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Found 467 results

  1. This entire topic is kind of a spoiler so be warned all who have not read Oathbringer and Dawnshard! Oh and by the way their both really good so read them :). Chunky explanation time: Oathbringer Spoilers: Dawnshard Spoilers: SOOO... this weird theory has been kicking about in my head for about a year. Can't remember where I got it from. Theory question: Were the Dawnshards used to shatter Adonalsium by removing/destroying the god-being's 'unity'? What do you wise peoples of the forums say? This is my first actual post so if I've done anything wrong please educate this new user!
  2. The Oatbringer, sword of the feared warlord Dalinar Kholin, Bringer of Oats, Ender of Hunger.
  3. My dear German-speaking Stormlight fans! Gibt's hier ein paar deutschsprachige LeserInnen? Ich habe die Bücher (leider?) in der englischen Originalversion gelesen und mich würde es interessieren, wie ein paar Begriffe übersetzt werden. z.B. Namen (ich nehme aber an hier wurde nichts verändert), die ganzen magischen Begriffe usw. Falls jemand hier was beitragen kann, würde ich mich freuen.
  4. This entire topic is kind of a spoiler so be warned all who have not read Oathbringer and Dawnshard! Oh and by the way their both really good so read them :). Chunky explanation time: Oathbringer Spoilers: Dawnshard Spoilers: SOOO... this weird theory has been kicking about in my head for about a year. Can't remember where I got it from. Theory question: Were the Dawnshards used to shatter Adonalsium by removing/destroying the god-being's 'unity'? What do you wise peoples of the forums say? This is my first actual post so if I've done anything wrong please educate this new user!
  5. So as I understand it, the way awakening works is that you use breath to fill an object with investiture and give it extremely limited sentience (as investiture does), and then that object will act out whatever command you made it to do. But the investiture is the key here of course. The object is just the physical medium that gives Breath the ability to act on the world. So is that medium actually necessary? I don't think it is. We've seen that investiture can manifest in the physical realm as metals- shardblades and shardplates and ancient fabrials, atium, lerasium. So why not breath as well? I propose that you can command the breath directly to "manifest as metal", and it would do so in the form of Edglium, endowment's godmetal. Furthermore, I propose that this is how Azure's sword was made. "Manifest as metal and be as my blade". We know that originally, nightblood was an attempt to recreate a rosharan shardblade using Breath. This was done by taking a normal steel sword and loading it chock full of breath, and giving it a command. "Destroy Evil". But this isn't how shardblades are made. They're made by getting a spren to manifest in the physical realm as metal. And so, if you're trying to recreate one using Breath, then I would probably try getting breath to manifest as metal. If Azure's sword is a second attempt at this same experiment (which certainly isn't confirmed, but we at least know that the sword is "somewhat related" to nightblood). So what do you all think? Can you command breath directly, and manifest it as metal? What else interesting could you do with that? And what do you think of my theory on Azure's sword
  6. One issue I have noticed when people talk about Roshar going off world, rather it be radiants, stormlight or anything else highly invested, people tend to forget the gravity-like pull that the investiture feels to the planet (or system) of origin. As mentioned by Mraize in RoW when he was telling Shallan the ghostbloods purpose. So I wanted to use this to brainstorm ideas on how to possibly make this work. we know first off that we’ll need perfect gemstones to hold the stormlight. second a way to cut off the connection to roshar, to lower/negate the pull. we have two possible options. 1) as shown in oathbringer, stormlight used inside an aluminum casing is not detected so the most likely is a chest made of aluminum to resist “the pull” 2) we have seen how anti-stormlight/voidlight was made using a vacuum. could a vacuumed container also be used to possibly resist or severe the pull to roshar? maybe a combination of the two? What are your thoughts, also my first post so I’ll love to start meeting y’all.
  7. From the album General SA Art

    This is one scene I really wanted to depict! Perhaps I’ve never said before, but Szeth is my fav other than Dalinar in OB =)
  8. From the album Roshar Relief Map

    3D relief map of Roshar, created by blending real satellite data from US space shuttle missions, rendering them in a 3D engine, then painting till the creation spren came out to play. More details and prints available at

    © Grant Hansen 2021

  9. I've noticed in the last 2 stormlight books, we've had 2 very similar conversations at the end of each book. In which 2 characters talk, and me personally reading, was ABSOLUTELY sure it was going to go a certain way, only for the conversation to do a full 180 and leave me emotionally devastated. I of course mean the Ashe-Taln conversation in OB and the Venli-Leshwi conversation in RoW. Between Ashe and Taln, both Ashe and Myself are sure that Taln will be angry, or at least upset with her, instead he tells her what a wonderful gift she's given humanity. And Venli and I were sure that Leshwi would be angry that Venli bonded a spren, instead she breaks down in joy and says they have forgiven us. Two stellar moments that totally shocked me emotionally when I was already losing it with everything else that went on at the end of those awesome books. Anyway I wracked my brains if any of the other books had similar moments but couldn't think of any. Pretty cool we got it twice, here's hoping for a hat trick with SA5
  10. In oathbringer, odium said that I would have to destroy honor's remains as he can already see this going wrong. I am paraphrasing here. What does that mean?
  11. Just finished Oathbringer yesterday!!!!

    © Ariel Edwards

  12. There's a voice In oathbringer that claims venli and saves her from becoming a fused. At first I thought this voice was odium. But after reading Row I'm not so sure. Could it be a void Spren? If so dose that mean tha Venli was a great void Spren in her jem heart? Any thoughts on the voice? Is it odium or spen or something else?
  13. From the album Stormlight Art

    Don't know what it is about Shallan but I'm constantly doodling her. Ironic

    © Vian Provins

  14. I was deeply moved by Dalinar's pivotal moment in Oathbringer; this song is the result. Enjoy!
  15. I posted this over a year ago—2 maybe?—and have edited and added a chapter at the end. It is a romantic fanfic for Kaladin, set immediately after Oathbringer, and has no spoilers for RoW. About 39,000 words, just so you are warned.
  16. I'm re-reading the Stormlight Archive and I wanted to do something :o
  17. so we know Moash killed El in the middle of saying the first oath, but what about his order? any theories?
  18. Hey everyone! I ran with brilliant ideas from @Graulas and @parchmentEngineer and had this game printed a few days ago! It's from the beginning of Oathbringer Here are some pictures of it:
  19. Kaladin falling into his depression, the darkness, while reaching out to Syl in a panic :)
  20. Is anyone else a little disappointed that the core part of the Third Ideal of the Bondsmiths is 'if I must fall, I will rise again a better man' and not 'I will take responsibility for what I have done'? I totally agree that being better than who you were before is an important way to live. Having trained in karate for years, 'fall down seven times, stand up eight' is ingrained into me (and I can pretty much guarantee that everyone in the world can improve on who they are). But at the same time, it is entirely possible to strive for self improvement without acknowledging publicly what you are trying to be better than. I feel like it can be much harder to admit that you have done wrong than to swear not to do it again. Dalinar could have regained his memories and worked to be a better man than the Blackthorn, but that isn't all he did. He wrote a book detailing everything he had done, for everyone to read and judge. For a real world example, say you make a mistake at work. Management put out a memo saying that this happened and why it was not the correct way to do things, but they are not sure who it is. You could easily say to yourself 'well I dodged a bullet there, I'll make sure not to do that again'. But you can (and arguably should) own up to the fact that you were the one to make the mistake and offer your services to fix it. Ideally, the entirety of Dalinar's Third Ideal would be the baseline, but I was just a little disappointed that it went with the option that is potentially easier. When I think of emulating a Bondsmith, I think of both parts, but my thoughts go first to taking responsibility for my actions.
  21. This theory is more like two theories that are loosely connected. My first theory is born from the ravings of Jezrien, when he is in the form of the Ahu on the beggar's porch in Kholinar: These three quotes from Jezrien seemingly establish several things: Jeizren hears voices in his head, much like Dalinar's and Szeth's. These voices have been confirmed by WoB to be tied somehow to the realmatics of the Cosmere, and I don't think it would be terribly contentious to say that they're specifically tied to the regional conditions found on Roshar. Seeing Dalinar's suffering, Jezrien leaps to the assumption that it is the consequence of one of the Unmade. He is correct on this, as Dalinar's actions at the Rift were being influenced by Nergaoul. In his third quote, Jezrien shows surprising wisdom given his current state. He is acknowledging responsibility for his actions, in a way which parallels Dalinar's moment of triumph at the battle of Thaylen Field, where Dalinar rejects Odium and accepts responsibility for being driven to kill by Nergaoul. In addition, Jezrien disturbingly seems to describe being tortured by the Unmade. Looking at theses statements, it becomes easy to wonder whether the Unmade have had a hand in Jezrien's current condition. After all, he seems to be correctly conflating Dalinar's experiences with his own. Additionally, Jezrien's emphasized use of "we" in the third quote can be interpreted to refer to himself and Dalinar, but perhaps it could refer to all of the Heralds. However, something's definitely not fitting the picture here. Although Dalinar was under Nergaoul's influence during the actions which led him to hear these voices, Szeth wasn't. The commonality between Dalinar's and Szeth's conditions doesn't seem to be the Unmade, but rather the regret they hold over the slaughter they have committed. To explain this, I bring you this quote from Chapter 90 of Oathbringer: Notice, first of all, that Szeth's case is actually weaker than Dalinar's. Szeth doesn't hear his voices as constantly as Dalinar does, but rather when he closes his eyes or when he thinks about them—they're in the back of his mind, and they don't dominate his thoughts unless he clears his other senses. Secondly, notice that Nale claims Szeth's condition is related to the powers he held. The powers of a Herald. My conclusion may be controversial, and I see room for doubt despite with the evidence I have presented above, but I believe that part of the Herald's madness comes from torture by the Unmade. I still believe that regret plays a large role in the madness experienced by Dalinar, Jezrien, and Szeth. After all, Odium's speech to Dalinar seems to claim that he would escape his regrets and the voices in his mind if he gave in to his control and that of Nergaoul. The Thrill seems to prevent people from feeling remorse. I believe that these voices don't come from the Unmade, but rather from the profound pain of denying their influence and recognizing the horrors they have forced you to do. It is some form of backlash after Connecting with the investure of one of the Unmade. Szeth experienced this same phenomenon because he drew upon powers tied to Jezrien. It's clear that Jezrien regrets something. His voices must represent some group of people, and he explicitly states that it was his fault that he "attracted", "befriended", and "courted" one of the Unmade. But as far as we know, Jezrien isn't some sort of mass murderer, right? At least, I doubt he regrets killing the Voidbringers who threatened humanity. Instead, I turn to Kaladin for this one. As a Windrunner, Kaladin must share some characteristics with Jezrien. The whole ideology of his order is modeled after Jezrien. Now imagine how Kaladin would feel if his "weakness" lead to the return of a Desolation and the deaths of thousands. Thus, I think Jezrien, much like Kaladin, has regrets over the people he failed to save. The screams he hears in his head are the people (perhaps both human and parsh) who died in battle because Jezrien gave in to torture. More specifically, this torture associated with one of the Unmade, who Jezrien could have blamed in the same manner that Dalinar could have blamed Nergaoul for his murders. A have a variant to this theory, which I'm not sure I fully believe, but which think deserves some thought: the Unmade were un-made from the Heralds. They are twisted, warped, and corrupted aspects of the Herald's souls that have been separated throughout their many millennia of torture. This explains why Jezrien says that they "ripped my brain out and made it dance! I watched." This might also explain why Ishar is said to be "whole": there is no Unmade created from him. (Thus 9 Unmade and 10 Heralds) Regardless of whether they were created from the Heralds, I believe that each of the Unmade were bound to a certain Herald, and that they inhabited Braize between the Desolations. This would give them the ability to be directly involved in the torture of the Heralds. I'm also not sure if it makes sense in the first place for the Unmade to have hung around between Desolations, since they would be the lone forces of Odium and would leave themselves vulnerable to the Knights Radiant. That said, there's an excellent counterpoint for this in the Midnight Essence from Dalinar's vision. One of the Knights in the vision says: Dang, now I'm dying to know what she was about to say about Harkaylain. Since that info is missing, the implications are rather ambiguous. It would be a reasonable argument to say that this implies that Re-shephir is being contained on Roshar at the time, but also that Harkaylain is taking the appearance of the Essence as a sign that one of the Heralds has broken and that the Unmade has been allowed to return. Anyway, that little debate aside, my theory is that Ishar is the Herald not associated with one of the Unmade, because of this WoB that Bondsmiths do not have a corollary among the Unmade. This means that, until Taln's breaking in Way of Kings, only eight of the Unmade were on Roshar, and leads to my second theory: that one of the Unmade, specifically Chemoarish, has been missing from Roshar. This probably seems like the wildest claim I've made yet, but it comes from analysis of Hessi's Mythica. While Hessi certainly seems to hit the nail on the head quite often, she admits that she isn't completely confident in her findings. Notably, she was only able to confidently name eight of the nine Unmade. However, she does accurately propose Dai-gonarthis as the ninth Unmade. But as a twist from Sanderson, this doesn't make very much sense. He cannot expect us to doubt that Dai-gonarthis was one of the Unmade, since he has been referenced many other times as the Black Fisher. Sanderson could, instead, be telling us that Dai-gonarthis is more sneaky and less well-known, but this is odd because Hessi was able to tie it to the scouring of Aimia. Instead, I think that this is a misdirection. Hessi worries that "There are many legends and names that I could have misinterpreted, conflating two Unmade into one." Conversely, I believe that she has made the opposite mistake in an attempt to reach the value of 9. Why? Let's take a look at all the information we have on the Unmade outside of Mythica and see how Hessi stacks up: Ashertmarn: the Heart of the Revel, whom we see in action. Hessi's ideas are supported. Ba-Ado-Mishram: mentioned in the epigraph of chapter 80 by one of the Radiants who left behind a gemstone. Supports Hessi's claim that she empowered the Parsh during the False Desolation, and implies that Melishi somehow severed this connection and captured her. Chemoarish: Nothing. This name is never mentioned by any character outside Mythica, although somebody in Bavland swears by the Dustmother (which Hessi claims is a nickname for Chemoarish). This, however, is not a concrete indication that the "Dustmother" is an Unmade. Dai-Gonarthis: mentioned a Death Rattle, which also calls it the Black Fisher. Jezrien also refers to the Black Fisher. Despite Hessi's doubts, it is unequivocally an Unmade. Moelach: first described by Taravangian as the source of the Death Rattles. Jezrien says he can feel Moelach scraping at time. Hessi was spot-on with this one. Nergaoul: also first described by Taravangian. Literally seen in the open and captured by Dalinar at the end of Oathbringer. Completely follows Hessi's description. Re-Shephir: her Midnight Essence is seen in Dalinar's vision, and then she is mentioned in a death rattle as the Midnight Mother. Shallan encounters her in Urithiru. Hessi correctly named her but didn't seem to know much about her characteristics. Sja-Anat: we see her active in Kholinar during Oathbringer, corrupting various spren. Fits Hessi's description. Yelig-nar: Nohadon describes Yelig-nar killing his servants. We see him in Oathbringer inhabiting Aesudan and then Amaram. Hessi was also pretty spot-on about him. After seeing this, doesn't Chemoarish kind of jump out at you? We have seen hard, textual evidence for all eight of the other Unmade, but Chemoarish has never even been mentioned. In addition, we have evidence of all other Unmade besides Yelig-nar being present on Roshar before the onset of the new Desolation: Ashertmarn probably was in Kholinar even before the True Desolation began, Ba-Ad-Mishram is imprisoned, Dai-Gonarthis did something to Aimia, Moelach and Nergaoul have been drifting around, Re-Shephir was in Urithiru, and Hessi seems to have documentation of Sja-Anat's influence on villages. Finally, this is what Hessi herself has to say about Chemoarish: I do not believe that this is a coincidence. Chemoarish may be the real name of one of the Unmade, but the myths ascribed to Chemoarish over the past 4500 years are actually myths about the Nightwatcher. The mish-mashing of Chemoarish lore from before Aherietiam and the lore of the Nightwatcher is what makes her so hard for Hessi to characterize. This makes sense considering the opinion that those in Vorin culture have of the Nightwatcher and the Old Magic being evil and pagan. Instead, I think that one of the Unmade, quite probably Chemoarish, has been trapped on Braize up until the moment that Taln broke under his torture. This explains their absence from the past 4500 years of mythology and lore, during which they should have been roaming free to influence the world. If this theory is true, I'm excited to see what their true nature might be. TL;DR: Jezrien's ravings seem to indicate he was tortured by one of the Unmade, so I think that the Unmade were actually trapped on Braize between desolations. Ishar doesn't have an Unmade counterpart, leading to 9 Unmade. Taln, however, does have a counterpart who has been stuck on Braize for 4500 years. This is why Hessi is only able to pin down 8 Unmade in Mythica, and why we have conspicuously little information about Chemoarish. Edit 2: It just occurred to me that Chemoarish may not have only been mixed together with the Nightwatcher, but with Chanarach, patron herald of the Dustbringers. They're names are kind of similar, and this could be why Chemoarish is called the Dustmother. If this is true, then the figure that Hessi calls Chemoarish is actually born from confusing the mythologies of the Nightwatcher, Chanarach, and the actual Unmade Chemoarish.
  22. Hey all, Shard of Theory back with another hopefully awesome theory. I was thinking about Oathbringer, young Dalinar, and the Nightwatcher's(Cultivation's) boon to him, and this theory hit me like Vin hitting Straff at the end of Well of Ascension. The Nightwatcher offered Dalinar Nightblood, which he declined. The first time we see Nightblood in Roshar is in the hands of Nale, the at least partially insane Herald and leader of the Skybreakers. Nale, however, gives Nightblood to Szeth. We've all wondered where Nale got Nightblood - and I think we've all kind of assumed he picked it off a random "criminal's" body. But what if it's actually a boon from the Nightwatcher? I can see a crazy Herald going to a piece of God and asking to be able to destroy evil - isn't that what Nale wants? To end "evil" permanently? It's possible this has already been posted, or is common knowledge to all but me, but I haven't seen it before and so I wanted to share it with y'all. What do you think about Nale getting a boon from the Nightwatcher? Would he, and if so, what would he have asked for(or rather, how would he have worded it)? What do you think his curse is?
  23. Is the girl who looked up about ash? I just thought of this possibility but it seems possible. to my understanding right the heralds except ash are all from ashyn with ash having either come over young or been born on roshar, this means that the girl who looked up only makes sense if it happens very soon after arriving on roshar which means ash is around and considering the similarities between Shallan and the girl that’s constantly implied when the story is told is it possible it’s ash? another hint to this is that while shallan is showing pattern the story the image of the girl has her hair turn white without shallan intentionally doing so. The same color as ash’s hair. so after the story and even before hoid tells kaladin of fleet people see an inhuman shape striding through the highstorms, this appears to be fleet, but what is he. Hoid claims to have never told the story of fleet before and every time someone sees it they kinda ignore it, so why has the story seemingly fallen into the obscurity or been forgotten. Then the question become what is fleet is he a spren? Like a unique sentient wind spren kinda like the winds are sentient in many mythology, a cognative shadow?, maybe a combo like the stormfather the shadow of fleet?
  24. I'm making my way through my first read-through of stormlight and I am currently about halfway through Oathbringer. I've made an observation that I think is meant to be there. It seems like in most fantasy series it is easy to hate the evil enemy (WoT for example: You despise the forsaken and the Shadowspawn forces because they are ruining the Main characters' lives) but in Stormlight I find myself loathing the Alethi and kind of rooting for the Parshendi. Obviously, the Alethi Culture is messed up and totally inefficient, but after reading a Moash point of View chapter with the normal Parshendi, I feel that they could run a better civilization than the Alethi ever could. Now I know this probably won't work out due to the control of the Fused, but I still like the Parshendi better than the Alethi. It is made clear that the Alethi suck, but I haven't really gotten a sense of hatred for the Parshendi. The only thing they have done is try to prevent desolations, which kinda makes them the protagonist right? So I just wanted to make this post to get input about this and see how others feel.
  25. I am currently on my first read-through of Oathbringer and in chapter 22, The Darkness Within, Adolin brings Shallan along to talk to Ialai about Sadeas' murder, and then Shallan and Mraize go off to talk to each other. I haven't finished this chapter yet because I am completely blanking on when Shallan actually revealed herself as Shallan to Mraize. I have a vague memory of some interaction between them, but I really have no clue when this happened. If someone could just explain this to me or tell me where to look back to, it would really be great.