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Found 11 results

  1. It was an ugly night, even as nights in the Underground went. One of late summer's storms had hit New Lere the day before, and all the muck running off the city's glass towers and trickling through its gutters made its way down here, raining filth onto the undercity. There's a metaphor in there, somewhere. Stasia wove her way through the hot, murky streets, hood up despite the muggy air to assail the worst of the drizzle. She did her best not to think about what was slicking her shoulders as she passed through a cloud of steam that billowed out from a vendor's food cart; the stench of urine and garbage was briefly overpowered by the scent of steamed buns. Stasia stopped, peered at the vendor's offerings, and slipped the older man half a credit for two of the pale, fluffy pastries. He grinned at her with a mouth of largely-intact teeth, and she nodded back. She ate the buns hurriedly and with little ceremony, careful to duck her head to avoid eating New Lere's gutter leavings in addition to her meal. There was no telling what would be on offer once she arrived at the meeting point, but she somehow doubted that there would be steamed buns. It was best to eat when one found the chance. Stasia crammed the last third of her second bun into her mouth when she caught sight of the little "C" scratched into the old stone wall that lead down an unremarkable-looking alley. She finished chewing, swallowed, and ducked down the passage without ceremony. The first rule of sneaking was to avoid looking sneaky. No one gave you a second glance if you moved as though you were meant to be there. And I am meant to be here, she thought with a tiny, wry smile. It had been a while since she'd been given a job that required this type of covert observation. Stasia half-suspected that Kurt was feeling guilty for the six months she'd spent in an accounting firm this past year. Being sent down here was dangerous, but at least it was exciting. Her eyes quickly adjusted to the deeper gloom as she walked, and soon the shape of a man resolved itself from the dark, leaning against the wall. "Evening, love," he said, his voice easy. His posture was calm, but ready for trouble. Stasia didn't look like much of a threat, but that didn't mean much in New Lere. Anyone could look like anything. Stasia held up twenty credits between her middle and index finger. "Here for the latest vintage," she said. The man took her twenty cred and raised one dark eyebrow. "A bottle, or a glass?" "We'll see which one breaks first," she replied, completing the passphrase. The man pocketed the credits, then knocked three times against an old, overflowing dumpster that appeared to take up the entire back portion of the alley. Stasia nodded and walked around the dumpster to the opposite side to find another man heaving up a thick, iron door that had been set flush into the brick floor of the alley. A set of ancient-looking stone stairs descended into darkness broken by flickers of neon light that played against the rough stone walls. The growl of a heavy base line pulsed up into the night. She descended without a word, trailing one hand against the wall as the door was lowered back into place above her. Then, in the dark, Stasia began to Change. Her skin bled from a rich brown to golden tan, and a dusting of freckles appeared on her nose and cheeks. Her eyes shifted from hazel to bright amber, narrowing and tilting up at the edges. As she continued down the steps, she stripped off her coat and turned it inside-out, swapping the dingy grey for the far nicer deep blue that had previously hidden as her lining. When she stepped down into the Cellar, she was a totally different person. Or rather, she was herself. Her real self. Possibly the most infallible disguise she had at her disposal. She smiled as she wove her way through the press of bodies, the makeup that had blended into her darker skin now standing out deep and smokey on her lighter complexion. She'd be meeting her contact at half-past ten, which meant she had nearly half an hour to case the place, have a drink, and maybe even dance. The prospect made her smile a little wider, and she slid up towards the bar. It was cool down here despite the press of people and the summer weather, and Stasia was glad she'd kept her coat on, though she left it open. She was dressed well enough to avoid looking like a pauper but not so well as to be mistaken for a noble - a good middle ground. Her pants were sensible, black and tight enough for vanity but not much beyond. She'd allowed herself a little more leeway with her top, a slightly brighter blue than her coat and cut in some unorthodox places. Stasia grinned openly as she imagined what Kurt's face might look like if he could see her now. You send me to a club,Vadinsky, and I'll dress for one. She watched the crowd, letting her smile slip away into a more bored expression, eyes moving over the Cellar with practiced ease. If everything went according to plan, in thirty minutes she'd meet this other agent that Kurt had been talking about. And then, they'd watch some people try and kill each other.
  2. Hello , ppl. Recently I came to realize one of the most useful magic systems in modern Life would be feruchemy and that using feruchemy is to live life more efficiently. So this post is basically about how feruchemy would make my life as an Indian student more fun and efficient. Read the hidden content ( I think it's hidden ?? , I'm new to this ) , if u want to get to know what my life is like . It also contains a bit of near teen angst about the attendance policy . I have kept it short. Here's my take on feruchemy in modern Life : 7). Archiving . ( As filthy Frank said ; " LYF HAX , Oh YEAH ") Suppose u googled something u wish u never had. It could be anything , from a picture of Voldemort with a nose to FULL ON HENTAI TENTACLE RAPE or SPONGEBOB PORN. Now instead of blinding urself or carrying out a lobotomy while hoping for the best ,u could simply remove and throw away the memory. ( " LYF HAX , Oh YEAH " ) On a more serious note , It would be very helpful to sufferers of PTSD , shell shocked veterans , rape victims , etc. Suppose u have some bad memories. Memories of being bullied , betrayed , trauma ,etc. U could simply store it in a copper mind and then just throw it away Similarly u could store good memories too. Like as time passes ur memories decay and u lose details and stuff , but if it's stored in copper it will never decay and u can re visit the experience again near perfectly . Also I ,and I'm sure all of u ,face this problem. Once I read a book i wanna reread it but it's not the same cause I already know what's gonna happen so I could simply remove the memory of reading the book and read it as if for the first time. Also elegant solution to get rid of spoilers. Like the spoilers I had to suffer during the days before I went to watch infinity war . Oof . Similarly u can rewatch movies and other stuff too. Or u could make every kiss a first kiss or every time u eat ice cream the first time. Every time u have sex the first time and so on. 1). Skimming So I can easily store 90% of my weight at any time without any risk. With less weight I can move as gracefully as a dancer and can jump down from high up with no injuries , cause I will be as light as a feather . So bye bye staircases . As soon as the bell rings I will run out of the class and jump straight into the campus garden outside . Also suppose I'm in a fight. I can then increase my weight and throw a punch. As u know force = mass*acceleration. Therefore if my mass ( ie , my wieght ) increases , even a normal punch would be devastating ( yes , I understand that's not exactly how momentum works on Scadrial but it's ambiguous territory , so let a boi dream , but wait no , Wax never uses his weight like that , does he ???). Of course if I'm low on weight and a strong wind comes , I will be blown away. Not much of a disadvantage tho , I can easily just increase my weight and even withstand hurricane winds. 2). Steelrunning Speed is a harder attribute to store. But I suppose it's possible to do it anyway. Like suppose I'm sitting in class , reading a novel and ignoring the teacher as usual ( can u store speed while u r sitting without doing much??? ). So I'm not doing anything which requires speed . I can store any percentage of speed I want. Then later I can tap at all the stored speed and become superfast, yes. Suppose I forgot the lab record at home , I can use up the stored speed to go to my home and back in three seconds. Or suppose the teacher catches me using phone. I can use super speed to hide my phone and take out my calculater instead and tell the teacher she must have mistook my calculator for my phone . Oh the teachers would be so dumbfounded. Also useful in a fight. As I said force = mass * acceleration. So increased speed means increased force. Now if increase both the weight and speed of a punch . Oof . Also I can use it to quickly Dodge punches . Many other uses as well. 3). Windwhispering . So tin stores senses. All 5 or more senses ?? Hearing So suppose I wanna study but it's too noisy , I could simply *store my hearing* and boom , total silence. Then later I could use the extra hearing power to listen to what someone is saying *from a distance. Smell So usually u don't need a sense of smell. Suppose I'm sitting in class , do I need that sense ? No . So I store it. Then later when playing hide and seek , I could use my extra smelling power to seek out the hiding person like a dog . Or I could use it to really smell something delicious to the peak. Taste U don't usually require ur sense of taste right. Like when u r sitting in class , *what are you tasting ? Your own saliva ? So how about u store it instead. U could also store it while eating or drinking something u hate. Like I hate eating a dish called Idli ( Not a corruption of Egdli ) , but my mom makes it every week . So I could minimize my tasting power and eat it easily , minimizing discomfort. Similarly , protein shakes and Vegetable salads taste terrible too. Then suppose u have eat something u love . Like I love it when mom makes paratha , so I could use all my stored up taste to truly enjoy it Feel It's Like the sensitivity of ur skin right . Like if I'm sitting in a classroom , I usually don't need to feel . So I can store it all up or suppose I have to clean out some muck or something. Then I could store my sense of feeling and clean it up without feeling much. Also suppose I injure myself and it hurts a lot. I could store my skin sensitivity and feel no pain.( Is that possible ??) Then later I could use all this stored up feeling to have mind-blowing sex or like touch a masterpiece statue and really feel and appreciate all the curves and the grainy surface and stuff. Sight Ok , this is hardest to store since u will have deteriorated eyesight while storing. But suppose u r sitting in class and I usually read the mobile which is like at most 0.5 metres away from me , so I can store all the sight beyond a 0.5 meter radius . Similarly u can store sight at home while studying too Then later I can use the stored up sight to like look at the intricate details of near by objects or see far away objects as if I'm holding a binocular. Also is it possible to store colour sensitivity . Like when u are storing , the world will be black and white , but then u can use the stored up color sensitivity to see the world in heightened colour and detail . All different shades and tones of colour , which u are normally blind to ,will be easy to see and stuff. U can use it to look at and really appreciate colourful pieces of art or icecream. Balence and others. There are a total of 11 to 21 senses in humans including Balance . Suppose I could store balance when I'm sitting and later tap it while dancing or doing dangerous stunts I would be an amazing dancer or stuntsman . 4). Brute-ing? , brutening? Usually u don't need much strength while listening to a boring lecture. ( Can u store strength while being stationary and almost immobile ??) So how about I store it then when required like when doing physical labour or during fights. I could become superstrong. Esp if I use this in conjunction with increased weight and speed. 5). Sparking So this is hard to store. U basically become stupid while storing a zincmind. I won't have much opportunity to store it , I guess. I need my wits while reading novels. But I ,and many others, have anxiety right and sometimes have panic attacks and get nervous easily and I overthink . It's not under my control , so during those times I can store up my mental speed and become calm and cool ( and slightly stupid ) . Also useful while meditating. During meditation thoughts are harmful and obstacles right. So suppose I store up my thinking speed then. I can become a master meditator easily. Then u could use the extra thinking power to score high on tests that require critical thinking or analysis. 6). Firesoldering/ Firesouling This seems useless at first but it's actually very useful. Like suppose it's a hot day , u could store all the excess heat and be cool. Then u could use the stored heat to warm urself on a cold day . It's like having a personal air conditioner If u r the restless adventurer type , suppose u wanna cross a desert or climb mount Everest. While crossing the desert u could store up heat and be comfortable. And before climbing mount Everest u could be in front of a fire and store up all the excess heat and use it to warm urself while u r climbing mount Everest , instead of wearing all those *heavy , uncomfortable clothes. 8). Sentry-ing ?? This is harder to store since u will be sleepy while storing . I guess it's *great for insomniacs . U could use this to have a strict schedule of sleeping I guess. Also suppose a class is boring and I can't use my phone either since the particular teacher is very observant, i could store wakefulness then and then later either study all night or party all night . Useful during examtimes i guess 9). Gasping So i just have to breathe a lot to store breath. Easy and then I can go diving for hours and find pearls or save drowning ppl or idk catch fish or something. Can also work in environments where it's hazardous to breathe. Scuba diving becomes a lot easier since I won't have to buy and lug around those cannisters containing helium-oxygen mixtures. Cheaper too , since those cannisters are expensive , right ? Makes climbing mount Everest easier too since u won't require oxygen cylinders . Also I could bet a friend a 1000 rupees that I can hold my breath for 10 minutes and make easy money . 10). Subsuming . This is extremely useful for ppl worried about their weight . This way u can eat as much as u want and never get fat. Also helps u in disguises as u can make urself stick thin or really fat by tapping and storing it ( as per MAG) Basically u can use this to gorge on food and then spend months without eating anything. Helps a lot in survival situations 11). Boneknitting ( I know it's called bloodmaking technically , but boneknitter sounds so much cooler to me ). This is very useful . Basically with enough stored healing u can heal broken bones , regrow limbs , fight all manner of diseases?? , etc. But it's storing the required health that's a real slontze . I don't wanna most of time being sickly and weak. The best method I guess is it only store 10 % or 20 % of health constantly and eventually u will have enough health to recover from lethal injuries. U can use it for daring acts but personally I would keep it as insurance in case of an accident. Also useful to get rid of hangovers after a hard night of partying . Another disadvantage is that is that gold is expensive and vulnerable to theft. I mean , boy oh boy , wouldn't it suck to have years worth of healing in a goldmind, only to have it stolen ? 12). Pinnacling This is the hardest attribute to store . I mean , u require determination for pretty much anything. It's especially hard for ppl suffering from depression . I suppose the best method is again to store only a small percentage of the available resource. Still takes a lot of time and less useful than gold. However ,it would of some use if a sudden , unexpected and hard task or obstacle came up ( which usually do come up ) and u could use the stores to power through it . Same disadvantage as gold. Expensive and theft vulnerability. 13). Spinning This is perhaps the hardest attribute to store. I can't store it in class , since it will make me unlucky and vulnerable to being caught reading novels or comics on phone by the teacher. I think the best way to store it is to hole up in a small , empty space reading a book , wearing old ratty clothes and nothing of any value ,then store it. Then only in small increments so when someone spills coffee on me , it's just lukewarm and not boiling .Still not for me as I read on a phone and it will most definitely malfunction. Yeah this will hard to store in my life , esp since tapping fortune isn't as straight forward as per WoB. But I could use the stored fortune to get out of the occasional tricky situation. 14). Soulbearing Yeah this is probably useless in real life , unless u have access to magic systems other than feruchemy. 15). Trueselfing This may or may not be useful . The author hasn't written much about it , so hard to speak about it's advantages . But maybe it's possible to store detrimental parts of my identity. Like for example maybe it's a part of my identity to be lazy or sad . I could store that part in a Aluminum mind and then throw it away. Then I would no longer be sad or lazy ?? 16). Connecting This is very useful to me. When I am reading comics or novels in class , by storing away most of my connection I could be ignored by the teacher and not disturbed by friends. I can read in peace . Later in break time or after college , I could use the stored up connection to have lots of fun with friends or even make my crushes fall in love with me easily ( yeah ,that's creepy and probably immoral and illegal ) . Could also form trusty relationships as a basis for one night stands and friends with benefits ( Again creepy and immoral ?? The connection manipulation , not the relationships. I'm fine with such relationships. ) So that's all I could come up with. If u have some novel use of feruchemy in ur life or find a complication in one of my applications , please let it be known.
  3. Hey everyone, Long time reader, first time contributor. Just kidding. I've always wanted to say those words. Anyway, my cousin and I have written a novel and decided to post something here for everyone to look at and let us know what you think. As a side note, this novel is ready for publishing and we're currently awaiting cover art to self publish on Amazon (so if you know a good artist who's willing to work on commission or just for prestige, please let us know as our last attempt fell through). Please enjoy the below copy of our prologue to our book. If you like what you see, please let me know and I can give you the information for our website (since my account is so new that it won't let me post links). Prologue It had been thirteen years since the wizard's order had left their library in Illyria. Those were brighter, more peaceful days for magicians; with the high wizard and his counsel living at the library, no outside force dared to attack them. No force but Xardan Ta’Caran, Faelhart's Knight of the Black Era. A pleasant summer breeze blew past a lone man as he made his way back to the once great city of the magi. The last time he had been in Illyria was the fateful day of Xardan's attack. The nightmares of that day haunted him waking and sleeping, but the need for rare knowledge had become too great for him to put off the inevitable any longer. As the man approached the city, he accelerated his horse as though running from the memories that would soon overtake him. He was at a full gallop when the images of that horrific day invaded his thoughts. Dark bolts of Shadow Lightning announced the Knight's arrival as they extracted the heavy gate from its hinges. Dozens of soldiers passed through the gate on Xardan's heels, cutting down any mages that came within arm's reach. The wizards at the library at the top of the city sent great flaming spheres screaming toward the intruders at the gate, but the Knight reacted faster. Walls of shadow surrounded and extinguished each and every one of them as his soldiers formed into columns and pressed into the city. Rows of mighty oak trees rose to either side of the road to greet any visitors. Suspicious of a potential ambush from the many pillagers and looters seeking magical artifacts, the man slowed his tall warhorse to a walk before he cautiously approached the rubble that was once the proud gate. The city beyond was a mere shadow of its former glory. Large blocks of white granite had been used to construct the walls and buildings, with magical bonds causing the blocks to fuse together giving each building the appearance that it had been carved of a single slab of the stone. Never the less, the tall buildings and towers rose up to shattered walls and rooftops wherever the magi had made futile attempts to defend their city from the Knight of the Black Era. The man followed the destruction to the library in the center of the city; while Xardan was ruthless in his massacre of the mages, he hadn't needed to go out seeking them as they fought to defend their home. The main street from the gate to the center square was ruined, but the rest of the city was surprisingly intact. A wide staircase led from the center square to the library's front door. He dismounted and tied his horse to a fallen beam before he ascended the stairs with the practiced calm his nightmares had forced him to master. Xardan had wasted no time in the city. His Shadow Lightning carved a path through the ranks of mages and his soldiers jumped into them before the Illyrians could close their lines. He rallied his men in the center square and led them up the stairs in perfect, practiced formation. Lightning and fire lashed out at the column, only to clash uselessly against Xardan's shadowy defenses. Xardan moved mercilessly as his shadow magic both protected his men and leveled the entrance. The library had never been set right after Xardan's attack, and the man had to resist the urge to straighten the various toppled tables and bookshelves. With the door blasted from its hinges and one of the far glass walls shattered, the valuable contents of the library had become victim to the unpredictable weather that the ocean threw onto the mainland. A thin layer of dirt and dust that the wind had allowed to settle revealed a dozen pairs of footprints that would have led the man to what the other visitors had come here for, but he only paid them enough mind to determine that none were fresh enough to be less than a week old and went straight toward the central courtyard. In the brighter days, the wizards had used the stone floored courtyard to facilitate their cauldron fires as they experimented with various potions and brews. The open roof allowed the smoke to drift harmlessly upward, while the glass doors and walls surrounding the courtyard protected the books inside from the weather while still brightening the interior of the building with natural sunshine. Xardan arched his blade around to slay another wizard before he finally turned toward the courtyard. Several wizards smirked through the glass they had reinforced with their magic. The Knight of the Black Era tapped the enchanted glass walls with the tip of his blade before turning to walk deeper into the library. Cheers and shouts rose up from the wizards at the Knight's apparent defeat. One by one the cheers silenced as the nearby shadows thickened, darkened and twisted obediently onto Xardan's blade; the gleaming steel turned to a dark, forbidding black. The Knight of the Black Era shifted his foot back, turned, and threw the black blade. Shattered glass lay strewn around the courtyard among the various skeletal remains of dead wizards that scavenging animals had left alone for whatever reason, proving undeniably that Xardan's attack had scattered the wizards too quickly for them to clean their former shrine. Preparing for long hours he was planning to spend in the library, the man dropped his saddlebags, pulled various supplies from them and lit a small fire. Various ingredients and spices made their way into a pot followed by several strips of dried meat and within minutes the man had a stew simmering nicely over the flames. Pulling a torch from its wall sconce, the man lit it from his fire and turned into the deeper reaches of the library. He knew the tome he wanted was rare and powerful and could only be found in the high wizard's collection; if it was here at all. The high wizard's fire landed harmlessly against Xardan's Shadow Shield as he stormed into the office. Xardan passed the wizard a wicked grin as he spun his blade mockingly. The high wizard started casting a spell that Xardan knew he would never finish as the wizard’s shadow started rising up his legs. The Knight of the Black Era had placed dark wards of deep shadows across the door leading into the high wizard's quarters. After careful examination, the man saw that none of the wizards had even attempted dispelling them, and used his own magic to lift them. The high wizard's skeleton still lay slumped against the glass wall where Xardan had left him all those years ago. Out of the corner of his vision, the man saw a shadow run through his camp in the courtyard below. The man's blade flashed from its scabbard and the shadows bent to block his torchlight from passing beyond the windows, though he knew it was likely too late already. Cautiously, the man continued back into the high wizard's personal collection of books and shelves. Before he could react, a firm hand pressed against his back and a small blade rested against his neck. Binding spells restricted his knees, ankles, and wrists and forced him to drop down to the floor. "No gag?" the man asked. "I can't get answers from you if you can't talk," a female voice replied. "You got up here fast. You Traveled, I assume?" "Why would you assume that?" "I saw you running through the light of my camp only seconds ago." "And how do you know it was me? It could have easily been a companion of mine while I was up here all along." "A companion!? You? I would sooner believe the Trelain had left Talar!" The blade lifted from the man's throat and the Binds released his hands and legs. "You know me too well, Xardan Ta'Caran; but times are changing. Faelhart’s war is escalating uncontrollably! I have to travel with companions and you are going to have to let others help you." “So you do have a companion then?” The woman scoffed as she replied, “Not yet.” A brief moment of silence passed over the room as Xardan stood and brushed the dust from his pants. "Why are you here, Ilays?" Xardan asked. "The same reason you are, though I only stayed this long to save you time." Ilays replied, "The tome you seek isn't here, but the high wizard had notes on some of its last known locations." "And where are those?" “One is an old Lythrain city, buried in an earthquake ages ago; it is my intent to search there.” “And the others?” Xardan pressed. "There is only one other location listed: Ealthen’s Monastery." Ilays answered. "I see…” Xardan muttered, “So that’s their secret…”
  4. I've been working on a new idea for a magic system for a while and about 2 days ago, it finally hit me so, here you go. Magic is called Channeling in my world and the source of it is Ether, an Omni-present force that controls all of the Cosmos. People known as Sorcerers use the Ether to channel different powers called Forces into the Cosmos. The powers are very strange but they all focus on the manipulation of matter & energy. There are 3 big limitations to Channeling: Sorcerers are either born or given only two different Forces to channel when they become Sorcerers. Channeling takes a lot out of the body because Ether also uses up bodily energy called Willpower, which fuels all sentient creatures. Using too much Willpower will eventually exhaust the Sorcerer to the point of almost dying. You have to gain the ability to Channel by either having an ancestor that was a Sorcerer, being connected to the Ether through some kind of spiritual bond, or coming into contact with some kind of magical artifact with two Forces in it. There are 12 Forces that Sorcerers can Channel, and they are... Vibration - The sorcerer can create waves of vibration around them and even control the frequencies that objects vibrate. Transmutation - The sorcerer can transform matter into other forms of matter similar to it (i.e. water can become steam or ice, or sand can become glass). Gravitation - The sorcerer can alter a target's gravitational direction and strength. Ionization - The sorcerer can create a plasma that they can use as an ionized air channel to allow electric currents to flow through, thereby creating electricity. Solidification - The sorcerer can manipulate the cohesion of matter to make the molecules fluid or harden them to create harder surfaces. Incineration - The sorcerer can manipulate thermal energy to create fire or heat. Attraction - The sorcerer can manipulate the magnetic attraction between objects as well as the friction that two objects have. Elongation - The sorcerer can stretch, deform, expand, or contract an object’s shape into any form imaginable. Hallucination - The sorcerer can manipulate light to create visual illusions that can be either witnessed by one person or a whole group of people. Translocation - The sorcerer can transfer matter and/or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. Infusion - The sorcerer can channel energy into a specific object, infusing the object with full energy. Reconstruction - The sorcerer can reverse the damage done to organic/inorganic matter. If you have any suggestion, don't feel hesitant to put them in the comments.
  5. Sorry if I'm stealing anybodies thunder but I found the chapter and thought I would post it for anybody else who wanted to see it.
  6. So it looks like its gonna be non-cosmere but about dragons!
  7. Hello everyone. This is my first post, so please correct me on beginner's mistakes. Also, please notify me if this topic has already been done. Anyway, lets get onto the topic. After reading Calamity (multiple times), I've started to wonder what Calamity is. It has the qualities of a Shard, but it isn't in the Shardworld system. So what is it? That's the topic of this discussion.
  8. Now, I'm probably not the only one who's thought how epic (sorry, bad pun) it would be if people from different serieses (is that even how you say it?) could come together and become the ultimate warrior. This doesn't include Shards and gods from the percy jackson series since they either are not allowed to directly interfere or they don't have bodies so they can't really do anything. So, so far, this is what I have: Percy + Nico + Annabeth + Katniss + TLR + Reynik + Femke + Kaladin + Fitch + Calamity + Eragon + Mandorallen + Garion/Belgarion + Galbatorix + Silk + Lorelei von Leyden + Ruby Redfort + Hitch + Thor + Heracles + Four + Antikas Karios + a ton of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Together, these characters are from: Winter Warriors; the Belgariad/the Malloreon; the Inheritance Cycle; Ruby Redfort; the Norse myths; the Greek myths; Heroes of Olympus; Mistborn; the Rithmatist; the Stormlight Archive; the Lorien Legacies; Imperial Assassin; Reckoners. Together, these people make someone who is a Mistborn; a Feruchemist; can control wind, lightning, water, the dead; is super smart; is the ultimate epic; can break into people's minds really well; can use magic in it's various different forms; can fight really well with a sword and spear and can throw a knife really accurately; is a master martial artist; is great at codes; can parkour; is really strong; is a master of disguise; can shoot a bow really well; is a windrunner; can use any legacy (due to his/her Ximic). If you think of anything else to add, just leave a comment down below, but just make sure to add the name of the series/book the character is from. Edit: P.S. please make sure that this doesn't include books with really bad magic systems, like Harry Potter (I'm not saying the books are bad, just that the magic system is really cr*p since it doesn't have any boundaries or limits or stuff you must have to do anything (this doesn't include wands!))
  9. I can't be the first person to notice that some of Sanderson's characters seem quite similar. Now, let me be clear, I'm not saying this is a bad thing, and I'm not insulting his writing. I'd be lying to myself if I insulted his work, and also, I don't want to wake up with a Hemalurgic spike in my back. I just thought it'd be fun to point out parallels between characters. For example: A young, high-ranking man who just wants to lead their country and do what's best for the people, but their dad doesn't make things any easier. At least they have their awesome girlfriend to support them, who's also a pretty good fighter. I think Elend and Raoden would get along pretty well, actually...
  10. Hey Sharders! I'm wondering what books would make the most sense to read next. If you guys have any suggestions, that would be awesome! I've already read the following: Mistborn: The Final Empire The Well of Ascension The Hero of Ages The Alloy of Law Shadows of Self The Bands of Mourning Mistborn: Secret History The Rithmatist The Stormlight Archive: The Way of Kings Words of Radiance Elantris: Elantris, Tenth Anniversary Version The Emperor's Soul Alcatraz: Alcatraz Vs The Evil Librarians Alcatraz Vs The Scrivener's Bones Alcatraz Vs The Knights of Crystallia Alcatraz Vs The Shattered Lens Warbreaker These aren't necessarily in the order I read them. If I did that, it would be way confusing. I've heard about some Cosmere shorts, but I'm not entirely sure what to search for. Any help at all is welcome!
  11. Ok, so I'll preface with two quick facts: I've read all the main Cosmere stories (excepting companion books) I'm an INCREDIBLY slow reader This leads me to to my question: Is it worth getting into the non-Cosmere works? I have many books and series on the horizon (e.g. Wise Man's Fear, Assassin's Apprentice, Wheel of Time series) and have to be a bit choosy with what I spend my time on because each book is a major commitment for me. That said, Way of Kings is my favorite book I've ever read. If I were to read some of the non-Cosmere books, which should I read? While I love Brandon Sanderson to death, I thought Elantris was so-so and permanently put down Alloy of Law after 2 chapters.