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Found 4 results

  1. From the album My Reckoners Stuff

    So, here is my art. I have been attempting to draw something for a long time. Usually it looks terrible. But I drew this and I thought, that is only sorta bad. So I worked on it for hours, and ended up with this. Tell me honestly guys, what do you think?
  2. WARNING: Spoilers for Calamity So guys, what theories do you guys have about what will happen in book 4, if there is one, here's a quick list of some of mine: - we learn more about the gods/entities that inhabit the realm Calamity was sent from, things such as: what they are, what there goal is, and why they sent Calamity to earth in the first place (was it a punishment or a test as Calamity seems to believe?) -The main story line will be about the hunt for Obliteration or maybe another similar Epic who seems to think that they were sent by god to destroy the world, a little like what's happening in the dimension firefight is originaly from -we learn more about David's father and about that dimension as well as learning quite a bit more about what megan can really do now that she doesn't have to fight the darkness, can she pretty much do anything now, (sumon things, control winds, give herself prime invincibilities) seeing as she can pull stuff over from other dimensions? What do you guys think will happen and what do you think of my theories?
  3. Everybody's favorite nutjob from the Reckoners series, Obliteration, drawn by me in good old-fashioned colored pencil. Original size: 9x12 inches.
  4. In Firefight there was something cut from Obliteration to make the bomb that almost destroyed Babylar. I was wondering if all Epics had this thing that could be used to manipulate their powers. If so, we could have made a teleportation device from Sourcefield, or a shield generator from Prof. Or a reality generator from Megan. Since Megan's powers show different realities and can bring objects from other realities into ours (her clothes when she is reborn at the end of the book), I wonder if her powers can be taken to create a device that can manipulate reality. This could basically give you the ability to know what will happen. Maybe in another reality a heist by the good guys goes off ten minutes sooner and looking into that reality the bad guys get wind of the plan with the reality machine and are able to foil it. I am not sure if this is at all feasible, but I think it could potentially be a plot point. Since Megan's powers are more than the standard illusions created by other Epics, I am inclined to think that Brandon has more in store than her resurrections. Her reality will have some part to play in the next book, I think. Any thoughts from the masses on this?