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Found 2 results

  1. Sakura was awoken by the sound of a wooden bowl being knocked over, the water inside of it splashing into the walls of her tent. Three years ago, such a thing would have never woken her up, she would have felt safe in the arms of her wife. Now, however, she’d grown more cautious and had learned to sleep with ears open. She stepped barefoot on to the floor of her room, quietly, so she wouldn’t alert whoever was there she’d woken up. Sakura crept toward the flaps of her tent, steeling herself for anything. Instead of the hungry face of a Forgotten, however, she only saw a man. "Oh, it's only you." She paused for a second at the sound of him cocking a rifle. “Ah, so it’s time to pay for my sins.” The man nodded and pulled the trigger. Her vision started to go black and Sakura whispered to no one but herself, I am sorry, my love—my dear Hougetsu—that I will not come home to you. Then, Sakura died. Her last sight was not the face of her wife, but the flash of a gun. The man exited the room, his dirty work completed. It was already starting morning, and this would certainly wake people up. When the men of the camp finally arrived at her tent, they found a letter resting unsealed on the dead woman’s desk. Ventyl was shot and killed. She was a Rithmatist. Camp Supply: Player List: This Day will end on February 14th, at 8 PM CST.
  2. Kriti sat on a ledge overlooking the Imperium, contemplating the others. For some reason they had turned to her after Runern's death- as if she was educated enough in Scadrain politics to know about specific customs! The Ghostbloods had given her an annoyingly small amount of information. It looks like she might suffer for it, if they could find her here. Footsteps sounded behind her, and she knew she was dead. The decision among them wasn't unanimous, but it was enough. She turned. "You'll pay for your misdeeds." She told them. "I am not the Inquisitor you seek." The hooded man in front chuckled. "That's what they all say. I am not the one who will pay." Kriti died that day. The mob's streak did as well. Ghanderflaffle was lynched! She was an Obligator! Vote Count: Ghanderflaffle (4): TJ Shade, Kings_way, Quinn0928, Somebody from Sel Bearer of all agonies (1): Danex Vapor (1): Sart Cycle Seven has begun! It will end in roughly 48 hours on Friday, November 27th, at 1pm PST. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! PMs are still open! Kindly include our GM crew of myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any new PMs. The lynch has a one vote minimum. Tied lynches will result in a decision by RNG. The following players are receiving an inactivity warning: @Whysper, @Channelknight Fadran, and @Chasmgoat. If they do not post this cycle I will look for a replacement. Player List: