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Found 378 results

  1. Now we know from secret history that like humans first originated in Yolen . And from arcanum and oathbringer that except for Scadrial and Roshar that humanity on all other planets predates the arrival of shards. So how did humanity spread across the Cosmere , were they technologically advanced and had mastered space travel but the shattering sent them back to pre history levels somehow or did adonalsium help them travel , using shard pools or oathgates or like with better control over the spiritual realm. We suspect that's how humans made it from Ashyn to Roshar. If so , were these humans at least at a mediaval level of tech and then somehow regressed desolation-style . I mean khriss says humanity was at it's prehistory when Devotion and Dominion came to Sel. Also why only humans . We know that dragons and some fain things also liver on roshar and we're equal to humans. Yet they didn't spread I think. Any thoughts or WoBs or theories ?
  2. So I have a weird thought - Brandon Sanderson has a way of foreshadowing things in strange ways. In fact, he has said that one of the reasons he likes Lift as a character is cause he is able to make her say weird things which character turn out to be foreshadowing of things in her own unique manner. As I was re-reading Oathbringer, Lopen struck me as a similar type of character. Often in Words of Radiance and in Oathbringer, he refers to himself as "The Lopen". He also seems to multiply cousins just when Kaladin seemed to need them. In the oathbringer, when training Bridge four to be squires - he lashes himself to the ground and then coaxes the ground by saying, "Don’t worry, dear one. The Lopen is vast enough to be possessed by many, many forces, both terrestrial and celestial! I must soar to the air, for if I were to remain only on the ground, surely my growing magnitude would cause the land to crack and break". Call this wishful thinking or conspiracy theories - but I really do think that there is more to Lopen than we know to date. After all the Herdazians are not completely understood by the Alethi (example, Rock) Think any of this thinking makes sense or is it too far fetched?
  3. So in my reread of Oathbringer, I noticed that when, in the flashbacks, Dalinar feels the Thrill, it says on a few occasions that he almost hears a beat or rhythm. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Singers' rhythms? My theory is that he's hearing one of the Rhythms of power faintly, because the Unmade are spren of Odium and Odium's spren are what grant the new Rhythms. Being under the influence of such a powerful, giant spren, especially for someone like Dalinar who's spirit web has to be a little broken to be a nascent Radiant, creates a mindset or almost a Connection to the Singers in a way not yet explored.
  4. To be clear, this isn't my original theory. I found it recently while going down a rabbit hole on the Stormlight Archive reddit. I really liked it and saw it wasn't being discussed here so i thought I would put it out there. I apologize that I don't have the link to the original source, I honestly couldn't find it again when I went looking. I also don't have exact quotes from the book but I will do my best. So it chapter 44 of Oathbringer, Shallan as Veil is in a bar with Red, Gaz, and Vathah while Ishnah is training them to become spies and informants. They do an exercise where they are given a short time to memorize details about people in the bar. When its her turn, Veil describes several people in great detail, one of which is a woman at the bar who is wearing a Thaylen style dress but isn't Thaylen herself. She is also wearing bright colors, green and violet I think. Veil says this woman seems to be flirting with the men, but is doing it playfully like she is not completely serious. She keeps looking around the bar like she is looking for someone. Fast forward to chapter 112, we have Kaladin's flashback remembering when Tarah left Amaram's army to go work as a scribe. Kaladin remembers her as liking to wear an older style of Thaylen dress even though she wasn't Thaylen. He also said she liked to dress in bright colors, colors that couldn't usually be afforded by a darkeyes. They talk about how she thinks its funny to outfit the young, new recruits to the army because they get flustered and think she is making a pass at them when she takes their measurements. So we have an Alethi woman who like to dress in Thaylen dresses and bright colors playfully flirting with men and possibly looking for someone in bar frequented by soldiers. I am convinced that this is yet another example of Brandon being incredibly sneaky with some foreshadowing. So if this is in fact Tarah, how much does she know about Kaladin's story since they separated and what will be her role in the the books going forward? I would love to hear your thoughts.
  5. I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Vyre. It seems like there is destined to be a confrontation between he and Kaladin, probably many. Are they turning him into a new supervillain like Amaram? The way Khen and the other parshmen “wanted to be near him” reminded me of the bridgemen’s devotion to Kaladin. Is he taking over from Jezrien in some way, being that he killed him (or trapped him...?) and he has Jez’s Honorblade. Anyway I’m rambling a bit. What do you think Vyre’s role or purpose will be?
  6. From the album General SA Art

    The first half of Oathbringer interludes characters (Puuli, Kaza, Ellista, Taravangian), also a part of Elsewhere on Roshar project (I’m back on more OB stuff!)
  7. I've seen a lot of people posit that when Dalinar says that he is Unity, he is taking a step towards taking up the Shard of Honor and renaming it Unity. I have a alternate theory What if Dalinar represents the unity of all three shards in the Rosharin system? Men are often referred to as "children of Honor", and he is bonded to the Stormfather, which contains the remnants of Honor's power. Dalinar spent his life being groomed by Odium to be his champion, and was called "Son of Odium" by the Nightwatcher. Cultivation takes some of Dalinar's memories and a piece of him. Ergo, I think Unity is more like Harmony, and while Dalinar is not a Shard, he was representing the union of all three.
  8. Um, OB spoilers. So, Cultivation removed Dalinar's memories in order to cultivate him, much like a gardner would remove branches or shoots from a tree that have fouled for some reason in order for growth to happen, maybe to be grafted in at a later date when they could help the tree instead of harm it. So Cultivation starts returning Dalinar's pruned memories, and Dalinar later in the book realizes that Odium intended to return the memories all at the same time, which probably would have overwhelmed him to the point of giving up his pain. So Cultivation had a really smart plot for foiling Odium by using Dalinar. Why the mysterious tenth pancake did the Diagram order Dalinar's execution, and when that failed, removal from power and humiliation? Why did cultivation not try to stop that? If she had the Foresight to cultivate Dalinar in order to be able to resist Odium, then why were her Diagrammists actively trying to subvert what she was working on?
  9. I have a theory regarding how truespren make it back into roshar the first time. This theory came about as a result of the scene where Shallan had to draw Pattern before he could manifest. That seemed odd to me that she had to do that when none of the other new Knights have had to do something similar. I think it has to do less with her drawing him, and more with the amount of creationspren she attracted doing so (the quote says hundreds of creationspren were drawn to her at that time.) My theory comes from an assumption that each true spren type has their own "squires" so to speak. Cryptics have creationspren, Honorspren have windspren, Cultivationspren have lifespren, the Bondsmith spren have gloryspren. ( I posit that there has to be a sufficiently large amount of these "squire" spren in an area to punch a whole between the Cognitive and Physical realm "big" enough for these true spren to come through. For Syl, that mean there needed to be enough windspren, say in a windy area like barren plains or when fighting with a spear, which has been stated to generate windspren. For Pattern, Shallan had to actually be creative enough to draw enough creationspren to allow pattern to fully manifest, rather than poking through like most spren do. Idk, what do you think. I think this theory has holes, but its going somewhere.
  10. Brandon has previously said that Shallan is one step ahead of Kaladin in terms of oaths. Because Kaladin is on his third one, Shallan must be on her fourth, which means she only had one remaining. So what could that truth be? I have picked up on two hints: When descending down the stairs to fight Re-shephir, she thinks: "The sound of their footsteps vanished into the void. Soon they were alone with the timeless, patient darkness. The light of the sphere lanterns the bridgemen carried didn’t seem to stretch far in that pit. It reminded Shallan of the mausoleum carved into the hill near her manor, where ancient Davar family members had been Soulcast to statues. Her father's body hadn't been placed there. They had lacked the funds to pay for a soulcaster-and besides, they'd wanted to pretend he was alive. She and her brothers had burned the body, as the darkeyes did. Pain..." Notice how she thought about the darkness in the presence of an unmade, that will be important later. The other definitive clue that I've seen is her thinking this in Kholinar, after finding out that she did more harm than good as Veil. "Darkness. A candle snuffed out. A scream cut off. With nothing to see, her mind provided images." This is then followed by descriptions of other horrible things that happened to her, like killing her mother and father, and killing Tyn. Since we haven't seen anything like this from her yet, this must be something new. So what could this be? Notice that in the second clue, she thought about how there was darkness all around and that she couldn't see, just like what happened in the stairs down to Re-shephir. This seems to hint that the truth is related to an unmade. I think that this probable means that her last truth relates to the unmade that was said to be influencing her home. I think that she stumbled upon the unmade somehow, perhaps in the mausoleum, and that the experience scarred her so much that she repressed it, which started the whole thing. Perhaps she followed someone in there and the unmade didn't notice her but did notice the person she was following, which is why she survived it. That sounds like a really creepy scene. What do you think?
  11. During my last re-read this dialogue stood out. Odium gives a message to his Fused for the Tisark (thunderclast ) Yushah. What prison? the city the Island? something else? "Tell Yushah I want her to stay out here and guard the prison." Oathbringer, Chapter 117
  12. If I understand the big ‘humans are voidbringers’ thing Odium created humans on Ashyn and Honor and Cultivation created the singers. But then during the subsequent Desolations (if we count the arrival of humans or maybe the moment they broke the agreement and left Shinovar as a first desolation) the Shards changed sides with Odium helping the singers and Honor and Cult aiding humans. Do we know why they decided to switch? If not, I’m curious to hear your theories. I think it’s odd for Honor to support humans since they supposedly broke the agreement and attacked the singers taking their land. That seems like an oath broken but obviously we don’t have a full story yet. On the other hand, Odium doesn’t seem to care much about anything except destroying other Shards so I don’t see why would he suddenly change his favored race unless it would help him with that or Honor changed first.
  13. I don't think I'm the only person that, when I hear songs, there are songs that remind me of characters from books and films When it comes to Stormlight, or the cosmere in general, I don't usually find this happening, but it might just be the music I listen to doesn't match the characters. Anyway, when I was listening to a certain song, it really stood out to me that the character it fits is Elhokar, one of my personal favourite characters, especially throughout Oathbringer. The song in question is Bad Liar, by Imagine Dragons. It's because of his struggles and how he started to overcome them. Anyway, I made this so I could see if anyone agreed with me, and to see if anyone had any other suggestions for characters Thanks for reading!
  14. There has been a lot of theories on this, so I'm sorry if this is either completely wrong or said already, but I just had some thoughts. We already know Kaladin has problems with accepting the deaths of those he tried protect, which we see multiple times throughout the books We can also theorize that this is a big problem for not just Kaladin, but for other Windrunners as well, judging from the gemstone entry from the unnamed Windrunner, who states that he is unsure that he can progress along the Ideals, because he can't get past something about the fourth ideal. He says that he is supposed to help people, which gives a clue that the next Ideal has something to do with not helping some people One key thing we see with Kaladin is his recklessness when it comes to protecting people. he constantly risks his own life so that others can survive, such as Bridge 4, the Singer's human prisoners in the highstorm, trying to fight a chasmfiend alone and with no weapon but a broken spear just to give Shallan a chance of making it back to the warcamps. we even see it when he volunteers to join the army, just to try and find and help Tien. With these three points: 1. Kaladin cannot put the deaths of those he failed to protect past him. 2. Windrunners in general seem to have a difficult moral decision to process with the 4th Ideal 3. Kaladin is reckless to the point of self-destruction when it comes to protecting others Based off of these points, this is what I think the fourth Ideal (at least when it comes to Kaladin) will be: "Before I can save others, I will first save myself" This would force Windrunners to get other the deaths of those they failed in the past, but would also mean coming to terms with the simple fact that they just can't save everyone. This, alongside Kaladin's depression, could explain why Kaladin and the unnamed Windrunner had so much trouble stating it. Please tell me if you agree or disagree, or why Thanks for reading!
  15. we all know that what Syl did was, at the time, what the spren considered to be the worst thing possible. However, with Lopen and Rua, along Teft, Drehy and Skar, we see that they have begun the process of lessening the divide between humans and Honourspren. This is, at first glance, perfect. More spren transitioning from the Cognitive to Physical realm equals more Windrunners, which makes protecting people much easier for Bridge 4 and Kaladin. But Syl? She is still ostracised from the others, her friends and (sort of) family. She has been drummed out of Lasting Integrity, the honourspren capital. It's ironic that the other spren can renege on their ideas, the oaths they swore to stay away from humans, while at the same time ignoring the bravest of all of them for doing exactly the same thing: the right thing, which is what honourspren focus on in the first place! I just want to see Syl be accepted back into their ranks, or at the very least acknowledge her presence. Hopefully Brandon develops spren relationships in Stormlight 4. Maybe Syl and Rua can be best friends or something.
  16. This is really something that just came up in my mind, but I thought I'd share it here, even though it's likely been asked before. How I think that atium functions is that it lets a person see someone else's relative spiritual aspect, or something along those line, as I don't have proper terminology to explain it how I wish. Anyway, as we know, Szeth died near the end of Words of Radiance, but was subsequently resurrected by Nin-son-God. However, his soul didn't reattach properly, and so lagged behind his body when he moved, especially quickly. This raises the question; would the atium shadow track his physical body, or his soul which is lagging? And if it tracked his soul, would that mean that he'd be largely able to cancel out the effects of atium foresight?
  17. From the album General SA Art

    Complete piece of Dalinar's age progression! His arc in OB really is a powerful one and I finally got this done XD [Full-sized] 1122 (Age: 2) Trying to understand the world 1128 (Age: 8) Playing with wooden sword 1135 (Age: 15) Learning how to tie his takama 1141 (Age: 21) Unstoppable youth, Oathbringer won 1150 (Age: 30) Joy of the first son 1163 (Age: 43) In Shardplate 1167 (Age: 47) Being a drunkard 1174 (Age: 54) Holding The Way of Kings Enjoy! Bonus: Some random Kholin family doodles
  18. Each book is seperated into 5 parts, each of which has a different thought associated with it that describes it. Combined, all the thoughts form a ketek. In WoR, the formed ketek was made by Navani in her journal. In the third book, the ketek was written by Jasnah for Shallan's wedding. In TWoK, the ketek was spoken as a death rattle by an illiterate Herdazian man, who didn't speak the language the death rattle was spoken in. One more important fact to note is that Brandon has said that, like in mistborn era 1, either the first or second book in the series has a hint toward the last chapter in the series. I think that that hint is the ketek. Notice that in the second two keteks, their meaning makes sense. This suggests that the first one's meaning will also make sense. The ketek itself is: "Above silence, the illuminating storms - dying storms - illuminate the silence above". I think that perhaps "dying storms" could mean that the stormfather dies, and maybe "the silence above" could mean that there aren't any shards left alive, at least not in the Rosharian system. "illuminating storms" doesn't sound like it means anything other than being a filler, but I might be wrong about this. Idk what "above silence" could mean.
  19. From the album Oathbringer Scenes

    I got inspired by the scene where Dalinar goes to face the Thrill created such a strong visual in my mind that I had to recreate it! I hope you guys enjoy!
  20. What are the mist spren that work as crew on Honor's Path. People have said that they are the truthwatcher spren, but I think the difference in appearance between of refracted light and mist with doll like hands and face is too big. I think they might be another sentient spren that simple does not or cannot create a nahel bond. Based on things that have happened in previous cosmere books I think it would make more sense if there were not 10, but 16 sentient types of spren.
  21. This is really just a discussion for everyone to add their ideas onto, but to get it started off: Whether a member dies while fighting the fused, a freak accident, or while protecting someone else, the most likely candidates for who I think will kick the bucket in Bridge 4 would have to be Lopen, Rock, and Teft. While I don't necessarily think they'll have to die in order for Kaladin to swear the 4th ideal, I do think their deaths could be his breaking point. And if there's anything that Sanderson likes to do with characters, it's break them. After working so hard to protect Bridge 4 and essentially bring them out of the trenches, it would tear Kaladin apart to see one of them die- or even get injured as we saw in Words of Radiance with Hobber. So while that's true, the most impactful deaths for the reader would be a character that we've been the given the chance to get to know. And so that brings my first candidate, Lopen. I have to say that he is the most probable character for me as of now. Lopen is sort of like a class-clown in Bridge 4 in that he tends to mess and joke around much more than the others, and so it would come as a shock to the readers to suddenly have him cut down and die, leaving a hole in Bridge 4. Without Lopen, they'd be out of a serious need for laughter and light-heartedness and anyone who knows Bridge 4's story knows that that's something they desperately need. Next up is Rock, but I will admit that I don't think Sanderson will kill Rock- at least not in the first half of the books. The biggest reason he just made my list is because of how much it would hurt the readers. Rock has been a big figure in Bridge 4 since the beginning, and with just that it would make his death heartbreaking. But adding on to how we were able to meet his family in Oathbringer and seeing just how much he cares about everyone around him with the chapters from his point-of-view, the readers would definitely be in tears. Add on the possibility of him dying while trying to tell Kaladin about the Horneater Peaks (of which he always told Kaladin he'd bring him to) and Sanderson has a whole fanbase weeping. Now is the time for Teft. Teft's death seems both logical and inevitable to me. He served as a friend and leader to Bridge 4 and was a major reason for them getting as strong as they currently are with him helping to train them. The only person to play a bigger role in the rehabilitation of Bridge 4 is Kaladin, and Kaladin himself holds high respect for Teft. Bottom line, his death would be devastating to the moral of Bridge 4. Without Teft, I'm not entirely sure how Bridge 4 would carry on. Everything they would do would remind them that Teft isn't there as it was Teft who helped to train them with the spear, first told them of the Radiant powers with Kaladin, and essentially acted as a grumpy uncle. That's all from me. Tell me what you guys think! How would the other members react to one of their own dying? What would it mean for the story? HOW do you think they'd die?
  22. Would it be possible for someone to use an Honorblade to an extent that they began to enter savanthood. Soulcasters can become savants but could an Honorblade.
  23. I'm re-reading OB again. In chapter 39, the Knights Radiant are meeting. Pattern comments to Shallan that the room has memories. Shallan mentions it to Jasnah, suggesting that she inspect it in Shadesmar. I don't recall anything coming of it, or even being mentioned again. Before I keep reading and forget about it, I figured I'd ask here. Does this come up again? If not, has anyone asked Brandon about it?
  24. This week on our show we talked about how frustrating it was reading Shallan's sections of Oathbringer and how we may be looking at her in the wrong way! We hope that you will join the discussion by watching the video here:
  25. This thread is to discuss some duels or match ups that we would love to fight one on one but due to death/location/alliances we will never get to see them clash. The main duel I would love to see is Dalinar vs Kalladin but from a couple of different perspectives. Full Power (Full Shards, Stormlight and Radiant abilities ect) Hand to hand with shard plate (No weapons , no ability's just a shardplate boxing match) Shards only (Self explanatory )