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Found 483 results

  1. From the album Aismeen’s Stormlight Art

    I just finished a reread of Oathbringer and here’s some art of the Jasnah and Renarin scene at the end!
  2. Hey everyone! I ran with brilliant ideas from @Graulas and @parchmentEngineer and had this game printed a few days ago! It's from the beginning of Oathbringer Here are some pictures of it:
  3. From the album Stormlight Art

    Don't know what it is about Shallan but I'm constantly doodling her. Ironic

    © Vian Provins

  4. First Post, if I didn't tag anything correctly, I apologize. I did try, I think. Anyway, I'm midway through relistening to Oathbringer and heard something that probably doesn't tie into The Lost Metal but figured I'd ask because I couldn't find anything about it via Google search. In Oathbringer, Chapter 107, The First Step: Dalinar is discussing battle strategies with the leaders of the other kingdoms of Roshar and this quote just caught my attention. Is it possible that there is relationship to army that Marasi sees in The Lost Metal? I realize the colors are reversed, and assume that it is intentional, but I just heard it and couldn't ignore it so I have to ask. I have a strong feeling that I know I'm probably grasping at straws, but I've kind of been doing a lot of research lately and itching to post something. Also, how much free range do I have to spit ball random theories? Should I create a new post for each one or can I just pop off in the replies section to this post? Gracias
  5. Dalinar's realizarion in chapter 59 that his feeling that everyone almost wants him to pull out the sword is partially a matter of his own perception. As he fails to quickly get people on his side in Oathbringer and the monarchs are dodging his inquiries he begins to feel like people are almost asking him to take a more violent path. In a way this comes to a head in Theylenah. He realizes that many factions in the kingdom still resist working with him because they fear him conquering them. His initial choice is to intimidate them, to show them he is so capable that if he is not coming in stabbing them that shows he intends to be peaceful. It is a ploy which he is familiar with, one that relies on fear. He has begun to feel uncomfortable with this, but cannot think of any other way. He then thinks of another direction and also realizes he needs advice from many types of people with different perspectives as his limited perspective has so failed him. He is what his life and choices have made him. He grew up in a military culture and had incredible skill as a soldier and a general that he kept working on throughout his life. He made a reputation for violence and war within an already warlike people. That he has the reputation he does and also fails initially to find paths to convince people without violence is a product of his origin and his actions throughout his life. I'll let some quotes from the chapter say the rest.
  6. In my most recent reread of Oathbringer I have reached the part where Moash speaks to Leshwi and then chooses to train the singers who were punished for being with Kaladin. There is a lot of Moash hate, I don't particularly hate him. I do just a little though, and for a reason that I have not found discussed, though I have searched for it (perhaps I just haven't found it). Moash chose to train those singers used and abused unfairly rather than simply leaving and also letting them die. What did he do with that? Clearly some of their number survived as Kaladin saw them. Where did they end up, probably because of Moash? They ended up in the palace. Why? Probably because of Moash's thirst for vengeance. Then more of them died fighting those palace guards. They did not need to die there. From my perspective Moash learned from what Kaladin did with Bridge Four and twisted it from something beautiful to something ugly. I personally don't much mind vengeance or Moash's attempts to kill Elhokar. I would advocate him handling and thinking about things in a subtly different manner, at least, but I do not mind it even if I also respect Kaladin's decision to protect Elhokar. His actions after killing Elhokar are extremely toxic and targeted, but I cannot bring myself to hate him for it. It became expected and there was plently else to feel. It is what he did with Sah and the rest that bothers me most, that, in my eyes, shows me what type of person he is, importantly before he went full voidbringer. Moash cared about the terrible treatment, but not because terrible treatment disturbs him in general, but because it disturbed his ability to view the singers as a force more righteous than they are, a view that was somehow helping him hold himself together. When he did help them it was seemingly with the end goal of proving himself and achieving his vengeance rather than because these people deserve better and he just so happened to be someone who could help them. To me it shows a difference between Moash and Kaladin that is at the source of their diverging paths. They are foils of each other. Moash represents something Kaladin could have become. They are very similar in many ways, for example, importantly, the way they view lighteyes. The differences within the similarities often teach the most. I consider Moash's actions, especially the implied "offscreen" ones, with that small group of singers to be a moment providing that type of subtle contrast.
  7. At the end of Words of Radiance the following interaction occurs: In the following books it is shown that spren did deal with living people, if not in their own major cities. These people are almost all various worldhoppers and they are not all that numerous, but they are not non-existent. I'd imagine that Jasnah would make a disturbance regardless. There are not that many people and Jasnah is specifically a radiant. It just seems there is a contradiction, perhaps a subtle retcon. Perhaps I am misremembering and there were absolutely no interactions between worldhoppers and spren, but I recall otherwise and I have been rereading the stormlight archives over and over again recently. Still doesn't mean I cannot be wrong of course.
  8. So I'm doing a re-read right now, and just finished OB, I just realised that the knowledge of Gavilar's vision is already commonly known, but I forgot and missed in what book or chapter that knowledge is shown to the reader or to other character (especially Dalinar) I tried to find it but the only mention I found is in WoR when Graves mention Gavilar's vision, can you guys help me point out what chapter when Gavilar's vision first mentioned to the reader and the first time it's known to other character as well.
  9. I put this in the Stormlight Archive Forum because most of where we see Nightblood, is on Roshar? So, I'm going back through Warbreaker, and Nightblood sounds (at least to me) to be far more astute than they are in OB or RoW. Granted, Nightblood seems pretty interested in/distracted by Szeth (and Lift) so it could be that, but there are a *lot* more comments about Vasher from Nightblood in Warbreaker then there are about/to Szeth? They sort of, poke fun at him (Vasher)..or comment on hypocrisy and other complex thoughts, that I don't feel are represented in their dialogue in SA? Am I missing something about this? I know from some WoB, that Nightblood is/has been maturing over the centuries that they've been alive as they absorb investiture, but their dialogue seems even more self-centered in SA then it is in SA, more juvenile maybe? At least to me. Thoughts? Illuminations? Reasons for this that I'm missing something obvious?
  10. The Oatbringer, sword of the feared warlord Dalinar Kholin, Bringer of Oats, Ender of Hunger.
  11. In chapter 122 of Oathbringer, Taravangian is sitting in his rooms in Urithiru, and hears Odium's voice say, "The window. Open the window. Open it" It's only after he opens it that Odium enters. Now, this could be something to do with a weakened Urithiru itself? But why does he need the window open? Is he like Dracula and needs to be invited in, even into a residence? Earlier in the book, Venli says that she was instructed to leave her window open for the Everstorm. Intent is critical for Fused to enter into Singers and take their bodies. The same with void spren, one must willingly accept them. But why something so simple as entering a house?
  12. “Now, now,” he said. “I’m going to help you, Eshonai. Did you know, I’ve discovered how to bring your gods back?” No. She hummed to the Rhythm of the Terrors. No . . . “My ancestors,” he said, holding up the fabrial, “first learned how to hold a spren inside a gemstone. And with a very special gemstone, you can hold even a god.” “Your Majesty,” she said, daring to take his hand in hers. He couldn’t feel the rhythms. He didn’t know. “Please. We no longer worship those gods. We left them, abandoned them.” “Ah, but this is for your good, and for ours.” He stood up. “We live without honor, for your gods once brought ours. Without them, we have no power. This world is trapped, Eshonai! Stuck in a dull, lifeless state of transition.” He looked toward the ceiling. “Unite them. I need a threat. Only danger will unite them.” -From Oathbringer Prologue I am still pretty new here, but I have to start somewhere. I'm going back through the SA and came across this line of Gavilar's about trapping a god. He could simply referring to the unmade, but they've already been trapped before, and Gavilar isn't alone in his knowledge of this. But, Odium put out a hit on Gavilar. So, was he trying to trap Odium in a perfect gemstone? That would physically trap Odium and remove him from the board of the Cosmere. That to me, seems like a big enough threat to have a god want to have you killed Immediately. Thoughts?
  13. Kaladin falling into his depression, the darkness, while reaching out to Syl in a panic :)
  14. I just wrapped up my first shardblade build: Oathbringer Made from HD EVA Foam and a lot of contact cement, paint, and sticky, messy fingers. Support structure is fiberglass, aluminum, and PVC pipe. 66" long “What is a man’s life worth?” Dalinar asked softly. “The slavemasters say one is worth about two emerald broams,” Kaladin said, frowning. “And what do you say?” “A life is priceless,” he said immediately, quoting his father. Dalinar smiled, wrinkle lines extending from the corners of his eyes. “Coincidentally, that is the exact value of a Shardblade. So today, you and your men sacrificed to buy me twenty-six hundred priceless lives. And all I had to repay you with was a single priceless sword.” ― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings
  15. I'm currently in the process of building an EVA Foam Oathbringer Shardblade, and notice that there are a lot of depictions online that show text on the blade. Is there a description of this anywhere in the books, or is this just some artist's idea that has grabbed hold and stuck with others? Here is a post with an example of an image showing the text...
  16. From the album General SA Art

    This has been delayed for five years but I really wanted to draw Dalinar’s family in an alternative happy ending QAQ
  17. Whilst I was rereading oathbringer I got up to the scene where shallan reenacts the story of the child and the wall and I couldn't help but think it sounded like foreshadowing for when we find out the humans were only given Shinovar but became greedy and tried to invade and became the void bringers. Just a theory but I think it has a good chance of being true
  18. Pen Pals (link to ao3) Rated Teen, 700 words. Created for Cosmere Bingo for the prompt pen pals. Summary: Jasnah reconnects by spanreed with her good friend and fellow Veristitalian, Ethid. Jasnah discovers a little truth about herself, and why she has been reluctant to graduate her ward. In the fic, this is a portrait of Shallan by Jasnah:
  19. After Amaram’s bonds a unmade amethysts starts growing out of is body covering him and acting like some form of protection. Could this be the void equivalent to shared plate? In rhythm of war it's mentioned That void Spren Do not become fabrils, It's highly likely then that they don't become plate or blades either as this seems to be a similar mechanic. If there will be or has been at some time 10 orders of void binding, as The void binding chart implies, Could this be what they substitute for plate and maybe blade as well?
  20. When burning atium or electrum, you only see one branch of the future unless your opponent is also burning atium or electrum, because since you're both operating on future knowledge, that makes the future unclear. Anything could happen. The same is true for Renarin's future sight. It's why he's a dark spot to odium (and even taravangian if i remember correctly?). This seems to be a pretty consistent mechanism across the cosmere. Even when Vin defeated zane without using atium, she did so operating off future knowledge that he (involuntarily) gave her, similar to how not only is Renarin himself a dark spot but so is everyone around him, since he can influence their decisions. So why, then, were some of Renarin's visions wrong in oathbringer? Was there someone operating off or influenced by future knowledge? The two specifically I'm thinking of are his vision that Jasnah would kill him and that Dalinar would succumb to odium. The Dalinar one is simple enough- he was influenced by Cultivation. I'm a bit surprised that Renarin's vision didn't take this into account but, especially if he had the vision of Dalinar falling before Dalinar's memories returned to him, it's not a ridiculous assumption. But why did Jasnah not kill him? Where's the futuresight influence here? Is it from Renarin himself? Was her mind changed by the fact that Renarin was expecting this to happen?
  21. I'm making my way through my first read-through of stormlight and I am currently about halfway through Oathbringer. I've made an observation that I think is meant to be there. It seems like in most fantasy series it is easy to hate the evil enemy (WoT for example: You despise the forsaken and the Shadowspawn forces because they are ruining the Main characters' lives) but in Stormlight I find myself loathing the Alethi and kind of rooting for the Parshendi. Obviously, the Alethi Culture is messed up and totally inefficient, but after reading a Moash point of View chapter with the normal Parshendi, I feel that they could run a better civilization than the Alethi ever could. Now I know this probably won't work out due to the control of the Fused, but I still like the Parshendi better than the Alethi. It is made clear that the Alethi suck, but I haven't really gotten a sense of hatred for the Parshendi. The only thing they have done is try to prevent desolations, which kinda makes them the protagonist right? So I just wanted to make this post to get input about this and see how others feel.
  22. This entire topic is kind of a spoiler so be warned all who have not read Oathbringer and Dawnshard! Oh and by the way their both really good so read them :). Chunky explanation time: Oathbringer Spoilers: Dawnshard Spoilers: SOOO... this weird theory has been kicking about in my head for about a year. Can't remember where I got it from. Theory question: Were the Dawnshards used to shatter Adonalsium by removing/destroying the god-being's 'unity'? What do you wise peoples of the forums say? This is my first actual post so if I've done anything wrong please educate this new user!
  23. From the album Roshar Relief Map

    3D relief map of Roshar, created by blending real satellite data from US space shuttle missions, rendering them in a 3D engine, then painting till the creation spren came out to play. More details and prints available at

    © Grant Hansen 2021

  24. My dear German-speaking Stormlight fans! Gibt's hier ein paar deutschsprachige LeserInnen? Ich habe die Bücher (leider?) in der englischen Originalversion gelesen und mich würde es interessieren, wie ein paar Begriffe übersetzt werden. z.B. Namen (ich nehme aber an hier wurde nichts verändert), die ganzen magischen Begriffe usw. Falls jemand hier was beitragen kann, würde ich mich freuen.
  25. This entire topic is kind of a spoiler so be warned all who have not read Oathbringer and Dawnshard! Oh and by the way their both really good so read them :). Chunky explanation time: Oathbringer Spoilers: Dawnshard Spoilers: SOOO... this weird theory has been kicking about in my head for about a year. Can't remember where I got it from. Theory question: Were the Dawnshards used to shatter Adonalsium by removing/destroying the god-being's 'unity'? What do you wise peoples of the forums say? This is my first actual post so if I've done anything wrong please educate this new user!