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Found 3 results

  1. Of all the Cosmere's known magic users, I'm not really sure that anyone can compare to the fullborn (mistborn + full feruchemist) in terms of raw power. They can: 1. Get a nearly infinite supply of any feruchemical attribute that they want as long as they have the metals available, then tap them at pretty much any speed that they want. 2. Reverse compound somehow (probably feruchemical nicrocil at work here, but it has yet to be confirmed) to increase their allomantic powers to a ridiculous amount, pretty much as much as they want, similar to their feruchemical counterparts. 3. There isn't really a maximum limit to the amount of investiture that they can store, except maybe the amount of metalminds that they can carry, which is still a lot. It doesn't seem like fullborn have the traditional limitations that you'd expect to see on other metalborn, surgbinders, awakeners, or any other magic users really. How powerful are they, really, and what would it take to bring down a competent fullborn? (Mcguffins such as shards of Adonalsium or Dawn shards don't count, I'm referring to "normal" magic users)
  2. Feruchemy. With this magic system, you can store attributes in pieces of mundane metal, then retrieve them latter, frequently increasing that attribute to absolutely insane amounts. This seems a little overpowered to me honestly (though that only makes it even more awesome); as a feruchemist, why not just store some attributes for a few hours daily, then when you get into a fight with some mistborn or fused, you can just steelrun up to them and use pewter to rip them in half?! Plus, you can regenerate, grow insanely strong, and increase your weight to that of a dump truck. If there is a good reason that a full feruchemist is not OP if they put their mind up to it (ESPESCIALLY with steel), I'd be interested in knowing.
  3. The title. Would he be able to, or any other Mistborn/Full Feruchemist? What would happen if he did? How destructive would that get and how incredibly awesome would that be?