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Found 5 results

  1. So Dalinar wrote a biography at the end of oathbringer and I was wondering how much he actually revealed in his book, or mainly, how Evi actually died, that would have major implications for RoW, cause now everyone would know, right? like Renarin can read now and Shallan could walk in and be like 'Adolin you need to see this' but I just can't belive that Dalinar would go far enough to publish that, but idk, thoughts?
  2. So as I was re-reading oathbringer I noticed some weird stuff about Jasnah. From this I'm thinking that while Jasnah was still young (maybe 3-4 because Navini said somewhere that when she was really young she was already super smart--also remember that a year there is around 500 days so a 4 year old there would be roughly 6 here) she bonded Ivory, probably only saying the first ideal. Gavilar noticed and that's what got him started with the whole 'bringing back honor and radiants' stuff. Someone else noticed, maybe Navini and thought she was crazy, so she put her in the asylum. But I'm a little confused why nobody would remember it. Seems like something people would remember. Tell me what you guys think about it. And yes I know that this will probably all be answered in Jasnah's book, but that's still like 8 years off.
  3. Hi, Since i finished Oathbringer around a month ago, i am thinking about death of Herald King Jezrien. It was not related to main storyline, and so far heralds other then Naln had any major viewpoint in the series, then why was Jezrien killed. 1. To tell us that Odium gave Fused the weapons to kill heralds who are otherwise Immortal, and other heralds can be killed using same weapon. 2. Is it possible that the first Knights in stormlight series i.e. Kaladin, Shallan, Daliner etc will be new heralds at the end of the series? Earlier in the book when Daliner touched the power, i thought he will take place of honor, but it looks unlikely, so will we be seeing new heralds bound by the Oathpact at the end of first part of stormlight series?
  4. "He’s a storm, Kaladin. As people over millennia have imagined him." I wonder if the way Rosharians imagine certain spren like Stormfather will change and if that change will affect who and what the Spren become...
  5. This may have been discussed before and is just a far fetched theory We know that this series will be split into 2 five book arcs. It would seem strange to me that after the first arc that the "good guys" will succeed in defeating odium or something to that nature. It seems as though they will actually loose in some way or just barley come out on top with almost all of Roshar being destroyed in the conflict My idea is that the main POV characters at the end of book 5 will take the place of the current Heralds. Most of the new POV's have shown signs of mental instability. Most recently even more with Shallan getting lost in her own illusions. I may be reaching far but we know that the 9 Heralds who broke the Oathpact will unlikely return back to Odium. I theorize that most of the POV's will realize that they need to sacrifice themselves at the end of book five to "secure" a new oathpact since the current heralds will not. I can see Dalinar, Renarin, Kaladin and even Shallan allowing themselves to be killed to save save Roshar at this time. We as readers know that another arc will happen but the Characters do not