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Found 1 result

  1. Cycle 1 “Oy, someone’s stole my knife!” The burly, bald-headed man with tattoos marking from the top of his spine, up and over his head and down to his chin, his belt with every imaginable weapon, and muscles more deadly than any one of them made for a menacing sight as he stood in the back of the open van and looked around at his companions for an answer. “Maybe yeh sat on it and it went up to ‘ide from yeh.” The rest of the group chuckled at this response, obviously used to the big man’s complaints. “You makin fun of me Dodger?” The large man leaned down over the man who’d made the snide remark. Dodger glanced up to look him in the face. “I can’t tell if yeh don’ know I was, Bran, er if yehr just tryin to intimidate me. Either way it’s not goin’ to work so just sit down. You’ve got like 5 knives and you’d best keep better watch of ‘em when we get to the city. More pickpockets there than among yer team.” Bran snarled at him, but sat down with a huff. Miranda covered a smile from the passenger seat in the front of the van as she felt beneath her vest at the cold steel she’d pilfered. She still had her careful fingers that had kept her alive all these years. “Shut up, all of you. We’re nearly there.” The driver flipped off the headlights and a massive dark silhouette loomed in the distance before them. They were getting close to the city. Miranda swallowed. She’d have to have more than this blade to keep her alive on her mission to find an epic. She’d need some nerves of steel as well. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to cycle 1! This cycle will end in 48 hours at 1 PM CST on the 21st of December Rule update! In order to increase game activity some new rules have been added and the game changed slightly. You can find the new rules here ! Good luck! Player List: The Black Market: