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Found 9 results

  1. Gilglin smiled wryly as he leafed through Merinira’s documents. The scout had disappeared several days ago, and the numbers of Radiants had dwindled so far that Kareana stalwartly refused to risk sending search parties, insisting she would return alone or not at all. But somehow, it had occurred to nobody but him to check for associations with the great Enemy, Odium, and plain as day, there was a folded paper at the bottom of her briefcase with a list of “priority” targets. He continued his wry grin as he perused the names, seeing many Brightlord which had left Urithiru with the other team of Radiants. Still probably be best to redouble their guards, though, Gilglin noted. He then slid his eyes to the final name on the list, and his smile quickly disappeared. His name? What was it doing there? He was just an Ardent! Trembling slightly, he took the paper, folded it gently, and slid it into the breast-pocket of his coat. He had to show this to Kareana. At the very least, it might get her to direct her Radiants to look elsewhere for the last few traitors in their midst. As he stood, he looked around the corner, where the other Radiants in their initial group were looking at him disapprovingly. Distrust flared towards the lot of them, but he shoved it down. He was hardly the most vocal person on Roshar, and his unwillingness to answer questions was often construed as guilt. While he sympathised with the sentiment that he should publicly speak more, he needed to be left alone most of the time. Especially when he was preparing prayers for the Almighty to send men to stop the madness. Especially when he was meant to offer private spiritual help specific to the Devotary of the Divine, and not interact with the public much at all. He bent back over to the barrel of glyphward ink, which he had insisted on bringing, despite its flammable nature, up to the mountain. Prayer glyphs were especially necessary at this time, if they wanted the Almighty’s favour—the only factor that mattered—to rest upon them. Dipping his brush into the ink, he began painting on the barren rocks, aware as he did so that the other Radiants were closing in on him. Within a minute, he was staring into three hostile faces, none of which looked pleased at his silence. Gilglin put the finishing touches on his glyph, an odd form of “guidance” which was used most often for determining one’s Calling—as such, the prayer had more rarity, significance, and power. The matters ahead of them would require a blessing from the Almighty greater than the one which he gave upon the realisation of a Calling, for the corresponding threat was far greater. Yet he had confidence that Honour and the Heralds would provide, and so he was fearless when turning towards the three. “Where were you last night?” one demanded. “I was reading my book here,” Gilglin replied, unsure where the conversation was going. The leader only nodded. “Exactly. Are you sure about that?” “Yes…” Gilglin was confused. “I had nothing to do with Jonan’s death, if that’s what you mean!” Again, only that infuriating nod in reply. “I’m sure you didn’t. Alright, boys, take him.” Strong arms suddenly seized his own, attempting to drag him towards Kareana. He avoided being grappled narrowly, writhing out of one man’s grip and allowing the second to pick up the sheet he’d dropped when the fighting began. Unfortunately, his momentum took him into the second man, body-slamming him into the table where the barrel of glyphward ink was sitting. There was a crash, and a low groan emitted from the downed man. Well, no need to worry over him much now. How do I get out? he mused; his way was blocked by the two able-bodied Radiants in front of him, whose blades were now out. Casting around him, he saw the winded Radiant he had slammed into earlier, with only a few of Vamah’s soldiers supporting him. That’ll be where I have to break through, Gilglin thought. He charged at the man, preparing to shove him away and jump over the table, and expecting little resistance; however, instinct took over, and the man grabbed the entire barrel of ink, quickly swinging it between himself and the charging Gilglin. The ardent was unable to spring away, and the flimsy sides broke, deluging the unfortunate Gilglin in gallons of ink. Scrabbling to clear his eyes, Gilglin did not see who lit the match and threw it at his blackened form, but he did know—and now felt—how quickly and effectively glyphward ink burnt. By the time all that was on him had burned away, his own spirit had long since risen as a final sacrifice to the Almighty. Sage Kangaroo was lynched! He was a Loyal Worldhopper. Vote Count: Sage Kangaroo (3): Indigo Weasel, Onyx Flamingo, Violet Axolotl Indigo Weasel (1): Salmon Meerkat Night 7 has begun! It will end in about 22.5 hours, at 9 PM EST on 16 January. Please do not forget that PMs are still CLOSED! Player List 1. Amber Vulture: Jashi, Stormwarden Radiant Worldhopper 2. Amethyst Scorpion: Jesh, Lost Axehound Radiant Worldhopper 3. Chartreuse Penguin: Taladir, Gambler Radiant Worldhopper 4. Coral Swan: Germaine, Scholar Radiant Worldhopper 5. Cream Tuatara: Dfyan, Scholar Radiant Worldhopper 6. Emerald Falcon: Sein, Inquisitive Radiant Worldhopper 7. Indigo Weasel: Adhom Inem, Ardent 8. Ivory Dragonfly: Krask, Conspiracy Theorist Sympathizer Worldhopper 9. Magenta Albatross: Jonan Wikim, Lost Axehound (Gren) Sympathizer Worldhopper 10. Mauve Crocodile: Sernes, Paranoid Scout Radiant Worldhopper 11. Mint Heron: Sam, Once a Darkeyes Radiant Worldhopper 12. Onyx Flamingo: Kir, Kleptomaniac Scout 13. Opal Lion: Tnaidar, Scout Radiant Worldhopper 14. Pearl Chameleon: Purrl, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend Radiant Worldhopper 15. Plum Rhinoceros: Logalog, Scholar Sympathizer Worldhopper 16. Quartz Zebra: Arauna Khadal, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend Sympathizer Worldhopper 17. Saffron Iguana: Merinira, Scout Sympathizer Worldhopper 18. Sage Kangaroo: Gilglin, Ardent (Devotary of the Mind) Radiant Worldhopper 19. Salmon Meerkat: Cadamum, Ghostblood Recruit 20. Scarlet Octopus: Max Mercury, Past Lives Sympathizer Worldhopper 21. Sunburst Toucan: Tafud, Slightly Crazy Radiant Worldhopper 22. Taupe Gecko: Brana, Scholar Radiant Worldhopper 23. Turquoise Gorilla: Bomer, Gambler Radiant Worldhopper 24. Violet Axolotl: Adi, Anxious
  2. Dockson motioned his men forward, beckoning at them wordlessly to drift up to the deserted rooftop of Keep Lekal. Supposedly, the Mistborn had been using this as their lair the entire time they’d been in the city. Dockson was sceptical, but the fact remained that this Keep was Elend’s best shot at finding Vin. His Hazekillers followed silently, well trained to keep noise to an absolute minimum. He doubted it mattered much to one burning Tin—then again, he could easily check that through other means. Holding up a fist, and giving the Hazekillers time to form up behind him, Dockson peered from behind the parapet. Vin was there, kneeling on the cold stone. She looked to have been crying, and given her emotional speech earlier in the day, Dox could hardly blame her. His heart reached out to the poor skaa girl—she’d been so thoroughly mired in the political muck of Luthadel he feared she may never find her way out. Still, his orders were clear. He raised a hand quickly, and another one was quickly raised in acknowledgement on the other side of the rooftop. A deafening clang was heard, the tremor caused by a set of cymbals made specifically to disorient Tineyes, and as Vin cried out in shock and pain, falling to the floor, Dockson quickly moved his Hazekillers in around her. Shaking her head, she flicked the hair out of her eyes defiantly and stared up at the ring. “I suppose you’ve come to finish what you began earlier, then,” she sighed. “Well, make it quick.” “Quick?” Dockson was taken aback. “Vin, we’re here to bring you home!” “Home where?” she retorted. “Home,” Dockson repeated. “To Elend, to Keep Venture. Where you’ll be safe from this madness. Safe from the political stupidity of this whole rusting city!” He kicked a coin Vin had presumably dropped, watching as it hopskipped over the ramparts and fell to the ground beneath. “This is the first time you can break free from us, when you’re not tied to anyone, aren’t obligated to anyone. Don’t you see, Vin? You, me, we were never meant to be politicians or leaders or anything else other than a crew working towards a goal. Let the nobility, let Elend deal with this madness, with the koloss. You need to rest from this.” “I can’t, Dox,” she sighed. “I’m needed. Everywhere, and I can’t be everywhere. I thought...well, I thought Zane and I...could do something important here. That we could cleanse Luthadel of corruption. But...we missed the point. Dox, there’s a whole conflict outside even this mess...I can’t let up, can’t rest, as you put it.” She looked up, eyes red-rimmed. “The world needs me too much for any of that.” “The world can wait, Vin,” Dox implored. “Please. Come back with me. If you won’t continue with Elend, I don’t care. Just come back. Perhaps the city needs you, but it needs to see you back with us, with Elend, if it wants to preserve hope these coming days.” He paused, looking into her eyes. “Please,” he repeated. Vin wavered. “They have Elend already,” she said. “Let them look to him as their guide. What do they want with me—a rogue, a skaa, a vigilante?” “The Ascendant Warrior?” Dockson cut in. “The woman who slew the Lord Ruler, who saved this city once already? You’re a hero, Vin. But most importantly, you’re missed. The greatest service you can give Luthadel is to come back with us and regain your strength. You’ll accomplish nothing in this state.” He reached out his hand. Vin hesitated, a brief look of indecision etched onto her features, then reached out and grabbed it. “With you, then,” she answered gravely. “And there’ll be no returning this time.” Mailliw73 was lynched! He was Vin! Vin possessed the item: OreSeur. OreSeur: This Kandra allows the user to target one player each Night; the owner learns who their target performed their action on. Passive metals will not show up to this scan. Vote Count: Maill (5): Maill, Lum, Fura, Ark, Straw Night 7 has begun! It will end in about 22-23 hours, on Thursday 6 June at 9 PM EDT (-4:00 UTC). PMs remain open during the Night. Please abide by all restrictions on their use. Good luck! Player List:
  3. Evening Edition 7 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 29th of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips 5000 Signatures Delivered to Governor Wilson This afternoon, Councillor Jernaq, the leader of the Change for Elendel political party, delivered several reams of paper to Governor Wilson's desk, on which he claimed were the signatures of 5000 people demanding that the Governor hold a new election. The signatures included many notable names, including several heads of prominent Noble Houses and others within the nobility, political figures from New Seran and other outlying cities, and many business owners and traders concerned with the chaos that has been gripping Elendel as of late. While not on the list, as they do not wish to interfere in political discourse, several religious leaders from all three major churches have also expressed concern with the lack of trust in the current government, as well as the apparent breakdown of morals within the city. They have appealed for a calm and measured response from the Governor, and wish to remind people that we must respect the political process and cannot give in to fear or anger. A government spokesman has told The Elendel Daily that he will release a statement, but has stressed that the Governor's position is in no way untenable, and that these 5000 people cannot simply overrule the voters that elected him. The spokesman further stated that to allow such a thing would be 'a mockery of democracy'. He pointed to the fact that another 'Spiked' individual had been found and dealt with as proof of his capability to solve the crisis that Elendel was currently experiencing, and said that Change for Elendel was merely trying to abuse the problem to seek greater power. The Tekiel Appeal also ended this morning, with House Tekiel withdrawing all complaints and acknowledging that changes would need to be made across all aspects of their business to improve health and safety. An Elendel Consolidated Trade Union legal representative stated that this would have wide ramifications on the other Noble Houses as well, and that it was a true victory for the empowerment of the average worker. Already House Izenry's Carriageworkers have put paperwork in to form a Union of Transportation Workers, and others are expected to soon follow. Another representative of the ECTU also stated that 'this would be a message to all the Nobility out there, that they cannot simply ignore those poorer than them and hope they suffer in silence to support their greedy and excessive lifestyle. Earlier today, A government individual stated that allowing a new election would be a 'mockery of democracy'. I agree; Any election held in Elendel, regardless of circumstance, is a mockery of democracy as long as we workers are not permitted to have a say in who governs us. We have had many governors, all of which have been put in place by a corrupt and nepotistic system. Let today's ruling be a warning to the ruling class - The Final Empire is dead, and its feudalism with it. The age of the working man is here.' Garrik Urbain Commercial Advertisements Obituary Previous Editions Other Headlines This Evening Night 7 has begun! It will end at 7PM GMT 25th November. There is still at least one Tineye remaining, so PMs may continue. Jendred/Young Bard was a Spiked Tineye! Ookla the Curmudgeonly/Araris Valerian is Influential the following Day. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  4. Night 7: Foresight Locke, Assuming your similarity to a Koloss does not extend further than your looks, you will have noticed that I do not like you. And in case it does, I have stated it for you anyway. If this letter has found you, then I am dead, and one of my associates will have delivered this letter to you in secret, because I believe you to be the correct person for this. I'm not too surprised by this, I knew it was unlikely that I would survive all of my plans. But even from beyond the grave, I am glad to say that I will still be sowing chaos. And you will help me. So you may be asking yourself in this moment, ‘why me? Why has the talented, intelligent and beautiful – and sadly deceased - Armina seen fit to bless my worthless, pitiful, meaningless existence with this letter?’ The answer, o Obligator of little brain, is because I know you will avenge me, and happily at that. ‘Now Armina,’ you will be saying, in that incredulous tone you always take when someone has outsmarted you, ‘why would I avenge the death of a skaa? One that I spend most of my day hating, at that?’ You simply won’t be able to help yourself. This letter will give you everything you need to destroy Waern. Perhaps you think it’s odd for me to have my revenge be your success, but it’s only odd if you’re as self-centred as you are, and think that this particular revenge is all about you. It is not. You were at best an amusing distraction from my real enemy. You see, while I hate you, I hate Waern far more. I enclose within this letter the dirt you need on Waern. You will avenge me by making his life a living hell, playing him like a puppet on your strings. It makes me happy to know that you will torture yourself over the fact that I’m the one you owe any success in your life to. Though, I’m sure Waern will also try to stab you in the back at some point, so perhaps there’s a chance for you both to suffer at my hand. Unfortunately, this does mean you will need to find another hobby other than thinking about me. Armina Locke’s eyes skimmed the other information enclosed within the envelope. His eyes widened, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. Then he couldn’t contain it anymore, and started to laugh, not just at the letter’s contents, but the whole situation. She must have written this some time ago, before he started to call her out. Certainly he doubted she would be happy for him to have this now. “Perhaps you shouldn’t have forced me to do some cleaning,” Locke mused to himself, pocketing the letter he certainly was not meant to have found yet. He placed the book back on the shelf that he had been dusting. He’d found the book in the wrong place, and was going to put it back on the correct shelf, but suddenly he no longer cared about the library ordering system. Everything fell into place as he thought about yesterday, and the supposed ‘evidence’ that Waern had overruled them with. He knew she must have had something held over Waern’s head, but now he knew what it was. And it was certainly effective. But now he had information as well. All he had to do was take her out as carefully and quietly as possible… When Locke arrived in the atrium, a tad late to the meeting, here was already a heated discussion under way. Or more precisely, a discussion had already occurred, and he was here witnessing the aftermath. “-I’ll tell them what I’ve kept secret!” Armina was shouting at Waern and the other assembled Obligators. Locke began to panic. To hell with being careful! His blackmail was worthless, worthless, if it became public knowledge. He had to act fast. His hand went to the knife on his belt and he drew it, striding forwards quickly, up behind Armina. “My very last act shall be to destroy you and everything you’ve lived for, Waer-!” He buried the knife in the side of Armina’s neck, clamping a hand over her mouth to quiet her. He held her briefly in his arm, ensuring her silence with his hand, waiting until she expired. She bit at his hand, trying to get him to let go, but his hold on her was too strong for her to shake. When he could no longer feel her breath on his palm, he withdrew the knife and let her unceremoniously drop to the floor. He picked her arm up and wiped his knife on her sleeve, before letting it fall again. “...Apologies sir,” Locke then said, bowing to Waern and the rest of the crowd. “But I couldn’t stand by while she started to slander you. Who knows what lies she was going to create in her desperation?” “Hm...” Waern nodded, drawing a handkerchief out of his pocket and dabbing at the sweat on his forehead. “Yes, yes. You are forgiven, Obligator Locke. As she was a skaa heretic, your indignation at her continued existence is understandable. I think it is only right to commend you for your swift resolution of the situation. I promise you that your service today won't be forgotten.” Locke grinned. Armina (Arranae) was a Seer! Armina/Arranae (8): Sheon/Seonid, Locke/Orlok Tsubodai, Hadrian/Araris Valerian, John/Shqueeves, Variel/StrikeEZ, Marsh/Darkness_, Pix/Lemeonelon, Sony Locke/Orlok Tsubodai (1): Armina/Arranae Night 7 has begun! It will end at 21:00 PM GMT on Wednesday. There is still a Tineye alive, so PMs may be continue to be sent. Players Quick Links:
  5. Night 7: The Sleeper Jay was afraid. Against all odds, he had made it into the guard crew of House Conrad. Now he just had to make sure nobody ever found out his secret - he was blind. At first it was easy. His hearing was well-developed, and he walked with a dueling cane as if it were a fashion statement. It would take very observant eyes indeed to notice that he was using it to tap out the floor in front of him. He picked up a reputation for clumsiness, but he was mostly fine with that. Until he heard the gossip at the common room tables. "Did you see Jay fall over that stool today? You'd have to be blind to miss it!" After that, his fear got the better of him. He started to hide, to avoid assignments, to avoid interaction of all kinds. Eventually, he just started to sleep. Might build up resentment against him, but it kept his secret safe. It was unfortunate for him that, after a few murders, resentment tended to express itself in lethal ways. It was probably fortunate for him that he never woke up to find that out. ------------------------------------ Night 7 has begun! It will end at 10:30 PM, Mountain Daylight Time, June 20th. Vote Count: Droughtbringer (4): The Flash, Manukos, Yitzi2, Araris Valerian, Metacognition Elenion (1): The Flash Jay (DroughtBringer) was lynched! They were a Village Hazekiller! No metals are available tonight! Player List: Marv (Hemalurgic_Headshot) Barry Allen (The Flash) Jeff (Manukos) - short for Jeffonimo Lance (Ecthelion III) - The Second Nameless Metallurgist Booken (Paranoid King) - a victim of the "common word + en" method of naming Village Seeker Garshin (Yitzi2) Ribis (cloudjumper) - the bored second son of a noble from the Remote Dominance Village Coinshot Stick McStick (_Stick_) Village Courier and Brass Spiked Remart (Jondesu) Venture Hazekiller Beet Asper (Ornstein) - an old timer who knows his stuff Metallurgist Locke Tekiel (OrlokTsubodai) - a scion of a well - respected noble house Village Captain Absolen (StrikerEZ) - a skaa worker in the Conrad fields Village Lurcher Jay (DroughtBringer) - a blind young man attempting to keep his blindness a secret Village Hazekiller Boris (Elenion) - a guard known for laziness and general apathy Hadrian Penrod (Araris Valerian) - hoping to ascend to Ruin Mehir (Metacognition) - a mute and paranoid guard Cluny (Cluny the Scourge) - a man who believes he is a rat with a spearhead on his tail Village Soother with a Bronze Spike Valbar (TheMightyLopen) - who always gets ignored despite his large stature Village Rioter Mila (BrightnessRadiant) - a girl from the country Venture Courier Sorren Karidor (Dalinar Kholin) - an old guard who's been here longer than any of you whippersnappers Village Thug Argyle (Sart) - a very clumsy man
  6. LG17: Heronfall Sixty-seven years ago, Wyran Heron was born, and The Third World of Scadrial died. Nine others were born later that same year. Whether planned by Harmony or not, or perhaps even lingering elements of The Set, ten children were born with great and terrible strengths, each both Allomantically and Feruchemically complete. With powers bordering on the divine, they carved the world up between them through feats of manipulation and cunning and strength. Ten Lord Rulers, with ten Final empires to rule; the Megacorporations of Scadrial. Now the Megacorporations control almost everything. To keep the peace between them and maintain control, each holds a monopoly on some vital aspect of life - food, metals, and so on. Their power is so great that they are even considered to be sovereign countries in their own rights, with none willing to oppose them for fear of their lives being destroyed by the vindictive companies. Those who work for a Megacorp are guaranteed a safe and comfortable life within the family, 'from cradle to grave'. Those that do not, however, are cast to the wayside. They are the Skaa of the Fourth World. But with great power comes great paranoia. Compounding is no longer a secret for the common people, and even Hemalurgy is known of in both the darkest and the brightest parts of the world. There is one thing they fear more than each other - That more of their kind would grow to oppose them, or worse, all the people of the world become gods like them. From this fear grew the Hemalurgically Identified Spirit System. The HISS was designed to track everyone unique via small computerised chips embedded in the skin, acting as spikes to observe and ensure that people did not engage in Hemalurgy. This was not the reason they gave, of course; HISSes are used for every aspect of daily life, including employment, banking and even accessing The Cognitive Matrix. For one reason or another, you despise the Megacorporations enough to be HISSless, one of the forgotten people of the world. What is there for you to do but live in the underworld? But you have less savoury talents than most. You are employed as a Mistrunner, a person employed by the wealthy elite, other Mistrunners, or even sometimes other Megacorporations, for seedy purposes. In your time, you might have been a part of bodyguarding duties, 'retrieving' valuable goods, or even the dangerous task of breaking into and hacking Megacorporation assets. But like the Skaa Rebellion in the tales, you know that it is futile. There are whispers of change on the wind, however. You have a new benefactor, Feis Yolen, a man whom it is rumoured belongs to the most secretive and powerful Mistrunner group in the world - The Seventeenth Shard. And he thinks big. By bringing together representatives from a large number of Mistrunner crews, he hopes to emulate the Survivor himself - Destabilise the establishment, and create a war between the Megacorporations. Then, while they're distracted, he wants to steal the atium that keeps them young and ensures their dominance over the world for many years to come. To that end, they must break into their secure facilities and steal data until they find the location they keep it and the location of the source. But with so many teams in one place, it is inevitable that some will be compromised. The job cannot wait though. The longer it takes, the more likely that the Megacorporations will tighten their hold on the world and kill more Mistrunner crews. The risks are high, but the rewards are greater still. The dingy bar that you are called to for this job is fairly standard for businesses in the underworld. It is dark and poorly lit (though possibly by choice rather than accident or necessity), and there is a lingering smell of strong alcohol in the room. Too strong, in fact. The smell is almost that of pure ethanol, and there is a very real sense that the building would not so much burn as caramelise if a fire broke out. There are no patrons here, or at least no actual ones. It is very obvious that all who are here before you are here for this job. Behind the bar, and surveying the rest of the room with no concealed distaste, is a young woman. It is obvious that she would prefer to be anywhere else; her glares and the wrinkling of her nose at the smell say that much. The other evidence for this is that she is wearing a rather expensive suit, the sort that a higher ranking employee in a Megacorp might wear in order to be noticed. Whenever a drink is ordered, she takes great care when serving it to avoid marking her clothes, slowly filling the glass and placing it between her and her customer cautiously. The service might be poor, but it's quickly forgiven whenever she says that it is a free bar. You take your drink with no small amount of amusement and thanks for the fact that you didn't have to pay for it, and sit with a few people you half-recognise but don't really know. People you have heard of, that you only really know by their Mistrunner handles, their descriptive nicknames. Surveying the room, you also note with some slight sadness that there are fewer of you than you would expect for a job like this. The Lone Shard crackdowns on Mistrunners seem to be having their effect. Returning to your drink and the polite but anxious light conversation that is sprinkling through the room, your mind turns to the job at hand. Your new employer, Feis Yolen, wants to take down the Megacorps, entities that have existed for decades and only become stronger with each passing moment. How it will be done, if it can even be done at all, you have no idea. But at this point, you are past caring. You signed your crew onto this mission because you have a dream of a world without the tyranny of the Megacorporations, and you will go to any lengths to realise it. No matter the cost, you will be free - in this life, or the next. General Rules While the game for the most part runs as a standard Long Game, there is one important addition: Between the Day and Night Turns, there is also a Planning Turn, based on the Resistance deception game. The Day Turn is the same as normal and lasts 48 hours. A vote will be taken and a player lynched, as usual. In the event of a tie, or of no player gathering two votes, no lynch will occur. During the Planning Turn, one player is publicly chosen at random. That player must assemble a team from the living players and inform the GM of their choice in private via their game PM. The Planning Turn lasts 24 hours. If no team is chosen, then the planner is lynched for indecision. The planner does not have to go on the mission. While I will accept Night Actions during the Planning Turn, note that it could be invalidated by the choice of players on the mission, as actions cannot be used on players on the mission. The Night Turn also lasts 24 hours, and for most people is the same as normal. At the start of the mission, the players on the mission will be publicly stated. Players who are on the mission cannot post in the thread, or use or be affected by actions. They must each message the GM via their game PM, informing them of whether they want the mission to succeed or not. If at least one player votes 'no', then the mission fails, and a random loyal crewmember on the mission dies. The players will be informed that the mission failed, but not how many 'no' votes there were, or how people voted. A Loyalist who does not message the GM will be treated as a failure vote, but they will be the one to die rather than one chosen at random. A Traitor who doesn't inform the GM is treated as a success vote. Check the thread to see if you're on the mission! Eliminators Traitorous crewmembers know the identity of their allies automatically, and share a Google doc to conspire on. Each Night, one of them may inform the GM of a player who is not on the mission that they wish to kill. If multiple players are chosen, then the first player who sent the PM will carry out the kill. The Eliminators win if they either outnumber the crew, or if the crew do not have enough players left to carry out a mission. The Eliminators lose if they all die. Roles Flavour-wise, unlike in previous games, your Roles are not based on your character's abilities - Your character may be completely separate from the specialisation of their crew, so feel free to pick whatever Allomantic and/or Feruchemical power you want for the sake of your RP. These Specialisations (as well as the Eliminator kill) cannot target people on the mission. Communications Expert - Your crew is one of the best when it comes to making connections between people in the field. While there is still one Communications Specialist still alive, players may send PMs to each other during the Planning and Night Turns. No PMs may be sent during the Day Turn (as you're all in the bar together anyway, so you may be overheard). As a Night Action, you may also either send an anonymous message to another player through the GM, or send a message to the GM to post in the write-up. Medical Knowledge - Your crew has an extensive knowledge of healing and surgery thanks to its somewhat reckless past, and combined with the advancements 'procured' from Megacorp installations, you can patch anyone up almost instantly. As a Night Action, you may target yourself or another player and save them from death if they would die that Night. Well-Connected - Your crew works best with people, manipulating and misdirecting them into thinking that they want to give you what you want without them ever realising. As a Night Action, you may target another player and... persuade them to see things your way the next day. That player's vote will change to be on another player of your choice. This choice is made during the Day. This change will be reflected in the number of votes in the writeup, but the player will still appear to have voted for their original choice. Temporal Displacement - Your crew consists of many, many Pulsers and Sliders, able to subtly change the flow of time in miniscule ways around people here and there. You may target two players at once each Night Turn. The first will have his action copied onto the second in addition to any other targets it may have. They will be informed of this and the results of both their actions. If a kill is copied in this way, they will be written as separate events in the writeup. Assassins - You're the best at what you do, and what you do isn't very nice. Death is a form of art for you, and you take it very seriously. Each Night, you may target any number of players and take out the key players in their Crew, killing that player. However, if you happen to target an innocent with these attacks, your action will be entirely negated. This attempt is a one-shot use. If you are an Eliminator, you instead get a one-shot kill. Hackers - Your crew is good at sniffing out hidden information from the Cognitive Matrix, no matter where it may be or how many locked doors it is behind. Each Night, you may invade Heron IndustriesTM' computers in a targeted strike, and discover target player's Alignment. Data Gathering - Your people have so much information at your fingertips already, thanks to your plants in the Lone Shard police force and other spies. The problem is just finding it, which will take quite some time, even if you know what you're looking for. Each Night, you may discover target player's Specialisation. False Trails - Your crew is extremely good at covering tracks - both its own, and those of others. Each Night Cycle, you can hide the Alignment and Role of yourself and/or another player during the next Cycle. This causes the target(s) to appear as Non-Specialist and Loyal. Unless stated otherwise by the player, you are assumed to be using this ability at Night on yourself. Non-Specialist - You provide the brute force (or brute intelligence, whichever is required) for the job. While you may not provide a specific strength, your versatility allows you to contribute particularly well to missions. Player List The game will begin on Saturday 6th at 8PM GMT. Quick Links:
  7. The snow and the ash from the nearby and aptly named Ashmount, Tyrian, fell together in a swirling mesh of black and white. It made it even more difficult to see anything at a distance. After only a 15 meters, everything just looked like static on a television screen. But the people of Tyrian Falls didn't need to be able to see to know what was out there. Every year, like the worst alarm clock in history, they knew that another band of Koloss was steadily trudging towards them. And they knew all about the Spiked hiding in their midst, attempting to sabotage their preparations. You'd think that they'd all just leave, but for some strange reason, it seemed that they couldn't; as if they were cursed by some evil, unseen hand. As the snow and ash fell and an impending sense of doom settled onto the shoulders of the fair people of Tyrian Falls, they all stopped whatever they were doing to stand and curse the sky together: "Leave us alone, Metacognition!" Guess what everyone? It's that time of the year again! Three cheers for our second year here on the illustrious 17th Shard and it's been a great year, if I do say so myself. Thank you all for being a part of it and for making these games as amazing as they've been. Our little sub-forum here wouldn't be the same without all of you. So you guys all know what's coming; it's time for our Anniversary Game! Unfortunately, the Admins didn't get back to us in time about the Anonymous Accounts at this point in time, so we're going to see if maybe this time, the village of Tyrian Falls can get a little redemption. If the Spiked wind up winning again, I'm officially calling this village cursed! But before we get to that, I'd like to give you maniacs some updates as to a few things we're changing for our next year here and also some things to look forward to too! First up, with as many people as we have playing anymore and how many awesome people who have stepped up to GM games for us, we're updating the schedule for how and when the games will begin. The new schedule is in effect as of now. So what is the new schedule and how does it differ from our last schedule? I'm glad you asked! Before, the way we staggered games looked something like this: -LG1, QF1 in the middle of LG1, MR1 after QF1 finishes and as LG1 ends. LG2 starts after LG1 ends and the cycle continues. I did a simple graphic for it (not to scale by any means) a long time back that I'll include here: But, with how the subforum has grown, this is what we'll be working with going forward: Instead of setting the MRs and QFs schedules to be based on the LGs, they operate independently. QF1 is followed by MR1, which is followed by QF2 and so on. On the other hand, the LGs would stagger. LG1 would start, run for 5 cycles (this is just a starting number and we will adjust it if that seems like it is too long or too short of a delay) and then LG2 would start and repeat ad infinitum. As I did above, I did a quick visual of what we're looking at: We feel that this will make it so that there's not as long of a wait before someone gets to run their game. Which means we could probably use some more QF GMs, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to sign up! Due to how this schedule is set up, it means that we won't be able to avoid holidays as much, but I think that will be a minor problem. If you have any questions or comments on the new schedule, please feel free to contact either myself, Wilson, or Gamma! That's the major news. We're discussing on reformatting a few of the threads to use them more effectively and you guys should be on the look out for something we're calling the SEAcropolis in the near future too! I think you guys will like what we have in mind for the future. Now, onto our second Anniversary Game! I'll be posting all the rules and roles and stuff below. Sign ups will last until the evening Dec. 25th. That's right, my Christmas present to all of you is your roles and alignment! This also allows us to circumvent the worst of the holiday distractions as well and leaves us with only a small bump once New Years rolls around, so this is as accessible as we could make it. So without further adieu: AG2: The Return of the Koloss! Oh no! Koloss have begun advancing on your little town, Tyrian Falls! Since The Lord Ruler died, they seem to be acting with a mind of their own. Unfortunately for you, your town is a way point between Fadrex City and Luthadel. That means you have a stockpile of metals, but that's probably why they targeted you in the first place. On the other hand, you have a large collection of metals. You might be able to hold them off, but it seems like someone (or a conspiracy of someones) seems to be undermining your defenses. Somehow, before the Koloss arrive, you have to rid your town of these dissenters; those that are spiked. Until then, you won't be able to mount an effective defense for your town. If you fail, everyone dies, so you better not fail! Factions: Some people within the town have been hiding a few secrets; some of them are Mistings, so you have help in your battle versus the forces of Ruin. Although some of them may be spiked. Why can't anything be easy? Roles: We'll be starting on a Night round (sorry to whomever likely gets killed before they even really get a chance to play!) This is due to the fact that that was how it was before and I think it will give people a chance to establish some RP before the game actually starts (which always helps make the write ups better, IMO). Order of Actions for the Night will be: -Smoker -Seeker -Lurcher -Coinshot/Kills Days will be 48 hours long (ending roughly around 1 AM EST unless this schedule needs to change). Nights will be 24 hours long. No hints will be given in the write ups. Allegiance and Roles will be reveal upon death. That should be about everything! If I missed something that you would like clarified, please, let me know either via PM or here in thread and I'll do my best to answer any questions. Let the games begin and again, thank you all for another great year! Quick Links:
  8. In the past, there were many who said that flight through space was a fool's dream. Not because the world above the heavens was unreachable, or thought to not exist (for already people had visited other planets via the Cognitive Realm), but because there was no point to it. Why travel through the void of space to Roshar from Scadrial when one could simply travel through the world of the collective mind and bypass it entirely? Of course, many said that the pursuit of knowledge was reason enough, but in the end what drove the humans of the Cosmere to the stars was the need for raw materials. Scadrial in particular, so advanced and so greedy, ran out of commercially viable metal within five centuries of the world's rebirth. How could the world function without metal for computers, or for structures, or for Allomancers? Metal was transported to the world, harvested from the others. Scadrial became a parasite, a great beast that devoured the flesh of the other planets to sate its ravenous hunger. But the trade was two-way, and as Scadrial grew and grew, so too did the other inhabited planets, their own appetites increasing a hundredfold over the course of a few decades. Eventually, something threatened to give, and when it did, only one of two things could happen: War between worlds, or expansion through the stars. Though tensions rose high between the worlds, co-operation was preferred to outright war. And so began not an arms race, but a space race; war by other means. Governments and businesses alike poured what little they had remaining into research and engineering, designing great behemoths to traverse the astral sea, each with a single goal: To rise above their competitors, and to become the sole entity able to exploit the galaxy's resources. As the situation developed, barriers fell away between races and worlds. Strength through unity and diversity: Forgery to grant powers. Allomancy and Feruchemy, implanted with Hemalurgy to create drives for a ship. Voidbringing to scan for suitable worlds to mine. Elantrians to heal and mend both flesh and metal. Awakeners for all the little tasks that would cost a fortune to employ an army of humans for. And finally, Surgebinders to knit the individual pieces together, and make them a whole. It is the greatest irony that such cohesion only came about through competition. But with competition, naturally, comes about subterfuge. The value of such a project is so high that most, if not all of the players in the game have a budget devoted solely to hacking, copying and deleting the plans of their opponents. In some cases, this silent war has turned violent, with even scientists and engineers turned into casualties. The Heron Industries Mining Concern is at present one of the leaders in the race, but they are beset on all sides. The launch of their first ship has been planned for months, and security has been heavily Invested in. All that remains is to obtain a worthy crew for their ship's maiden voyage, preferably ones loyal to The Heron Mining Corporation, and not to their enemies. Of course, there is a slight problem with this; if any do slip through the net, then it will be down to the crew to find these traitors before they disrupt the mission. The crew will be alone in the depths of space, unable to call on help, with nothing but their own skills and wits to rely on. May Adonalsium help them all. ...It's that time of the year, folks! Yes, that time where Wyrm bites off even more than he can chew than usually and runs an SE game. For those also playing Heirs, I will prioritise dealing with this over Heirs, but it shouldn't come up much due to the Cycles being 4 days each and them having different times. General Rules This plays like a standard game of Elimination. There will be several Traitors sprinkled within the crew, who collaborate on a Google Doc, and the game follows a standard sequence of Day/Night Shifts, with votes being taken in the day, and most actions taking place at Night. Each Day, a lynch will occur if one player has two or more votes, with no lynch occurring in the event of a tied vote. Each Night, the Traitors will be able to kill a player by using an Action. The game continues until either all the Traitors are dead, or the Traitors can successfully overpower and lynch the Captain, either through outnumbering the living loyal crewmembers, or by tricking them and succeeding in voting to lynch him. The game will begin on Friday the 30th of October at 9PM, GM's timezone (GMT). Days and Nights will both take 48 hours each. It will start on a Day Turn. Roles Head of Departments Crew Manifest
  9. Daes Dae’mar: The Great Game Game 6 has ended in a Villager Victory! The days of Tarmon Gai’dan are upon us! False Dragons walk the earth and raise their banner, men march to war, and Shadowspan have poured forth from The Blight and begun wreaking havoc throughout the land. The town of Drell’s Crossing is your home, even if it’s just a tiny village along the River Erinin on the outskirts of Braem’s Woods. Constant conflict with the Cairhiens have left you no stranger to Daes Dae’mar, the Game of Games. Can you put your skills to use and defend your town in it’s most dire hour? A band of Trollocs have been reported to be raiding nearby villages, and heading your way! Mayor Twim Cabalen has called for a group of volunteers to stay behind and defend the town. can he count on your help? But be warned! Not everybody has the Village’s best intentions in mind, and there will be those hiding secrets, and those working against us to ensure your demise. It is also your task to root out the Darkfriends and any other enemies and take them out, before they Eliminate you first! All sign-ups below are a binding contract that entitle you to defend the Town with your life! There are no loopholes or ways out of this save death, or fulfilling the deal to defend the town from the Trollocs. It's not Mayor Twims fault Padan Fain and Darkfriends had to get involved! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Villager:A regular, vanilla character. Who needs powers to be a hero? Darkfriend: A group of dedicated servants of evil. You and your small group have been given orders to infiltrate and destroy this town from the inside out. You get to conspire in a secret Doc with the other Darkfriends and the Forsaken. **They also have special rules if Corrupted. Forsaken: The Leader of the Darkfriends.Get to conspire with them in a Doc. When Viewed shows up as a 'Villager', or they can perform an additional Night Kill for the Darkfriends. If they perform the extra night kill, their actions can be Tracked the next day and any Viewings on them the night they perform the kill will reveal them as 'Forsaken'. Can not be Corrupted by Padan Fain. Wisdom: Has honed the powers of saving people to almost an instinct. Can target somebody once per night and protect them from one Night Kill. Can not target self. Wolfbrother: You feel the call of the Moon and your nocturnal brethren. Can target somebody to Hunt and Kill once per night. Viewer: Can see images and auras around people. Once per night can target somebody and find out their Role and Alignment Thief-taker: You can smell evil and find out past crimes. During the Day Cycle, you can target somebody and at the beginning of the next Night Cycle, you will find out who, if anybody, they targeted the Night Before. Whitecloak: As a Child of the Light, it is your duty to root out criminals. Once per night you can Detain a target. This prevents any Night Actions performed against the target, and prevents the target from performing any Night Actions. Can not target self. Dreamwalker: You have mastered the World of Dreams. At night you can submit an anonymous message for the GM to post in the write-up. As long as you live players can send PM's. Aiel-blooded: You may not look it, but you have hardened Aiel blood in your veins. You can survive one lynching or Night kill. The fact you survived an attack or lynching be revealed in the write-up, but not your alignment or role. Chaneller: A wildling user of the One Power. You can chose one of your Weaves to cast per Night Cycle. Once you use all 5 weaves you becomes Burned Out and show up as a regular Villager. You can only use each Weave once. Air- Hands of Air protect a target from Night Kill. Not yourself Fire – Hurl a Fireball at target, performing a Night Kill. Water – Cast Mask of Mirrors on a target at night, making them Untargetable for the Night. Earth – Use Earth to harden your skin, allowing you to negate any one possible Night Kill against you. Spirit – Lash out at somebody with a weave of Spirit, Role-Blocking their Night Action. Padan Fain: You carry with you the Taint of Shadar Logath. You can Corrupt up to X number of players throughout the game. (X based off of number of players) Corrupted players have their own Doc to communicate in. Padan Fain can not Corrupt the Forsaken, if they target them the action will appear to be Role-blocked. Fain also shows up as a regular villager when scanned. He’s tricky like that. *When players get Corrupted, they lose their Role and become a Vanilla Player **Darkfriends that get Corrupted are capable of winning as either a Darkfriend or a Corrupted. Town Mayor: During the day, the town can hold public elections to elect a Town Mayor. The Mayor's vote counts for two towards the lynch. They stay Mayor until a new one is elected or they die. Dragon's Fang: At night, all of the players without Power Roles (Vanilla villagers and vanilla Darkfriends) can send in orders to scrawl a Dragon's Fang on a players door. The player with the most votes for a Dragon's Fang has it appear on their door in the write-up. If there is a tie, no Dragon Fang gets scrawled on any doors. A villager with a Dragon Fang scrawled on their door has an automatic extra vote tallied onto any other votes for them at the results of the lynching. Villagers win if they eliminate all of the Darkfriends and Corrupted. Darkfriends win if they outnumber the other players. The Corrupted and Padan Fain win if they outnumber the other players. How Write-ups will work: Votes will be posted publicly in the thread with a list of who voted for whom, etc. Night event write-ups will work like this: -Wolfbrother kills will be obvious. (Wolves swarm the victim) -When Padan Fain converts somebody, it will be mentioned in the write-up, denoted with the appearance of the evil white fog, Mashadar.** -Darkfriend and Forsaken kills appear the same -Wisdom healing somebody is only mentioned if they actually save the Target from Death -Whitecloak, If somebody is Detained, it is shown in the write-up, but not who was Detained or who Detained somebody -Channelers Fireball will be revealed in the write-up if used, and the other powers depending on if they interacted with any other Roles. (If Hands of air actually save somebody, Earth Skin will be written up the same way as Aiel-Blooded, Spirit and Water Actions won’t be revealed in write-up) -If your Action gets Role-blocked or doesn’t go through, it won’t be revealed in the write-up and you will just be informed your Action was ‘unsuccessful”. General Mafia Rules in effect.. Each player is assigned a Role and Alignment at the beginning of the Game, and then they can post Votes in the thread during the Day Cycle, and send in any Role Actions whenever appropriate. The player with the most Votes tallied against them is Lynched at the end of the Day Cycle.. Day Cycles will be 48hours long, and Night Cycles will end whenever all Night Actions are sent in, or up to 48 hours if somebody asks for an extension. If you chose not to use your Action for the Night, still send a PM declaring your action to be “None”. Let the Sign-ups begin! They'll last for about a week, and I'll be looking for at least 25 players. The more the merrier, though. If you have any questions feel free to ask! ListTM of Players: 1)(Kasimir) - Kaim, a retired Thief-Taker Deceased Padan Fain 2)(Little Wilson) - Witless, the Town Fool 3)(Lightsworn Panda) - Jain, Random Traveler Deceased Villager Dreamwalker 4)(TheoryMaker) - Nath, an Average Guy 5)(Kal Dell) - Dellan, Quiet Countryman 6)(Alvron) - Ralv, a Passing Wanderer Deceased Villager Dreamwalker 7)(Only Joe) - Joel, Antisocial Hermit Deceased Regular Villager 8)(Leonardus) - Lam, Street Sweeper Deceased Regular Villager 9)(Shivertongue) - Khamsi Zareef, Domani Gleewoman 10)(Mailliw73) - Malai, Horse Breeder Deceased Villager Thief-taker 11)(Grey Pilgrim) - Grimlar al'Pil, Town Drunk Deceased Regular Villager 12)(Renegade) - Gade, Innkeeper Deceased Villager Whitecloack 13)(Adolin Dustbringer) - Jim Bob Dirt, Dirt Salesman Deceased Wisdom 14)(AonarFaileas) - Leas Fel, Aiel War Veteran 15)(Lev) - Bela, A Shaggy Mare? Deceased Regular Villager 16)(New One) - Newan, a Seanchan morat'raken 17)(Awesomeness Summoned) - Weas, Cobbler 18)(Ashiok) - Trimat, Manure Salesman 19)(twelfthrootoftwo) - Douza, Blacksmith Apprentice 20)(Sphinx) - Senna, Village Weaver Deceased Villager Wolfsister 21)(Jaelre) - Jae, Inn Hall Boy Deceased Regular Villager 22)(Aspren) - Sprell Hanaar, Village Carpenter Deceased Regular Villager 23)(Binnut) - Bunnt Nibbel, Quiet Farmer 24)(Sir Jerric) - Erik, Homesick Borderlander 25)(QuiteContrary) - Rishi, Tavern Maid Edit: Fixed a little bit of wording above in bold Edit 2: 25 players! We now have enough to get started! Quick Links: