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Found 8 results

  1. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

    1. R J

      R J

      It is The Truth. 

    2. AonEne


      Is that your dog, or did you just find the image? 

    3. R J

      R J

      I just found the image. My family has cats sadly 

  2. non-canon

    The crowd was... oddly silent. The honest truth was no one was really expecting a duel like this, no one had known Wes or Deteca for fighting. Little did they know they were in a non-canon thread, so they had to be within the arena. Wes gulped. Such a big crowd... why had he even agreed to a duel anyway? He waved to his opponent.
  3. As the title suggests, this will likely not be a lengthy celebration. There’s two reasons for that. The first is that I didn’t ask for anyone’s permission before posting this interruption to the RP, so there’s a small chance that the mod team fire marshals are going to shut us down. The second is that this thread is to commemorate a specific date. One year ago, on July 22, 2018, this community got a subforum. We rose from the depths of the SGCG section and punched our way into being a fully-fledged ROLEPLAY. I can’t find where it was decided, but I remember there being general support to celebrate this occasion with an annual holiday. I believe that the day we agreed on that was July 23, and so that is that date that people marked on their calendars, despite it not being the true anniversary. (If anyone with a better memory than me wants to clarify what happened, feel free to add your two cents.) But whether it was on July 22 or 23, the point remains that sometime around now… IT’S ALLEYVERSE LIBERATION DAY! Since the date of the holiday is ambiguous, I’m making this party an at least two-day affair, to cover our bases. Everyone’s invited, so spread the word. When you show up, I’d recommend doing present tense, first-person roleplay (similar to how the DA’s thread was pre-subforum, for reference). We’ll need people to bring snacks, obviously, but people are welcome to share their thoughts and memories too. We’ve hit a milestone! Let’s mark it in style. Who wants a party cookie?
  4. Eubeal stepped inside the (false)Waystop, a 'man' in a nice suit and clean leather shoes with a completely chrome mask with no features, his hands were in his pockets and not an inch of flesh could be seen. His connection with the strange voice back. He saw his target: Ioc. The denizens of the Waystop looked at the newcomer. "Ioc, come with me please." The man gestured with his shoulder, his hands still hidden in his pockets. He didn't really need to wait for Ioc to respond, he just manipulated the scalar value of distance to zero —for him and Ioc— to a point outside the Waystop. "I represent a group called the Reality Slayers and we've detected some spikes in power here, they sent me to take care of it. Either leave this plane of existence or I'll be forced to use force. If you don't possess the means to exit a specific universe or multiverse, we have someone that can ferry you to a different universe more suited to your level of power. Keep the balance and all that." He nodded. "Questions?"
  5. The Silver Sentry, a colossal statue built of stone and metal, and plated with aluminum stood overlooking Wall Hold, a magnificent, shining city that stood against all that was dark and corrupt, the melting pot of cultures from the farthest edges of the planet. The Sentry had its eyes forward, back to the city, the only thing it knew was one command: "Upon call, destroy that which threatens the city, then become dormant again."
  6. Hey all. Long time creeper, first time speaker here. Like most of us here, I think, I'm a nerd. I built Lego models when I was a kid, computers when I was in highschool, and I've been playing D&D for years now (longer than I've been reading Sanderon's works, in fact). I've always loved the freedom that comes with tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D, so I've brought it upon myself to find a way to merge these passions of mine with the works of the Cosmere into a single, fun-to-share project. Enter: The Cosmere Universe Guide. A mostly brand-new set of rules and character options for D&D 5e. I've been working on this project off-and-on for the better part of a year now, and while I've made a great deal of progress, I'm starting to hit a wall in some areas. That's why I'm here now; Who wants to make a game? While I personally have no idea how, say, a spren's decision to bond a radiant works, I'm willing to bet that there's someone on here who's made it their life's goal to figure out the most minute of details. Right now, I'm struggling to flesh out one of the new classes; the Allomancer. I'll post a link to the WIP document, so you can see what I'm talking about. As you can imagine, writting a class with 16 sub-classes, based on a magic with strict rules we don't fully understand is a little difficult. Any ideas or suggestions for new class abilities or changes to existing powers are welcome, and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about an actual full-scale Cosmere RPG! Thanks AllomancerWIP.pdf
  7. I have been particularly interested in the alternate ending to Well of Ascension for quite some time. In the explanation for why he changed it, Brandon explicitly mentions that there are hints of Shards. In the original ending (which I should stress is non-canon), the Well is in the mountains and Sazed is attacked by Marsh at the Conventical of Seran, before he can read the plate. The key scene happens just before Marsh kills Sazed with his own Coppermind: I have long thought that this was the aforementioned hint. Now, previously I had asked Brandon if we had seen these other mist spirits, with the implication that they were Shards. He was a bit non-committal the first time. This time I was more direct. He confirmed that those spirits were three other Shards, and I asked him to put the name of one of them into my book. He hesitated until I pointed out that it wasn't canon anymore. So, in this alternate ending, Endowment was there* to stop Marsh from killing Sazed. The asterisk is from Brandon, which I take to mean both that it is not canon and that there is some weirdness. This raises all sorts of interesting questions. Did those three Shards arrive because they had particularly good foresight? Who else was there? Did they actually travel all the way across the galaxy, or did they somehow project themselves? How often do the Shards actually intercede in cosmere-scale events on other planets? In retrospect, it makes sense that Endowment has very good foresight. She specifically sends Returned back with a purpose, even if they don't see why until it is right upon them. I also would suspect that Cultivation was there, which makes me wonder if Odium killed Honor when she left (in this alternate universe).
  8. So, I lost a bet, and I need to create an order of Knights Radiant. From scratch. Which is FUN. The Spren of this order are the Sovereignspren, and the Theme of the order is Leadership, distinct from the Leadership of the Bondsmmiths in that the Bondsmiths are like Admirals, whereas these guy would be more like the Captains of particular ships. They also serve as liaisons to Vanilla Kings and organizations, and preform the wondrous and exciting task of herding the cats known as the Knights Radiant in the direction of the enemy. They're also handy scapegoats for the other orders when things go less than well, but that's neither here nor there. Essentially, they are Radiants who specialize in being NCOs/Junior Officers, while the Bondsmiths are General Officers or Flag Officers. They also serve as skilled advisors or whatever to vanilla armies when the situation demands it. I have no idea for the Divine Attributes. In any case, I've got the Oaths worked out, mostly and they are, in no particalar order beyond the first: 1. LBDSBWJBD 2. I shall set to right the wrongs of the world. 3. I shall not deny truth, even if it is painful to me. 4. I shall lead others to create a better world. 5. I shall stand in vigil against the darkness of man. The Oaths are intentionally broad, so as to allow them to work with the other orders. On paper. Sometimes it even worked. In any case, their Surges are Gravitation and Transformation, because they are the coolest becase they are the only ones we know anything about becaue they are thematically appropriate. What I need to figure out is the mechanics for their soulcasting (And their name). Lightweavers tell their spren a truth (forcing them to confront unpleasant aspects of themselves) and Elsecallers close their eyes (sacrificing their sight while in use) to Soulcast. Sanderson says prices for magic is always good, so I'm trying to think of a good mechanic and appropriate cost for their Soulcasting? Ideas?