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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all! Back again with another world of my mind. This time, it's from a dream induced by quarantine and riots! Fun. The tl;dr for my dream is that it took place on a semi-futuristic planet inside a city that had a government and police force that was prejudiced against people with Powers, the common term for the supernatural abilities. I know, I know, incredibly imaginative. But it somewhat ties into the magic system itself. Powers originate (typically) from the Shard of Pragmatism. Pragmatism has a Vessel, is not Splintered, and isn't bound to the planet like Odium is to Braize. In fact, he's probably what we would call one of the Good Guys when it comes to Shards. No special modifiers, he's very much in a similar state to Cultivation, shardically. Attached to this post will be a chart I made detailing the known Powers and what they're like, categorized into 10 different sets. Internal/External, and Physical/Mental/Temporal/Spiritual. Very similar to Allomancy, yes. But you might have already done the math and realized "wait, that's only 8 sets, where's the other 2?" Well, the last 2 sets are the Internal/External sets of the Void Segment of the chart. Void powers originate from the second Shard of the world, Vengeance. Vengeance was Splintered by Odium in a struggle not unlike his battle with Ambition, but with Pragmatism stepping in to drive Odium off just after the Splintering of Vengeance. Vengeance's splinters settled onto the world (which, I still need a good name for, suggestions for that are welcome) and Pragmatism decided to oversee the Splinters to make sure they wouldn't wreak havoc on the planet's CR and PR. Thankfully, they remained mostly dormant, and time passed with Odium moving on and getting locked on Braize some time after the battle. Unlike Allomancy, these Powers do not require a physical key in the form of Metal. Instead, each person with a Power can only use so much Investiture per day. This is a result of Pragmatism's Intent. He only allows a certain "budget" of Investiture per person per day, and using it pragmatically is key to getting the most out of your Power. It's a bit like if a Surgebinder could draw on a certain amount of Stormlight per day without needing filled gems to breathe in from. However, the Splinters of Vengeance are not as dormant as once thought. Under the oppression and genocide of Powered humans by non-powered law enforcement and government, the Splinters of Vengeance are stirring, drawn towards Void Powered people with an intense desire to exact, well, Vengeance upon those that wronged them or their loved ones. When this desire, this Intent you could say, reaches a critical point, a Splinter can bond to the Void Powered individual, granting them an Ascended Form. Ascended Forms are not full, Shardic Ascension like Sazed to Harmony. Instead, these forms are like mini-Avatar ascensions. A large reservoir of Investiture to be sure, but nowhere near as massive as a full Shard. However, a key difference now is that the Ascended Void user can draw on their reservoir with much less restriction. It's not artificially gated like Pragmatism's Investiture supply. This empowers the Ascended Void user to enact their vengeance upon the world, whatever it may be. And for many, this would be the extent of their power. But for some, there is yet more to achieve. By remaining pragmatic despite their limits being relaxed, an Ascended Void user can earn a Splinter of Pragmatism, much like a Divine Breath from Endowment, doubling their capacity for power usage. This only takes place after proving their responsibility with an expanded Investiture pool, and the Intent of Pragmatism inside the Splinter will reinforce that slightly, much like how a whole shard warps the mindset of whoever the Vessel is. This way, Pragmatism can be reasonably certain that the Ascended Void user will remain responsible with their power. Often, when he grants this Splinter, he will tell the recipient of the greater Cosmere, and the battle between Odium and Vengeance, telling them of how dangerous and destructive Odium is, and entrusting them with the task of Worldhopping off of the planet to find some way of making sure Odium stays a non-issue for as long as possible. Some will take on this task, seeing how it's so important to not only this world, but many others, and some will decide what's more important is getting things sorted out on this world before tackling that much bigger issue. So few people have truly Ascended in this manner and Worldhopped that they're effectively unknown in the greater Cosmere, electing to stay hidden and plan things out in secret, pulling the strings from behind the scenes to orchestrate a true defeat of Odium. An interesting other parallel to Mistborn is that what's happening with these Double Ascensions is that this is basically a slow-burn version of the mixture of Ruin and Preservation into Harmony. Now it's Pragmatism and Vengeance slowly blending into... Something. What would be a good combined Intent name for these? The second attached picture is a drawing I made of the Void Spark Ascended Form's arm, with Spark Blades manifested above each fingertip. I'll eventually do a full-body drawing of it, but for now, this is all I could get to look reasonable. (plus it was alright practice for hand anatomy. I cheated a little by making the fingers spiky triangles.)
  2. I was bored, and, like any normal person would, I decided to make my own, non-canon, hypothetical "quadrant" to add to the three Metallic Arts. I used real metals and alloys of those real metals (including the infamous silver), but these effects could easily be Lerasium alloys' effects instead, if you want them to be more canon. 2 of them would be Physical (Cobalt and Nixium, likely would be alloys of Lerasium and iron/steel), and 2 would be Enhancement (Silver and Argentum, would likely be alloys of aluminum and duralumin). I also have a nice little minimalist chart of these 4 set up, just for the fun of it, and for practicing graphic design for later. I'll elaborate on the brief descriptions of the powers in each of the segments of that chart here. - The quadrant itself is the Mystic metals category. It's a nice catch-all term for the somewhat disparate abilities of the metals, without just being "hybrid" again like Feruchemy's hybrid quadrant. - The Mystic Allomantic metals, as mentioned above, are 2 Physical effects and 2 Enhancement effects. Cobalt/Nixium's effects work by altering the overall velocity of a metallic object within reach. Nixium Pushes the metals, adding to their current velocity. However, like Steel, the Pushes are equal and opposite reactions on the Allomancer as well, as if they themselves were Pushing in the same direction that Nixium is adding the velocity in. So to accelerate an object upwards, the Allomancer will be pushed downwards equally in exchange. - Likewise, Cobalt Pulls on metals, reducing their current velocity, including the inevitable pull of gravity, allowing an allomancer to produce hovering footholds with which to leap between. As with Nixium, Cobalt transfers force to the allomancer, meaning that the taken velocity is added to theirs. This results in the allomancer feeling an increased gravitational pull when stopping a metal object from falling, based on the mass of the object being anchored. - Ahh, Silver, silver, silver... A tricky metal to be sure, and quirky enough to explain why it was (and, is) considered Allomantically Inert by all metalborn. Silver works by channeling its power into the "floodgates" of other metals' power, flowing into and through the Allomancer via their other burning metals. When burned by itself, this effect enters a feedback loop of constricting its own power, which induces a nauseating feeling that is almost completely indistinguishable from the sickness of burning a non-allomantic metal or impure alloy. Burning silver and Duralumin amplifies this issue, as the Silver constricts both the duralumin and itself, while the duralumin forces the Silver to expend itself at astronomical rates, causing the silver constriction to intensify to the point where no power can flow, releasing a huge amount of pent-up allomantic power when the constriction wears off, sickening the allomancer deeply, even killing them. Flaring silver and duralumin will kill an allomancer foolish enough to try it. When properly employed, Silver reduces the power output per gram of metal, which may seem purely negative as Aluminum does, but it comes with the added benefit of making the allomancer's metal resources more difficult to Leech or Nicroburst away, keeping them safe from harm while you have Silver to burn. -Argentum, then, is the opposite. It uses the influx of power from Preservation to widen the "floodgates" of other metals burned alongside it. It enhances the power output per gram of metal, which pairs nicely with Duralumin, giving you a further multiplication on power received per second. It also allows you to be a bit more subtle with your burn rate, keeping a low burn while still getting a fair bit of power out of the metals. As you might guess, Argentum-boosted metals are easier to Leech or Nicroburst away. As well, Argentum Savants are not terribly uncommon among Argentum allomancers, due to the fact that by burning Argentum alone, you can have a positive feedback loop of increasing power flowing through via Argentum widening its own "floodgates" over and over. Benefits of Argentum Savantism include a generally improved power output per gram of metal in all metals that the Savant can burn, and an improved ability to control your metals' burn rates. Drawbacks include an addiction-like dependence on Argentum allomancy, as well as a particular vulnerability to being Nicrobursted. Some speculate that the Argentum Allomancer welcomes the rush of power from a Nicroburst on a subconscious level, being familiarized with it from Argentum Allomancy, though this is unconfirmed. - The Mystic Feruchemical metals, then, are quite fun. Cobalt feruchemy is my personal favorite, as it allows the feruchemist to shrink or grow, like ant-man. Cobaltminds are often worn as bracelets at normal size, rings at large size, and a belt at small size, with their standard "big" and "small" sizes being dependent on when the Cobaltmind fits as such. Cobalt Feruchemy also strengthens the body to prevent it from collapsing at larger sizes from the Square-Cube Law, and to allow mobility even at such sizes, much like how Iron feruchemy strengthens the body to allow movement at great weights. - Nixium Feruchemy is rather odd, as it stores Ionic Energy. Fire, Electricity, both can be stored in Nixiumminds, allowing a Nixium feruchemist to quench flames or deplete batteries and charge their metalminds with that type of energy. One Nixiummind cannot store both fire and electrical energy in it at a time, but multiple Nixiumminds can be employed by a Nixium feruchemist to circumvent this. When tapping, the Nixium Feruchemist can direct the stored energy out of their body, typically through the hands, casting lightning bolts or spouts of flame. It's one of the most visually stunning feruchemical powers, to be sure. The Feruchemist is also protected from electrocuting or burning themselves when tapping. - Silver feruchemy stores Light from a small radius around a feruchemist, typically close to their skin, though further out as they store more aggressively. In an enclosed room with a large amount of uncharged silver, a feruchemist can darken the whole room to pitch-black for some time. Tapping Silver causes the Feruchemist to glow, illuminating the area around them. They are also not blinded by the light emitted from their Silver feruchemy, though others can be, making a quick, aggressive tapping of Silver an effective flashbang, of sorts, disorienting foes. (side note: this unintentionally made a pun of Silver-light. I couldn't pass this up after I realized that.) - Argentum Feruchemy stores Sound, a fitting counterpart to Silver. When storing, the feruchemist and his/her immediate surroundings become muted, with the area affected increasing as they store more aggressively. When tapping, sounds produced by the feruchemist become amplified, moreso the more they tap. With enough stored Sound, the feruchemist can create dangerously loud sounds, which is of particular effect against Tineyes or Windwhispers. The feruchemist is also strengthened to be able to withstand the loud noises they produce, unable to deafen themselves. - Cobalt Hemalurgy steals Mystic Allomantic powers. Pretty simple, just like any other allomancy-stealing spike. - Nixium Hemalurgy steals Mystic Feruchemical Powers, which functions just as expected. - Silver Hemalurgy steals Spiritual Fortitude, which is somewhat complex. A spike will enhance the "can't push/pull on metals inside someone" effect, will reinforce the user against Emotional allomantic possession, and even increases the spike threshold for Shardic possession by a net gain of 1 for every silver spike (of average strength). A Silver Kandra Blessing would make them immune to Emotional allomantic possession, and almost fully immune to Shardic possession, in theory being more trouble than it's worth, requiring too much concentration to break through (if we're talking about Ruin trying to control an army of Kandra, Koloss, and Inquisitors, which, isn't likely to happen again. But a Silver Kandra COULD resist Harmony, if they tried hard enough, though that is in part due to his conflicting Intents, rather than the sheer strength of Silver. - Argentum Hemalurgy Steals Physical Immunity, which is to say, potency of your Immune System, and liver. Diseases, and poisons, are reduced in effectiveness against someone with a Nixium spike. So, what do you guys think? These WOULD be more logical as godmetal alloys, i admit, but the idea was too fun to pass up to stave off boredom.
  3. non-canon

    The crowd was... oddly silent. The honest truth was no one was really expecting a duel like this, no one had known Wes or Deteca for fighting. Little did they know they were in a non-canon thread, so they had to be within the arena. Wes gulped. Such a big crowd... why had he even agreed to a duel anyway? He waved to his opponent.
  4. As the title suggests, this will likely not be a lengthy celebration. There’s two reasons for that. The first is that I didn’t ask for anyone’s permission before posting this interruption to the RP, so there’s a small chance that the mod team fire marshals are going to shut us down. The second is that this thread is to commemorate a specific date. One year ago, on July 22, 2018, this community got a subforum. We rose from the depths of the SGCG section and punched our way into being a fully-fledged ROLEPLAY. I can’t find where it was decided, but I remember there being general support to celebrate this occasion with an annual holiday. I believe that the day we agreed on that was July 23, and so that is that date that people marked on their calendars, despite it not being the true anniversary. (If anyone with a better memory than me wants to clarify what happened, feel free to add your two cents.) But whether it was on July 22 or 23, the point remains that sometime around now… IT’S ALLEYVERSE LIBERATION DAY! Since the date of the holiday is ambiguous, I’m making this party an at least two-day affair, to cover our bases. Everyone’s invited, so spread the word. When you show up, I’d recommend doing present tense, first-person roleplay (similar to how the DA’s thread was pre-subforum, for reference). We’ll need people to bring snacks, obviously, but people are welcome to share their thoughts and memories too. We’ve hit a milestone! Let’s mark it in style. Who wants a party cookie?
  5. Eubeal stepped inside the (false)Waystop, a 'man' in a nice suit and clean leather shoes with a completely chrome mask with no features, his hands were in his pockets and not an inch of flesh could be seen. His connection with the strange voice back. He saw his target: Ioc. The denizens of the Waystop looked at the newcomer. "Ioc, come with me please." The man gestured with his shoulder, his hands still hidden in his pockets. He didn't really need to wait for Ioc to respond, he just manipulated the scalar value of distance to zero —for him and Ioc— to a point outside the Waystop. "I represent a group called the Reality Slayers and we've detected some spikes in power here, they sent me to take care of it. Either leave this plane of existence or I'll be forced to use force. If you don't possess the means to exit a specific universe or multiverse, we have someone that can ferry you to a different universe more suited to your level of power. Keep the balance and all that." He nodded. "Questions?"
  6. The Silver Sentry, a colossal statue built of stone and metal, and plated with aluminum stood overlooking Wall Hold, a magnificent, shining city that stood against all that was dark and corrupt, the melting pot of cultures from the farthest edges of the planet. The Sentry had its eyes forward, back to the city, the only thing it knew was one command: "Upon call, destroy that which threatens the city, then become dormant again."
  7. Hey all. Long time creeper, first time speaker here. Like most of us here, I think, I'm a nerd. I built Lego models when I was a kid, computers when I was in highschool, and I've been playing D&D for years now (longer than I've been reading Sanderon's works, in fact). I've always loved the freedom that comes with tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, so I've brought it upon myself to find a way to merge these passions of mine with the works of the Cosmere into a single, fun-to-share project. Enter: The Cosmere Universe Guide. A mostly brand-new set of rules and character options for D&D 5e. I've been working on this project off-and-on for the better part of a year now, and while I've made a great deal of progress, I'm starting to hit a wall in some areas. That's why I'm here now; Who wants to make a game? While I personally have no idea how, say, a spren's decision to bond a radiant works, I'm willing to bet that there's someone on here who's made it their life's goal to figure out the most minute of details. Right now, I'm struggling to flesh out one of the new classes; the Allomancer. I'll post a link to the WIP document, so you can see what I'm talking about. As you can imagine, writting a class with 16 sub-classes, based on a magic with strict rules we don't fully understand is a little difficult. Any ideas or suggestions for new class abilities or changes to existing powers are welcome, and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about an actual full-scale Cosmere RPG! Thanks AllomancerWIP.pdf
  8. I have been particularly interested in the alternate ending to Well of Ascension for quite some time. In the explanation for why he changed it, Brandon explicitly mentions that there are hints of Shards. In the original ending (which I should stress is non-canon), the Well is in the mountains and Sazed is attacked by Marsh at the Conventical of Seran, before he can read the plate. The key scene happens just before Marsh kills Sazed with his own Coppermind: I have long thought that this was the aforementioned hint. Now, previously I had asked Brandon if we had seen these other mist spirits, with the implication that they were Shards. He was a bit non-committal the first time. This time I was more direct. He confirmed that those spirits were three other Shards, and I asked him to put the name of one of them into my book. He hesitated until I pointed out that it wasn't canon anymore. So, in this alternate ending, Endowment was there* to stop Marsh from killing Sazed. The asterisk is from Brandon, which I take to mean both that it is not canon and that there is some weirdness. This raises all sorts of interesting questions. Did those three Shards arrive because they had particularly good foresight? Who else was there? Did they actually travel all the way across the galaxy, or did they somehow project themselves? How often do the Shards actually intercede in cosmere-scale events on other planets? In retrospect, it makes sense that Endowment has very good foresight. She specifically sends Returned back with a purpose, even if they don't see why until it is right upon them. I also would suspect that Cultivation was there, which makes me wonder if Odium killed Honor when she left (in this alternate universe).
  9. So, I lost a bet, and I need to create an order of Knights Radiant. From scratch. Which is FUN. The Spren of this order are the Sovereignspren, and the Theme of the order is Leadership, distinct from the Leadership of the Bondsmmiths in that the Bondsmiths are like Admirals, whereas these guy would be more like the Captains of particular ships. They also serve as liaisons to Vanilla Kings and organizations, and preform the wondrous and exciting task of herding the cats known as the Knights Radiant in the direction of the enemy. They're also handy scapegoats for the other orders when things go less than well, but that's neither here nor there. Essentially, they are Radiants who specialize in being NCOs/Junior Officers, while the Bondsmiths are General Officers or Flag Officers. They also serve as skilled advisors or whatever to vanilla armies when the situation demands it. I have no idea for the Divine Attributes. In any case, I've got the Oaths worked out, mostly and they are, in no particalar order beyond the first: 1. LBDSBWJBD 2. I shall set to right the wrongs of the world. 3. I shall not deny truth, even if it is painful to me. 4. I shall lead others to create a better world. 5. I shall stand in vigil against the darkness of man. The Oaths are intentionally broad, so as to allow them to work with the other orders. On paper. Sometimes it even worked. In any case, their Surges are Gravitation and Transformation, because they are the coolest becase they are the only ones we know anything about becaue they are thematically appropriate. What I need to figure out is the mechanics for their soulcasting (And their name). Lightweavers tell their spren a truth (forcing them to confront unpleasant aspects of themselves) and Elsecallers close their eyes (sacrificing their sight while in use) to Soulcast. Sanderson says prices for magic is always good, so I'm trying to think of a good mechanic and appropriate cost for their Soulcasting? Ideas?