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Found 4 results

  1. Welcome back, everyone, to the next installment of my ongoing space fantasy saga Realm of the Stars! For those just joining us, this is the third volume of a series I pitch as "Star Wars meets King Arthur meets Dune" and is the ending of the initial trilogy I have in mind (though I still have plans for more works in this universe!) - if you're looking for the Arthurian parallels, then this story's events would roughly correspond to Arthur's war with Rome. If you're interested in checking out the previous installments of this series, then Volume I is here, Volume II is here and some character portraits are here. And here we go! Prologue and Dramatis Personae:
  2. I've been playing around with some character portrait creators lately, and managed to get some images I'm fairly happy with for some of the main characters from my Star Wars meets King Arthur meets Dune space fantasy saga Realm of the Stars. The program I used for these is Rinmaru Games' Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator; it's geared more towards conventional fantasy than space opera, but Realm of the Stars has enough of a fantasy type aesthetic I thought it worked pretty well. If you're interested in checking the stories out, Volume I, The Unclaimed Crown is here and Volume II, The Endangered Crown is here. Anyway, here we go! Arta: Karani: Mardoban: Pakorus: Midaia: and Latharna: And for those of you who've been following along with this saga as I've been posting it here, I've begun work on Volume III and intend to start posting on Friday!
  3. Sequel to Realm of the Stars Volume I: The Unclaimed Crown, which may be found here: Feedback welcome on both stories!
  4. (*This is inspired on Kobold's thread. Feel free to upvote him, althought I feel he doens't really need it at this point. This:(**) means out of character. *) Dreamer, I do not know what tides carried you here from your time and world, nor do I divine why the engines of fate have brought you to me, but please rest calm. I may be a monster in the eyes of some, but I will not hurt you. My name is Iluinirumave, meaning "subtle shift of the tide", although most call me Ilui. I was once a mage, a scholar, and perhaps even a hero. I was also a cannibal sorceress, more shadow than flesh, more monster than person. Now, I quietly sleep below earth and sea, waiting for the day humanity reclaims their homeland far beyond the stars. I've learned much in my sleep, walking throught shadows of memories, but I am not divine, and most of what I know comes from the times of the Second Age, before the rising and fall of Saint Temã, and is about the Eastern Half and the Princedoms of Creizem, home of the vaults that guard dangerous relics of magics of dream and flame, both ancient and new. Wait, I feel another mind manifest... I... I am sorry if I disrupted, but I could not avoid feeling summoned by this. Maybe it is because of the nature of my soul, but I was called, and I think I now must answer as well. Very... very well. I think it would be good to hear from other times and places. Thank you, master Ilui. I am from the Third Age, being comtemporary to the restauration of Temã, although I don't think I should speak too much about that specific event. I was born in Imeriz, capital of the Imeric Empire, but if I had to call any place my home, it would be the Cireze Dominion, built on the ashen ruins of the Creizem Princedoms. More specificaly the city of Tevirre, know as the second capital of the Empire for good reasons. You can call me Guivere, althought my father calls me Zenith-37. I am a failed prototype of divinity turned spy. I feel qualified to answer your questions, and mildly inclined to do so. (*Try to restrain your questions to worldbuilding and the characters themselves, not plot, ok?*)