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Found 385 results

  1. dalinar

    Buenas tardes, Primero que nada aclar que es mi primer post y que mi ingles no es muy bueno. Asi que lo Escribiré en español. Es algo que he tenido en mente durante algunos meses luego de releer por 4ta vez, el ritmo de la guerra. Todos o casi todos estamos seguros de que Dalinar perderá el combate de campeones, La pregunta es como sucederá, y creo tener una idea algo clara sobre que es lo que podría salir mal con eso. Empezar aclarando que en el Cosmere existen 2 Tipos de Muerte : Muerte Física : Pasa cuando te asesinan en el reino físico (Clubs, Dockson, amaran,etc) Muerte Definitiva o Muerte Total : Pasa cuando tu alma llega al reino cognitivo y luego pasa al reino espiritual, no hay forma ( que nosotros sepamos ) de regresar. (vin, elend, Wayne, Evi, eshonai, etc) Ahora la teoria en si : Dalinar solo conoce la MUERTE FISICA, ya que es la que ha experimentado y visto y causado toda su vida, el no conoce que existe la posibilidad de que una vez esto suceda, la Esquirla, en este caso TOdium pueda Investir a su campeón luego de morir Físicamente. Para convertirlo en una Sombra Cognitiva, pudiendo asi "revivirlo" o no dejarlo morir completamente. Ahora en cuanto al contrato solo se especifica que sera una "Lucha a Muerte", que puede sonar muy literal y claro pero al mismo tiempo no lo es ya que deja abierta esa posibilidad. Pienso que es ese el hueco en el contrato que puede usar TOdium utilizara a su favor para intentar algo que resulte a su favor. Eso seria todo. Acepto Criticas y opiniones.
  2. odium

    In RoW, the fused came up with and implemented a brilliant move to take the tower while it was not under it’s normal defense system that would have made it impossible to take, because it would have taken away their surges while they are in the vicinity. But they mention how they have never been able to take the Tower in the past, and that it was a huge war advantage and a huge weakening to the randiants and humans. The tower was a central place to the humans and a very strategic advantage. So when the fused took it, it was really good for them. So why don’t they take it again? They can’t go there because the defense would take away their powers. But what if they used there greatest weapon. Odium. When Odium takes Dalinar into a vision, the stormfather says that he was vastly out-powered and that he was absolutely no match or challenger against Odium. The stormfather might also a cognitive shadow of Honor. If he is, that might give him a little more power than he normally would have too. So he would be about equal to or greater than the power of the Sibling. So if Odium can crush the strormfather like that, why doesn’t he do the same thing ti the sibling. He could go himself to the tower, and overpower it’s defenses vecauee he is more powerful than the Sibling. After he does that, the rest of the fused could come in too. Why doesn’t he use himself, who is the greatest most powerful weapon he has? The only reason I think he might not, and this is Rayse, would be either that he would think it embarrassing or beneath him. I think that he would not let that stop him from winning the war though. Or that he would want to not risk himself. He might be a little paranoid. But again I don’t think that would really stop him as he is really confident. For Tarvangian, I think he would not be embarrassed as he would see it’s value. Also he probably would not see himself dying to the humans. So why doesn’t he just use himself to overpower the tower?
  3. That thread title makes this sound more confident than I actually am, so sorry for the clickbait. My prediction is based on the following: 1) the fact that we’re dealing with T and not Rayse anymore. Rayse would try to win the “conventional” way, because winning the sneaky underhanded way wouldn’t “prove a point” as Wit said. But T is not so limited; he would see that the best way to beat Dalinar isn’t to find a better fighter than Dalinar, but to use Dalinar against himself. And what better way to do that than to force Dalinar to either lose, or kill the person in the world he feels the most responsible for? And a child no less. This much I am confident about: T is not going to use a conventional champion; he’s going to try to turn Dalinar against himself. 2) the deathrattles: And We still don’t know what these refer to, in contrast with a whole bunch of other deathrattles. I think that the first one has to refer to some pivotal/climactic moment of this arc given the way it’s written. And the second one hints what I strongly suspect for narrative reasons: TOdium wins, Dalinar loses, and we set the stage of books 6-10 investigating the nature of oaths and how to safely free Dalinar from the consequences here. What ties them together in my opinion is this choice: to kill the “suckling child” or to choose life. “The night will reign” in my reading refers to reigning across the Cosmere, rather than on Roshar specifically. 3) well I kind of specified this already: narratively it just makes sense. We know that books 6-10 focus on the Heralds, and in my reading Dalinar becomes a Cognitive Shadow just like them. The Heralds want to get out of their oathbound existence, as would Dalinar. And it just fits well for us to have a temporary resolution at the end of books 1-5 without a full resolution that would make books 6-10 disconnected. Reasons for skepticism: a) I mean, I hope I’m wrong. It would be extremely depressing for Dalinar to be consigned to this fate, even for just 10 years. And to wait something on the order of that long in real life until Brandon even begins showing us how he’ll be rescued in books 6-10 is gonna be brutal. trying to use the deathrattles to support a prediction is extremely dicey, especially when there’s a whole book 5 worth of material that we still don’t know about. c) How would Gavinor be a “willing” champion? Dalinar in RoW ch. 112: To answer this specific point, Gavinor seems like a pretty traumatized kid. It’s plausible to me that if offered the “gift of silence”, like Moash got, that he would take it. Is this a stretch? Very much so. But that’s better than the prediction that, say, Adolin would be willing to be TOdium’s champion, which is just ridiculous. Anyway I’m putting this out there both to be able to claim credit on the off chance that I’m right, and to pressure-test the prediction, so fire away!
  4. Could the Stormfather be an Awakened being? It could help explain why he does not recollect a Herald dying as mentioned in the SA5 Prologue: He does not remember, because his memories have been tampered with. in the same manner as Wit's as seen at the end of RoW. Other theories seen so far: Current Stormfather being a fake/SA5 Stormfather being a pretender-Ishar/Cultivation shenanigans.
  5. I have had a weird idea for a while now and wanted to share it. It seems like the consensus on Kaladin’s arc has involved him coming to terms with his limits, as a surgeon, a leader and a radiant. First ideal helps him deal with his depression, second ideal states his purpose, third ideal refines it, and the fourth ideal limits it to within reason. To me it always seemed like he has been controlling his passions. It always seemed like he had to protect almost compulsively and the fourth ideal assisted him with that. Could he be highly connected to Honor (Child of Tanavast) but also highly connected to Odium? Didn’t Cultivation tell a certain someone that he was chosen to wield Odium ‘honorably.’ The current vessel of Odium never really struck me as honorable in the vein of Tanavast. Maybe she wasn’t talking about That person. Wouldn’t Kaladin be a great holder of Odium? A man of passion bound by honorable intent? Wouldn’t this be even greater as he reaches the 5th ideal and his spirit web irrevocably (maybe?) changes? Not sure but would love to hear thoughts. Thank you
  6. Apologies if this is an old idea - it's new to me! I just read a theory on Reddit discussing how Taravangian was set up to be Dalinar's foil, and how well that fits with him taking up Odium and Dalinar seemingly being on a path towards reclaiming Honor (or something like that, at least). We know that Cultivation had a hand in both Taravangian's Ascension and Dalinar's journey, by interacting with them both directly when they visited the Nightwatcher. We also know of one other person who interacted with Cultivation directly - Lift. My theory is that Cultivation, in addition to preparing Taravangian to take up Odium (confirmed) and Dalinar to take up Honor (suspected), is also preparing Lift to be her own successor. Evidence in favour of this, in addition to the above pattern, that I can think of off the top of my head: Lift's character so far is based very strongly on the idea of not changing, which is more or less the antithesis of Cultivation's Intent. As we've seen, she is changing despite her best efforts and pleas to Cultivation. This seems to set the stage very nicely for an interesting character arc. She has bonded a Cultivationspren. She can metabolise food directly into Lifelight - Cultivation's light. There might be more, or I could be completely wrong. But I found it interesting to think about nevertheless, and I hope you do too!
  7. So ever since I read RoW I saw a potential loophole that Odium could exploit if he won the contest of champions. So the stakes of Dalinar losing are basically that Dalinar must serve Odium (either as a cognitive shadow fused, or alive) and that Odium still cannot leave the system regardless of the outcome. Anything else is less relevant to this theory. So the idea I had was that if Odium is able to win the challenge without killing Dalinar, then Dalinar should still be bonded to the Stormfather. At this point, what stops Odium from ordering Dalinar to speak for Honor's power and release Odium from the system? It was seen in previous books that Dalinar has this ability, when talking to Odium in the visions he almost accidentally did it as an example. The problems with this theory would mainly come from how the Stormfather's bond is affected by Dalinar aligning with Odium and if the bond breaks before the contest somehow (such as Ishar stealing it). I don't think losing the fight would directly break the bond between the Stormfather and Dalinar since he is still upholding an oath/deal he made with Odium. Anyways I'd love if anyone could pick holes in this idea as this was just my gut reaction/thought to Dalinar wording the deal the way he did. I haven't seen this idea talked about anywhere else, but I have only recently gotten into 17th shard stuff. This is my first post here, so sorry if I messed something up with rules about spoilers, I tried to word everything in a way to have minimal spoilers, just in case.
  8. Why does Todium have to go through with the contest of champions? It was explained away in a sentence at end of RoW, but Todium is not Rayse at all. Why not just admit to Dalinar that he killed Rayse and took up the Shard of Odium? He's not the same person as Rayse and shouldn't be bound by Rayse's oath (at least how I see it).
  9. In chapter 122 of Oathbringer, Taravangian is sitting in his rooms in Urithiru, and hears Odium's voice say, "The window. Open the window. Open it" It's only after he opens it that Odium enters. Now, this could be something to do with a weakened Urithiru itself? But why does he need the window open? Is he like Dracula and needs to be invited in, even into a residence? Earlier in the book, Venli says that she was instructed to leave her window open for the Everstorm. Intent is critical for Fused to enter into Singers and take their bodies. The same with void spren, one must willingly accept them. But why something so simple as entering a house?
  10. So what emotion or aspect? Is Odium I already read the books twice. And I am still confused about it he’s not decay or destruction because that’s Ruin is he anger or hate violence I am honestly just confused
  11. If spren are from Honor being Splintered then how were Voidspren made? Did he Splinter himself?
  12. I’ve been wondering since the first time I read the book, why would Odium want to kill The Pursuer? He had lost his mind and his honor but at least he was still a functional asset to the war effort. El could’ve tested the blade on a completely insane fused that couldn’t do anything for them. The pursuer would still constantly tire Kaladin and attack him out of the blue. This was probably already discussed but I just want to know a good reason.
  13. spoilers

    What exactly is happening here? This is when Moash is in the burning manor basement with Kaladin. Moash is taunting him when a pure, concentrated light explodes into the room: The figure in the light was Renarin, so is this his attempt at lightweaving? Does he lightweave possibilities (as he is able to see them), and he saw Moash’s alternative path which would’ve led to him living as a respectable Radiant Windrunner? Why does this cause Moash to feel pain again (he says to take the pain away)? This also ties in with Moash at the end, when he begins to feel pain: Is this weakening of the Connection similar to the scene in Ch. 8? Thoughts?
  14. Ok so the theory that the tranquiline halls are somehow real has been going around for a bit on the forums, and I like most people mostly dismissed it as extremely unlikely to be the case, however in light of autonomy’s actions within the lost metal it strikes me that maybe the theory should not be dismissed and I will outline a few reasons for this as well as I think the most logical version of theory goes. 1. Odium’s actions on roshar have been entirely non-conducive to his stated good which are a. Killing shards- it seems like once the fused were made odium had clearly given up on easily or quickly splintering honor or cultivation, clearly this was still on the table but his later stated plans seem to indicate that his main plan had switched from just running around and splintering shards quickly to his cosmere army plan. b. Winning the war- it also further strikes me that in light of how autonomy has just given her people all this advanced technology that Odium’s actions have not been helpful in terms of winning the war at all. If quick victory was what he truly wanted all he would need to do is introduce his forces to guns, even if the resources were somewhat problematic on roshar soulcasting renders that a non-issue. c. Training an army- from here it also seems like Odium’s plan to train an army is also incredibly stupid, because it seems as if without the desolation’s roshar would have nearly 7000 years of advanced civilization, they would be so far ahead of other civilizations it wouldn’t even be fair. now I think it’s fair to say that maybe he expected a quick war, but I think after the first desolation it should’ve become clear that killing 9/10 people on the planet every desolation wouldn’t get you an army, and yet he seemed pretty confident in this plan and taravangian seemingly approved. furthermore Odium’s plan just doesn’t seem to make sense because of those level of casualties, trained soldiers do not contribute to your army if they are dead. I will also grant that now it seems like Odium’s goal has become to just win outright, but I think that may be because it’s gone on longer than he would have liked and he needs it to end. but ultimately there are very few ways in which Odium’s plan can somehow manage to bypass these issues unless his goal was not to own the war but to draw it out as long as possible and the army he trained was made of the dead form the 7000 years of war and only now has he decided it’s time to end it after a far too lengthy gap(because odium was gonna win, if taln hadn’t done his thing). 2. granted all of this does not point to the tranquiline halls and Odium’s undead army so let me explain why I think that is a logical explanation for these discrepancies. my main point here rests on one question- what does the thrill do for odium? the thrill 1. Enhances the combat abilities of the afflicted, and 2. Opens them up to Odium’s influence. but based on what we’ve seen the first seems to hep odium only minimally and the second doesn’t seem to allow him to control them only to influence them and so doesn’t seem to have proved that helpful. however the things that are important here are 1. Where does the thrill manifest and 2. How do shards get the ability to go influence people. the answer to 1 is obvious alethkar and vedenar highly militant vorin nations, the ones with the myth of the tranquiline halls in the first place and the ones with the best most elite militaries. The answer to 2 is also fairly straightforward, by investing people. this leads to the conclusion that what the thrills actual purpose is, it’s to invest an army or the best warriors on roshar as they die and send them to Odium’s undead army. while this is still pretty crackpot, autonomies actions combined with the assumption that odium is not a total idiot and generally has a reason for the things he does/makes lead me to think that it may actually be quite plausible even likely.
  15. How can Odium make Fused? This seems like Adhesion or using Connections. This also begs a more serious question: if Adhesion is the surge of pressure and vacuum, and Odium is the Void, has this surge been touched by Odium?
  16. Listening through RoW for the second time, I’m given to wonder: are Shards coming back together? We know that Stormlight and Voidlight mix into Warlight. Will the Shards themselves come together? And would peace be achieved by creating a combined Shard of War? Dalinar, as the Bondsmith of the Stormfather, seems to have as much power as can be had that once belonged to Honor. If the Storms merged, or perhaps if Dalinar loses the contest of Champions, but Odium goes down anyway…. Could Dalinar become War? Part of me thinks that this might be a step backwards for Dalinar. Part of me thinks it would be kinda lame for Brandon to do the exact same thing on Roshar as he did on Scadrial…… but maybe the Shards are coming together. They were never meant to be separate. Maybe Dalinar’s next big challenge is to fail in his contest and fall back into war, and claw his way into something better. And then there’s a question of what kind of Shard War would be. Hatred, restricted by oaths and discipline? Battle, but organized, with rules of engagement, Codes that control violence? Battle being handled by soldiers so that civilians are left in peace? I don’t know…..
  17. I have assembled here a WOBs, and I will also assemble them piece by piece, with the longest stretches ever, into a Hoid theory. :So, the first one:. This, I believe, tells us that Hoid is looking very much to see someone again. I will get back to this one. I have a quote from tWoK, chapter 57. I see this as him basically saying that he was originally created as a thought. "Words on a page". Forgery, anyone? Well, where could MAGIC such as forgery come from before the Shattering of Adonalsium? That's right, Adonalsium. Hoid was created by Adonalsium. I don't remember when, but sometime in tWoK or WoR Hoid tells Kaladin that he stole his name from someone he should have loved, his old master. I don't want to stretch this argument too long, but maybe his master was Adonalsium? Just consider it for me, would ya? Another WOB: He can't hurt someone. OK. But he becomes nauseous just by thinking of physical pain. Might it be so that he regrets hurting someone? Someone he should have loved? I promise, the next part will be the last. THE FINAL WOB: So we know that Hoid is collecting lots of magic systems. Magic systems are Investiture right? And where does Investiture originally come from? The shards. The shards are all parts of Adonalsium. So, if he collects all the magics, and maybe even learns to combine them he may be able to get a piece of Adonalsium. THE FINAL STRETCH: I believe that Hoid wants to see someone he's lost. He also was created by Adonalsium, so Adonalsium is kind of his "parent". If he made a mistake and killed his Parent, then he obviously regrets it. He does not want to hurt someone, as he's already made that mistake once before. He also wants to remake Adonalsium. Well, that's it- He wants to remake Adonalsium. That's why he for example, in the Epiloge of RoW Wit/Hoid is having a fight with Odium/Rayse. Odium is destroying/Killing Shards, something which makes it harder for Hoid to collect everything. Thank you for staying with me! Here's a cookie! Please feel free to tell me your thoughts.
  18. So I was just thinking, If powerful spren-like beings, such as the stormfather or the sibling are able to form a bondsmith, would it be theoretically possible for someone to bond with one of the unmade and basically be a void-light powered bondsmith?
  19. Another one of my random ideas occurred to me recently. Everyone is focusing on how the contest of champions and the agreement relating to it is going to decide the future of Roshar. I agree that it is almost certainly going to be the deciding event in book 5, but there will obviously be a lot more going on than just that. So I've been wondering what else might happen that could cause conflict between the various groups on Roshar, and I think I found a good one. In order to find out as much as possible to be able to fulfill his plan to make a deal with Odium, Tarravangian abducted people from his hospitals and slowly killed them, with people he trusted standing by to record any death rattles that the dying might speak. As far as we know, the only people to know about this are the members of the Diagram and Szeth. Tarravangian revealed that he had sent Szeth to kill Dalinar, but as far as I know, the King of Karbranth never revealed that he was using people like this. So what would happen if this information were to be revealed to the people of Karbranth. As of right now, Karbranth is neutral in the conflict between the forces of Honor and Odium. Odium is supposedly bound by his promise, to Tarravangian ironically, not to touch Karbranth, and Dalinar is currently uninterested in attacking them due to their insignificance. But what would happen if the city were to go into a rebellion, upon learning that their former ruler, the father of their current queen, was abducting citizens and killing them for his own twisted reasons? If that somehow got out, I can only assume because of Szeth, and there was any kind of evidence to support it, it's not hard to imagine the city being spurred to revolt. Now of course, there are a couple of issues with this theory. First of all, since the two people who made the deal to protect Karbranth are now essentially the same person, is that deal even binding? I brought up that very point with someone who had a different idea (and arguably an even better one) about how to turn the Karbranth protection deal against Odium. I don't think we know enough to really answer that question, so we'll have to wait and see. The second issue is how exactly this would get out and why hasn't it before? Well, as I said, Szeth is the only one outside of the Diagram organization who knows about what they were doing to hear the death rattles, and as we learned with the anti voidlight sphere, he's not always the most forthcoming with information except when directly asked. And if a conversation regarding Tarravangian's other actions, such as him having Szeth kill monarchs across Roshar, were to occur, it's not unreasonable to assume that something regarding the death rattles were to pop up. The next problem is how would anyone get proof (if any is left), and the only way that I can think of is for someone to infiltrate Karbranth, which I think could make for a a good mission for some characters, maybe some of Shallan's agent LightWeavers, to go on. The biggest problem with this theory is that until someone figures out Tarravangian is Odium, there's not really a good reason to stir up trouble in Karbranth. If and when it gets out, having Karbranth on the verge of collapse, disrupting the very thing Tarravangian worked to hard to prevent, would be a fantastic way to expose his corruption and cause a huge distraction for the newest Shard. Not to mention it would be a great twist, doing to Tarravangian the exact same thing he did to Dalinar in OathBringer. But as it stands right now, the only person not under Odium's command that is likely to find out about Todium is Hoid. And while he might very well decide to cause such a rebellion as a way to help indirectly, he'd have to find out about Todium quickly enough and make it to Karbranth in time to expose things. I'm trying to think of other reasons good enough for the Radiants, or even another group like the GhostBloods or even the Listerners, to stir things up in Karbranth. So far, I haven't come up with anything.
  20. I know this topic has been discussed before but I have some ideas about whether the Shards have opposites. Here are my ideas: Preservation and Ruin. This is basically confirmed. Devotion and Dominion. I think Aona and Skai ran off with each other like as soon as they got their Shards. I don't think they were in direct conflict but had more of a servant-and-master relationship (think of Smithers and Mr. Burns from the Simpsons). They definitely embody opposites of each other because one seeks to rule well the other seeks to be ruled or Endowment and Autonomy. Well Endowment has aspects of giving and sharing with others; he is a social being, Autonomy seems to reflect on taking for one's self and staying away from others. Endowment means the action of endowing something or someone, well Autonomy's definition is the right or condition of self-government. The root word "Auto" means "self" and "nomos" means "custom". Autonomy is self customed, or accustomed to himself. Basically Endowment bestows stuff on others well Autonomy never takes from others but never gives. Odium and Mercy. Odium is basically hate towards something as a reaction to something, or as Google puts it, general or widespread hatred or disgust directed toward someone as a result of their actions. Mercy means forgiving someone when they made bad choices/actions. Google says it means compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm. In a nutshell, Odium is hatred because someone did something well Mercy is forgiving someone after they did something. Whimsy and Honor. Whimsy basically means that you do whatever you feel like whenever, whether it be breaking promises or spontaneously buying something of no value. We can see this in Hoid (who seems to have been meant to be Whimsy's vessel but declined), who is a pretty sporadic guy. Honor, on the other hand, is about making oaths or promises and keeping them no matter what. Whimsy would break a promise on a whim, Honor would keep it forever. Cultivation and Invention (I'm not sure about this one). Both of these Shards are about creation, but what differs is the way they create. If I'm going to cultivate my tree sapling, I'm not gonna force it to grow, I'm going to help it expand in the way that it naturally expands. I think Cultivation stands for creation by helping things that are already growing. But Invention means creatingideas and objects that have never existed and would never exist in nature. If I'm going to invent/make a sword, this will involve things like: hammering metal, cutting leather, polishing steel, and melting rocks. The way you cultivate and invent something differs extraordinarily. These two Shards may not necessarily be opposites but they are definitely paired. Ambition and Wisdom(I think she/he is a thing it really makes sense and I believe Wisdom is the Shard that "just wants to hide and survive,"). Ambition seems to be conserdibly evil, and Endowemnet, who is considered to be relatively good/virtoues Shard, has said that the Cosmere is better off without Ambition. Ambition is the principle of trying to amass power and knowledge, no matter the costs. Wisdom, on the other hand, seems to be more of a cautious Shard. She/he "just wants to hide and survive", which is basically the opposite of doing ambitious and possibly dangerous or risking things. Valor and the 16th unamed Shard?
  21. Rayse claims the shard embodies all passion, though the other shards named him Odium. We see that voidlight does enhance emotions in general, but especially aggressive and hateful passions. So is Odium the shard of all passions because passion directly causes hatred?
  22. I am sure this idea exists but I have to wonder about Odiums Perpendicularity. Odium has been on Braize and is invested on it making it a possible place for the Perpendicularity. However he is also invested on Roshar so could he have two?
  23. I'd like to propose a theory: Odium and Autonomy worked together to destroy Devotion and Dominion, because those are their respective opposite Shards (in the same way that Ruin and Preservation are diametrically opposed to each other), so it was convenient for Odium and Autonomy to have them out the way. We know that Ambition was "number one on [Odium]'s hit list" (Arcanum Unbounded Chicago signing, December 6, 2016) because Ambition was, as the name suggests, the most likely to become a significant power in the Cosmere that could and would oppose Odium. Odium came across Devotion and Dominion first and took the opportunity to Splinter them. There is a WoB stating that there are two reasons Odium targets another Shard: "he can argue they're breaking the rules they set out", or he thinks they're "a good match for him, or a challenge, or a danger" (Oathbringer Houston signing, November 18, 2017). This was Brandon's answer to a question regarding why Odium went for Devotion and Dominion, so he could have just said "he found them first" but he didn't, which implies to me that if Odium had stumbled across Whimsy or someone that he would have ignored them and continued searching for Ambition. But would Odium kill Devotion and Dominion just because he could justify it? I don't think he would. Why would he care about justifying it to the other Shards when he'd immediately go on to kill Ambition, who was apparently alone? Maybe Ambition had paired off with Mercy, but Harmony seems to find Mercy ominous somehow, so I kind of doubt that Mercy was fighting on Ambition's side - even if Mercy and Ambition had paired off, Odium didn't know that so he'd still have had no reason to kill Devotion and Dominion just because he could make an excuse for it. I think this excuse was just an opportunity Odium grasped, and that the real reason he bothered with them was because Devotion is diametrically opposed to Odium - in a Tweet from February 1, 2016, BrandoSando cagily says "one could make that argument" when asked if Devotion and Odium were opposites. We know that Autonomy helped Splinter, in some way, Devotion and Dominion (Lisbon signing, November 7, 2016), and that she had either an alliance or a truce with Odium, as Odium targeting her would be considered a double-cross (Dragonsteel Mini-Con, November 22, 2021). We also know that Autonomy doesn't want other Shards to interfere with whatever her plans are (JordanCon, April 20, 2018), and she seems to be one of the most active Shards in the Cosmere, expanding to other planets whenever possible. This is why I think that Autonomy would be interested in the possibility of Splintering a Shard that was diametrically opposed to her, and I think Dominion happens to be that Shard. There isn't much evidence for this theory beyond "it seems to fit", but it seems to fit. I don't know what significance it has to the overall Cosmere either. Maybe Sel, already difficult to get to, will be shielded against both Odium and Autonomy due to the Dor's Investiture, and will become crucial in the Cosmere as Odium and Autonomy's plans are set in motion. Interested to see if The Lost Metal does anything to support or weaken this theory.
  24. SPOILERS FOR RYTHM OF WAR!!! So considering the fact that our heroes now have the capability to permanently kill the Fused, and the Shard of Odium is under new management, will Roshar's newest god create more Fused to make up for losses? Or is there perhaps a reason that Rayse didn't any new ones at any point after the first Fused.
  25. I’m going to sketch out this theory and maybe get around to providing quotes and stuff to substantiate it later. And I don’t love time travel mechanics. Just too messy. So I’m not thrilled with where the evidence is leading me. But a couple of thoughts, all paraphrased: * Cultivation to TOdium: “you’ve been on this path for a long time” - ie before you asked for a boon from me - “I just tried to help you learn to wield the power with honor.” This is in response to TOdium shocked that she would try something so audacious like putting him in position to because Odium - which would absolutely include the Diagram. In other words, the Diagram was NOT part of her boon+curse. I take this to be explicit in the text - that T’s path to TOdium-hood started long before Cultivation got involved directly, and that that path kicked off with the Diagram * Speaking of the Diagram, Taravangian: “thinking that the Diagram was about anything more than saving Kharbranth was dangerous.” Dangerous why? I think we know the answer especially when we reach T’s last days: “he cried over the lies [about trying to make utilitarian sacrifices to save a seed of humanity] he told Dalinar - because the truth was much more shameful”. Yeah the truth - namely that you were doing all this with the goal of usurping Odium - is pretty shameful. Finally, there’s that moment that I’m struggling to recall in detail where he says “you don’t understand, Odium sets things up so that if he loses, he still wins.” Does that sound like the Odium we know? L O L. Our Odium loses without winning left and right. Our Odium is almost a beautiful loser: he prioritizes sending a message about doing things his way over actually winning. (This was during his last conversation with Dalinar.) You know who sets things up so that if he loses, he wins? In fact you might say “the only way to agree to a deal is to make sure that no matter the outcome you are satisfied”? That level of craftiness I’ve only seen from T - especially as TOdium, when he makes fun of Odium’s foolishness and says this! One more related piece of evidence: the epigraphs in WoR: ”You must become King. Of Everything.” 1) Taravangian was still able to achieve his primary goal without being king of more than Jah Keved 2) Everything contains quite a bit more than Roshar! But it is consistent with trying to save the entire Cosmere from incompetent shards, and waging a “war for everything”. “You must destroy the Parshendi if this one starts to explore their powers it will form a bridge” Why destroy the Parshendi if they might form a bridge between the Singers and the Listeners? That would be bad for Odium if he loses the Singers as an ally! But it would be GOOD for TOdium who clearly does not want whatever is happening between Leshwi, Venli, Thude, Rlain (+Renarin perhaps), Sja-Anat, and their associated followers - very bridge-like. At a minimum, the Diagram contains information about Odium with Taravangian as the vessel. But I would go so far as to say that the Diagram was a vision Taravangian got of himself - not Rayse Odium - from the future, and that Cultivation was certainly not involved.