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Found 201 results

  1. So last year I had some thoughts on Azure's blade, and like with my Thaidakar theory this one also deserves an Update post-Row, only the update will be a correction, not just an extension. Prepare for some rambling: The theory: Azure's Blade was awakened using Valor's investiture. 1. The Nightblood book will feature Vasher and Vivenna visiting Valor's shardworld during their travels. 2. Either Vasher or Vivenna who learnt from him (Or Ysteel) will there awaken a new blade and use Valor's investiture to do it. See my old theory on my thoughts on the mechanics of this, but this prediction/theory is less about Investiture mechanics and more about, uh, themes and story. So, why do I think Azure's Blade is Valor-fueled: - We've seen the major shardworlds and magic systems already. I don't have the relevant WoB on hand, but I remember that that's the status. The only "major" magic system planned to maybe be introduced still would be Aethers, we've seen the other big ones already. We've had Valor namedropped in RoW, so I doubt it will be a shard that gets its own Novel to show off the world. What better place than the Established-characters-go-worldhopping-novel to introduce us to those kinds of worlds? - Azure's whole story in Oathbringer is so Heroic. The way her men talk about her, the way she defends this seemingly hopeless situation on a planet she isn't from and doesn't even really seem to plan to stay on. You could argue "yeah, duh, it's a fantasy novel, there's always Heroism there" and you'd be right, but I think this isn't just a coincidence. - I think the key to understanding why Azure's blade is so different from Nightblood is that it was created with another shards investiture in it. I'm a big fan of grouping shards not into "good" and "bad". In this case, I think the distinction we need to be looking for is "involved" and "distant/apathetic", if that makes sense. What I mean by that is that Endowment, for example, gives you your breath and the rest is up to you, which is in line with her role/intent. On the other hand, the Knight's Radiant have a lot of checks and balances included in their magic system + their oaths, which line up with Honor. I believe we see a hint of Valor's character in Azure's blade: Does that remind anyone else of Mjölnir? The weapon investigating the wielder, pssibly checking to see if you are "worthy". - We don't see the signature black smoke or any of the symptoms both Vasher and Szeth displayed when Nightblood fed on their Investiture when Azure used her blade. The black smoke seems to be because is Nightblood is filled over-the-brim with Investiture, but the other symptoms are It eating Investiture. Azure's blade didn't display that. I think this is due to two factors: 1. a different command, more refined and well-crafted than Nightblood's. 2. some kind of inherent difference, that leaves less to the Blade itself. The Blade's sentience seems to be more rudimentary than Nightbloods, whose sentience might stem in part from the character of the Investiture it was awakened with: Endowment. Nightblood is already the result of using one magic system to create an hommage to another, Awakening to imitate a Shardblade. Whose to say we can't go one degree further, Awakening with Valor's investiture to imitate a Shardblade. The combination of a more refined command plus the nature of Valor's investiture result in a blade a lot less volatile. We've seen Azure preparing to Awaken in Oathbringer. Nonetheless, the Vivenna we see in Oathbringer is a lot more confident and valorant (pun intended) than the Vivenna at the end of Warbreaker. I doubt we'll get a whole novel dedicated to Valors world, so I think we might expect to see it feature in Nightblood (book), with Vivenna learning some more things there and maybe gaining access to the resident magic system too, which might have a lot to do with/result in her motivation to a ) find Vasher and b ) help in Kholinar. What do you think? Crackpot theory or reasonable expectation?
  2. First of all, I put this post in the general Cosmere discussion because Nightblood is from Nalthis, this theory involves Scadrial, and Nightblood is now on Roshar, so I didn't feel like I could put this in only one book series. I was recently listening to the Mistborn Era 1 audiobooks, and Ruin's Intent made me think of Nightblood. Ruin likes to destroy things, guess who else loves to destroy. This made me think that Nightblood's creation could possibly have been influenced by Ruin. Nightblood's investiture is corrupted, which usually means the mixing of multiple shards' investitures. What if Ruin put some of his ruinous investiture into the sword, along with cultivation's investiture? Nightblood's black smoke is reminiscent of Ruin's mist. Second, I think the timeline works out. 1-5 of the SA take place around 330 PC. In my head I think of Warbreaker taking place around 30 years before the Stormlight Archive, and Nightblood's creation happened 300 years before Warbreaker. That would place the Manywar and the creation of Nightblood right around the time that Vin released Ruin from the Well of Ascension. Sorry if this is confusing. It made a lot more sense in my head, but I would love to know your guys' thoughts.
  3. After re-reading Oathbringer I realized that we never actually see a spren bonded to Szeth (maybe I just missed it but I'm pretty sure). Szeth also swears the third ideal thus becoming a full knight radiant, but he doesn't use a shardblade, rather he uses nightblood instead. I'm just wondering if I missed something, because it seems that Szeth has bonded night blood, and somehow gotten skybreaker abilities. Does anybody know why this is?
  4. From the album More Cynical Than Funny's terrible Stormlight art

    Here have some art.
  5. (Edit 4/16/21: spotted and fixed an error; these are the updated files) WarbreakerFont.otf WarbreakerFont.ttf WarbreakerFont_README.txt This image is simply the phrase "Hello, would you like to destroy some evil today?" rendered in the font above. I created this font using FontForge after being inspired by the fabulous discussion in this post, which transliterates the inscription on the cover of the leatherbound edition of Warbreaker. This script is not the Artisan's Script of Hallandren, since it does not use color (see this post from Isaac Stewart). I have simply called it "Nalthis" internally. If you compare this image to the leatherbound cover, you will notice a discrepancy in the word "destroy" - it appears to be spelled "deiroy" on the book, but I have spelled it normally here. See the transliteration post linked above for more details. All letters besides F, G, J, P, Q, X, and Z appear on the cover or on internal art. These missing letters were assigned by me based on trends in the IPA designations of similar glyphs and are in no way canon. I posted an image of a table showing the IPA designation of each letter in this thread. Additional unused glyphs created following the existing patterns are assigned to Unicode values: "Aacute" U+00C1 - same base stroke as A, Y "aacute" U+00E1 - same base stroke as A, Y "Eth" U+00D0 - same base stroke as D, T "eth" U+00F0 - same base stroke as D, T "Uacute" U+00DA - same base stroke as U, O "Esh" U+0283 - same base stroke as C "Tesh" U+02A7 - same base stroke as C The unused glyphs are also assigned based on IPA trends, but no automatic substitutions have been included in the font. It is possible that "th" is substituted by the "eth" character, "sh" by the "esh" character, and "ch" by the "tesh" character, but these letter combinations do not appear in the text samples mentioned above. To use this font, install your preference of the OpenType (.otf) or TrueType (.ttf) font file. If using MS Word, once you create a new document, type some text, and set the font to "Nalthis," you must also highlight the text, expand Word's "Font" section at the top (or press Ctrl+D), and navigate to the "Advanced" tab. Here you must select the checkbox "Kerning for fonts" under the "Character Spacing" section, and under the "OpenType Features" section select "all" from the drop-down menu labeled "Ligatures." Blame Microsoft for the convoluted method of enabling these features; I have heard that other programs do a better job. If you use a different text editor, search for information on "enabling advanced typography features" or "enabling ligatures and kerning" for your program of preference. My experience is limited to Windows & Microsoft; sorry I can't be of more help If you're familiar with FontForge and want to mess around with this font, here's the SFD file: WarbreakerFont.sfd
  6. Going through my second read through of the current set of books in the SA... And I can't believe I didn't catch it. If Syl, or presumably any bonded spren can become anything, almost at the whim of the radiant, to whatever is needed or thought of, that alone might have a potential lethality far beyond that of even nightblood. Why not, just imagine a shiny metal surface that is in the perfect shape to be instantly summoned that would be from your hand, to have a piece jutting into the eye slits of 100 shardbearer's around you? I know size limits seem to be largely figurative, but even if there was a limit there in size, toned down, why not something similar to nearly instantly KO anyone you are in a duel with even near you? It would take aiming and having to pretend to work around your opponents defenses much easier. Think multifaceted, and then take away all your opponents potential dodge options by having that spike also there. One could do this with less than the 6' of metal that we got already, but the pure unavoidable lethality radius would be much closer, but still more than possible if you could control you imagination enough, and simply get in range. This would be a far more dangerous attack to use in a huge amount of the close in fighting we have seen in the books. With a full knight radiant, it is almost described as being almost an instant transition, not even waiting for heart beats, with the spren forming to custom shapes near instantly, this could be done so easily to be so very hard to dodge from simply by manipulating the shape to just abstract pointy object that bear no semblance of a normal weapon at all, that would have a point part inside your opponents body's location rn, through any gaps in armor, with it's handle where your hand is already. Also, this is related, but why not simply summon Syl in a very thin piece of metal that envelops your entire body as a second skin? Sure, you couldn't breathe, see or move that well, but with high control, this could save you a lot of effort in defending for split seconds at a time in crucial spots, especially in times where one might not have sworn the oath for plate, and against other shardbearers...
  7. theory

    Back with another theory with probably more time put into overthinking organization and formatting than the content of the theory itself! This time, I'll be looking at our favorite little murder weapons, Nightblood and the Jezrien Stabbin' Knife, with bonus appearances from sprenblades, the Lezian Stabbin' Knife, and of course, Asterisk! (I'm sure various parts of this have been debated to death prior, but I haven't done a ton of looking around at other theories on this stuff yet. So oops if so.) As usual, this is full of everything being way over-cited even for common knowledge things, a.) to stay in the habit of citing, b.) to have exact wording handy, and c.) to try and avoid falling to commonly-held misconceptions. (0.) TL;DR Blackened wounds are an indication of something to do with the detachment of other aspects from the Physical aspect, but I am unsure what exactly distinguishes it from things that turn grey or white. Black smoke is related, though I am uncertain what it really is. (Despite the length of this post, my final conclusion is kind of wishy-washy on details, because it's all weird.) It is possible this is exclusive to Leeching (or similar but not identical mechanisms, such as raysium), but it is also possible it applies to other situations, and we just have not seen any of them yet. (1.) Background (2.) Finding Other Aspects (3.) Piercing the Realms (4.) Greying & Spiritual Draining (5.) Tying It All Together (6.) One Unresolved Question (I.) References
  8. After reading RoW Chapter 3 I just had a thought. We know Dalinar (and maybe? the other Bondsmiths for that matter) has the ability to infuse stormlight at will. I’m not sure exactly how much stormlight he has access to, but I’m guessing a lot—maybe as much as that of a Shard. Wouldn’t this make him the perfect candidate to wield Nightblood…he could literally feed it almost limitless amounts of investiture and let it do its thing. However, I don’t really see his character going out on the battlefield and doing any physical fighting anytime soon. Maybe he just has a 1-on-1 stand off against Odium or something. Thoughts? I’m not as well-versed in Cosmere lore as many of you, so I might be missing something.
  9. I'm curious to hear how others of you guys would describe Nightblood's voice. What qualities does it have? Does it sound like someone else in your mind?
  10. Hey all, Shard of Theory back with another hopefully awesome theory. I was thinking about Oathbringer, young Dalinar, and the Nightwatcher's(Cultivation's) boon to him, and this theory hit me like Vin hitting Straff at the end of Well of Ascension. The Nightwatcher offered Dalinar Nightblood, which he declined. The first time we see Nightblood in Roshar is in the hands of Nale, the at least partially insane Herald and leader of the Skybreakers. Nale, however, gives Nightblood to Szeth. We've all wondered where Nale got Nightblood - and I think we've all kind of assumed he picked it off a random "criminal's" body. But what if it's actually a boon from the Nightwatcher? I can see a crazy Herald going to a piece of God and asking to be able to destroy evil - isn't that what Nale wants? To end "evil" permanently? It's possible this has already been posted, or is common knowledge to all but me, but I haven't seen it before and so I wanted to share it with y'all. What do you think about Nale getting a boon from the Nightwatcher? Would he, and if so, what would he have asked for(or rather, how would he have worded it)? What do you think his curse is?
  11. Found this in "Shadows of Self" I thought it was deserveing of attention.
  12. So ... Nightblood has to go. He's already the most Invested object in the Cosmere, capable of killing a (weakened) Vessel, far stronger than the mere Bands of Mourning per Brandon. How can it be removed from the story? Well, who's really good at disposing of surplus Investiture? How about Rysn's great friend and protector, the Ancient Guardian, Chiri-Chiri? He eats Investiture, and presumably will need more and more as he grows and develops--he, like Nightblood, has already absorbed enough Investiture to become sapient. (That's my explanation, anyway--we know that enough Investiture gathered in one place becomes sapient by WoB.) In fact, Larkins are rather like non-murderous Nightbloods, aren't they? I predict [looks around to be sure no Vorin people are present] that Chiri-Chiri will end up draining a huge amount of Investiture from Nightblood. Might not kill him, but will most certainly weaken him. And like Nightblood, Chiri-Chiri never seems to be full. Another prediction: Chiri-Chiri will form a romantic, or at least child-producing, relationship with Nale's larkin (who drained Lift back in Edgedancer). Yet another: the Sleepless were worried that Rysn might become capable of actually exerting the Dawnshard power by becoming a Radiant. She agreed not to. But she does have a Connection to Chiri-Chiri. And if my first prediction is right, Chiri-Chiri will drain an enormous amount of Investiture from Nightblood and become, effectively, a demigod-dragon-flying-crab thing. Could the bonded pair of Rysn and Chiri-Chiri use the Dawnshard power?
  13. I mean it's already a very sad story: Vasher kills his wife in order to prevent her from unleashing an army of soul-eating swords on the world. But it potentially gets even worse. Because there's a number of WoBs suggesting that making Nightblood was a lot more complicated than "insert 1000 Breaths, get most ridiculously-Invested item in the Cosmere" and I'm getting the impression that something went into Nightblood's secret sauce that his creators weren't aware of. Like there was a Shard meddling, or some sort of disturbance in the Force right as they gave the Command. Which would mean that Shashara's recipe-- the one that Vasher killed her to prevent her from releasing it-- wouldn't have actually been able to forge Nightblood 2: The Invested Bugaloo. Her death would have been pointless. Vasher killed the woman he loved, and it didn't even make a difference. If I'm right, well, way to twist that knife, Brandon.
  14. So Vasher and Shashara came to Roshar to learn how to make an Endowment analogue of Shardblades. They return to Nalthis, and create the absurdly powerful and destructive Nightblood. This made me wonder, why is Nightblood so powerful. 1000 breaths is a lot of investiture, but is it comparable to Honor’s perpendicularity or that vessel he murdered (don’t know how to do spoiler tags, and I don’t want to ruin it for anyone). I didn’t think so, and it made me think maybe Vasher and Shashara took a Dawnshard and gave it to Nightblood, which would explain how he is so powerful. Kaladin also has some over the top feats as well. He was able to deflect a highstorm, fight two shardbearers on even ground; unarmored and lacking a shard blade. He is the only character (aside from Dalinar - but he has been bonding to a super-spren, partial shard, I have no idea what the storm father is) who is describe as having preternatural combat abilities. And I mean this in terms of pure combat abilities and not incorporating the surges into fighting styles. When he saves Adolin, he is basically fighting two shardbearers with his eyes closed. He completely outclasses Szeth in WoR. He defends a bridge, by himself against an entire squad of Parshendi. Every time this happens his inner monologue describes him as the wind, you cannot stop the wind, etc. No other wind runner is described this way either. Teft was arguably closer to the 4th ideal in RoW, and he needed to be treated by lift to stay awake, so it wasn’t because of that. Maybe Kaladin has a Dawnshard about Protect/Defend/something along those lines, one that Tanavast also had before the shattering. Maybe that is why he is called the “Son of Tanavast” so much. Maybe that is why Vyre said Kaladin was basically a force of nature. Maybe the poem: “Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above.” Is about Kaladin.
  15. So Raysium has passive ability of sucking in investiture. Nightblood sucks in investiture. There isn’t many other things that could suck in investiture while being a sword. We know Nightblood was based off of a shardblade because Vasher and Shashara visited Roshar. They could have also discovered Raysium and used that for nightblood’s blade. It seems pretty plausible and makes a lot of sense. I don’t think there is any reason why this wouldn’t be a valid theory, but if there is, I’d love to hear it.
  16. I've seen some threads on Nightblood, but not this specific question. My apologies if its there and I missed it though poor search or it being buried form months ago. Odium(Rayse) pulls T and night blood into their "realm" (for lack of better word). T stabs Rayse/Odium with Nightblood. Nightblood is engorged on the sheer volume and stops feasting and becomes sated/lethargic. We know that Nightblood corrupts Investiture to some other investiture, which would effectively make what was corrupted unavailable to Odium(shard). I believe Nightblood killed Rayse and sucked his investiture, but a person doesn't have enough to sate Nighblood, so I (think) Nightblood HAD to eat/chew/corrupt some of the actual shards investiture too. Does this now leave Odium (even a smidge) weaker than before and than all other non shattered shards (since they all started with an even 1/16th)? Could Nightblood have done enough damage (that the new Todium is unaware of because he's new and not aware of power lvl 9000 before the event compared to his now power lvl 8500) that he's measurable weaker than other shards? Possibly in a way that will lead to his downfall later?
  17. Now that Nightblood has consumed (what was left of) Rayse, do you think his personality will become more rayselike? Surely absorbing an entire Vessel will have a lasting effect on our favorite sword-nimi.
  18. In RoW, Nightblood drinks in investiture until it is satiated, or filled. Does Nightblood leak investiture, and will be able to absorb more in the future, or is it now 'full', and doesn't have the power to drain investiture like it used to? If it does leak investiture, how long until it is powerful again? The foreshadowing seems to indicate there is a lot more in store for Nightblood, but now that it is full, I wonder how it will operate.
  19. I was just curious to know what kind of voicing you gave Nightblood as you read his dialog in Warbreaker and his appearances in Stormlight Archive. Almost immediately for me, the voice that came to me was Kristoffer Tabori's HK-47 from Knight of the Old Republic. IMO, Nightblood as a character was comically detached and had a naive bloodthirsty worldview that only a soulless construct could have. So that filtered, morbidly cheery sound from HK-47 is what really fit for me. Naturally, I was a little thrown off when I heard Michael Kramer's rendition of Nightblood's voice in the Stormlight audiobooks, but that isn't his fault. So I'm curious what other readers think. Who or what was your muse when imagining Nightblood's voice? Who do you think would fit as a voice actor should there ever be a film adaptation?
  20. So we saw a lot of Nightblood in RoW and I wanted to share a theory. So I believe that Nightblood uses the anti-Investiture we learned about (e.g. anti-Voidlight, anti-Stormlight) in order to destroy. So think about it: Raboniel told Navani about how anti-Voidlight would react with Odium's vessel to kill him like what was done to Tanavast. Coincidently, Rayse, Odium's Vessel, a being that should be too powerful to be killed by a human creation, was then killed later by Nightblood. Furthermore, we see Nightblood damaging Ishar's Honorblade; this was previously thought to be impossible. The only theory I can come up with is it came into contact with anti-Investiture. Now, some might argue that Nightblood wasn't damaged in either process as has been seen in the case of Investiture reacting with its opposite. Remember that Shadblades and Honorblades are pieces of power manifested in the Physical Realm. Nightblood, however, was once an ordinary sword infused with massive amounts of Investiture and given a Command with Intent. It then uses external Investiture to fuel its power. My theory is that, somehow, the Investiture that Nightblood absorbs from its bearer becomes inverted, as we saw Navani do in her experiments. This anti-Investiture is then what causes instant antihalation upon contact with its opposite. We saw anti-Stormlight used to kill Phendorana. I believe that would still happen if she had been manifested as a Blade. Possibly in the form of, say, breaking or chipping it? I also believe that is how Nightblood kills so... uniquely. The descriptions of people being instantly vaporized sound similar to what happened to Phendorana as well as Raboniel's and her daughter's souls. So definitely not cannon and I am sure my theory has some holes, but I honestly believe this has merit. I would love to here your thoughts as I believe this will have massive implications for the future!
  21. So now we know that Nightblood is big and bad enough to destroy a vessel. Now, while Szeth doesn't know that's what happened, Big T does know, and must be aware that NB is one of the only entities on Roshar of which he needs to be actively scared. He's also acutely aware of how dangerous Szeth is, both from a mental stability standpoint and a pure lethality sttandpoint. With all that in mind, I can't imagine he's not going to make a play for NB - what if Dalinar chooses Szeth as his champion? Mr T can't take the risk of NB being in play and must be formulating a plan to rid Szeth of the sword. Now imagine that OdiVargo's champion is wielding Nightblood. We've seen it straight up Annihilate heavily invested entities and chip an honorblade. Scary stuff. Thoughts?
  22. Hey y'all! So I was recently thinking about how Nale killed a few radiants using Nightblood. Now, we know that Nightblood consumes investiture indiscriminately, so I was curious about the effect that Nightblood would have on the spren of a radiant that it killed. We see from Nightblood that when he even pricks a person, that is enough to allow him to consume the investiture that is that person entirely, we also know that the Nahel bond is very intimate, the spren and human that are bonded have their spirits intimately tied together, so I am wondering if Nightblood has an affect on the spren themselves as well. Are there any WOB's on this?
  23. Invested objects resist other investiture. A big example of this is Feruchemical metalminds resisting being pushed. But Intent changes how things work. What if an allomancer wielded Nightblood, and communicated with him. Nightblood agreed to letting himself be pushed, so the allomancer tried. This is the conundrum. An invested object resists being pushed, but has given its consent and its Intent it to be pushed. What would happen?
  24. So, the person wielding a Dawnshard holds an insane quantity of Investiture as evidenced by the Heightenings they receive. And Nightblood consumes Investiture while drawn. So what happens when a Dawnshard uses Nightblood? Would Nightblood destroy it after a while? Would it increase Nightblood's power? And if it did destroy the Dawnshard what would happen to the Cosmere? We've learned that the Dawnshards were what Adonalsium used to create the Cosmere so what would happen if one was destroyed?