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Found 11 results

  1. Elrond sighed. “We are agreed, then,” he said finally, glad to have the discussion finished with for now. “Rath shall go.” The sun was setting, now, flaring the brilliant autumn leaves even redder but leaving the courtyard below in shadows. They had talked for hours upon hours, trying to decide after even Ulmo failed who might have a chance not to be corrupted. They’d finally settled on Rath, a dwarf from the Lonely Mountain who had come bringing dire tidings. He’d be going back in that direction regardless, and the Council thought that perhaps if the powerful could be corrupted so easily, the weak and insignificant might have more of a chance. Elrond looked at the Ring hanging around Gwendolyn’s neck - even he could feel its pull for a moment, and he wondered if it would be better not to keep it far from this Council, in case it could somehow be influencing their minds. But he knew that was foolishness. The Ring could not see or hear. It could only allure and corrupt. And it seemed to have corrupted even a Vala, which he’d not thought possible. Even if it could not touch his thoughts, he would not venture near it. Just to be safe. The first frosts of winter had begun to bite by the time the Fellowship finally set off. Rath smiled, breathing in the crisp air. Rivendell has been a lovely comfort, to be sure, but he was glad to be going out into the world again. Too much calm, too many Elves. Couldn’t turn a corner without seeing one, and he couldn’t help but feel that they were always watching him. “Let’s go, then,” the dwarf said, impatient with farewells, and started walking without a backward glance. He could hear his companions following behind. A motley lot, he reflected, but perhaps enough to get the job done. He could only hope: hope that none of them were already corrupted by the Ring, hope that Sauron’s servants could not find them, hope that they would make it in time to save Middle Earth. He could only hope. Ulmo was not with them, of course. He had no need for it: he was in every spring and stream, any water that touched the Sea. And beside, the Fellowship had made it clear he was not wanted among their number. That was fine - he had only been there, in truth, to bring his Chosen onto this Fellowship if he could. The world would rest on them yet more than him, now. He hoped they would be up to the task. Rath was one of the Free People of Arda! Vote Count: Aman (2): Kas, Striker Bard (1): Coda Elbereth (1): Straw Rath (3): Aman, Fifth, Wonko Wibble (1): Bard Cycle 3 has begun; etc etc sorry but I’ve got to go!
  2. Wardell was doing the numbers. He had organized the camp's defense meticulously. Nothing could go wrong, and since he had organized it, it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't guard tonight. After all, they needed all the Chalk they could get, so what was the harm in him stockpiling some? He examined his surroundings, and noticed something odd. There was a clearing in the forest, and strange symbols were etched around it. In the center, stood a beautiful clock, its gears exposed to the outside world, but still running. Next to it, in a small colorful circle, rested a Shadowblaze. Wardell didn't understand the significance of this place. What was it doing here? The Shadowblaze stirred, then thrashed wildly. Wardell turned around, and swore. A horde of Wild Chalklings had overcome the defenses. He tried to figure out where he had miscalculated, but couldn't think of anything. He rushed back inside his tent. There, underneath the covers, was a device of his own making. It was a two-way radio. He had a friend back at High Command, who he had tasked with investigating the group. With any luck, they might now know the identity of one of the Forgotten. The tiny radio was his only means of communication. Wild chalklings were swarming over it. He dispelled them quickly, grabbing the device. He was about to flip the switch, when something bit him. Another stray chalking? No, there were too many for that. A Forgotten was entering the room, and was summoning more minions. Thinking quickly, he threw the radio away from the Forgotten, into the Camp Supply. Perhaps the town could make use of it. It was too late for him. StrikerEZ has died. He was a Rithmatist. The Camp was Overrun! Camp Supply: Items Taken: Known Items: Fragile Items: Player List: This Day will end on July 16th at 7:00PM CDT. Good luck.
  3. Day 3: Wow, or rather, Cow! Daisy the Cow munched idly on some grass. The sun wasn’t shining but that was alright, it was still a nice day in Daisy’s mind. She caught a movement out of the corner of her eye as four bipeds approached her. She watched as they came closer only realising too late that they intended to cause harm. Daisy the Cow let out a warning MMMOOOOOO to the rest of her herd as the bipeds attacked her with sticks and an axe. As her blood seeped into the ground around her she saw her friends, her herd, coming to her rescue. One of the bipeds that hurt her was trampled as it tried to get away. Daisy felt no guilt at the death of them. In fact she no longer felt anything at all. Her final thought was that it would’ve been nice to feel the warmth of the sun one final time. Meanwhile back in the makeshift refugee camp, Tanky Zomboi was growing more and more hungry. He tried to restrain himself, after all these had been his friends at one stage, but the drive, the urge to feed was too strong. A group of refugees stood off to the side talking. Tanky Zomboi smelt it. That wonderful, intoxicating smell, Blood. He heard them before the others, the screams of the living. It was too much, the smell, the noise, the HUNGER. Tanky Zomboi leapt into the group in front of him, grabbing and feeding on the first one he could reach. The rest tried to subdue him even going so far as to run him through with their pointed sticks but they missed his vital organs so he continued to feed on all within reach only stopping when his head was removed from his body. Votes: Lum: (6) Rath, Fifth, Sart, CadCom, Kidpen, Ax’s Boyfriend Lumgol - Tanky Boi was lynched and killed and beheaded and is well and truly dead. Hemalurgic Headshot - Bill Woodsman was killed by a Cow! They were a Refugee with a Claymore Mine and a Sharpened Stick Rathmaskal - Rash Williams is now a Zombie! Cadmium Compounder - Andrew Andrewson is now a Zombie! Sart - Sarah is now a Zombie! Fifth Scholar - Friedrich was attacked by Lum and is now a Zombie! Daisy the Cow has died. You Monsters! This cycle will last 23 hours followed by a one hour rollover break. Revealed Mechanic: Lynching a Zombie causes half the voters (up to maximum of 4) to be Turned. After all, in order to lynch them, you have to get close to the Zombie. Close enough for it to infect you. Important Information: Terrain: Farmland Weather: Sunny Wind: Easterly (Headwind) breeze (One less vote needed for the lynch minimum) Wildlife: Some Chickens are scratching around the farmhouse As there is at least one refugee holding a Map, certain areas of interest are revealed. A barn and farmhouse lie a short distance down a dirt road. Smoke can be seen coming from the farmhouse chimney. Graves can be seen nearby Player List:
  4. What is something that you, as a Sanderfan, are ashamed of? I, for example, have only read the Mistborn series all the way through once. I also believed - until I came on here - that Alcatraz was Hoid's backstory. A certain someone on here who is a MAJOR influence on the forums and guilds ( as in, HUGE) didn't read the Stormlight Archive until a few weeks ago. Are there any obvious jokes that you missed, books you haven't read, or opinions you hold (within the fanbase) that are extremely unpopular? Really stoopid theories? Embarrassing, cringy posts? Confess!
  5. The Last Hour - Dying 1 p.m. This time the circle’s reformation is slower. Squires pause, talking to each other, trying to work out who is evil. The arena is full of whispers that lead in circles, around and around without end or clarity. Finally, though, the thirteen (for even in the few short hours of the morning, their numbers have been nearly halved) join and watch each other. Eyes fall on Ardent Sartal, at first. He has been suspected for a time now, given Ardent Aaliyah’s death. Revali steps forward. “I think that Lazar is evil,” he announces. There’s a strange weight to the proclamation, which most don’t notice, but they trust it. “Agreed,” Belegaer says. “He’s been acting oddly all game.” Lazar grins. John rolls his eyes. “I’m fine with that. I don’t have a clue what’s going on with him, and it’s getting annoying.” Lazar sticks his tongue out at John, and proclaims proudly, “I know what’s going on!” Locke smirks. “Yes, because you’re the one who’s been murdering us. Acting suspicious deliberately, perhaps, to make us think you’re too obvious?” Albion Kerenas is next to nod. “Yes. Lazar would be my choice as well.” Silver smiles. “Let’s kill him.” The six advance on Lazar, who grins at them. They attack, and he roars and draws a sword. Each Squire tries to lay a hand on him, but he fights with a skill and experience that they struggle to match even with six to his one. One by one, each fall. Revali, beheaded for his pains. Albion and John have their legs cut out from under them, and throats slit when Lazar’s blade bothers to flicker down. Lazar stabs Silver in the gut, then whirls to catch Belegaer’s attack and slices down the man’s arm. While still distracted by the pain of his arm, Belegaer falls to a mortal wound in the side. Ardent Sartal and Damond join, now, infuriated by the deaths. They’ve managed to draw weapons, unlike the others. Lazar grins, swinging at Damond and wounding his upper arm, but before Lazar can extricate his sword from the wound, Sartal manages to drive his sword deep into Lazar’s side. Lazar doesn’t fall, though. He grows angrier. Damond falls moments later, and Sartal is disarmed and beheaded in two blows. The arena falls silent. Lazar, still seeming slight and only made fearsome through the blood covering him, stands above the bodies of eight fellow squires. The jeweled hilt of a sword still protrudes from his side, and he grasps it. His attempts to remove it, however, are futile: he is too weak. Slowly, the four remaining watch him slump to the ground and complete the pile of the dead. Locke steps back as the others attack, and watches. He smiles. Tzlim, Ceol, Teralarin, and Sebas are in shock. Teralarin and Sebas have both been somewhat dazed for a while, now. The shock of so many deaths before their eyes simply reduces them to being essentially catatonic, rather than merely stunned. Tzlim, however, has the presence of mind to look around, and sees Locke’s expression of satisfaction. Locke notices his look and turns, stalking towards him. “Well done,” he comments. “You actually noticed.” Tzlim stares at Locke. He opens his mouth, to call out, warn the others. Before he can say a word, though, Locke raises his hand and a Shardblade appears in it. Locke takes one more step, and Tzlim falls. Locke turns to the others. “Well, gentlemen, this has been an interesting morning, but I think it’s time to draw this experiment to its conclusion.” 2 p.m. Locke walks out of the arena casually. Another ordinary soldier, going about his business. He makes his way to a nearby restaurant, where he’d met Lazar for the first time. In the Truthless’ honour, he buys a particular horneater specialty the man had liked: flatbread with sauce and other, less-identifiable pieces. He smiles, content in the knowledge that he has averted the end of the world. Stink was lynched! He was a Skybreaker Truthless! Orlok was attacked, but didn’t die! Lopen has died! He was a Elsecaller! Eternum has died! He was a New Recruit! Winter has died! He was a New Recruit! Roadwalker has died! He was a New Recruit! Darkness Ascendant has died! He was a New Recruit! Sart has died! He was a New Recruit! Magestar has died! He was a New Recruit! Jondesu was killed! He was a Elsecaller! The Skybreakers have won. Vote Count >Stink (8): Orlok, Lopen, Eternum, Winter, Roadwalker, DA, Sart, Magestar >Lopen (1): Jondesu Player List 1. Elithanathile - Sebas New Recruit 2. Drake - Aaliyah New Recruit 3. Mage - Damond New Recruit 4. Eternum - Albion Kerenas New Recruit 5. Jebus - Teralarin New Recruit 6. Flash - Johnny Quick New Recruit 7. Elenion - Albert Vospar New Recruit 8. Orlok - Highprince Locke Tekiel Nale 9. Megasif - Zirconidas New Recruit 10. Winter Devotion - John New Recruit 11. Roadwalker - Silver New Recruit 12. Jondesu - Tzlim Elsecaller 13. Paranoid King - Spiff Dustbringer 14. Stick - Dan New Recruit 15. Sami - Aleta Nebrask New Recruit 16. Stink - Lazar Skybreaker Truthless 17. Arraenae - Malnar Dustbringer 18. Lopen - Revali Elsecaller 19. Darkness - Belegaer New Recruit 20. Bard - Melinon New Recruit 21. Ecthelion - Ceol and Vis New Recruit 22. Yitzi - Brightlord Erethin New Recruit 23. Sart - Ardent Sartal New Recruit 24. Arinian - Alrin Dustbringer More postgame thoughts to come later, but the relevant bit: there were only two eliminators in the game, Orlok/Nale and Stink/Truthless. Nale was the reason for the PAFO - he had multiple powers, rather than just one. Also, docs to come shortly. Congratulations to all on a very amusing game, and go sign up for LG37 if you haven’t already!
  6. Aftermath: The Remnants of Elysium "NO!" screamed Raven, spontaneously reforming. Everyone looked shocked, as she had just been sliced to bits a few seconds ago. "I guess there's a few tricks the aliens don't know about" explained Raven. "I teleported a few seconds into the future to avoid the mind blades. Felt pretty weird, but I'm here now. Speaking of mind blades..." Cluny's body became littered with mind blades, until he too reformed. "Nice try" he taunted, then quickly teleported out of the room. "Ugh. We should have known better." Raven complained. "Seriously, a half rat, half human? Of course that would be a bloody alien. I think that's the last of them, so we can all get out of here." The town wasn't listening, as several members were rapidly closing in on Wally. "Guys? I found the last alien, you can stop now." They weren't listening. Their whole perception had warped irreversibly. "Guys?" A flurry of mind blades lashed out, decapitating Nathaniel and Sam. Wally laughed maniacally, before Douglas stabbed him in the heart. Something in Ecth snapped, and she drew her own weapon, a pistol concealed beneath her skirt. Douglas grabbed Jack, intending to use him as a human shield, but Ecth was past the point of caring. she shot once, twice, three times into both of them before pulling the pistol on herself, and committing suicide. Douglas, bleeding out, stabbed Jack for good measure. They both collapsed in heap, dead. Raven stared in shock, as Cluny teleported back into the room. "What did you do?" she screamed. "Nothing." replied the rat, coldly. "I merely facilitated an environment where humans could fight it out. I believe they have a power called Firebranding. Maybe you've heard of it?" Raven continued to stare. "Regardless, it is a power that can alter one's perception of each other. Harnessed properly, it could win the war between my species. This was merely a proof of concept. I would say it is a huge success." He examined the room, smiling at his grisly work. "I won't let you get away with this!" screamed Raven, launching a Cytonic assault. Cluny deflected it effortlessly. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. I could easily overpower you, should I so choose." "Then what the hell are you going to do to me?" asked Raven. "Nothing." replied Cluny. "I've already gotten what I came for. Even if I were to get access to the missile codes, I have no doubt my species could easily shred them out of the sky in seconds. Congrats, by the way." "What." leveled Raven darkly. "Congratulations! You won. You stopped the evil aliens from taking over the missiles. You even managed to find the last one all on your own. So, congratulations. The humans have won. And with that, I bid you adieu." He teleported out of the room, leaving Raven to stare at the grisly remains. It would be a long time before she would be able to recover. The humans have won! Kind of. Brightness Radiant actually survived. Cluny was killed. He was an Alien Cyto Adept Sorry for the weird notice. I didn't notice Brightness changing her action to protect against Cluny, which would have resulted in the last alien dying. Anyway, that's the game. Links to the docs, as well as my thoughts coming soon. Player List:
  7. QF25: Hour 6 - Running 11 a.m. Albert stands before the crowd. “I have seen the light!” he proclaims. “This is what we must do.” He proceeds to pull out a chalkboard. “Tzlim, here,” he marks down an X and circles it, “we tried to lynch. Specifically, myself and Revali. Now, the fact that he escaped means that he’s probably not the killer here, so who is?” He muttered to himself, and drew a few lines away from Tzlim’s name. The others watch. “Of course, Tzlim would never have been attacked at all if it weren’t for Revali’s help. But honestly, I could see Revali or Locke being the killer, and can’t figure out which. But anyway, in addition to that, I think there are a few others, and they could be any of these people-” he circles other markings “-but if anyone else has suggestions I’d be totally open to that.” He continues to mutter and draw. Everyone else blinks at each other. “Albert?” says John tentatively. (Normally, but tentatively.) “How does any of that make sense?” “What? Oh, it just does, trust me, okay?” “ No.” That isn't John - who is far too ordinary to say such things - but someone else in the crowd. No one knows who, but they break at that sentence, and surge after the insanity that Albert is obviously capable of. Aleta watches Albert dying in horror, his cries echoing in the bright morning sun. She’d never… that wasn’t… she tenses, almost ready to flee at the sight. “Not a pretty sight, is it, death?” a voice says in her ear. She jumps in shock. When she lands, she is already dead. Melinon can't take it anymore. He runs. Out, away, anywhere but there. Lorna watches, smiling. It won't do for this little experiment to end without anyone learning the lesson they need to. The sharpness of an arrow; the splatter of blood. Elenion was lynched! He was a New Recruit studying Truthlessness! Sami was killed! She was a New Recruit! Bard has died of inactivity! He was a New Recruit! Cycle 6 has begun! It will end in 24 hours. Vote Count >Elenion (7): Stink, Arinian, Jondesu, Lopen, Mage, Eternum, Ecth >Eternum (2): Sami, Yitzi >Yitzi (1): Winter >Sart (1): Elenion Player List 1. Elithanathile - Sebas 2. Drake - Aaliyah New Recruit 3. Mage - Damond 4. Eternum - Albion Kerenas 5. Jebus - Teralarin 6. Flash - Johnny Quick New Recruit 7. Elenion - Albert Vospar New Recruit 8. Orlok - Highprince Locke Tekiel 9. Megasif - Zirconidas New Recruit 10. Winter Devotion - John 11. Roadwalker - Silver 12. Jondesu - Tzlim 13. Paranoid King - Spiff Dustbringer 14. Stick - Dan New Recruit 15. Sami - Aleta Nebrask New Recruit 16. Stink - Lazar 17. Arraenae - Malnar Dustbringer 18. Lopen - Revali 19. Darkness - Belegaer 20. Bard - Melinon New Recruit 21. Ecthelion - Ceol and Vis 22. Yitzi - Brightlord Erethin 23. Sart - Ardent Sartal 24. Arinian - Alrin
  8. LG33: Term 6, Month 2 - Healing Noremac Quwester. A quaint name, that. Very newfangled. He’d have to find a new one now. No, wait. Master Noremac Quwester, of course. The Skindancer smiled slowly. Becoming Master Physicker had been quite the stroke of luck. Not that it had been difficult to impress the past Physicker with his medical knowledge, naturally. He was quite... intimately... aware of the internal mechanics of the human body. But remaining in the University long enough to manage such a feat had been difficult, certainly. It walked towards the door to Dele Fajro’s room, stepping softly down the hallway. The payoff had been well worth it. The meaning of life, almost, it snickered to itself. To heal the world, just like the former Master Physicker had always dreamed. It agreed, wholeheartedly: to heal the world of the cancer of humanity. Jay didn’t want to be a mercenary. Sure it was better than being an assassin, killing people indiscriminately, all for a few coins, but it still wasn’t a nice job. It was long hours, and he wasn’t able to see his family so long as he was working, Jay reached into his vest pocket, directly over his heart, and pulled out a picture that he had been given by his son. It was a nice, if crudely drawn, picture of his family, all holding hands. The picture was what kept Jay going all of this time. He hand been away from his family for quite a few months now, and was the only reminder had really had of them. A loud crash sounded from just out of the room, and Jay ran over to investigate, tucking the picture back into his pocket. Jay readied his sword, and thought about his family. He would not let his wife become a widow, he would not let his kids loose their father, he would not die. The door came down with a crash, and Jay dashed towards the assailant. His sword struck out at where the assailant should have been, but he met only air. Before Jay knew it, a knife suddenly penetrated his lungs. Jay dropped to the ground, blood pouring out of the wound. He knew he was going to die. Jay reached his hand into his pocket, and struggled to pull out this picture of his family, wanting it to be the last thing that he saw on this earth. The picture finally came free, but it was covered with blood. Jay quickly unfolded it, hoping that some part of the picture would not be covered with blood. And that is where Jay died, staring at a piece of paper, the only color visible on it was the strong crimson of blood. Jay’s death hadn’t stopped “Noremac”, but it had slowed him enough that Dele was awake by the time he entered her room. “What do you want?” she asked, frightened. “Hello, little girl,” it said. “Well, you see, you’re just an expelled student. No one cares for you anymore, do they? It doesn’t matter if you go insane. You’ll just stay up here, forgotten, until you die.” “How... pleasant.” Dele said flatly, slowly reaching under her pillow. The Skindancer grew tired of exchanging pleasantries. Ha! Get it? Pleasant, pleasantries, it’s a pun! Apparently the little bit of the real Noremac’s memories that were still left still liked that irritating humour. It rolled its eyes and lunged. Dele brought out a dagger from underneath her pillow, plunging it into the Skindancer’s chest. It burned. Fire, pain, darkness consuming its vision, poison spreading down its veins panic burning freezing ice hot pain like a thousand nettles hatred pain anger pain disbelief pain Dele watched the Skindancer slide to the ground, still stuck on her iron dagger. “Ow,” it whimpered. pain pain p a i n Then she was left with two corpses and a whole lot of mess. Burnt was attacked, but protected! HH was killed! He was a Skindancer Master Physicker! Credit goes to Drought for Jay's writeup. Term 6, Month 2 has begun. You have 42 hours to send in actions. Clarifications: Brightness Radiant was attacked by the eliminators last turn. I should’ve shown that more clearly as a sabotage, and didn’t. Counter to the rules, anyone in Imre can take University actions (bar item creation). [unnecessary clarification that was right the first time] 1. Queensteph - Vintish Noblewoman 2. Randuir (Telar Pike) - Yllish Commoner Student 3. Hemalurgic Headshot (Noremac Quwester) - Aturan Nobleman Skindancer Master Phyiscker 4. Aonar (Aodhan Breacadh) - Edema Ruh Skindancer in Naming 5. Wilson (Sloan Walker) - Cealdish Commoner Student 6. Straw (Medicus Novis) - Yllish Commoner 7. Paranoid King (William Opuscule) - Yllish Commoner 8. Ornstein (John Springer) - Aturan Nobleman Student in Physicking 9. Jondesu (Vell) - Yllish Commoner Insane 10. Drake Marshall (Greyson) - Cealdish Commoner Student in Physicking 11. Assassin in Burgundy (Jurdaan Longfell) - Yllish Commoner Student 12. Burnt Spaghetti (Dele Fajro) - Vintish Noblewoman 13. Orlok (Locke Alveron) - Cealdish Commoner Insane 14. Magestar (Magestar) - Vintish Nobleman Insane 15. Alvron (Stryker Nox) - Cealdish Commoner Insane 16. Arinian (Darian) - Aturan Nobleman 17. Stick (Stick) - Aturan NobleStick 18. Darkness Ascendant (Balthazar Myrrh) - Yllish Commoner Student 19. Cluny the Scourge (Cluny) - Aturan Nobleman 20. Silverblade (Ryth) - Cealdish Commoner 21. Amanuensis (Esuan) - Yllish Commoner 22. BrightnessRadiant (Amelia) - Aturan Noblewoman 23. Eolhondras (Eolah) - Yllish Commoner 24. STINK - Yllish Commoner Skindancer in Linguistics 25. Hael (Glavion) - Edema Ruh Insane 26. Sart (Titud) - Edema Ruh Insane 27. Joe (Chalks) - Yllish Commoner Insane
  9. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  10. Welcome to The University! You’ve heard about the famed institution your entire life, dreaming of attending and possibly even learning the arcane arts. Well, congratulations! You’ve finally made it. You’ll have no problem impressing the Masters enough to let you into the school, though perhaps your tuition could be high. Or it could be low. You just don’t know! All you really know is that you’re where you’ve always wanted to be, and you’re here to learn all you can. But what’s this now? Rumors abound of Skindancers in The University. But the Skindancers are all supposed to be dead, right? Apparently not, because sure enough, students and Masters alike start having problems. Most of them seem to go crazy, and the Crockery is filling up, though some even die. Although you’re no Taborlin the Great or Kvothe the Bloodless, you and a bunch of fellow students have taken it upon yourselves to solve the mystery. You’ve resolved to eliminate the Skindancers once and for all. Only then will you be able to resume your studies and learn to your little heart’s content. Good luck! Section 1: Game Basics This section entails the basics of the game like the factions and their win conditions, the cycles and order of events, and how voting works. Section 2: University Basics This section entails basics that are related directly to this game and the University. These include the currency system, social classes, lodging, admissions, insanity/The Crockery, and discipline points/The Horns. Because of the epic length of this game, it's continued in the next post.
  11. This was the 'invitation' being sent out to all of those who have earned notice or been deemed worthy. Only half of the invited are expected to return willingly, Grim knew. The ones that didn't would just be used in the required initiation rituals. Game Rules: Sign-ups will last a week, until sometime on Sunday, October 18th! Quick Links: