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Found 1 result

  1. Day 3- Crispy Spren Poor Ji had already been burnt the previous day. And now, yet another victim had been burnt. A crowd of spren huddled around the burnt Snip, who was groaning in pain. There weren't many things that could really injure a spren; but a big enough fire, or division could do the trick. But it was a horrible thing to do. Maybe it had made sense to burn the Honorspren who had been lying, but that had missed and hit a different spren, Ji. And now someone had gone out of their way to burn Snip, for no apparent reason. As everyone was watching Snip, and not paying much attention to behind them, no one noticed as Alabaster the Cultivationspren was grabbed and taken away. Maybe they wanted to take away one of the few individuals who could have helped; but alas, Alabaster had not wanted a bond with a human. He spent most of his time running a shop that sold plants from the physical realm, his area of expertise. And when someone in the crowd finally thought to grab a cultivationspren to help out Snip or Ji, Alabaster was already gone. A search would turn nothing up, and the plants were already starting to look wilted without the careful attention of their owner. Alabaster, along with his many potted plants, were simply another casualty of the onslaught of Sja-Anat and her minions. Most spren had taken to hiding in their homes now. Being outside was simply too dangerous. And so, Snip and Ji ended up next to each other on beds in a make-shift hospital, as attending spren desperately hoped for someone to heal them. _____ Randuir was killed! They were a Cultivationspren. Snipexe was burned! Dr. Dapper is still burnt! PMs are still closed! Do not use them unless they reopen. The turn will end somewhere around 9:00 PM MDT, 4/25/19. This is subject to change, I will likely extend this day an extra 24 hours or so to get it to a rollover time that better suits my new schedule back at home. I will make an announcement when I make a decision as to exactly when I'll do rollover. Here are the rules.