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Found 7 results

  1. With the RoW chapters hinting at the capabilities of Logicspren Fabrials, and the knowledge that Hoid wants Instant Noodles to be a thing, I wanted to ask your opinions about the following: By the time of larger crossovers, whether that will happen in the Space Age or earlier, what do you think will be the planets main strengths and weaknesses? Not purely magical, but also technological. Scientific. What do you think might different planets have developed earlier than others, and why? What would say Sel bring to the table that Roshar doesn't have? A few thoughts from me, correct me on whatever I'm wrong with. What are the most technologically advanced societies we know of so far? - Scadrial, especially Southern Scadrial. They've already got flying vehicles, and Feruchemical devices can open up a lot of possibilities, and guns are a thing too. However, one of the real gamebreakers that Scadrian society has, is Canned Food. A huge gamechanger for feeding people. It probably won't be long until they have refrigeration, whether by conventional means or using feruchemical heat saving. - Taldain, or rather, Darkside. They also have guns, and as far as I know White Sand is one of the earliest stories, so by the time of Era 3 and 4 who knows what they have developed? Seeing how Magic is not a thing on Darkside during White Sand, I think they might get the closest to technological development how we know it on Earth. And even if we take Sand Mastery into account, I can't imagine nearly as many applications for it as with Feruchemy or Fabrials. - The Ones Above. Who are they? Nalthis, Scadrial, Taldain? They're definitely advanced. Was that a Fabrial they were using? And what about the others? - What might Nalthis come up with? Nightblood is 99% going to be a major component of the crossover stories, so there might be more coming from where he is from. Shardblade 3.0 might be the first of more... somethings. If you can create a sentient sword that is that destructive, lets pick up Dalinars thought of "why are there no Shardhammers? or tools? why just swords?" Or will Endowments Endgame focus more on certain Returned giving up their Divine Breath in key moments to do specific things? Also possible. Or maybe the existance of Breath will push Nalthian society somewhere totally else that I'm not thinking of. - Roshar. Fabrials. Computers? Flying ships? Long range communication. Easiest access to Shadesmar we've seen so far. Soulcasters (see what I said about Canned Food.). - Sel. Cosmere aware people will probably be interested in developing spacetravel, much more so than people from Roshar with their easy access to the cognitive realm. We already saw the Ire, but afaik we have very little knowledge of any exceptional scientific progress there. - Threnody. The Ire considered it a possibility that "the forces of Threnody" would join the game. Were they thinking of the people there, the shades... or the Evil? Nazh used a Shadegun... weaponised shades maybe? Or maybe my wild theory that Kelsier will try (and succeed?) to reforge Ambition, and that's Threnodies largest contribution to the Cosmere Endgame? - First (and second and third and fourth) of the Sun, Ashyn, Braize? I'm very exited to hear thoughts from others on what you think all of these planets might come up with by the time crossovers happen more and more, and where you think scientific development might go on planets that arent Scadrial or Roshar.
  2. The death of the OA emissary has always bothered me. Dusk and Vathi figure out that the machine is a trap, that they were meant to find it. Which means the emmisary's death wasn't an accident, either. The Ones Above must have somehow arranged for him to die. But how would that work? 1. The emmisary knew he was going to die. Which would raise the huge question of what about their mission he found worth choking himself for. I'm having a hard time imagining someone martyr himself for other people's profits. 2. My phone is a complete chull that keeps deleting the detailed paragraphs I've been laboriously tapping out, forcing me to sum things up abruptly instead of making eloquent arguments. 3. The Ones Above are a bunch of cold bastards who killed off a redshirt because they figured it would be easier to get away with one murder than wholesale violation of the Prime Directive. 4. Phone = storming rusting colorless deathant chull that tries to evade responsibility by autocorrecting to "chill" . 5. The emissary faked his death. Abruptly summed-up version: faking the dead when there's a bunch of people who will be desperately trying to revive you is difficult*. It's also risky because you have to survive whatever the local burial customs might be. Also they might try to cover up their theft by dumping your body overboard and swearing you fell or something. I mean, sure, they have sufficiently advanced magic for space travel, they can probably rig up something. But we know that kandra definitely are good at playing corpse. And it's widely thought that the OA are from Scadrial- which, coincidence coincidence, is where kandra are from. I'm going to cut myself off here before the Chull Phone strikes again, but what do you think? *I mean, I'm assuming. A bunch of godlike Space Dudes with the power to do Patji-knows-what if they're pissed send you an emissary, you'd probably be doing your best to send the guy back in one piece.
  3. Who do you think the Ones Above are?
  4. After a lot of reading and re-reading of questions asked of Brandon in regards to the upcoming Mistborn Third Trilogy, I am getting a strong impression that the "Ones above" mentioned many times in the Sixth of the Dusk are in fact, former inhabitants of Scadrial. What do ya'll think? Sources:
  5. WoB has it that we have met the Ones Above before. There are many ways to interpret that remark, but I'm working on the assumption that it means it's a group that has been focused on, not just a group we've met in passing because one of their worldhoppers showed up somewhere. We don't have a solid timeline of the various cosmere stories, but the post script does tell us Sixth of the Dusk is the farthest forward story chronologically in the AU collection. This might make it the furthest forward story that we have at all right now. Edgedancer happens after WoR so, it must be forward of that. Both Mistborn Secret History and Allomancer Jack going into Mistborn Era 2, so it must be forward of that. Since Nightblood is on Roshar in WoR then it must be forward of Warbreaker. Anyway, important part of this is that the story is forward of (at least parts) of Mistborn Era 2. Even in era two the Scadriali peoples are already developing interesting machines and technology, some using investiture. We also know that the plan for Era 3 involves spaceflight. Khriss even speculates that without the Lord Rulers suppression of advancement that the Scadriali might have already outpaced the rest of the cosmere in technological and scientific development. If you look at the interests of the Ones Above, specifically the Aviar. Setting aside entirely the potential interest in the worms that grant the Aviar their talents, who on Scadrial wouldn't want what's basically a coppercloud sitting on their shoulder?
  6. So far, we've heard about 4 groups of worldhoppers. The Ire, which from Sel and was on Scadrial for a time, and is trying to get hold of preservation to give to a member (Secret History). The Seventeenth Shard, which is friends Frost and is chasing Hoid. There are the Ones Above who are extremely advanced and are giving information to First of the Sun which could be dangerous to the inhabitants. And finally, there is Silverlight, a group that went to first of the sun, is known to Khriss, and didn't return after going there. It could be related to the Ire. I feel like the Ire's goal is mostly selfish, because they tried to get a piece of a shard. Seventeenth Shard seems to be centered around an ideal of sorts. The Ones Above seem to be mostly mercantile, and Silverlight seems to be an exploring group. Are these groups working together? What is their goal? Do they know about eachother? Do they like eachother? How do they recruit members? How much do they know?
  7. So I ordered the Hardcover of Shadows Beneath and asked Brandon this: Have we seen the ones above before they gained space flight and when does Sixth of It's (meant Sixth of Dusk) take place cosmere timeline wise? He Answered: Yes,+it is the most "future" you have seen. Question: Answer: So theres some small answers there for anyone who cares