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Found 56 results

  1. Welcome! If you have taken this cookie, HA! The experimental new hemalurgically spiked cookies will soon take effect! To avoid the undiscovered side effects, join the Dark Alley and recruit new members by making a link to this page and calling it a cookie! Any questions? No? Good. Get recruiting. Any of you wishing to, insteading of spreading cookies for fun, become a full denizen and do hemalurgic research for fun go here!
  2. Here's the thread to chat about Alleyverse stuff in. Enjoy! (Outdated) OP: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here!
  3. Would you guys in the RP be supportive of establishing a monetary system in the RP? If so, what do you think it should look like?
  4. The Alleyverse now has 100 topics! But anyway, the idea is that we have our own meme thread for Alleyverse memes, of you want to post here. I'm planning on editing a few in in a minute.
  5. The original prompt has been spoilered, seeing as this has been made the official Alleyverse Art Thread.
  6. worldbuilding

    It's been more than four months since the Other Side of the World thread was posted, and people (thank you @Arky-boi and @I think I am here.) have done some great worldbuilding around the concept. Here's a thread to consolidate what we have so far. If you have any comments, questions, or additions, post below!
  7. love

    This thread is for show proper appreciation and upvote to our moderators Current appreciation topic: @Sorana cleaning up the announcement thread and the different guides (And if someone has a better idea for an OP, I take suggestions)
  8. guild

    Hey y’all! This is the official out of character thread for CotW! Discord link: If you have any questions on recruitment please contact @Sherlock Holmes, any other questions can be directed to me at the moment.
  9. AV prequel thread ideas: There was a little more, but this is all the discussion. Enough people seem to be interested for it to be a legit plot. ^ what I copy-pasted onto the Chat Thread Oof, the formatting is messed up, I’ll try to fix it later. For now, my two cents are: we use the canon timeline. We change the power level to some extent just for this plot. Oh, and it’s been confirmed that any character used in this plot would not count as one of your character slots, like how it is with the alternate universes. What do you guys think? Days before all the guilds but the DA? During the time when some of those earlier guilds existed, and with characters possibly being members of them? Et cetera, et cetera. The plot is based around whether or not the Alleycity should be built (of course, in the end it will be). The point cap is now 300, with 100 having to be skills. It is 1,300ish years before the present day (200 years after the establishment of the AV). We want this to be less about the guilds and more about the individuals, and the DA might be less known at this time, since communication wouldn't be as great. List of Characters:
  10. Welcome! This topic is intended for new players or people who are thinking about joining the Alleyverse, or possibly just people who are curious as to what the deal is with these cookies. If that sounds like you then prepare yourself for the insanity that is the Alleyverse, if that doesn't sound like you then maybe just keep reading anyway and see if the madness convinces you to join. What is the Alleyverse? The Alleyverse is a Free Form Role Playing Game (FFRPG) played on the forum. It takes place in the Alleyverse, a universe where all of Brandons worlds and magic systems coexist. Hemalurgic monsters exist, as do Elantrians, Mistborn, Chasmfiends, Knights Radiant, Awakeners and a few poor saps trying to rebuild a city that we destroyed. Worldhoppers from all over the cosmere and beyond journey to the Alleyverse to interact with each other and the local guilds (More on them later). Players create characters within this universe and interact with each other in a group Role Play and collaborative story. How do I get started? Well if you have any specific questions feel free to ask them here and one of our moderators will try to answer them for you. But if you want to dive right into the deep end then you can try creating a character profile for yourself in the character creation thread and some of us will give feedback and help to workshop the character so that it can fit within the greater world of the Alleyverse. We also have a chat thread where a bunch of random discussions take place so it's a good idea to introduce yourself there so all the other players can know that you exist and say hi (Most of us don't bite). If you're curious about the world of the Alleyverse and want to learn more about it we have a 'Guide to the Alleyverse' thread here that has some more detailed information about the world, or we also have a wiki! And... That's more or less it. I'll have some frequently asked questions here that will hopefully grow over time, if you have any further questions feel free to ask us below. I hope you enjoy the rabbit hole of chaos and madness that we affectionately call the Alleyverse. FAQ Q. What is the deal with these cookies? A. Well this one is sort of on me, way back in the dark ages there was a poll on the forum for what your favourite magic system was, I replied that my favourite was Hemalurgy (Because it clearly is) and someone jokingly replied that I should be added to a list of 'people to avoid in Dark Alleys'. This was the unofficial birth of the guild known as the DA (Dark Alley). Now at the same point in time I also had a habit of sending people pictures of cookies when I was making theories, to bribe them into agreeing with me. Someone joined these two ideas and suggested that I was secretly putting Hemalurgic spikes into the cookies I was handing out and I played along until it eventually became associated with the DA. So now we occasionally hand out 'cookies' to people in introduction threads as our way of welcoming them to the forums and possibly gaining new test subjects recruits. Q. Someone told me not to eat the cookie. A. Well that's not a question but even so: don't listen to that person. Cookies are amazing and anyone who suggests otherwise is wrong by default. (Though there is a small chance that you'll lose your soul if you eat the cookie, but trust me it's worth it) Q. What are these guilds? A. Well that's a long and complex subject but basically most players and characters in the Alleyverse belong to a guild, these guilds each have different motives, resources and levels of affection for cookies. If you want to hear more about the guilds you could look in the Guilds section in the wiki for more details, or ask in the chat thread if anyone is recruiting. More to come when I'm a little less tired and when we have more questions being asked. *Note: Can our more senior players please avoid posting here unless a new players question has gone unaddressed for a while, in order to keep this simple and short I'd prefer if responses here were limited to new players and AV moderators.
  11. lone world

    Hello and welcome to the Lone World rp thread. This isn’t a WH40K rp, and is not Sanderson related in the slightest. But never fear! Below you shall find a list of fandom articles to read to get an understanding of what we are using. Feel free to dive down every rabbit hole you find, and to ask me for a basic recap of rp history, if you don’t know what’s going on. If you have questions fandom can’t answer, turn to @Grey Knight, our resident expert in all thing War Hammer 40,000. Reference Links Basic Idea RP Rules Character Rules Factions World Geography OOC Rules Character List Current Leaders
  12. Who are your favorite characters among the roleplays of the 17th Shard? Who’s your favorite to write? Who’s your favorite of someone else’s? Who’s your favorite in each RP you’re in? Least favorite character (if you mention someone else’s for this, be sure to only use valid criticism - if any at all - and be respectful)? Characters who are fun to write, characters who are challenging to write, character concepts you’re super proud of, characters who flopped from the beginning who you want to hide away until everyone forgets you wrote that crem ...discuss it all here. Have debates about characters’ morality/views, powers, etc. Ask for help in building a character profile. Talk with people about how to best write someone with a mental disorder, a certain sexuality or gender, or a behavior/personality type, whether you have firsthand advice or are seeking help. Also relationships, those complicated things between two or more characters. Talk about them too. Basically, you can do all the character things here, for any Shard RP you want (or even non-Shard RPs). If you feel it’s warranted, add spoiler tags for major events in a roleplay, if they affect what you’re talking about. HAVE FUN, ROLEPLAYERS!
  13. worldbuilding

    Hello everyone! This thread is for planning a fantasy world as voted on in the Chat Thread. Fantasy is a pretty broad topic, so there are a lot of different settings that we could come up with, ranging from the extremely bizarre to the almost normal. In my opinion, it's probably best if we based it off of Sanderson magic systems, but that still leaves a wide range of possibilities open to us. A few options have already been presented, but nothing's been decided on yet. Post here if you have an idea on what you think this fantasy world should be! Master Planning Google Doc Here's what we have so far:
  14. A large rectangular room with gently glowing lines of blue casting an eerie light over the reverent scene. Hundreds of alcoves lined the walls a little over 40 contained statues of people, empty alcoves stretching into the vastness. On the opposite side of the hall, a statue stood of a man in a bowler hat, monocle, and mustache an inscription beneath it reads Similar inscriptions are located beneath the statues on the other side of the hall, they detail each characters accomplishments and give a brief history. (If you want to make your own inscription just post it below and I’ll edit it in.) At the end of the hall stands a grand archway thru which lays a spiral staircase which descends into gentle darkness. frescos, bas-reliefs, and tapestries line the curving walls detailing the history of the Alleyverse. Such as this. (same thing as with the inscriptions, just post a picture of something you think should be added and ill throw it in)
  15. It has come to my attention recently that the timeline in the Alleyverse is a little fuzzy. For too long have we squinted into the past, wondering how long ago this or that came into occurrence. For too long have we failed to coordinate with our friends for a meeting time, and are thus unable to consume Hemalurgic or non-Hemalurgic baked items together. No longer. For I have a proposal for a calendar: a simple calendar that charts the course of the Alleyverse, from the start of the RP to today. The system is thus: a 360-day year, with 12 months in a year. No leap days. Each month is named after a guild, and each month has 30 days. Newcagus (Newcago Court) Alla (Dark Alley) Cantony (Canton of Combat) Liebrus (Liebrary) Phantus (the Ghostbloods) Gildus (the Ghostbloods - I went with the alternate name, the Gilded Rose, since it made a better name) Stinatus (Sticknaughts) Tubarus (TUBA) Kepery (the Keepers) Sentinalia (the Sentinels) Diagrama (the Diagramists) Witrosa (Church of the White Rose) Scholus (Scholar’s Guild) The first solid date that cannot be altered is the reveal of TUBA’s identity - thus, this is the first day of the new calendar. The first of Newcagus, 1 ATR (after TUBA reveal) is the day TUBA was officially revealed. Eras are either as long as their real-time duration, or longer (when taking into account timeskips). Theoretically, we could also have an era that everyone agrees ahead of time is shorter than the real-time duration. Other Dates: Rules of Warfare created: 26th of Scholus, 1 BTR (26/12/-1) Calm Before The Storm begins: 13th of Newcagus, 1 ATR (13/1/1) SDW starts: 5th of Cantony, 1 ATR (5/3/1) SDW ends: 12th of Cantony, 1 ATR (12/3/1) 16YP ends: 12th of Cantony, 17 ATR (12/3/17) Ghostblood Acquisition: 1st of Liebrus, 17 ATR (1/4/17) Great Game begins: 1st of Sentinalia, 17 ATR (1/9/17) Voidus Released: 17th of Cantony, 18 ATR (17/3/18) One-Year Interval Ends: 17th of Cantony, 19 ATR (17/3/19) Church of Whiterose Attacked: 7th of Phantus, 19 ATR (7/4/19) A Shadowed Dawn Begins: 17th of Phantus, 19 ATR (19/3/19) Era 3 Ends: 18th of Phantus, 19 ATR (30/10/19) E3-E4 Timeskip Ends: 18th of Witrosa, 19 ATR (18/11/19) Into the Dark Begins: 23rd of Witrosa, 19 ATR (23/11/19) I also propose that the end of each era (12th of Cantony, 17th of Cantony, 18th of Phantus, and the 26th of Scholus) be public holidays. It gives the world a sense of history and we could get some cool parties and threads out of them. Hopefully, when people start event threads, they can note which day the thread begins, which will help to make timelines more sense. Below are the dates of the main threads and RT - I will update it every day. INTO THE DARK DATE: 24th of Witrosa, 19 ATR. City Scenes: 12th of Scholus, 19 ATR. What do people think of this proposal?
  16. Hello all! This is going to be the planning thread for the horror setting that was voted on in the chat thread, now personally I enjoy horror a great deal, I DM a lot of horror games for my D&D group, and I've had something of a horror plot up my sleeve since era 1 of the Alleyverse so I would greatly enjoy worldbuilding and to an extent GMing this thread, but I'm not the only one who voted for the setting so in the interests of fairness I wanted to get some feedback on what exactly people wanted when they voted for this setting. Some people may be interested in a thriller more than an actual horror per say, alien monsters and things with tentacles and stuff, but still playing essentially the same characters as in the main Alleyverse, relatively powerful heroes whose job is to chop down all the alien monsters so they don't eat all the world or whatever. Some people may be more interested in psychological or a cosmic horror in which case I'd suggest that the PCs be completely unInvested if possible, and we'd likely need someone to act as a Game Master to drive the plot and drop some surprises in from time to time. (From my experience these kinds of horror really doesn't work well in an RP where everyone has equal narrative-creation power because people all want to do their own thing and it turns into a mess more than anything) Typically in these games the ambition of players should be to survive as long as possible rather than to actually defeat their enemy. Some people may be interested in something somewhere in between those two, where you're not playing as just some average joe who got stuck in the middle of a fight between Elder Gods, but you're also not a super magical hero slaying endless hordes of meaningless mooks. I would see this as similar to the kinds of D&D game I run from time to time, where the PCs are exhausted, tired, and a little bit crazy by the end but do ultimately have a hope of victory. So please provide any feedback on what you'd be hoping to get out of this or how you hope it could be run, either related to the above points or not. And we can start brainstorming. Current list of characters: Sorana (Lizanne Farmer): ZincAboutIt (Renata): ITIAH (Wilhelm Wendigo): Silva ( Ashira Celeste Blanche Addington): Ark1002 (Hellbent-Son-Palm): Blessing of Potency (Arundhati): Kenod (Lisa Waite): Kidpen (Tishyl): Beantheboy12 (Zib): Snipexe (Jack Overchild): Gancho Libre (Fah'Loofah Smedry):
  17. So, this is for Sci-Fi planning. There is a horror, fantasy, and wild west planning thing, so we needed a sci-fi one. The idea's I have seen are from @Dr. Dapper where he said we have a planet, can't remember the name, and on the planet it is cyberpunk, and of the planet, in the space around it, it is space opera. I have a few questions that we should specify; how large is our are? Like, is it glaciate, universal, or just in the one system. I think it should just be the ne system, for simplicity's sake, but I will not argue this point. Another is, DI we have magic, and if so, what ind? Is it just minor, or do we have the force level? Do we make it form scratch, or do we include Starwars, Halo, WH40K, and or Destiny? Also, how much do we break the laws of physics in this? Does it stay strictly to Sci-Fi, or do we add in some Sci-Fa* as well? Anything else? *This means Science Fantasy for the uniformed.
  18. Record: Exp-15867 Type: Experimental log - Organic Hemalurgic / Spiritual Purpose of Experiment: Investigation of the effects of spiking non-physical senses into a class 5 uninvested volunteer. (Vol-598345, Vol 597560, Vol-597561) Environmental conditions: Experiment conducted in standard conditions, sterilized and uninvested laboratory in a corporeal, non-imaginary Alley. (All-25789) Invested items: Three charged tin spikes (Size 38) utilized in experiment. Each spike was charged by spiking of an instance of Org-45671 through bind point t-47[1] into a standard blood-infused holding case suitable for a size 38 spike. Containment procedures: Standard containment protocols in place, lockdown procedures prepared in the event of unexpected synergies or responses, operating tables preprepared with a Class 4 restraining Aonic pattern, prepared by researcher ████████. Procedure: The three class 5’s were sedated using uninvested sedatives (40 mcg Fentanyl), and laid supine on operating tables. Each class 5 was then spiked with one of the charged spikes (Hereafter referred to as Spi-45671-t47) in a standard sensory bind point (Human bindpoint t-32) creating three instances of Org-01-45671-t47-t32. The class 5’s were observed throughout the procedure and for one hour until sedatives were no longer present in their system. After this period each instance of Org-01-45671-t47-t32 underwent standard personality adjustment assessment and security assessment, followed by an interview conducted by researcher █████. Results: Two of the class 5’s were flagged as having undergone severe personality adjustments during the procedure, however both passed security assessment and thus interviews with each was still conducted. The third class 5 (Vol-598345) began to immediately attempt self harm after spike placement, restraining Aonic pattern was utilized to paralyze Vol-598345 at which point the subjects eyes began to discharge an unidentified green liquid from the tear ducts. Approximately 15 seconds later Vol-598345 expired. Results of autopsy have yet to arrive however initial assessment suggests that the cause of death appears to be exsanguination. Researchers could not come to a consensus on the cause of this behaviour, it is possible that this was not a true class 5 and may have had some innate Investiture that had not been identified and interfered with the procedure, or this may be due to a mental inability to cope with the additional senses. Vol-597560 and Vol-597561 both exhibited increased signs of distress after the experiment and were uncooperative with questions asked during the interview. Both subjects either failed to say anything when asked a question or simply screamed at researchers in a language we have yet to identify. Further class 5’s may be required to validate these findings but it appears that Spi-45671-t47 is unsuitable for use within uninvested individuals at least, experimentation on its effects on a class 3 semi-invested may need to be conducted to determine whether Spi-45671-t47 is suitable for Invested individuals. The two remaining volunteers are to be kept in standard containment cells until further notice. Addendum: 06-03-543 - Vol-597560 attempted to escape containment, subject seems to have gained the ability to discharge a green liquid from their pores, similar to that seen in Vol-598345. This liquid (Mat-01-45671-t47-t32-a) appears to be of a magical but non-Invested nature, possessing the ability to isolate the perception of an object if it is covered with Mat-01-45671-t47-t32-a for a period of at least thirty minutes, rendering it imperceptible to others. Vol-598345 used this to attempt to hide itself and when security-denizens opened the containment cell to examine it, Vol-598345 attempted to escape. Containment Aons captured Vol-598345 during its escape, and after a number of hourse it appeared to become perceivable again. Containment protocols updated to sedate either instance of Org-01-45671-t47-t32 if they attempt to utilize this liquid again. 09-03-543 - Autopsy of Vol-598345 completed, as expected the cause of death seems to be blood loss. Vol-598345's entire circulatory system appears to be devoid of all blood, though it is unclear where exactly their blood has gone. Examination of Vol-597560 and Vol-597561 has revealed that they both still possess blood volume within normal human ranges. Testing of the spike remaining in Vol-598345 revealed that its charge had indeed degraded without the presence of blood in the hosts body. These results suggest that Spi-45671-t47 may be unsuitable for Hemalurgy. Footnotes 1. Located thirteen millimeters distal to the median of Org-45671’s left patella, with effective spiking diameter of 10 millimeters
  19. Hi all. This is a big topic (hence why it's been featured). We've been discussing reforms in the Chat Thread, but we've come to the point where we have a few big ideas that need to be condensed into reform proposals, so this thread's been made. So, anyone got any clear suggestions for guild reform they'd like to share? I intend to edit this post with suggestions from the Chat Thread that have already been put forward. That'll take me a bit, so bear with me. Goal: To agree on ways to reform how guilds function, to improve everyone’s RP experience. Background: Currently, anyone who wishes to make a guild may do so. Most choose to create a thread for their guild, which serves as a recruitment area and RP zone for their base. They often create PMs for members, or discord servers, where they have out of character discussions about the RP and their goals. There are no restrictions on the amount of guilds you can be in. There is no requirement that one’s characters have to be in the same guild as they are, or in any guild at all. The Discussion So Far: (This is a summary of what was said in the Chat Thread on the subject.) Plans: - Guilds should have goals in mind that create plot. There should be fewer individual goals and more group goals. - Guilds should be more open in their planning (take it out of PMs). Try for realism? (eg. Come up with reasonable ways for characters to have coordinated plans) Double-dipping: People being in multiple guilds lessens inter-guild conflict. - One guild per person. - Make it so you must be in a guild. - Characters should be in the same guild as their creators. (Archer could make it a part of character bios) Activity: - Guilds should be more actively involved in the RP Threads: - Make guild threads more like the DA’s (well worldbuilt, mostly just DA members posting, more RP) Size: - More, smaller guilds (to create more conflict)
  20. Hey everyone! This is a thread you can use to get in touch with our moderators and ask them questions! I haven't told them about this yet because I'm a little in shock about something (I'll get into that later) So, how this works is ideally the moderators follow this thread. If anyone needs to get help from a moderator instead of mentioning them, you can ask them here, which can organise the moderation. By the way, if you guys don't want this thread up, let me know. Submitting a request: All you have to do is reply to this thread with the request. If you want a specific moderator's input, mention them in the request. Please don't lie about anything in the request (I know you guys won't but just in case) Don't post unnecessary things here. (EG: Trying to get a moderator to reply to your post because you are currently RPing with them) And please be patient, you might not get a response right away. Thats ok! Now, onto the first request. (The thing I'm a little stunned about) Hey, I woke up this morning and checked on the shard and now I'm apparently a subform moderator, which is weird. I assume this is a mistake, so I just wanted to let you guys know about this. I've pinned this topic so you guys can see I'm actually a mini-mod, but if this isn't a mistake: I'll do my best to be as good as a mod as the rest of you are. If this is a mistake: No problem. These things happen.
  21. In the Chat thread there has been talk about the amount of power creep currently happening in the rp, and it was agreed upon that the general power level will need to be reduced when going into era 3. This thread is meant to discuss what the new general power level will be, as well as creating rules and regulations to prevent power creep in the future. This thread is meant for specifically discussing the amount of power available to characters. For discussing the amount of power guilds have access to you should go the the Guild Reform thread. (This post will be updated with both proposals from the chat thread as well as proposals made here, as well as the final conclusions we decide upon for easy access.) Chat thread proposals (spoilered for length): Proposals made in this thread (spoilered for length): Link to Kenod's Laws: The Index: Third Draft (last updated 01/01/19)
  22. I want to add to the Alleyverse a piece of lore that is places where no powers, of any forms, work. My explanation is there was some quirk in the alleys, and these were created. ~20 city sized locations on the planet that nothing magical works, you can't tap feruchemy, can't use alleymatics, can't awaken, channel, no epic powers, cytonics, nothing. So, thoughts?
  23. This is a thread for proposals for the end of era. My proposal: Blood plague, investiture targeting, makes people go insane and murderous.
  24. While it is true that the alleyplanet doesn't act much like a planet, I do feel like there should be something on the other side of the world. I had an idea about islands brought to life by the alleystorm, but I'd like to hear the ideas of other people. So, what do you think is on the Other Side of the World?
  25. Hello guys! I'm leaving the Alleyverse now, (maybe not necessarily the Shard) So the reason I'm leaving is because Alleyverse RP just isn't fun anymore, I don't know exactly when this happened, but it just straight up became stressful because I'm a weird guy. Like being excited when I woke up and then literally actually shaking as I check the responses because I'm both nervous and excited at what might've happened, and that was extremely draining. Sometimes I was unable to find the motivation to do anything else. Sometimes too when I find out that some character died, I'd get real stressed out because, like I said before, I'm weird. I took a short break by just posting when needed, and then I came back just a few days ago because I felt like I wanted to come back, when I did, it felt both exciting and nerve wracking again, and I just fell into a pit of exhaustion. But, to be clear I don't regret the experiences I had here, they were genuinely fun to have and I met one of my closest friends because of this, so for that I'm very thankful! So now, here are my characters that are up for adoption! Check also their actual character sheets in the character thread for more info. (uhh, first come, first serve though, I guess?) once you decide to take a character, just @Cyanic me! I'll be PMing the adopters with certain non-known facts and backstories for the characters that they chose, but please feel free to tweak and change these characters to your liking! I would say to not kill them/let them die, but I can't really police that, so do whatever you want c: Deras (my first character, I created him because no one's made a Lifeless character yet. Later on, I planned to make him a sort of slayer, like an expy of Doom Slayer): Araha (I originally intended for this character to be adopted by my friend but she told me to give her a standard adoption. Araha is one of my most well developed characters, so please play her as well as you can!) adopted by @Badadah: Kera (my newest character, and she just completed a certain arc with @xinoehp512 it's not too long, and you should check out the Einladung Hospital thread, but by far she's my character with the least amount of secrets, btw @xinoehp512 if you see this, you don't need to PM me what I asked about anymore XD you can PM the adopter if they ask for it though): And that's all of em! I really wanna thank you guys once again for the fun times and experiences! Good bye, and have a great day! o7