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Found 3 results

  1. They came to a decision. For once, there were only a few dissenting voices. Ones easily quashed, despite the murmurs that just because everyone agreed didn't make it a good idea. The group, largely independent of their "leader" lounging at the back of the room, turned toward The Larkin. Anger flashed. He seemed too... it was hard to put to words. Too Shin. "You know our ways. You haven't made a single slip this entire venture. It's as if instead of living our ways, you... studied them to a tee," Viola-daughter-Condensation finally stated. "What say you?" The Larkin laughed at that. A weak laugh. One that bespoke... he was actually amused by this. "What say you!" a more insistent voice came from the mob. "What say I?" the Larkin said. "I..." He stood up. Wavering? "I will cleanse the Shin of their false leaders." And just as The Larkin's Lightweaving failed, he exploded into a Light that no one in the room had seen before. Honorblades weren't capable of channeling that much of a storm. But Szeth-son-Neturo wasn't using an Honorblade. He drew a sword... no, that was not a sword. That was the Void incarnate. And the former Truthless Lashed himself right for the mob leader. * * * Rarashe-son-Lurdroler stared down the most destructive force in the cosmere. Or, rather, he stared at the leader staring down the most destructive force in the cosmere. He hadn't chosen to interfere himself. He just... watched. Waited. This had quickly proven to be the chaos he had dreamed of. He hadn't a chance to gain an Honorblade yet, but that... that would be a prize indeed. One of the few things in this world that could truly kill him. He couldn't tell if he wanted it in his grasp or on the other side of the galaxy. It didn't look like the decision was up to him. * * * Szeth rushed forward, Stormlight draining from him. He couldn't tell if he would make it. He couldn't tell if he cared. The leader was frozen. He didn't know if this is what he had meant by removing false leaders, but this leader was what he'd have to get. The Bearers behind him wouldn't let him escape. So a blaze of glory it was. Twenty feet. Fifteen feet. He could feel the storm weakening, the Lashing failing. His foot hit the ground. Ten feet. Five feet. He burned. Two feet. One foot. Conta- And the Void consumed him, releasing his soul from the bondage of the stones. * * * Just before the sword hit the leader, the traitor disappeared into a blaze of smoke, as the dark sword clattered to the floor. It burned whatever it touched. The leader grabbed his face, his chest. He was alive. Mostly. He felt something cold on his chest. The blade had apparently burned a hole through his tunic, and hit... he reached for the hole. The chanceslip? The marked side had been facing his chest. The formerly clear side now had a shadow, a touch of death. Remarkable. He tossed the slip to a stunned-looking Izzy-daugher-Ammi, then looked at where the form of Szeth, the former Truthless, had disappeared. The dark sword lay near his feet, and what was obviously an Honorblade lay parallel to it. "This isn't over," he said simply, grabbing the Honorblade. Szeth would not have come alone. * * * Ookla the Larkin / Ventyl was lynched! They were Szeth of Szeth's Cohort, as well as the Bearer of Nightblood and Bearer of Paliah's Honorblade! Paliah's Honorblade has been redistributed! Nightblood has been added to the Honorblade pool and has been redistributed! It now counts as an Honorblade for Transformation and Reclaims (but not the Elim's 7-Shin-Blade wincon). * * * Final Vote Count: Ookla the Larkin / Ventyl (6): Ookla the Araris Valerian / Araris Valerian, Ookla the Hypodecadal / Devotary of Spontaneity, Lotus, Ookla the Grammatical / Condensation, Ookla the Sprinkle / JesterLavorre, Alvron, Furamirionind Furamirionind (1): Ookla the Larkin / Ventyl Somebody from Sel (1): Ookla the Mistiosa / Mist Ookla the Sprinkle / JesterLavorre (1): Eternum PMs are *checks notes* still open until the next Day turn! All PMs must be between two players only, and must also include @Ookla Fell From The Sky and @Elandera (but NOT Elbereth - she's requested to keep out of Player PMs). Other than that, go wild. The Night Turn will end at 5:00 PM PST on December 16th, in about 23 hours. Get your actions in! Honorblade List: Player List:
  2. Runern Evo was many things, but he was not immortal. He ran from Death, but with each passing day, it came ever closer. The wolves circled, closing in on their prey, and he could only dodge their gnashing fangs for so long. On the first day, he was simply ignored. Other targets were more appealing, and the streets ran red with the blood of those randomly chosen to die by fate and the whim of the mob. On the second day, attention abruptly came his way with the advent of a message chain. With a knock at the door and a delivered letter, Death laid a skeletal hand on his shoulder. 'You are mine', Death whispered with a voice fainter than the wind. 'With this chain I end your life.' With a gilded tongue and a malleable mob, he managed to live for another moment. One more day. He always needed just one more day. Pretty words and connected friends saved him for the final time, and Death pulled out its scythe. He knew, in that moment, that it was over. The web of lies he’d depended on, the network of implications he’d fostered, all gone. Snapped with the death of the one who might be his misdirection. His only ally turned against him. The jig was up, the game was over. He finally saw his Death waiting for him, watching as he fumbled for excuses. Death’s cold, cruel laughter echoed in his mind as he finally accepted his inevitable demise. There was no escape. There was no reprieve. His last hopes dwindled down to nothing. This time, the knife struck true. No defense was offered. None was asked for. Death’s hand moved from his shoulder to his neck. As the mob surrounded him for the final time, Death tightened its grip on his throat. It hurt, for a moment, then faded. Everything faded. He was gone. * * * Connie bravely walked down Luthadel's dim streets, hooded head high, not slouching. She had kept her canton successfully hidden- which was probably a good thing, considering it had the potential to look incriminating- but anyone who thought that was wrong. Just because she didn't swell in offices sorting stacks of documents didn't mean she wasn't loyal to the true power of the Imperium. The other Obligators might be stuffy, but the Inquisitors were notoriously violent. She knew she had to appear confident and well-connected. So far, it had worked- the mob hadn't gone after her. Not that they had made overwhelmingly successful decisions- Runern, Connie felt, was a lucky find- but her own death wouldn't help anything. On the contrary, Connie was one of few who could stop another from taking action. The intimidation brought by her canton was useful. Connie rounded the corner, but came face to face with a monster. The Inquisitor before her laughed. "Your life be coming to an end here, Obligator." Connie narrowed her eyes. "That's is coming to an end, you mean. Grammar is important, even for an ugly brute like yourself." Then she turned and ran. She knew she couldn't fight the creature. She knew she probably couldn't escape. But if she was going to die, she might as well correct it first. The Inquisitor growled and took off behind her, steel-pushing on a nearby wall and leaping off the ground. The Inquisitor slammed into Connie from behind, and because of the dagger it had been holding she was killed instantly, just as Connie had figured. The Inquisitor rolled and landed in a crouch, then took off into the night like Death itself. Gears has been lynched! He was a Spiked Inquisitor! Condensation has been killed! She was an Obligator of the Canton of Inquisition! Vote Count: Gears (8): Quinn0928, Danex, Somebody from Sel, TJ Shade, Vapor, JesterLavorre, Ghanderflaffle, Sart Cycle Six has begun! The cycle will end in 48 hours on Wednesday, November 25th, at 1pm PST. PM's are still open! Please include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any new PMs created. The lynch has a one vote minimum, with tied lynches resulting in a random decision between tied parties. Gears wrote his death RP! Go give him his deserved upvotes! Player List:
  3. Long Game 22: Corenne al'Daishar - Return to Glory, or, The Return of the Blood Battle Wheel of Time Elimination Mayor Twim Calberen awoke from the horrible nightmare he had been having, dispelling horrible images of war and death, betrayal and blood. Light blind me, but that dream felt so real! He stood up and looked around his room, the same office he had used for the last dozen years or so, ever since becoming the Mayor of the quaint little village of Drell’s Crossing. He stood up, wincing at the aches and cracking joints that accompanied his morning routine as he stretched the wariness out of his bones before walking over to his desk. He forgot to put out his candle out before retiring the night before, he noticed, as he moved the fine sea folk porcelain dish holding the melted glob of wax off of the letter he had been reading. That was probably why he had nightmares, considering. His cousin had written him recently, telling of news and tales, all mostly old and almost guaranteed rumour. False dragons walking the earth? War, famine and disease? The Dead rising from the grave? Next the fool would start talking about the approach of Tarmon Gai’don! Surely his cousin’s talk of weird dreams and repeating nightmares had gotten the fancy into his head, and that would explain the dreams from the night before. Although this Hinterstap didn’t sound like a village Twim Calberen wanted to be visiting anytime soon! He idly traced his finger over the final sentence his cousin had written him. Corenne al’Daishar. Mayor Twim was rusty on his Old Tongue, but he was certain that translated to “Return to Glory”. Either that, or “The Return of Bloody Battles”, which didn’t sound nearly as promising. Still, with an uneasy feeling and a dark feeling of dread slowly settling over him, Twim Calberen decided to greet the day with a smile, as sometimes that’s what being Mayor was all about. It was time to say hello to all the wonderful citizens of his lovely town, Drell’s Crossing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's that time again! This is going to be a rerun of LG6, with just a few slightly tweaked rules, so read carefully! Also, if enough players sign-up, I'll also add in the Warder Role down below! (Highlighted in Orange). I will let you know before the game begins if any Warders are included or not! Villager:A regular, vanilla character. Who needs powers to be a hero? Each night you get to give a player a Dragon’s Fang* Darkfriend: A group of dedicated servants of evil. You and your small group have been given orders to infiltrate and destroy this town from the inside out. You get to conspire in a secret Doc with the other Darkfriends and the Forsaken. **They also have special rules if Corrupted. Forsaken: The Leader of the Darkfriends.Get to conspire with them in a Doc. When Viewed shows up as a 'Villager', or they can perform an additional Night Kill for the Darkfriends. If they perform the extra night kill, their actions can be Tracked the next day and any Viewings on them the night they perform the kill will reveal them as 'Forsaken'. Can not be Corrupted by Padan Fain. Wisdom: Has honed the powers of saving people to almost an instinct. Can target somebody once per night and protect them from one Kill. Can not target self. Can not save from lynch. Wolfbrother: You feel the call of the Moon and your nocturnal brethren. Can target somebody to Hunt and Kill once per night. Viewer: Can see images and auras around people. Once per night can target somebody and find out their Role and Alignment Thief-taker: You can smell evil and find out past crimes. During the Day Cycle, you can target somebody and at the beginning of the next Night Cycle, you will find out who, if anybody, they targeted the Night Before. Whitecloak: As a Child of the Light, it is your duty to root out criminals. Once per Day, during the Day Cycle, you can choose a player to Detain during the Night. This prevents any Night Actions performed against the target, and prevents the target from performing any Night Actions. Can not target self. Dreamwalker: You have mastered the World of Dreams. At night you can flee to The World of Dreams and can’t be targeted that Night. Except if the Forsaken targets you for a kill, you, then they can still kill you. Players are allowed to send PMs during the Night Cycle while you live. When there are no living Dreamwalkers, messages can’t be sent. Aiel-blooded: You may not look it, but you have hardened Aiel blood in your veins. You can survive one lynching or Night kill. The fact you survived an attack or lynching be revealed in the write-up, but not your alignment or role. Ta'veren: The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills. Except when you're involved, as people have always told you how the Pattern of the Wheel seems to bend around you, either forcing you or those near you to take different actions and choices they wouldn't have otherwise. Once per night you can target a player and re-direct their actions to another player of your choice (Not yourself) Channeler: A wildling user of the One Power. You can chose one of your Weaves to cast per Night Cycle. Once you use all 5 weaves you becomes Burned Out and show up as a regular Villager. You can only use each Weave once. Air- Hands of Air protect a target from Night Kill. Not yourself Fire – Hurl a Fireball at target, performing a Night Kill. Water – Cast Mask of Mirrors on a target at night, making them Untargetable for the Night. Earth – Use Earth to harden your skin, allowing you to negate any one possible Night Kill against you. Can also be used to Survive a lynch. (You send the order in during the Day cycle you’re getting lynched, if so) Spirit – Lash out at somebody with a weave of Spirit, Role-Blocking their Night Action. Channelers also start the game Bonded to a Warder. You know who the Warder is, but not their Alignment. You can PM with your Warder for the duration of the game, regardless of the Dreamwalker being alive or not. *If your Warder dies, you die two full cycles after that. But you can reuse any Weaves you used once before again. Warder*: Warders start off the game paired with a Channeler. They know the identity of the Channeler, but not their Alignment. The Channeler and Warder can PM together throughout the duration of the game, regardless of a Dreamwalker being alive or not. If your Channeler would die, you sacrifice yourself in their place and die instead. Doesn’t save from a lynch. IF your Channeler is lynched, you have 2 Cycles left to live, and get to make 1 kill to avenge them. Padan Fain: You carry with you the Taint of Shadar Logath. You can Corrupt up to X number of players throughout the game. (X based off of number of players) Corrupted players have their own Doc to communicate in. Padan Fain can not Corrupt the Forsaken, if they target them the action will appear to be Role-blocked. Fain also shows up as a regular villager when scanned. He’s tricky like that. **Darkfriends that get Corrupted are capable of winning as either a Darkfriend or a Corrupted. Town Mayor: During the day, the town can hold public elections to elect a Town Mayor. The Mayor has influence throughout the town, so therefore they can either have their Vote count for double, OR, they can cancel out somebody else’s vote for that cycle. This power can be used the Cycle you get elected. Dragon's Fang: At night, Villagers without any special Roles get to help the village hunt down any possible darkfriends. Once a Night, they can submit a player they want to give a Dragon’s Fang. The player with the most votes for a Dragon Fang gets revealed in the Day write-up, and has an automatic vote placed against them for the lynch that Day. Villagers win if they eliminate all of the Darkfriends and Corrupted. Darkfriends win if they outnumber the other players. The Corrupted and Padan Fain win if they outnumber the other players. General Mafia Rules in effect. Each player is assigned a Role and Alignment at the beginning of the Game, and then they can post Votes in the thread during the Day Cycle, and send in any Role Actions whenever appropriate. The player with the most Votes tallied against them is Lynched at the end of the Day Cycle, Mayor votes and Dragon Fangs are included. Day Cycles will be 48hours long, and Night Cycles will last 24 hours, or end whenever all Night Actions are sent in. If you chose not to use an Action for the Night, still send a PM declaring your action to be “None”. How Write-ups will work: Votes will be posted publicly in the thread with a list of who voted for whom, etc. Night event write-ups will work like this: -Wolfbrother kills will be obvious. (Wolves swarm the victim) -When Padan Fain converts somebody, it will be mentioned in the write-up, denoted with the appearance of the evil white fog, Mashadar.** -Darkfriend and Forsaken kills appear the same -Wisdom healing somebody is only mentioned if they actually save the Target from Death -Whitecloak, If somebody is Detained, it is shown in the write-up, but not who was Detained or who Detained somebody -Channelers Fireball will be revealed in the write-up if used, and the other powers depending on if they interacted with any other Roles. (If Hands of air actually save somebody, Earth Skin will be written up the same way as Aiel-Blooded, Spirit and Water Actions won’t be revealed in write-up) -If your Action gets Role-blocked or doesn’t go through, it won’t be revealed in the write-up and you will just be informed your Action was ‘unsuccessful”. -If a Channeler gets roleblocked, then it counts as the weave never being used, and you can still use it later. (Unless Two Channelers use Spirit on each other, then they’re both used up) - Dreamwalkers detained by a Whitecloak can still be targeted by Forsaken for a kill Quick Links to the Beginning of Each Turn