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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so I kind of want to write the theories that come out of my head without editing them. I think it will be fun. If you can prove me wrong, please do. Major spoilers for almost every book. 1. Thunderclasts are made out of the stones themselves. I believe that the Shin actually worship them. It would explain why Szeth was pissed that the Alethi were walking on it. They were walking on his stone gods. 2. Spren of Odium are responsible for the Thunderclasts. We know that they fought in the Desolations against Honor, so they are probably from Odium. 3. Eye color probably won't change for the squires. The darkeyed officer in Dalinar's vision of the the Recreance could be a squire and his eyes were just dark. 4. Lopen will be everyone's favourite character in the next few books. That's just the most probable thing. He'll probably die with the impact of Dobby's death. 5. Taln will snap like in Mistborn and regain his cognitive functions. He will be so badass when he does and save everyone. It will be like The Tapestry when Bram comes back. (That's an obscure reference, sorry) 6. Vasher loses Nightblood in a game of chance, much like the Millennium Falcon. 7. The Returned can change their form to something non human which will be awesome to see in the next book. 8. Sazed will probably visit Roshar in the last book to wipe the floor Odium. That probably won't happen, but I would love to see that. 10. Number nine was too stupid, so let's just go to ten. Kaladin will live to see all of his family killed. This time, however he will not be drowned in sorrow because of it, but he will he good enough to move on. 11. What if Firstborn was part of the Cosmere? The Ones Above would be the people from Firstborn! It's perfect, I say! Except it's not. Tons of holes in that. 12. The cast of Friends will appear in Yolen and Chandler will give Hoid a run for his money. 13. Alcatraz found the Talent entity thing and recaptured it. He will used it to open a wormhole to the Cosmere and break it. Adolnasium was shattered because of Alcatraz. He really is not a good person. 14. I am going to theorize that you people are sick of reading these increasingly ridiculous theories and stop.