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Found 32 results

  1. So the Listener songs say thay Spren betrayed them for humans. But why ? I mean I see why emotion Spren which are basically analogues to the animal kingdom would like humans better. But why would higher sapiant civilizated Spren do that ? They are attracted to concepts like honor , lies/truth , love of novelty , justice , etc. The Parshendi are just as good as humans there. From the povs we have seen that Eshonsi was as honorable as kal and that Venli is a Willshaper at the first ideal . We have met other parshendi who were just as complex as humans. So what does that listener song mean ?
  2. In one of Dalinar's early flashbacks (the one when he recruits Taleb), Sadeas says they need to get him some shardplate, not to protect Dalinar since he's "not sure a rock slide could kill [Dalinar]" but because it's embarrassing the others how much havoc he can cause without shards. Years later, Dalinar and Sadeas are sent to subdue Rathelas after Gavilar has failed to do so politically. Evie prevails upon Dalinar to try negotiating one last time so he can avoid slaughtering all those "innocents." During the talks, Tanelon reveals that a high prince supposedly loyal to Gavilar has been helping him but won't name him because he won't be believed without Dalinar discovering it for himself...and shortly afterward evidence is presented that Sadeas is the culprit. Dalinar goes off to meet that threat, Tanelon betrays him, Sadeas arrives at the Rift, and the situation with Evie is set in motion. Dalinar comes to the conclusion that Tanelon was framing Sadeas to sow discord in the king's supporters...but what if it wasn't a frame job? It's fairly obvious that Sadeas has been crafty for years and he's married to Ialai, another crafty, tricky, sneaky person. They are ambitious and power hungry. Sadeas may have been happy to have Gavilar as king and be the power behind the throne, but as long as Dalinar was around he wasn't the only power behind the throne. He was the political power, but Dalinar was the brute, military power, and Gavilar would turn to Dalinar instead of Sadeas at least part of the time. Dalinar on the other hand is very straight-forward and not likely to see through a convoluted plot. Sadeas could very well have been encouraging revolt at the rift, essentially playing both sides. He didn't want Tanelon to actually succeed, but he did want him to eliminate Dalinar. It would be far easier for Sadeas to make it look like he was supporting Tanelon (if this thought process is true), than for Tanelon to set up the framing himself. The appearance of evidence at just the right time would lure Dalinar away from the rift and there could only be two outcomes. Dalinar survives and returns to find Sadeas ready to attack Rathelas, confirming for Dalinar that Sadeas had been framed (even though he wasn't), or Dalinar dies, eliminating a threat to Sadeas, and Sadeas uses that as an excuse to destroy Rathelas anyway (double-crossing Tanelon who he never actually wanted to succeed), further cementing his influence with Gavilar. Sure I've strung this together on less than a shoestring, but the trap for Dalinar used the very thing Sadeas mentioned as one of the only possibilities for killing him - a landslide. What do you think? Did Sadeas betray Dalinar MANY years before Gavilar's death, or was it their rivalry and different approaches to warfare on the Shattered Plains that finally pushed him into betrayal for the first time?
  3. I just really want to talk about Taravangian and all the awful heinous things that he has done. I see that he is not even counted as one of the big villains! Whereas I think he has done much much worse things as compared to Moash or amaram or some might even argue Sadeas. The veden war the world leader assassinations through szeth all the stuff he pulls to undermine dalinar, trying to kill dalinar secret alliance with odium now and the worst, absolute worst is his death rattle fishing. I don’t think people discuss him enough.. so please if you have any views, please share.
  4. Um, OB spoilers. So, Cultivation removed Dalinar's memories in order to cultivate him, much like a gardner would remove branches or shoots from a tree that have fouled for some reason in order for growth to happen, maybe to be grafted in at a later date when they could help the tree instead of harm it. So Cultivation starts returning Dalinar's pruned memories, and Dalinar later in the book realizes that Odium intended to return the memories all at the same time, which probably would have overwhelmed him to the point of giving up his pain. So Cultivation had a really smart plot for foiling Odium by using Dalinar. Why the mysterious tenth pancake did the Diagram order Dalinar's execution, and when that failed, removal from power and humiliation? Why did cultivation not try to stop that? If she had the Foresight to cultivate Dalinar in order to be able to resist Odium, then why were her Diagrammists actively trying to subvert what she was working on?
  5. I’ve read WoR twice and am in the process of re-reading OB and I knew that there was a crossover in OB but I didn’t know anyone else crossed over (except Nightblood) Well, I ended up to the coppermind for something entirely different and fell into the rabbit hole that led me to Azure and Zahel How the heck did anyone know/guess who they actually are and is their identity confirmed by Brandon Sanderson?
  6. What are the mist spren that work as crew on Honor's Path. People have said that they are the truthwatcher spren, but I think the difference in appearance between of refracted light and mist with doll like hands and face is too big. I think they might be another sentient spren that simple does not or cannot create a nahel bond. Based on things that have happened in previous cosmere books I think it would make more sense if there were not 10, but 16 sentient types of spren.
  7. So about two days ago, I finished my OB reread. Oh, how I love that book. But to the theory... In Part 5, one of the "viewpoints" is the Knights Radiant as a whole. In the actual chapters the perspective changes every couple paragraphs pretty much, but anytime there is a chapter with a picture of the KR symbol at the beginning, it includes all of our known Knights, as well as... Navani and Yanagawn of Azir. My theory is that these two people will be become Knight Radiants, possibly in the near future. (I'm a little iffy on Yanagawn, because the passage was kinda showcasing Lift, but anyways...). In the other chapters, if there are any other viewpoints besides the KRs and these two, there is a different symbol in the beginning of the chapter. Maybe I missed one that would ruin the pattern, but I feel pretty confident. So, do you think Brandon was trying to hint that these two, especially Navani would become Radiant? Corrections welcome.
  8. More doodles from during math~
  9. In Oathbringer, we are given this sort of complicated reasoning behind the Recreance. I'm going to list out all the points that we have solidly been told: -> Honor was dying, and he raved at the latest generation of Knights Radiant that they would destroy Roshar, like they destroyed their previous world - Ashyn, or the Tranquiline Halls. -> Before his death, Honor was there to moderate the power of the Knights Radiant. -> The Stormfather is currently connected to the vast majority of Honor's power. -> Everytime a Knight Radiant in the current timeline speaks an Oath, the Stormfather judges if the oath will be binding. This, I think, is the biggest hint we have. Knight Radiant Oaths aren't some password combination you can just brute force. It is not just about having the Nahel Bond and speaking some words in the right order. Not only are the oaths relatively personalised, but the person speaking them has to truly mean what they are saying. The idea I'm trying to put forward is this - the Knight Radiant Oaths may not be as concrete as we think they are. And, most importantly, it is not just about the Radiant in question saying an oath that they believe in. It is about whether the Stormfather accepts those words. We know surgebinding is powerful - so powerful the it can destroy worlds. This is my speculation on what happened. When the Humans were on Ashyn, instead of bonding with a spren and letting their investiture "initiate" you, access to surgebinding came through diseases caused by invested bacterium/viruses. This process would not be unlike bonding a spren, the end result is still your spiritweb being suffused with investiture. Except in this case, it is not about the spren's investiture, but through a spiritual and physical disease causing vector suffusing you with investiture. What's the importance of this? There is no check on who gets to use surgebinding. Anyone who can get "infected" gains access to it. I do not know what powered it on Ashyn, I have not had the chance to read any excerpt from the Silence Divine. Then, the humans come to Roshar. After some sequence of events, the status quo is this: There is something called an Oathpact that keeps Odium in check, practically trapping him on Braize. This Oathpact is somehow enforced by 10 humans, who have a direct connection with Honor via the Honorblades (Honor is their spren). These humans have to stay with Odium on Braize, and Odium tortures them there. When one of them gives up, and Odium gets a chance to fight free of his bonds. If he fails, the Oathpact is reinfirced, and he and the heralds go back to Braize. On Roshar however, the disease angle is not present. So access to surgebinding is granted through Nahel Bonds. The way Honor would then moderate surgebinding is by "judging" each surgebinder. More "honorable" surgebinders get access to more powerful and efficient surgebinding. This where the oaths fit in. The Oaths are the check - with Honor deciding if a spoken Oath is valid or not. While each spren order gets to decide what kind of person they will grant their particular brand of surgebinding to, it is Honor that decides if the person in question actually lives up to those ideals or not. This would be a sort of contract between the spren and their "father". This would then be how Honor guided the ancient generations of Knight Radiant to use surgebinding righteously. In this theory, the Recreance would then be a response to Honor dying. With a raving Honor's judgement compromised, the Knights Radiant would no longer feel confident in their capability to use the surges safely, without destroying the world. There would be an older generation that was Honor moderated, and a newer generation that wasn't. This would cause the Knight Radiants to unilaterally decide that surgebinding is no longer a trustworthy tool. But how do you disincentivise the spren from seeking out more candidates? How do you force the people to just stop using magic? You have to take a sufficiently strong step. In this case, to make the people hate the lost radiants would also be a deliberate decision taken by the orders themselves. This reason seems strong enough to the cause the almost genocidal Recreance - The KR dropped surgebinding in such a way so as to stop a. The spren seeking new candidates. b. the humans to start considering surgebinding taboo. This also explain why the skybreakers stayed behind. It was their job to ensure that this "law" would then be enforced. This is why Ishar would make Nale hunt down surgebinders through the ages. They would know that despite such drastic measures, there would still be edge cases where a successful Nahel Bond is formed and the person accepts surgebinding. In Edgedancer, Lift convinces Nale surgebinding can still be used safely - that the Stormfather has taken up Honor's mantle. If that scene is taken in this context, it makes a lot more sense imo. Tell me what you guys think about this.
  10. Okay so let me explain... I was super bored yesterday, so I ended up doing this... You know how Brandon puts up those little percent bars on his website? I'm keeping track of those with the graph paper, and the spots around it will fill with stuff~ the title, cover, the pdf Brandon gives out with viewpoint and interlude characters laid out, etc.~ I might post again, in a few months, as it will inevitably fill slowly, but surely. (Also, I realized that the word Stormlight has 10 letters, so I colored the first 3 letter the color of the first three books, and will fill in number 4 once it's out. )
  11. K so hopefully nobody else has talked about this, (I'm not about to go looking through all of the posts about Elhokar in OB), because I don't want to look stupid. Anyways, I read the Stormlight Archive for the first time this last summer, and after reading all of Brandon's cosmere works, (+Skyward, Rithmatist, etc.), I decided to re-read Stormlight to better participate on here. While reading today, I found this, said by Elhokar... That description sounds an awful lot like pattern when Shallan first sees him in her drawings...If I'm right it means even before Elhokar starting to speak the oaths in OB, (even before any stuff with Wit or whatever that was I don't remember), we had foreshadowing/evidence in PART 4 of WoK, that Elhokar could become a Lightweaver. I really hope no one else has found this and I'm not waaaaaaaay late.
  12. Okay so this is pretty open ended, but while on the Who Do You Want Most Dead thread and the Am I The Only One That... I noticed that... People, including myself really hate Moash, and I think y'all need to vent because I'm seeing it every where. (Myself included...) So go, my friends, RANT.
  13. I was actually in math class, and I usually doodle stuff like this, but I liked this one, so here it is.
  14. From the album Syl Doodles

    Little doodles from Bio
  15. From the album Syl Doodles

    Not anything special, but fun to make. I was just testing out some of my friend's markers she got for Christmas, and made some little doodles
  16. Can I just say how much I love that I have the same name as Adolin's sword? (Well I mean my name's Maia, (pronounced Maya), but it's close) I can officially say that my name is unique enough to make it into a Cosmere book. Not many people can!
  17. So, what are your predictions for Voidbinding, if any? Powers, spren involved, anything? Do we even have any leads?
  18. So the chef on the boat to Akina and the sage in Tashiik are very obviously sleepless, and I am pretty sure there is/was one in the storm shelter in Kholinar spying on/observing Kaladin, Shallan, and Adolin...have there been other sightings that I’ve missed?
  19. So, reading Oathbringer, I was thinking about Odium. I know he wants to kill everyone and leave Braize, but I feel like he is searching for something. Something that will help him win. The places it won't be, if it exists at all: 1. Kharbranth, otherwise Odium wouldn't have let Taravangian keep it. 2. Iri/Rira, he has already won these folks over. 3. Alethkar, he has won here already. Places it might be: 1. Azir 2. Jah Keved 3. Thaylenah 4. Aimiah 5. Natanatan 6. Shinovar Neutrals: 1. Marabethia, Tashikk, Reshi, Herdaz, Unkalaki Peaks, anywhere else not yet specified. What it might be: 1. Honorblades 2. Heralds 3. Spheres like the one Gavilar gave Szeth at the end of WoK Prologue 4. Shardplate and Blade 5. Radiants 6. Cultivation and Nightwatcher 7. Pieces of Honor and maybe Stormfather I'm almost certain Odium is looking for something, something that will let him escape Braize. Speculation: Perhaps there was an Oathpact made by Honor himself that would contain Odium on Braize. Perhaps a piece of Honor needs to "break" as the Heralds did to free Odium. That, or he needs to kill all the Heralds, obtain all the Honorblades.
  20. I just thought of something. What if Odium is grooming Moash/Vyre to become his champion?
  21. The Aon Kii means justice. The skybreaker who trains Szeth in OB is called Ki. Do we have a worldhopping Selish surgebinder or is it just Brandon being a troll again.
  22. Alright, I'm usually not a fan of romance in books. But Sanderson does it so well. If Shallan got Adolin, who will Kaladin get? I had this thought in school a few weeks ago, and wanted to see if anyone agrees with me. Kaladin and Lyn. It's far from a perfect match, but I can see it happening. Anyone else?
  23. We know that to become a Knight Radiant, you have to be broken. But Adolin is such a happy, cheerful person. What if his 'breaking' happens when he finds out the truth about how Evi really died? The omission of Adolin's feelings on his mother's death was glaringly obvious....
  24. Hail, fellow 17th shardians! So, I'm not sure if someone has posted this yet, but I realized something as I was skimming through the end of Oathbringer. I looked upon page 1136 and found a quote when Dalinar smashes all of everything together. After he did that a parshwoman asks who he is. He responds with "I am Unity". An important thing to note for this theory is that every shard has its name capitalized. Preservation, Ruin, Harmony, Odium, Honor, Cultivation, etc. Noting this, and seeing how Unity is also capitalized, and how Odium has begun to fear Dalinar, I think that Dalinar will take up the shard, should it exist, of Unity. I dont really know how it would work very well, but maybe Dalinar would take up Honor first, which is more obvious with the fact that he summoned that perpendicularity. I'm not entirely sure, though, if it will be a combination of Honor and something else, or if it is an entirely different shard. That is about as much as i could find regarding this theory. Please leave criticisms or other supporting facts, if you could. That would be nice.
  25. Is Eshonai still alive? She was killed in a non-soul destroying way, and Parsh souls go to Damnation after they die. Given the one year in world gap between SA3 and 4, her flashbacks could then be about Braise.