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Found 2 results

  1. Day 4 - It Was A Quiet Night It seemed that, after the chaos of the day, most of the officers seemed to just want to go to sleep or talk amongst themselves. Draff was perfectly fine with that, because he wasn’t sure how much kore stress he could take before something bad happened again. Because he knew it would. Since nothing incriminating had been found in Sart’s possession, people were beginning to suspect Wilco of being a rebel. Obviously, he adamantly denied these claims. Some believed him, some didn’t. Draff felt it was best to stay out of that. If he voiced his opinion either way, who knew if Wilco would survive the night. Draff couldn’t sleep that night because he kept getting nightmares about a strange monster ravaging the city, except no one could see it. Finally, he decided to just walk through the halls of the station to keep his mind off things. That’s when he found Thomas’s body. The poor man. He’d survived the last beating just to die with a knife in his back this time. Draff began mentally preparing himself to write yet another letter to some unlucky family. ~ MrakeDarshall was killed! They were a Police Tineye! PMs are open, but remember that each player may only make one new PM each turn. Remember to include me and Mailliw in all PMs, and group PMs ARE allowed. There is a two-vote minimum for a lynch and a tied lynch results in one of the tied lynchees’ death. Player List I’m moving rollover back a couple hours because this will make my life easier once I leave for Italy at the beginning of July. This turn will last 50.5 hours and will end at 10 PM CDT on June 20th
  2. [Writeup to be edited in later.] Eternum is dead! He was a Secretive in House Venture. Walin is dead! He was an Informant in House Lekal. Araris (2): Anonymous Eternum (4): Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous Walin (4): Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous The Day will end on May 19, at 5:00 PM EST. List of Players: 1. MacThorstenson (Malcolm MacClaimen) 2. ElephantEarwax (Rend) 3. Araris Valerian (Hadrian Penrod) 4. RippleGylf (Claire Lepinceau) 5. Mraize (Rhazien) 6. Elandera (Dera Renault) 7. Eternum (Aiden Ostlin) Venture Secretive 8. Steeldancer (Steel) 9. Frozen Mint (Mint) Lekal Shy/Lurcher 10. I think I am here (Itiah) Hasting Romantic/Tineye 11. Bort (Jynx) 12. Shqueeves (???) 13. Arinian (Faron Elverein) Elariel Orator 14. Dalinar Kholin (Kadgar) 15. Mark IV (Mark) 16. Snipexe (Snip Exeutor) Hasting Underground Contacts/Soother 17. Kidpen (Amati) Lekal Gossip/Mistborn 18. Walin (Torden) Lekal Informant 19. Amanuensis (Jeda Renaud) Tekiel Romantic/Mistborn 20. Cadmium Compounder (Seamin) 21. The Young Pyromancer (Limerick) Venture Informant 22. Fifth Scholar (Duilin) Tekiel Informant/Smoker