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Found 11 results

  1. I don’t really have any evidence for this assumption, at least not hard evidence. However, in the scene where he accidentally walks in on Shallan in a nightgown, I noticed something odd he said. He said, “ name is Adolin Kholin, I was born under the sign of the nine...” Knowing Brandon, I wouldn’t dismiss this as coincidence out of hand. We know Braize, Odium’s Invested planet, is related to the number nine. Since Preservation’s number was 16, Honor seems to be 10, while Odium is 9. Nine shadows of his Champion, Nine Unmade, etc. We have WoB on that, can’t find it. Anyway, what is “the sign of nine”? Why does it happen that a main character, who has had nothing special happen to him as an individual thus far (at least in comparison) suddenly mention this supposedly unimportant fact in passing? Coincidence? Not likely.
  2. A friend and I were discussing the importance of numbers in the Cosmere, and how they relate to each Shard. For example, in the Stormlight Archive, the Shard called Honor always has things in tens, and Odium always has things in nines. Is there a pattern like this in the rest of the Cosmere? My personal theory (it has no evidence to back it up, but it seems plausible) is that the numbers have to do with the order in which they gained their powers as Vessels. Maybe Odium was the ninth, followed by Honor. In Mistborn, there are sixteen Metallurgic metals. Perhaps Leras, the Vessel for Preservation, was the sixteenth person to gain the powers? This isn’t as solid, though, as Hemalurgy is of Ruin... Thoughts?
  3. Hey again, So I've been wondering about the whole special importance of 16 in the Cosmere and its relevance but after thinking about it for a while I realised I could only come up with 2 places where 16 is important (Shards of Adonasium and Investiture on Scadrial). Not only that but the number 10 has as many if not more places of importance (10 surges, 10 essences, 10 heralds, 10 fools, 10 biochromatic heightenings) granted lots of these are on Roshar and could have the same root cause but the 10 Heightenings make me suspicious. Then there's AonDor which oddly has 62 Aons and no real reason why. So I suppose I have 2 questions, 1) Why is there a deviation from the importance of 16? 2) Are then any examples of the importance of 16 that I missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. I may not be the first person to mention this, but I suspect there might be a pattern of sorts going on in the chapter headings of each Stormlight book. We know from experience with multiple Sanderson books that the epigraphs before the start of the chapters play into the story, but in a very broad sense in that they don't make sense until either the book or even multiple books are completed. This occurred with Mistborn, and I believe that may be the case with the Stormlight Archive with the symbols of the Heralds in the arches at the head of each chapter. I believe there is a deeper meaning to them we have yet to understand, and I want to try to figure it out. Help with this theory would be very much appreciated. What we know: The ten Heralds each have a number and a Soulcasting Essence dedicated to their name in Vorinism (i.e. the number Jes for Jezrien, which represents 1, or the number Nan for Nale, which represents 2). The Heralds all have known symbols of their faces associated with the symbol of the Knights Radiant, and those faces appear multiple times on each chapter heading. Each time, there are two sets of faces on the archways, sometimes the same face four times and sometimes two different faces occurring twice. There has been a previous example of a cryptic message being hidden in a series of numbers in the Stormlight Archive, that being Taravangian's Diagram message written in a series of numbers that translates into What I'm wondering is: What if those Herald faces (and their associated numbers) are a long list of numbers written as a form of code that extends across either each book or the entire Archive? And if so, what could it translate into? What super important message could we get out of it? Now, I did find a few flaws with this theory, originally. If the Heraldic numbers go from 1 to 10, wouldn't that be confusing as a code form, since the lettering in codes works in single digits, namely 0 through 9. So what I'm thinking is either we could mark down the implied numbers from each chapter headings as Jes - 0 Nan - 1 Chach - 2 Vev - 3 Palah - 4 Shash - 5 Betab - 6 Kak - 7 Tanat - 8 Ishi - 9 or Jes - 1 Nan - 2 Chach - 3 Vev - 4 Palah - 5 Shash - 6 Betab - 7 Kak - 8 Tanat - 9 Ishi - 0 Who knows? Maybe it leads to some grand, complicated message with monumental importance to the Stormlight Archive or even the Cosmere as a whole. Or maybe this is all a dud, and there's no secret meaning to the Herald faces in the chapter headings, and I've been wasting my time. Either way, I would love to have some help with figuring this all out, since I don't really have the requisite time to do so. Thanks!
  5. I'm curious if the number 16 is important to the cosmere because that's how many Shards Adonalsium shattered into or if the number 16 has a deeper importance and Adonalsium shattered into 16 Shards because of that deeper importance.
  6. I'm trying to put together an article for the number system on Roshar. I may have some follow-up questions, but I'm struggling to figure out what to call the article. Harakeke is apparently the one who decoded them first. Or at least the one who set out to break down how the numerals are combined for larger numbers. He refers to them as Vorin numerals, and others have as well (perhaps because of him). But as far as I can tell, this is just a fan term. I don't see any indication of a name for the number system in the books. We've only seen it used in Vorin contexts so far, but for all we know it's used universally across Roshar. It certainly doesn't bear strong semblance with women's script, which makes me think it's older and more widely used. But then it does make use of symmetry, which hints at Vorin connections. Any votes or opinions? "Vorin numerals"? "Rosharan numerals"? "number system" rather than "numerals"?
  7. I looked through the forums to see if this was brought up anywhere else, and did no see anything. Apologies if I am re-treading old ground. I am currently re-reading Elantris, and I noticed that it has a very specific timeline. A number of Cosmere stories have timelines, and Deadlines, there would be far less urgency without them. WoR had the Count down on the walls. Kelsier'sand Denth's plans had nebulous timelines to accomplish their goals (about a year each). But as far as I can tell, only the books that take place on Sel, Elantris and The Emperor's Soul, have very specific timelines. Deadlines that are set, and Bad Things will happen if they are not met. (Yes, White Sand has a deadline to, but the consequence does not seem as dire as in these two) Hrathren has three months to prepare Arelon before it is destroyed. He interprets this as having three months to accomplish a full conversion of the nobility, or Wyrn will invade and destroy. (For you number counters out there, the Duladel republic fell six months after he arrived, 2x3 months) Shai was given the three months of the mourning period to craft a new soul for the Emperor, or she would be executed. Both had 90 day absolute deadlines. It could be coincidence. Or it could not. Assuming Brandon very carefully crafts his worlds, and little is left to chance in the Cosmere, what do you think the relevance of 90 is on Sel?
  8. Hey this may be too obvious to mention, or maybe it's been covered elsewhere and I can't seem to find it, but we have pages for Alethi writing and glyphs, so we should probably include a page on how numbers are written as well... It's trivial to deduce what the numbers are, if you look at the map on page 138 of WOR. Those symbols along the bottom are obviously numbers, similar to longitude on Earth, and the single dot near the right side is a 0. Going out from that, it has a 1 on either side, then a 2, then so on...numbers above 9 are marked with a vertical line and then the single digits again, and numbers above 19 are marked with two vertical lines. I can't seem to find them written anywhere else, so I can't figure out how numbers above 29 are written, but I feel like we should have a page about this. Can someone please let me know how to make that happen, or point me towards the page if one already exists?
  9. Thaylen numbers (from Southern Frostlands map)
  10. Identifiaction Thaylen numbers <->Arabic numbers
  11. I was just thinking about significant number in SA and he really has kinda screwed everything up by making ten so important. It really dominated the numerology. Cosmere wide base 2 is big 2^2^2^2= 16, but it seems less significant on Roshar with 10 not being a power of 2. I'm making a small list below and encourage anyone else to bring in their Input. 2-Shards ON Roshar 4 - Our Favorite Bridge crew. # Shards in Greater Rosharan System 5- SA broken into 2 5 book chunks. 10- Holiest of Holies Orders of KR, Heralds 16- Shards of Adonalsium 20- Njmber of Heraldic attributes 2*10 25- Minimum Required to Carry a bridge 30 - Total # of magic systems 34- Average Bridge crew size 40- Number of bridge crews I'm just trying to look for some significant numbers and find myself grasping for straws. Anybody have any others..