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Found 1 result

  1. LG29: A Mote in Adonalsium's Eye The wind whispered across what passed for plains, here in the Spiritual Realm. Sheon Idris turned his face from his contemplation of a steel and gold crown, now worn with the use of many years. In that instant, a lady stood beside him, brighter than the noon-day sun. "The sleeper stirs! This is a portenteous occasion." Her voice sounded amused, with a hint of exasperation. "Why, Lady Kiireon, you sound almost impatient." He smirked slightly, watching her annoyance build. "Of course I am impatient, you old fool. Eons wander on and still you wait here, asleep while the Cosmere changes around you. What do you expect to do, wait until entropy grinds all things to dust and bring back God to rule an empty realm? Preparation is required, I am sure, but you take the concept to an absurd level." He laughed. "Perhaps so, Brightness. Perhaps so. Regardless of what has passed before, I feel that time has - very suddenly - become very short. The chaos wrought by the Ones Who Turned has been contained. The Shards have again reached a state of stasis. Even Odium and Autonomy are integrated into the whole, at least for now. Things haven't been this quiet since before I suborned the 17th Shard. But there's a sort of feeling in the air." She looked at him archly. "Just like that? After so long sitting and doing nothing, you are ready to act now?" "Well, almost now. My shade is taking care of some...errands on Nalthis. But it will be finished soon, and I will have need of it before the end." He paused for a moment, then spoke softly. "Can you hear it? Change is coming. If we do not act now to reforge God, the Cosmere itself will intervene - and we may not like what comes of it." The lady fell quiet, and for the space of a heartbeat they listened together. Then they were gone, leaving no trace that they had ever been. The wind blew on across the still ground, and in it whispered power. Rules: Welcome to Long Game 29: A Mote in Adonalsium's Eye! This is a sequel/rerun of LG21 (which, in turn, was a sequel/rerun of LG14, which in turn was a sequel/rerun of LG10, which in turn was a sequel - at least in terms of story - to QF4). The last run was a wee little bit broken, and this iteration attempts to remedy the issues that the last game faced. Now, we continue the story of Hoid and his epic quest to reforge Adonalsium, the Shattered God of the Cosmere. Come sign up now to secure your place in the story, and to get your chance at unlimited Shardic power! Signups will last until December 19th at 2 PM (although I reserve the right to extend them if we don't get enough players). Player List: 1. Assassin in Burgundy - First of the Game (First of the Sun) 2. Master Elodin - Second of the Signups (Unspecified) 3. Jondesu - Quintus (Unspecified) 4. AliasSheep - Kelen Taldar - (Scadrial) 5. Darkness Ascendant - Kaldain Selblessed (Roshar) 6. A Joe in the Bush - Jack Tormander (Scadrial) 7. Doc12 - Silence (Taldain) 8. Kynedath - Desten Kyde (Roshar) 9. TheMightyLopen - Kaloo (Sel ) 10. Straw - Malum Farcimen (Unspecified) 11. Young Bard - Unnamed Character 2 (Nalthis) 12. Magestar - Magestar (First of the sun) 13. Alvron - Lorna (Unspecified) 14. Dalinar Kholin - Sanya (Roshar) 15. Harambe - PUNisher (Roshar) 16. I_am_a_Stick - Stic (Unspecified) 17. RubiksCube - cubefright archive (Unspecified) 18. DroughtBringer - Ralar (Unspecified) 19. Araris Valerian - Aralis (Scadrial) 20. Arinian - Unnamed Character 3 (Unspecified) 21. Zephrer - Unnamed Character 4 (Unspecified) 22. Conquestor - Unnamed Character 5 (Unspecified) 23. Sart - Sam Trudite (Unspecified) 24. Aonar Faileas - Nilan Izenry (Scadrial) 25. Elenion - emissary of Mandos (Nalthis) 26. Kasimir - Tenth of the Dusk (First of the Sun) Quick Links: