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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm a kinda longterm fan of Sylladin. I mean those two are already soul mates and they are literally perfect for eachother. I mean kal is the storming stereotype of a brooding male YA male interest or protagonist ,while syl is the idea of a Manic Pixie Dreamgirl come alive. YA romance authors would have hated Sanderson lol. But unfortunately there was A Fault in thier Realms and it seemed they were never meant to be but now .... with ishar . Hmmmmm . Ishar , the mad lad, has made Sylladin possible again. So yeah. Sylladin LIVES. I wonder how the Stormfather would react to that ? He would be the ultimate stereotype of a father in law who hates and has a bumpy relationship with his son in law lol. I wonder how Syl will cope with being human. Eating human food, growing hair , tasting something for the first time , pooping . Lol . I really wanna see Syl become human and get hitched to kaladin and have immortal blue toned , wrong shadowed children with him. Just imagine those cuties going up to uncle Oroden . Awwwwww ♥️♥️♥️ So going more serious now , Honorspren unlike almost every other sapiant Spren species , aside from inkspren , are the closest imitations of humans . So as an aside , I was wondering if syl was pulled into the PR by ishar , would she have the inner physiological, esp reproductive anatomy compatible with humans ?Would kaladin be able to have children with her ? If so what would they be like? Then I realised that's the literal definition of Siah Aimians. Half Spren , half human. Also Siah are shapeshifters tho they prefer a human form. Honorspren are exactly the same too. So we just may have precedent for this too.
  2. Again if you haven't read Mistborn Secret History then please go back. Now ,taravangian was dead at the time he ascended, albeit by less than a minute perhaps. Now in SH Ruin mocks kelsier by telling him that a cognitive shadow can't be as good a Vessel as a being which exists on all three realms. So how good is taravangian as a Vessel then? Kelsier was very less connected to Preservation whereas taravangian was almost made for Odium. Kelsier was dead for some 2-3 yrs I guess whereas taravangian was dead for barely a minute, if that. Will this be of consequence ?