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Found 1 result

  1. Elantris was unified once. The City of the Gods, most glorious place in all Opelon. The Gods stood together, determined to save the world. With mighty Magics they healed the sick, created just laws, and fed nations. They brought with them the Silver age. Gone was Scaricty. Gone was Disease. Gone was Strife. It seemed that even Death would soon find its cure in the Elantrians. They were Untouchable, Indomitable, Eternal. Eternity ended when the World split. The Reod, the Punishment, the Fall. What once shone as a beacon to all the world was abandoned. The Gods of Elantris fell, brought down by what they had once cured with a wave of their hands. The Silver Age ended. Elantris is divided now. In Terror, the Fallen fight for scraps, grubbing in the dirt to survive another day. In Hatred, they pull each other down, destroying all progress. They are Unlovable, Impotent, Useless. Welcome to your first day in the City. Welcome to MR31: Spiritual Warfare, a Conversion Elimination game. (THIS IS NOT A FACTION GAME) Each player is a Fallen God of Elantris, owing their Allegiance to one of the many Gangs. The Gangs have existed in a fragile equilibrium. Kept steady by the fear of Pain. The Status Quo has been destroyed by a newcomer, Lord Spirit. Who ever they are, they plan to destroy the Gang’s way of life. With a silver tongue, and sharp wit they are bringing more and more to their side. They must be brought down before they gain too much power. This game will begin at Midnight PST next Friday. Player List: Astrea (Crimsn Wolf) Mist (Fifth Scholar) Ynoga (xinoehp512) Daan (Kidpen) Venele (Brightness Radiant) Ashertma (Devotary of Spontaneity) Rena (Elandera) Squid of Sensationalism (Steeldancer) Agri Kai (Walin) Spork (Cadmium Compounder) Mii (Mailliw73) Itiah X (I think I am here) Diir (Alvron) Straw (Straw (Straw (Straw))) Soul (Droughtdrinker) Flavio (TheMightyLopen) A Shqueev (Multiple Shqueeves) Kielan (MetaTerminal) Sheol (ElephantEarwax) SIGN ME UP (Coop772) Rat (Sart) Quick Links: