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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, This is an update on a theory I built in a previous post. The goal of this theory is to analyze the Shin society, based on their relation to Stone or their inherent pacifism. For those not willing to click the link I posted, I will just quote the theory into spoilers. The first part of the update is the most obvious, as we get new shiny text evidence that establishes a link between the Heralds and the Shin, which is a pretty nice confirmation that there was at least relation of worship between the Honorblades as a symbol and the Shin. Note that the Shin walking up to the Honorblades and kneeling happens after Jezrien announces that the Desolation is over. The second part is more tenuous. With Oathbringuer, we didn't get many insights into the Shin society. There was a post postuling that Stone was holy for the Shin, because it was a reliquat of the era when Parshendi forbid the Shin to walk out of the mountains. I like this a lot, as it is a phenomen that exist in our world. For exemple, the prohibition to eat pork stemed from the fact that pork spoils very fast when you can not refrigerate it. Other reasons may include the fact that unlike many other forms of livestok, pigs are omnivorous scavengers, eating virtually anything they come across, including carrion and trash. This restriction on pork carries still into our modern day, when most Muslim and Jews don't eat pork. Even in countries where the sanitory reasons are moot, the religious tabou is still strong, and the rule is still obeyed as an absolute unbreakable rule. What is the link with the Shin ? Well it is simple. Being prohibited to walk out of the mountain, they decided that the most effective and simple way to respect the agreement with the Parshendi was to create a religious interdiction to walk out of the mountains. With time, this degraded to an interdiction to walk into the mountains, and as the mountains are pretty much the only thing made of stone in Shinovar, it soon began to be seen as forbidden to walk on stone. Now, the initial reason of the prohibition has disapeared, as humanity is all over Roshar, but the tabou and religious beliefs are still present in the Shin society. As an aside, I wonder if the propention of the Shin to keep to their agreement flawlessly is what drove Honor to the humans.
  2. Hello, This is a theory on Dalinar's lapses of memory concerning Evi, and the implications that it might have in the future. My theory bases itself on the premise that Dalinar's visit to the Nightwatcher made him lose all memories concerning his wife, Evi, and made him unable to hear her name again. I would suppose (and this is a supposition, in no way based on facts) that the Nightwatcher operated by severing his connexion to his wife, separating all memory, feelings and stimulus about Evi, and placed it in a Box inside Dalinar's mind that he is unable to access. Now, Dalinar has married Navani, his oaths of marriage witnessed and approved by the Stormfather. Navani has replaced Evi as his wife, and I think that what is happening is that the Box in Dalinar's mind is being filled by Navani, while Evi leaks out of the Box. I think that slowly, Dalinar will mix feelings and memory between Navani and Evi, slowly confounding the two, and Navani will bleed away into the Box until Dalinar forgets everything about her, and is unable to have any stimulus of Navani. In the end, he will remain married to someone he cannot remember and has trouble to have even basic interactions with. I think it would be truly tragic for both characters, as as the Stormfather noted, his Oaths are binding forever, and breaking them has huge consequences. When he stated that, some sharders theorized that Navani would be the one to break them, due to maybe hidden motives or agenda. But I will find it more fitting story wise if Dalinar ends up being the one screwing up his marriage performed by the Stormfather just because of a visit to the Nightwatcher a long time ago. It is strongly implied that the switch is happening now because of the change of wives, and not because Dalinar is being healed by Stormlight. Dalinar inhaled Stormlight to heal himself before in WoR, and it didn't have this effect. Furthermore, the problem with Stormlight healing is that it is based on Perception. I doubt Dalinar could have restored his memories via Stormlight healing precisely because the Cognitive image he has of himself (on which Stormlight bases itself to heal) does not include the memories of his wife. Juste like Kalladin kept his slavery brands, because he percieve himself as soemone with the brands. Dalinar percieves himself with someone with a memory lapse when it comes to his wife, which make it very hard (imposssible ?) to just regain memories with Stormlight. He wasn't in contact with the Everstorm, and therefore didn't benefit from the same effects than the Parshmen did (a healing of the soul to make it whole). Plus, it would make for an awesome, (even if it is tragic) story.