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Found 1 result

  1. So I read that skyward was originally meant to be Cosmere and it made me wonder , what about the non shardic planets ? Khriss says they can't be visited due to lack of perpendicularities and I guess they don't have any magic systems either. But they would be free of the chaos and conflicts shards bring. SEL, Scadrial, Threnody, Ashyn, braize and roshar have been ravaged by it. The worlds under autonomy or her avatars suffer from isolationism , I guess. Nalthis is the only Shardworld that hasn't seen major conflicts and even it is quite backward for some reason. We don't know enough about Yolen to speculate. So now the normal worlds , Hmm , they have had 10,000 yrs of peace ( by peace I mean lack of Shardic conflicts , not no normal wars ) and many have good climes . The Drominad system alone has 3 of them. There are dozens more. I believe not all of them are claimed by autonomy's avatars or the unknown Shards. So could one of the non Shardic worlds , develop space travel before or at the same time as the shard worlds. They could rely on normal technologies like ours instead of investivure based ones. It might even be an advantage. Like they could have nukes , lasers , nanites , chemical and biological weapons and stuff . At first they might depend completely on normal tech , then after contact with the shardworlds they could integrate investiture based tech into their conventional ones . The shardworlds might neglect to do that since they might think thier tech is superior to conventional ones and make a surprised Pikachu face when they are subjected to nuclear bombardment from orbit. Hell maybe they could even create strains of lethal disease resistant to investivure based healing after they learn about Realistic theory. Hmmmmm something to think of. But I guess without FTL , they won't go too far. Unless they steal or buy or reverse engineer Scadrial tech. There are dozens more. I wonder if any one of them could eventually rival a shardworld. Whatchu think ?