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Found 5 results

  1. I’ve finished The Stormlight Archive twice (only twice, I know…), and my opinion of Moash has changed drastically during my reread. At first, I completely and utterly hated him without regret. Then, on my reread, I was able to appreciate the depth of his character. I find myself half wanting him dead, and half wanting him to get the best redemption arc ever. I’m pretty sure on other bases (like tumblr or reddit) there’s a really strong This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules Moash group which I don’t like the idea of, mostly because they don’t appreciate the dimensions of his character, at least from what I’ve seen. I’ll put my full opinion of Moash below, but I’m asking you guys what you think about Moash, and what you want to see happening to him in the next few books vs. what might actually happen etc. Also, my sister said she believes Moash “did what he had to do” but upon further questioning doesn’t give me any answers, so if someone could please explain what you think she might mean? Okay, my opinion, all over the place, and based off several points i saw on reddit/tumblr + my own beliefs (so some of these arent my own): (TL;DR - i have a love-hate relationship. i can understand why he did what he did, but i still hate him for it. i want him to drop dead and iw ant to see a sick redemption arc.still figuring out my position.) People ask why we hate Moash so much when Dalinar did so much worse, and I definitely agree, but one of the reasons might be because Moash doesn’t take responsibility for his actions whilst Dalinar does (ft. epic Oathbringer you cannot have my pain) its not about fairness or jstuice for him most of the time, its revenge. hes eager to take advantange, but not to take responsibility. he takes the path of cowardice and refuses to be held accountable for his choices. (but then, can we htae him for being human?) he feels bad, but a bad that leads to “I wish I could have done it without feeling pain” rather than “I wish I didnt do it” (yes, yes we can) also he doesnt fight against oppression, he fights against lighteyed oppression, and thinks that fused oppression is better HE KILLED TEFT </3 I’m open to the idea of a redemption arc, I don’t like him at all but understand the reasoning behind his choices. I’m willing to give him a chance. About Elhokar…I don’t know how I feel about him still. Elhokar had potential and Brandon was trying to make us feel that, and I kidna WAS feeling that. But I do understand that Elhokar was Moash’s Amaram, almost. His black cloak on the hill RoW scene was pretty cool I gotta admit it SUICIDE BAITING KALADIN. I can’t seem to get past this. As someone who’s been struggling with getting help for my depression and suicidal thoughts for years, I felt this on a different level. NOT OKAY, MOASH! But my lovely sister (who compares my depression to Kaladin’s then invalidates both of ours) believes she understands why he did that, and in his own way he was genuinely trying to make Kaladin feel better. maybe he was. (he wasnt) HE LITERALLY TRIES TO KILL KAL, WHO SAVED HIS LIFE he’s a nuanced character and i can appreciate that he chooses to stay with bridge 4 then betrays them betrays many oaths and promises he makes, constantly lies (but who didnt?) in case you forgot, teft went from “im broken” to “im loved” as he died Hes completely aware and happy that odium took away his emotions and whenever hte bond weakens he panics and tries to get it back immediately instead of going “omg no emotions made me do terrible stuff” I hope odium throws him off and leaves him blind, alone, and with a mountain of guilt. Once again I will support a redemption arc if he feels the pain of what hes done i dont reeeallyyy appreciate how brandon (maybe unconsciously) framed the victim of racism, being a poc myself i can understand a few of the things moash felt (kinda) (ig) so i can feel some, SOME level of sympathy for moash. moash, not vyre id want more from brandon around the racism thing tho. lots of potential that moash had before he went into this downward arc. i feel like hes being framed as ur typical villain and slowly losing hsi humanity so i dont really like that but yeah I might add more later.
  2. In this topic, you can vent your feelings about any movie, tv show, actor, etc. I tried this in a topic in @Quiver's Spider-Man: Homecoming and worked pretty well. (I got a downvote.) Here, you can vent your feelings and I'll make a rule. Don't give people downvotes. It is their honest opinion and if they hate something in a movie you people like, you can counteract their claim with whatever you come up with. This is officially the Entertainment Discussion debate topic. It'll basically be a negative review. Let's begin with one of the worst superhero movies ever. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I have a lot of problems with this movie. First and foremost, DEADPOOL!! 20TH CENTURY FOX, WHAT THE $%#@ WERE YOU THINKING???!!! DEADPOOL HAS NONE OF THE POWERS SHOWN IN THAT STUPID MOVIE!! SHOOTING LASERS?? KATANAS IN HIS ARMS?? GETTING CONTROLLED BY A COMPUTER?? FREAKING HAVING HIS MOUTH STITCHED UP???!! There is a reason Deadpool is called the Merc with a Mouth, and looking like a cheesy knockoff of Slender Man isn't it! Second, Gambit. I'm not saying he wasn't good, it's just that he's barely in it. He's one of the best parts of the movie, but his screen time is way too short. Thirdly, the CGI. All of the CGI is poorly done in this film, especially Wolverine's claws, the fake Patrick Stewart, and that part when Logan is chopping up the ladder. Fourthly, Agent Zero. Out of all the terrible characters in this film, he was the cheesiest and the most annoying and I'm glad he died. Finally, the continuity issues. In future films, they manage to fix errors pretty well. But there are two major ones not fixed. One, STUPID STRYKER. The guy who played him was a terrible actor to begin with, but in Days of Future Past, he looks younger and it's a little confusing, because Logan hasn't changed the timeline yet. Second, if Logan and Sabretooth fought in the Vietnam War, and were sentenced to death, what happened to Sabretooth? Stryker apparently doesn't find them, but Logan is shown in the U.S. later, in 1973. Sabretooth's fate in the X-Men Universe is left unexplained, which is disappointing, because I thought he was good. (They announced he might appear in Logan which would've been amazing but he never did.) Anybody is welcome to respond to me but please. This is an opinion, so either read and leave it or debate it. Have at it.
  3. I'm surprised there isn't already a thread for this, but here it is. I would like to not spoil future books, but if you want to talk about it, please mark your spoilers.
  4. (Inspired by the Least Favorite Character thread) Which Stormlight characters are your favorite? It could be because of their story arcs, quotes, intriguing mysteries, whatever. But I’m curious to know who is your favorite and the reason they are. While I love all the main characters (yes that includes Shallan) I’m gonna stick to some less prominent ones to make it interesting. I’ll throw out Skar as one of my favorites. For one thing, he’s one of the most skilled in bridge 4. Also, he’s a teacher and his short arc in Oathbringer is one of my favorite chapters. Alright there’s one of mine, fire away!
  5. This is the official Cosmere Philosophers thread! Here, you can post questions about the actions of different characters. All questions about morality, clarification, and general what if's are welcome here. Feel free to bring quotes from the old philosophers (Plato, Emerson, Socrates, Locke, etc.). The more evidence you have, the better. Just a question to get the ball rolling: If it would stop the Everstorm, would it be okay to kill all humans who became Radiants? Keep in mind that the Radiants all killed the spren they were bonded to and the Everstorm killed thousands more humans than just the few Radiants that would have to die to stop it. Life before death, but who's life and who's death?