adventures, but still having known him since childhood. So which do you think it is? I'm leaning towards Besk not having met Kai until after Kai had lived for 200+ years, but I'm not convinced.
  4. Well, the Stabby Award winners have been announced, and Brandon won three! Shadows of Self won Best Novel of 2015, Perfect State won Best Short Fiction of 2015, and Writing Excuses won Best Related Work of 2015! That's awesome! Link
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently working on the page for Lancing, and there's a couple of things I wanted to ask. First, Lancing is a magic system, but is non-Cosmere. What info-box should I use? I normally try to look at other similar pages, but most of the magic pages are Cosmere, and the template clearly indicates that (with Shardic influence, focus, and typing). I'm currently going to use it and omit all the Cosmere sections (like Rithmatist), but let me know if there is another template I should be using, or if there are sections to the template I am unawares of. Second, the Perfect State footer infobox should have Lancesight replaced with Lancing. I've mentioned this before, but then got busy and neglected my quest to finish the Perfect State articles, so it escaped my mind. To reiterate my previous arguments, I felt, upon reading the Novella, that "Lancing" was the magic system, and "Lancesight" was a feature within that system. This is similar to seeing blue lines when burning iron/steel in Allomancy. If you were merely waiting for the page to exist before making the change, my apologies for beating the dead horse. The page should be up and running today P.S. - As a side note unrelated to Lancing, it would be nice if the template pages listed all the potential sections that are usable. Just a thought.