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Found 228 results

  1. What do people think would happen if you tried to draw Nightblood while wearing Aluminum gauntlets (or full plate mail, which seems the safest way to draw Nightblood, if there is indeed a safe way to do so)? Would Nightblood still go active and try to destroy, not be able to draw Investiture out of the wielder, would those weird tendrils try to climb over the Aluminum to suck Investiture out of you anyway, would Nightblood's power be lessened, or something else?
  2. Nightblood can cut through Fused, Thunderclasts, and Spren. 2 questions. Yes, I know that Nightblood hurts like crazy when you draw it. But If Szeth drew it some more, he could’ve annihilated the Fused forever. However, can Nightblood destroy an Unmade or the Nightwatcher, Stormfather and Sibling?
  3. So we saw a lot of Nightblood in RoW and I wanted to share a theory. So I believe that Nightblood uses the anti-Investiture we learned about (e.g. anti-Voidlight, anti-Stormlight) in order to destroy. So think about it: Raboniel told Navani about how anti-Voidlight would react with Odium's vessel to kill him like what was done to Tanavast. Coincidently, Rayse, Odium's Vessel, a being that should be too powerful to be killed by a human creation, was then killed later by Nightblood. Furthermore, we see Nightblood damaging Ishar's Honorblade; this was previously thought to be impossible. The only theory I can come up with is it came into contact with anti-Investiture. Now, some might argue that Nightblood wasn't damaged in either process as has been seen in the case of Investiture reacting with its opposite. Remember that Shadblades and Honorblades are pieces of power manifested in the Physical Realm. Nightblood, however, was once an ordinary sword infused with massive amounts of Investiture and given a Command with Intent. It then uses external Investiture to fuel its power. My theory is that, somehow, the Investiture that Nightblood absorbs from its bearer becomes inverted, as we saw Navani do in her experiments. This anti-Investiture is then what causes instant antihalation upon contact with its opposite. We saw anti-Stormlight used to kill Phendorana. I believe that would still happen if she had been manifested as a Blade. Possibly in the form of, say, breaking or chipping it? I also believe that is how Nightblood kills so... uniquely. The descriptions of people being instantly vaporized sound similar to what happened to Phendorana as well as Raboniel's and her daughter's souls. So definitely not cannon and I am sure my theory has some holes, but I honestly believe this has merit. I would love to here your thoughts as I believe this will have massive implications for the future!
  4. So we know Nightblood is full of Investiture. It is so full it bleeds black smoke. It is more invested than an Honorblade, can kill vessels of Shards, and was made by Awakening. Nightblood was based on shardblade design maybe even from the Honorblades. It seems to me that the 5 scholars at the height of awakening scholarship traveled to Roshar. Maybe to learn more about other worlds or other magics. They were impressed with shardblades. The sleepless were tasked with guarding the Dawnshards. One way to protect a dawnshard from Odium is to make it harder to reach. They gave it to Shashara, who created Nightblood along with Vasher. She was given the Dawnshard Destroy. They decided the best way to safely use it was if it was commanded to only destroy evil. They figured it would make the Dawnshard safer to wield. Rsyan was told not to bind a spren because using the Dawnshard in conjunction with Investiture is dangerous. Ie. Creating Nightblood with Awakening. A Shardblade so powerful because the dawnshard (similar to having the 5th heightening, or perhaps more) was used as the force to awaken it, maybe with additional breaths. What do you think an awakened soldier with the Destroy Dawnshard could do?
  5. When Nightblood destroys something or someone, it basically consumes everything that they are made of, physically, cognitively, and spiritually, and converts it into Investiture that acts as more of Nightblood itself, hence the reason it's so powerful. But what if someone could trick Nightblood into thinking that they were already a part of it? Nightblood is so Invested that it cannot hold all of the Investiture that it has consumed, so it constantly leaks when unsheathed. So what you would want to do is use Raysium to capture some of this cast off power. Then, you create a blanked Aluminummind. Next, you create a Hybrid Investiture that uses Nightblood's Investiture and the Investiture from your blanked Aluminummind and store the resulting Investiture back inside the Aluminummind. Finally, when you draw Nightblood next, you would blank your own Identity while tapping the Identity from the "Nightmind", and hopefully that would make Nightblood consider you a part of itself enough to not consume you. Anyway, hopefully this would work and not leave you like Rayse, which would be terribly unfortunate.
  6. Okay, here I go. So, a Feruchemist stores his Connection in a Duraluminmind. Then, he draws NIghtblood and destroys said Duraluminmind. Where do the connections go? If they are destroyed, does that mean there is a method of completely resetting your Connection in the Cosmere? The same thing could be done for Identity and everything else you can store, but destroying your Connection seems most useful. Let's say this Feruchemist in question was heavily connected to one shard, and thus could not ascend to become the shard of opposite Intent. So, he destroys his Connection, and is then able to ascend. I suppose this could be done without Nightblood, but there is another thing. If you destroy your Connection and Identity, it's almost like a get out of jail free card. You become a blank slate with endless potential. Another thought I just had is this. Could you use a Raysium dagger connected to a Alluminummind to draw out another person's Connection or Identity? Is literal Identity theft possible in the Cosmere? You could then shlurp up that stolen identity, and dispose of your own, therefore replacing your Identity (Or something else like Connection) with another person's? Again, I suppose you don't really need Nightblood for any of this, but the possibility of permanently destroying Identity or Connection seems very powerful. You could hold another person's identity hostage, or something.
  7. Can Nightblood feed on the anti-void light?
  8. Will Nightblood attempt to absorb the Investiture of any Shard, or only of those his bearer percieves as evil?
  9. One of the things I like most about the Stormlight Archives (and possibly what makes them so popular) is the moral questions is forces readers to consider. What is the right thing to do in a given situation? Szeth's biggest role in the story so far has been his work as the Assassin in White, killing King Gavilar and many other rulers across Roshar. As we all know, he did this because he was sworn to obey whoever held his oathstone, part of his punishment as a Truthless for raising the alarm that the VoidBringers were returning. His people believed it was a false alarm, and punished him. As we also know, he was actually correct the entire time, and the VoidBringers and Knights Radiant really were returning. Kaladin making him realizing this is what made him stop fighting at the end of WoR. Just before Kalading ends the fight, Szeth makes the comment that he was never Truthless, that he could have stopped the murders at any time. Kaladin counters that he's using the oath as an excuse, and that he's being a coward for not accepting that he had a choice. Presented from Kaladin's viewpoint, it's hard not to see the validity of his point. Szeth always had a choice. But in RoW, Dalinar makes the argument to Taravangian that keeping promises and oaths are part of honor. As far as Szeth knew, he was bound by a promise as part of his punishment (at least, as far as we understand how being a Truthless works), so he was honorbound to commit the terrible acts he did. But he always had the option to choose to reject the orders. Even if he had truly been wrong, and he truly was a Truthless, would it still have been honorable for him to reject the orders he'd been given? The SkyBreakers might be misguided, but they are still an order of Knights Radiant. I think it's fairly certain that this conversation is going to come up during Stormlight 5, considering that Szeth and Kaladin are travelling to Shinovar together. The two haven't interacted since their battle in the highstorm, which I suspect is a deliberate action on Sanderson's part. Honor (not the person) is obviously a subjective concept, but what do you think? How will the conversation between them go?
  10. I read this WoB and got thinking: Why does Nightblood not remember killing Shashara? I have three guesses: Nightblood was possibly drawn at the time, and he doesn't seem to remember well when he is drawn. He may have just blanked it. Nightblood ate Shashara's soul and she has never left him (a lot creepier than most cases of this trope) Nightblood's Command, given in Shashara's own native tongue, is repeated/reinforced whenever he is drawn. He hears her voice often, Commanding him to Destroy Evil. She's still talking with him, at least in a limited way. Thoughts? All of the above?
  11. I listened to Warbreaker again recently, and there's a fair chance that other people have already realized this and I'm just slow. We've known for a while that Nightblood is a hacked version of Shardblades, but it occurred to me that those aren't the only things Vasher and some of the other Five Scholars saw on Roshar. He also saw Plate and presumably the dueling stances, and this ends up making his own fighting style of Nightblood with Awakened clothing make a lot more sense. Considering his centuries of fighting with basically magical power armor and Nightblood, it also makes a lot more sense why he's a master at teaching new people how to use Shards. We see wisdom from the lessons he gives to Kaladin and Renarin in the few battles we see Vasher fighting. His first lesson to Kaladin and Bridge Four is to not get distracted by the Blade, and we've seen what he accomplishes when people just stare at Nightblood. Yes, Nightblood is doing more than just looking flashy or dangerous, but there's a lot to the intimidation factor that Vasher probably uses to his advantage. He has Renarin diving headfirst into the ground using Plate, and we've seen him trusting his life to an Awakened rope strengthening his leg when falling out of a building. Vasher's Awakened clothing combat style probably wasn't solely inspired by Roshar and Plate, but it obviously was influenced by it. The one that probably should have been obvious to me is that Kalad's Phantoms are a hacked version of Shardplate. Of course Vasher wouldn't have stopped at copying just a Shardblade if he saw Plate. He just made an army of his versions rather than just a handful. It may also put Vasher killing Shashara into a different perspective, since Nightblood or other Shardblades are probably one of the handful of things that would consistently be able to deal with the phantoms. It also makes sense how those two inventions, Nightblood and Awakened statues, came out relatively close together. Really though, I've known for a while that Warbreaker was meant as a prequel to SA, and that SA was written before Warbreaker, but it still astounds me how good Brandon is at what he does. Are there any other Rosharan elements that people can spot in Vasher's actions?
  12. theory

    Initial train of thought Navani makes an interesting discovery in Rhythm of War: while Intention is needed to produce an anti-tone, the person playing it does NOT need Intent so long as the person creating the tool used to produce the sound had it when manufacturing it.[1] This Intent requirement brings to mind something else in the Cosmere – Hemalurgy. Hemalurgy requires Intent to create a spike, on the part of the stabber or someone else involved.[2] This got me wondering, can one create a metal with the Intention of it being used as a Hemalurgic spike, without the person using it knowing? And then I had another thought from there... Have we already seen this? Specifically, my mind went to the mystery of why Nightblood contains Ruin's Investiture.[3] An interesting thing with Hemalurgy is that it can be done by anyone with the right knowledge, no extra power required.[4] We also know that some of the Scholars had visited worlds that had gone through the Industrial Revolution and had a more developed sense of scientific theory.[7] Scadrial's tech level pre-TFE was apparently "early industrial era"[8], so it's possible that it was the place they saw, and perhaps they picked up knowledge of Hemalurgy, since it was known in Alendi's time.[9] (Note that I do not mean to say they visited pre-Ascension, just at a point where some things were still more widely-known in certain more Cosmere-aware circles than by Vin's time.) Now, we know that Nightblood was not originally a spike.[5] So I'm not suggesting that. But there's a key word there: originally. What if it's an object like what I speculate above, a piece of metal imbued with the Intent to rip off a piece of the soul of everything it attacks, but given a mind of its own and an incredible amount of Investiture to supercharge this effect and rip the whole damn thing out? (We know that larkin, Leechers, and Nightblood all work off roughly the same mechanics,[6] so whatever it's doing, sucking Investiture from the soul seems to be a key part.) That would explain how Ruin's power got in there, as well as explaining why it behaves very differently from anything else we've seen Awakened objects be able to do, and demonstrates a much more subtle yet terrifying way to mix various magics than something like Compounding. A small clarification Something I should note: Vasher has only been to the Physical Realms of Nalthis and Roshar, though he may have been to the Cognitives of others.[10] However, as the other WoB[7] says that some of the Scholars had been to worlds that had gone through the Industrial Revolution, and Roshar does not seem to have done so, and so I feel it's safe to say some of the other Scholars probably visited other planets, with Scadrial and Taldain in my opinion being the only real contenders for that one, and maybe Vasher just stayed in the Cognitive for that part of the field trip. And since Taldain is closed off[11]... Well, Scadrial certainly seems more likely to me. After all, as long as at least one learned about Hemalurgy, they could share it with the rest, and truthfully only Shashara really needs to have known exactly what was going on with Nightblood at the time. References
  13. I'm pretty sure we've gotten WoBs that say that someone actively drawing from a Metalmind can use the Investiture to feed Nighblood. Anyone know if a Feruchemist can actively "store" attributes into feeding Nightblood? I have this mental image of an Feruchemist running around and swinging Nightblood while actively dumping their "active memory", weight, sense of taste and smell, and maybe other attributes like warmth. I'm guessing it wouldn't actually work this way, since it seems like Nightblood has an exponential increase in hunger until he's sated, but the idea of a Feruchemist walking up to a group of baddies, drawing the sword, and then coming to themselves when Nightblood clicks into his sheath with black smoke drifting around them... Cool but terrifying.
  14. When Hoid tries to hurt someone or even contemplates it, he is incapacitated due to the way his Spiritweb was changed by holding a Dawnshard. However, there are ways to use magic to compel you to cause harm rather than avoiding it. The first that comes to mind would be by him using Hemalurgic spikes to grant himself a more Ruinous Intent on his Spiritweb, which would, if there were enough spikes placed and enough time given, allow him to override the current structure of his Spiritweb allow him to physically harm others. There are definitely some problems with this, such as how he would need someone else to charge and place the spikes for him, and how he would be opening himself up to shardic influence (which is NOT something that he wants to have happen), but this may hypothetically be possible. Another possibility would be for Hoid to wield Nightblood. Since Nightblood compels whoever is holding it to destroy, it seems likely that Hoid would be able to overcome is own magical compulsion to not do any physical harm if he were to use the blade. However, even if he could do so, I doubt that he would risk himself to try and directly kill someone via Nightblood; he's crafty and patient and he would likely rather carefully plan for someone else to do the fighting for him, which he could even without needing to cause direct physical harm.
  15. Okay I've been thinking about this today but Brandon said that a different metal used to make night blood would have effectively changed how night blood is... So what if you made a sword from bone and invested it with the same number of breaths? Technically the breaths would stick better because bone was once a living thing would that mean they impart more power into the weapon?
  16. Nightblood contains at least some portion of Ruin's Investiture, and based off it's color and command, I'd venture to say that it actually converts other forms of investiture into Ruin's investiture. But Nightblood can't hold all that investiture, so it leaks away...where? Back to the spiritual realm, where all investiture eventually goes. But if that happens, would that then make that extra Ruin-converted investiture eventually find it's way to the shard of Ruin itself? And by doing so, could that lead to an imbalance of Harmony's powers, thus starting to turn him into Discord? Maybe this is one of the big reasons why Sazed is now finding it harder and harder to act; his powers are now longer in balance.
  17. So, in Endowment's letter to Hoid in Oathbringer she mentions that "If Rayse becomes an issue he will be dealt with." This implies she has something of a plan in case Odium comes to Nalthis to try and Splinter her, and I think I know what the plan is? I think Endowment was going to wield Nightblood and use it to help her Splinter Odium or just kill Rayse. We know from a wob that Endowment was "involved" in the creation of Nightblood somehow, which means that she saw something in what Vasher and Shashara were doing and helped them along. We've seen that Odium was scared of Nightblood and for good reason, given how RoW ended. Now, maybe a Shard can't wield Nightblood for complicated Realmatic reasons or something, but if that's the case then Endowment could've planned on having a champion use it. Thoughts? Disagreements? I wanna hear everyone else's opinions on this because I don't have irl friends who I can talk to about this
  18. Ok I have had this stuck in my head for a while and I have searched our several things trying to figure out if it's just a coincidence, or if Brandon purposely put a correlation between the damage the shades of hel do to the people they touch and the damage Nightblood does to the individual wielding them. My biggest question is we know silver reduced the damage done by a shade, and we know eventually it will have a larger roll in the cosmere, but do we think it could reduce the damage Nightblood does to the person who draws it?
  19. When shards like Odium visit mortals, they seem to need a certain strength of Connection to do so, as we see with Dalinar, Moash, and Taravangian in RoW. But could the reverse be done? Could a mortal who had the ability to manipulate Connection be able to visit a shard in their own realm by manipulating Connection? If a Feruchemist could store the Connection associated with Odium, while hiding themselves from Odium’s future sight via chromium, could they visit Odium and attack him with Nightblood, killing him? This seems like the kind of scheme a certain Scadrian would plan
  20. I used to think that Awakening could do just about anything without needing other magic systems for hacks if used with the right command and with enough skill (i.e. using breaths to enhance body or mind by investing them with a command, editing your own spiritweb, copying other invested arts' abilities, or creating powerful invested objects like Nightblood by simply investing enough breath into their creation). However, this quote changes things... Apparently, you can only work with the intrinsic properties of something that you awaken, which greatly limits your abilities. Not only that, but since Awakening follows Endowment's Intent of giving things away, you are somewhat limited in how much you can modify yourself (I know there's a quote somewhere, but I couldn't find it). I'm actually pretty glad about this, as it helps balance a magic system that once felt like it would outshine the others. Nightblood, however, is a special case, since it quite clearly has some magical abilities that normal swords don't have. My theory on this is that a hack between Hemalurgy and Awakening was used in order to make it work, as if you were to awaken something that already had magical properties, you should be able to manipulate them further with Awakening. I feel that my assumption that a Hemalurgic charge being involved with Nightblood's creation is supported by this quote here. Not only that, but Nightblood is black, and the color black is associated with Ruin's investiture. Although, I suppose that Nightblood could have simply absorbed investiture from a Hemalurgic spike after killing a Hemalurgist at some point, or that some other weird investiture mechanic is going on that we simply don't know much about yet.
  21. This quote was shown to me on one of my previous threads by another of my fellow 17th sharders, Honorless. And it got me thinking, based off of what I know about awakening, and how the system works, was the sword that Nightblood was awakened from holding a Hemalurgic charge? Was that what allowed it to gain it strange, investiture devouring powers? This quote here leads me to believe that when awakening, you cannot actually give an awakened object the ability to just magically do whatever you want, or we'd probably see a lot more powerful awakened magic objects. But if you were awaken something Hemalurgically charged, or that had some other kind of investiture involved, would that allow you to hack the system, and get something different? But of course, this could not be the case. But if it is, just let me say; I called it
  22. Nightblood absorbs investiture, but what would happen if he absorbed anti-investiture? Would it hurt him (I suppose 'it' is a better pronoun, but I got it stuck in my head from Vasher to say 'him') if the anti-investiture was the opposite of whatever investiture he held?
  23. So, as per WoB, Nightblood's investiture is related to Ruin's investiture. If Nightblood were to meet the vessel of Ruin, what would happen? Would Nightblood be able to hurt them, or are they too similar to hurt one another? Would Nightblood be able to feed and grow on Ruin's mists?
  24. Is it possible for a dawnshard to be involved with Nightblood's creation? Could Shashara held a Dawnshard to help her visualize the creation? We see Vivenna's sword and it seems to do the same color draining thing, but not leaking investiture or whatever. Is that due to a different command or the lack of a dawnshard involvement? But while Nightblood is incredibly powerful, at the same time he doesn't seem like Dawnshard powerful.
  25. So, we have this WoB from the mini-con that says that if Nightblood pulverized an Honorblade, you could repair it with investiture: So that got me thinking: If you cut an Honorblade in half with Nightblood, then added tons of investiture to both halves, could you replicate the Honorblade? Obviously this wouldn't work with shardblades, but Honorblades aren't alive, so I think it could work.