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Found 9 results

  1. Kay watched the argument with fascination. Already, all these fancy Bright Lords and Ladies, plus a Purelaker and some sort of hairy cremling, had been unable to reach a decision. Of course, no mortal was capable of truly making a decision. The will of the Almighty had always prevailed. Amidst the frantic shouting on both sides of the argument, Kay heard someone yelling for both Brightness Ellarel and Brightness Hymnyes to accept the judgement of the Almighty. A bit of a hasty sentiment, to be sure. The judgement of the Almighty could not be taken for granted, after all. Still, Kay echoed the call, as did the people around her. Kay saw in their faces that this decision was driven more by bloodlust than respect for the Almighty, but at least the correct choice was being made. It seemed that the remainder of the supposedly noble mob supported the plan to place agency in the hands of another. Each condemned Brightlady was seized by four others, and the two women were carried to the nearest chasm. Kay ran ahead of the others, finding a spot on a nearby permanent bridge from which to witness the fate of those who rejected the Heralds’s teachings. Hymnyes and Ellarel had barely time for a brief yell of surprise before the crazed ardent, with a willing mob of Alethi sympathisers, sent them teetering over the chasm’s edge. Ellarel felt herself grit her teeth; the nothingness underneath her was freeing, but the rapidly approaching ground, which she normally welcomed as a source of stability, seemed a prospect wholly unappealing. Beside her, Brightness Hymnyes screeched, her voice losing its natural melody it so frequently employed to sing hymns to the Almighty in favour of a hoarse squawk which contained all the terror a noblewoman pushed off a cliff should rightfully experience. Ellarel looked down, with alarm seeing the rocky floor of the chasm rushing up at her, and offered up a brief prayer to the Almighty. And perhaps it was heard. Noblewomen met ground with a sickening thud, their outstretched bodies connecting with a freshly killed set of Parshendi corpses. The pain was blinding and all-consuming, yet after minutes of agony slowly subsiding to numbness, both ladies realised the relative softness of the dead parshman soldiers on which they had fallen had spared their lives. Ellarel made an attempt at movement, and found her left arm and leg to be incapable of motion, and her ribcage was set aflame by every shuddering breath she drew. Falling back down, she dragged herself over to the fallen Brightness Hymnyes, who was softly humming “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” a familiar Vorin song of praise. Ironically, the fourth verse of the tune popped into her head, and she began to softly sing to the unconscious Hymnyes, adopting a mocking tone. “Praise the Almighty, who prospers your work and defends you; Surely his goodness and honour shall daily attend you. Ponder anew what the Almighty can do, as with his pow’r he befriends you.” The Almighty was prospering her work, Ellarel thought bitterly, gazing at the steep walls of the cavern. They could just as well be a prison. What he seemed to have done was saved her from one death to send her into another, and no amount of pondering would change that reality—it was not a question of if the chasmfiends would find her, but when. She kicked the lethargic Hymnyes, then bit back a stream of curses as pins and needles shot up her bad leg. “Get up,” she said harshly. “We need to get moving.” The only response was a mutter of dissent, and a rustling behind her. Ellarel swerved, and came face to face with a crazed Hymnyes, who had picked up a dagger from the corpse of a fallen Parshendi. Ellarel did not have to do much to dodge—she tried to jump out of the way, but yelped as her legs gave way from under her, sending her sprawling in a heap to the ground. Hymnyes’ wild strike passed clear over her head, and the woman overbalanced, her own injuries showing as her hip and knee buckled, leaving her kneeling next to Ellarel. Breathing hard, the two women held their daggers, Hymnyes’ from the corpse, and Ellarel from a concealed region of her safepouch. Neither was able to crawl an inch closer to her adversary, but they were both within arm’s reach. Ellarel’s training as a scribe had made her fingers fast and agile: in spite of her exhaustion, the piton in her hand flashed, and its sharp edge did its quick work on the Brightlady’s arm. Hymnyes howled, dropping her dagger, frantically attempting to staunch the flow of blood from her arm. Ellarel, for her part, left the dying figure behind her, the vain pleas that Ellarel help prolong her life echoing in her ears as she slowly gathered herself energy and crawled away from the dying wretch behind her. The Almighty, it seemed, had chosen her. Perhaps his goodness did attend her, hidden though it was. Yet she had no way of dragging her exhausted frame back up the cavern. “Help up there?” she called to the sky, scarcely daring to hope for a reply. From high above, a knotted rope ladder dropped to her feet. “The Almighty has given you the victory, blessed one,” the echoing voice of the ardent Kay came back immediately. “Therefore come up, to be fed and cared for. We do not wish you harm any longer.” Mraize grinned at the sight of the woman, the blood dripping over her form as she emerged from the Chasms. It seemed that the Ghostblood’s work was being done for them. He watched from his perch on the roof of a barracks, his spyglass held tightly hands. When he finally confirmed that the woman was indeed Ellarel, he turned to the man standing to his left. He was a messenger from one of the more deeply embedded cells, and was bearing news of the other woman. “Dead?” The man nodded. “Was it them?” “No blade” Mraize nodded. Despite how convenient an early death of their adversary would have been, it would have been far too suspicious for one with knowledge of his sect to die from a mere fall. Mraize’s gaze fell to the horizon, to the Shattered Plains in the distance, and the group returning with Ellarel. “Let them know, tonight the axe hounds are to be let loose.” The man nodded, then retreated. Mraize sighed. He felt it was a tad early to be starting the killing, but the incident had only confirmed how at each other’s throats the nobles were. It would only be in the Ghostbloods’ favor to toss some fuel on the flames, lest they themselves become consumed. Butt Ad Venture was lynched! He was a Noble without any items! Vote Count: Venture (4): Elandera, Rath, Fura, Drake Elandera (4): Venture, Araris, Striker, Sart, El Stink (1): HH El (1): Coda Night 1 has begun, and will end in approximately 23 hours, at 9 PM EST on Wednesday 13 November. PMs are closed, except for Spanreeds. If you are using your Spanreed tonight, submit your order via GM PM before sending any PMs. Keep in mind all PMs must have *all* the GMs in them. Please and thank you Please don’t be last-minute with your actions like with your votes, or I as GM will find some way to drive you as equally insane as the two-seconds-before-rollover submissions make me, and I’m a creative person. Please in the future inform me if you’re going to be sending in anything literally last-minute. Thank you Special thanks to Devotary and Snip for helping with the first and third sections of the writeup, respectively. Collaborative writing is wonderful, and you should spread some upvotes around to them. Good luck! Player List:
  2. Wol the messenger sighed wearily as he wrote out his Master’s third last will and testament. The dull rumble of the ball turned debate turned lynch mob downstairs was making it hard to concentrate on his master’s voice. Usually when the mobs came for his master, they were quieter about it. Lord Hadrian Penrod paused in his dictation. “How long have you been with me Wol?” “My lord? At least 4 years now sir?” Hadrian nodded. “That sounds right. And how often have you seen this situation play out with me?” Wol smiled softly at their similar train of thoughts. “Absurdly often my lord. I couldn’t count.” “Is there anything I did wrong this time? Anything I should have done differently?” “I don’t think so, my lord. Certainly, this time, they could not have used the excuse that you remain below observation and concealed—indeed, your provocative stance seems to have drawn the ire of this group.” “So what ought I to do?” “Clearly, sir, the solution is to return to your previous strategems once this is said and done.” “And be accused of the same, and killed for it.” Wol grinned. “What else, my lord?” Hadrian grunted. “Nothing, I’d suppose. Very well, Wol. Continue. The desk in my study with the secret compartment shall be left in the hands of my oldest and most trusted advisor, a count in Luthadel by the name of...” On the stairs, the footsteps of Elend’s men grew louder. Hadrian smiled thinly. They came to arrest, not kill. Perhaps, this time, when the crisis blew over, he may not have to go to the trouble of dying anyway. He signalled Wol to cease scribing, perhaps to hide, and rose to his feet. He would face this group, and allow them to do their worst. The door burst open. Everyone quieted as the Subordinate formerly known as Count swept into the room. Some of them looked up eagerly, others suspiciously. They knew him for what he was, an opportunist who had abandoned Elend for Cett, and now served their master. They knew his loyalty was to his purse, and they knew that he could very well be their only chance at success in the city. “Well Count? Where is your ally?” The Count looked at the group, hiding his true thoughts on the matter. “Gone. He didn’t show up to our appointment, so I checked in on his house. He’s gone. The house is unguarded though, so we will be able to take all the weaponry we were going to buy. A net win.” He didn’t speak his worries. Fynn had been one of the few who could go toe to toe with the Mistborn that was now hunting them. What could have happened to him? “Good. Then tonight, we can start killing off Elend’s supporters. Who shall be the first we dispose of? Jastes is on a timetable, here, Count. And so are we. That army must enter the city.” Senn Conrad nodded briefly. A heartless man, but then again, most groups he worked for contained such figures. An edge of grimness entered his voice, though. This group meant business. “A good question, sir. Let us get to work.” Araris Valerian was lynched! He was a Elend’s Loyalist Soother 2! Vote Count: Araris (8): Fura, Bard, Devotary, Steel, Ark, HH, Stick, Straw Bard (4): Elandera, Rae, Rath, CadCom Rae (1): Rand CadCom (1): Adavantos Lumgol (1): Araris Joe (1): Lumgol Steel (1): Maill Night 1 has begun! It will end in approximately 23 hours, on Sunday 19 May at 9:00 PM EDT (-4:00 UTC if you need to calculate). PMs are OPEN, as at least 1 player holding Tineye 1 is alive. Please abide by the following rules when creating PMs: 1) One-on-one PMs only. Please include me in all PMs. 2) PMs are Night only. When the Night ends, so does your PM. 3) You may only PM living players listed on the player list. The updated playerlist is provided below for your convenience.
  3. Evening Edition 1 The Elendel Daily Newsworthy Content for Every Octant! The 23rd of Doxil, 68, Evening Price 2 Clips House Heron Hopeful Poisoned! The number of potential heirs to House Heron’s fortune has decreased by one, in a shocking and worrisome turn of events. On his way home from the meeting, Miumounder (20) visited his favourite pub for a quick drink. Other frequent visitors to the establishment have stated that this was a common occurrence for him, and have described him in kind terms, and as ‘an eccentric, but respectable’, as befitting a man of his status. Certainly there have been no reports of disorderly behaviour, and usually he was on his way again shortly after. Unfortunately, Miumounder never made it home that night. Patrons were first alerted to a problem when he remained at his place at the bar for longer than normal. No concern was raised over this, however, as it was assumed he had simply been dismissed from Lord Heron’s sight, and was taking a moment to collect himself. When he remained there into the late afternoon, one approached him, only to find that he had passed away, with no visible cause. Upon finding this, the police and medical professionals were summoned to the pub. After quick examination, it was determined that the other patrons were not in any danger. While no information has been released about how he died, some have noted that Miumounder had a very peculiar taste in his drinks, and ordered the same thing every time. The landlord was arrested and questioned, but has now released from custody. The pub has been closed, pending examination. The constabulary has requested any with further information to come forward and help their investigation. Garrik Urbain Correction Commercial Advertisements Obituary Other Headlines This Evening Previous Editions Night 1 has begun! Day 2 will begin at 7PM GMT on Sunday 4th November. There is a Tineye alive, so PMs may be sent. Please remember that group PMs are not allowed, and PMs must include myself within them. Miomounder (Cadmium Compounder) was a Soother! Count Olaf/Fifth Scholar is Influential during Day 2. Assassinate Votes Praise Votes Total Influence Player List
  4. After an entire day of arguing, the villagers had not been able to reach a decision. The Synod hadn’t stepped in, instead retreating into the shadows and conspiring amongst themselves. Initial accusations had been made against Itiah VI. He was a stranger, a pacifist unwilling to commit to rooting out the spiked. As the sun began to set and the villagers were tired of arguing, a new target emerged. Why had Irion, a newcomer, been allowed to be a member of the Synod? Surely the Spiked had not been hiding amongst them for very long, and a new member rising so quickly to a position of prominence was inherently suspicious. Rumors swirled around the camp that Irion had gained his position based on pure Feruchemical talent, rather than a history of leadership. A powerful recluse, privy to the most well-guarded secrets of the Terris? A logical suspect indeed. They waited impatiently for the man to emerge from the doors of the Synod. Marne gazed around the table, where the darkened forms of the members of the Synod sat around him, their faces shrouded by the shadow of a setting sun. Olaf sat beside him, his skinny form casting a presence at the table, setting everyone on edge. Not that such a thing was necessary—with the official announcement closing down Tathingdwen, panic had spread like wildfire throughout the Synod. After a spurt of initial accusations against Itiah VI, whose family had been long-standing members of the congregation, Marne found it prudent to step in personally. Tensions had slightly cooled, but the underlying currents of paranoia had not been diffused, and members of the congregation were calling for two people. One sat in front of him. Irion was not the most well-liked member of the Synod. Difficult to rival in Feruchemical strength, his power had combined with his shy nature to make him seem reclusive to the other villagers. Now, they called for his head. Marne sympathised with the young one, who had not asked for any of this to come upon him. However, the Synod needed to come to a swift conclusion; the sun had nearly set. Rising, Marne addressed the shadowed forms. “Gentlemen (and ladies) of the Synod, it is my regret that tensions have run high enough that one of our very own number, Irion, is being accused by our congregation. I may have been overly hasty in giving an official denunciation of the Spiked—I seemed only to have fueled the paranoia and resentment underlying the Terris people.” One of the older members of the Synod, Leidene, a cripple, raised her hand for a pause. “It was the correct choice, Marne,” she stated. “Your call to action did not condone violence, and while it has spread, that can hardly be attributed to you.” “Thank you, Leidene,” Marne replied. “However, my point still stands. We must figure out a way to defuse these tensions surrounding you, Irion. This state of affairs cannot continue.” Irion looked up. “I will go to them.” Marne snapped his head up. “What?” Beside him, Olaf raised a solitary eyebrow, but said nothing. Irion pressed on, resolute. “I will go down to them, and talk them out of their madness. If they hear who I really am, and what I can actually do, they may be less inclined to demand my blood.” Olaf raised his head. “I will accompany him, though it be foolish. The boy has a right to try to show his innocence. We will go together, lad.” Flashing one of his rare genuine smiles at the startled Irion, Olaf started towards the door to the congregation, Irion trotting hastily after him. Marne bowed his head in resignation. “So be it,” he whispered. Gathering himself, he turned and addressed the remaining members of the Synod, most of whom looked shocked. “Meeting adjourned.” Only his sense of dignity kept Marne from sprinting towards the door to catch up to Olaf. He was losing his grip on the Synod, and control would need to be maintained if any were to survive the coming days. But first, he would have to see how this fresh disaster ended. Despite the rumblings, the villagers were tired of discussion after so long a day, and only a few joined the call for Irion’s death. By nightfall, no decision could be reached on whether to execute Irion or Itiah VI. The pair were presented before Count Olaf, in the desperate hope that a memory would resurface upon glimpsing a Spiked. The emaciated man merely shrugged helplessly; he did not remember, and no amount of copper could bring back a memory that had been forgotten. The accused pair were brought to the center of the village stripped of their metalminds and bound tightly with rope. “It was never my intention to have any suspects executed,” announced Marne. “As you have been unable to make a conclusive judgement, both accused will be submitted for questioning.” He turned his back to the crowd, intending to have the captives brought to the Synod for interrogation. From somewhere behind him, a voice cried out, “How can we expect the Synod to impartially adjudicate when one of the accused sits in your meetings? Justice must be meted out publicly, or not at all.” Marne whirled around to identify the one who had spoken, but they were lost in the mob of Terris loudly reaffirming the sentiment. “Untie me, and I will submit myself to the village peacefully,” offered Irion. Itiah VI chimed in, giving the same offer. Marne saw that the mob could not be suppressed nonviolently, and reluctantly allowed the two Feruchemists to meet their accusers. Below, a woman with bright blue eyes was muttering, fervently invoking the Gods of Luck and Chance to decide the fates of the accused. Startled, Marne saw a small fire being lit, and pieces of grain being thrown in as offerings. He frowned. Didn’t the Terris know better than to worship anyone but their true god? Meanwhile, the mob gleefully searched the pair for hidden spikes. Nobody saw where the first blow came from, but suddenly Irion was streaming blood. The glint of metal issuing from the wound enraged the mob, and they tore the poor man apart only to find the offending object was a stilleto, not an implanted spike. Horrified by what they had done, the crowd dispersed, leaving Irion dead and Itiah VI lying on the ground, gasping for breath. The Gods of Luck and Chance have condemned Coop772! He was a Village Copper Ferring (Archivist) and a Synod member! Vote Tally: I think I am here. (4) Coop772 (4) Night 1 has begun! It will end in about 24 hours, at 9 PM EDT on Monday, August 13. Many thanks to @Devotary of Spontaneity for helping with the writeup. We actually did it jointly, which was her idea, and was a rather good one (twice the length in half the time). If you appreciated today’s writeup, be sure to send upvotes her way. She’s also been great with handling PMs.
  5. Night 1: Dead Man's Boots “You’re joking,” Nickel said, with a frown. “Have you ever known me to joke?” Waern asked, with a frown. “This is entirely serious business, I assure you.” “We can’t just turn on each other like that!” Gaskon said. “For a start, we’d practically be guessing. How can we just point at someone and magically decide that this person that we’ve known for years is actually secretly someone that has been lying to us all that time? Lying to us well enough that we don’t know that, despite having worked with them closely for so long?” “I’m afraid you don’t have a choice in the matter anymore,” Waern replied, crossing his arms. “No-one’s getting out of here until we find out who it is. I’ve made sure of that. And since this place is locked, and I can promise you that no-one will find the key, there is only one way any of us are getting out – Either this spy kills us all, or we kill them and any of the people here they have subverted… Do I make myself clear?” “We… we will need to think about this, I suppose,” Sony said. “Talk to each other and figure out which of us is the weirdest.” Waern shrugged. “That’s fine by me. As far as I’m concerned, this is your work now for the next however long it takes. And if two dozen of the Empire’s Obligators can’t solve this mystery, then there truly is no hope. I would like to believe that we’re better than this. So, go on.” He waved them away with his hand. “Go discuss. At the very least, consider that the death of those standing beside you offers some interesting opportunities.” “You- You can’t seriously suggest that any of us would put our own advancement over the good of the Empire?” Joe said, mouth dropping open. “That would defy everything we stand for!” “Would it?” Locke asked, folding his arms over his chests and leaning against the wall. “You forget your history, and even your present, Joe. The Final Empire is built on climbing ever higher by treading on the fingers of your peers. It is practically an unspoken tenant of our society - no, our very religion - that the strong rise up and the weak are rightfully crushed below. Why else would The Lord Ruler turn a blind eye or even encourage the infighting within the Great Houses in Luthadel? It helps to strengthen ourselves and the Empire, that's why.” “And yet,” Joe said, clenching and speaking through his teeth, “We are meant to be professionals and to work together. You might think it’s all very well for this little bit of chaos to propel you to greater heights, but what about what comes after? When we all start to see knives at our backs, and we cannot trust that our co-workers aren’t secretly trying to kill us all?” “Simple,” Locke shrugged. “Lose the naivety and idealism. Become pragmatic. Realise that this is a unique situation that does not reflect life as we know it here. For what it’s worth, if anyone does try to kill me for the sake of their own career and fails, there will be no hard feelings. I would do the same in your position.” He grinned, chuckling a little. “Though if you do succeed, I can’t promise I won’t hold a grudge.” “Madness,” Joe muttered, “Absolute bloody madness.” “Agreed,” Gaskon said. “Madness.” “It seems to me,” Edguardo said, “that we should look to those least keen on the idea for our first suspect.” “Wait, what?” Gaskon rounded on him. “Makes sense to me,” Mira nodded. “What would a skaa spy want to do more than delay any action?” “Anyone have a better suggestion?” Waern asked. “I-” Gaskon began. “No? Very well,” Waern said. He pointed at Mira and Edguardo. “You two accused him, so you can help me bundle him into the chamber.” “Wait!” Gaskon tried, before the pair put their hands on his arms and started dragging him away. “I’m not a bloody skaa!” He tried to fight against them, but if there was one thing the Obligators of the Inquisition were trained in, it was how to hold down people and drag them away. “Well, hopefully then your death will point us in the right direction,” Waern said, as he watched Gaskon being pulled away. “If it’s not him, then you all will need to do some thinking,” he added to the rest of the assembled. “I’ll let you know if the questioning brings anything up that you need to know.” And with that, he followed Mira and Edguardo to the torture chamber. Duty called. Gaskon Renaud (Amanuensis) was an Obligator! Gaskon Renaud/Amanuensis (2): Edguardo/Paranoid King, Mira/Frozen Mint Joe/A Joe in the Bush (1): Hadrian/Araris Valerian Rin/doc12 (1): Sart Edguardo/Paranoid King (1): Jaina/little wilson Night 1 has begun! It will end at 21:00 BST on Thursday 12th. There is a Tineye alive, so PMs may be continue to be sent. Players Quick Links:
  6. Long Game 22: Corenne al'Daishar - Return to Glory, or, The Return of the Blood Battle Wheel of Time Elimination Mayor Twim Calberen awoke from the horrible nightmare he had been having, dispelling horrible images of war and death, betrayal and blood. Light blind me, but that dream felt so real! He stood up and looked around his room, the same office he had used for the last dozen years or so, ever since becoming the Mayor of the quaint little village of Drell’s Crossing. He stood up, wincing at the aches and cracking joints that accompanied his morning routine as he stretched the wariness out of his bones before walking over to his desk. He forgot to put out his candle out before retiring the night before, he noticed, as he moved the fine sea folk porcelain dish holding the melted glob of wax off of the letter he had been reading. That was probably why he had nightmares, considering. His cousin had written him recently, telling of news and tales, all mostly old and almost guaranteed rumour. False dragons walking the earth? War, famine and disease? The Dead rising from the grave? Next the fool would start talking about the approach of Tarmon Gai’don! Surely his cousin’s talk of weird dreams and repeating nightmares had gotten the fancy into his head, and that would explain the dreams from the night before. Although this Hinterstap didn’t sound like a village Twim Calberen wanted to be visiting anytime soon! He idly traced his finger over the final sentence his cousin had written him. Corenne al’Daishar. Mayor Twim was rusty on his Old Tongue, but he was certain that translated to “Return to Glory”. Either that, or “The Return of Bloody Battles”, which didn’t sound nearly as promising. Still, with an uneasy feeling and a dark feeling of dread slowly settling over him, Twim Calberen decided to greet the day with a smile, as sometimes that’s what being Mayor was all about. It was time to say hello to all the wonderful citizens of his lovely town, Drell’s Crossing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's that time again! This is going to be a rerun of LG6, with just a few slightly tweaked rules, so read carefully! Also, if enough players sign-up, I'll also add in the Warder Role down below! (Highlighted in Orange). I will let you know before the game begins if any Warders are included or not! Villager:A regular, vanilla character. Who needs powers to be a hero? Each night you get to give a player a Dragon’s Fang* Darkfriend: A group of dedicated servants of evil. You and your small group have been given orders to infiltrate and destroy this town from the inside out. You get to conspire in a secret Doc with the other Darkfriends and the Forsaken. **They also have special rules if Corrupted. Forsaken: The Leader of the Darkfriends.Get to conspire with them in a Doc. When Viewed shows up as a 'Villager', or they can perform an additional Night Kill for the Darkfriends. If they perform the extra night kill, their actions can be Tracked the next day and any Viewings on them the night they perform the kill will reveal them as 'Forsaken'. Can not be Corrupted by Padan Fain. Wisdom: Has honed the powers of saving people to almost an instinct. Can target somebody once per night and protect them from one Kill. Can not target self. Can not save from lynch. Wolfbrother: You feel the call of the Moon and your nocturnal brethren. Can target somebody to Hunt and Kill once per night. Viewer: Can see images and auras around people. Once per night can target somebody and find out their Role and Alignment Thief-taker: You can smell evil and find out past crimes. During the Day Cycle, you can target somebody and at the beginning of the next Night Cycle, you will find out who, if anybody, they targeted the Night Before. Whitecloak: As a Child of the Light, it is your duty to root out criminals. Once per Day, during the Day Cycle, you can choose a player to Detain during the Night. This prevents any Night Actions performed against the target, and prevents the target from performing any Night Actions. Can not target self. Dreamwalker: You have mastered the World of Dreams. At night you can flee to The World of Dreams and can’t be targeted that Night. Except if the Forsaken targets you for a kill, you, then they can still kill you. Players are allowed to send PMs during the Night Cycle while you live. When there are no living Dreamwalkers, messages can’t be sent. Aiel-blooded: You may not look it, but you have hardened Aiel blood in your veins. You can survive one lynching or Night kill. The fact you survived an attack or lynching be revealed in the write-up, but not your alignment or role. Ta'veren: The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills. Except when you're involved, as people have always told you how the Pattern of the Wheel seems to bend around you, either forcing you or those near you to take different actions and choices they wouldn't have otherwise. Once per night you can target a player and re-direct their actions to another player of your choice (Not yourself) Channeler: A wildling user of the One Power. You can chose one of your Weaves to cast per Night Cycle. Once you use all 5 weaves you becomes Burned Out and show up as a regular Villager. You can only use each Weave once. Air- Hands of Air protect a target from Night Kill. Not yourself Fire – Hurl a Fireball at target, performing a Night Kill. Water – Cast Mask of Mirrors on a target at night, making them Untargetable for the Night. Earth – Use Earth to harden your skin, allowing you to negate any one possible Night Kill against you. Can also be used to Survive a lynch. (You send the order in during the Day cycle you’re getting lynched, if so) Spirit – Lash out at somebody with a weave of Spirit, Role-Blocking their Night Action. Channelers also start the game Bonded to a Warder. You know who the Warder is, but not their Alignment. You can PM with your Warder for the duration of the game, regardless of the Dreamwalker being alive or not. *If your Warder dies, you die two full cycles after that. But you can reuse any Weaves you used once before again. Warder*: Warders start off the game paired with a Channeler. They know the identity of the Channeler, but not their Alignment. The Channeler and Warder can PM together throughout the duration of the game, regardless of a Dreamwalker being alive or not. If your Channeler would die, you sacrifice yourself in their place and die instead. Doesn’t save from a lynch. IF your Channeler is lynched, you have 2 Cycles left to live, and get to make 1 kill to avenge them. Padan Fain: You carry with you the Taint of Shadar Logath. You can Corrupt up to X number of players throughout the game. (X based off of number of players) Corrupted players have their own Doc to communicate in. Padan Fain can not Corrupt the Forsaken, if they target them the action will appear to be Role-blocked. Fain also shows up as a regular villager when scanned. He’s tricky like that. **Darkfriends that get Corrupted are capable of winning as either a Darkfriend or a Corrupted. Town Mayor: During the day, the town can hold public elections to elect a Town Mayor. The Mayor has influence throughout the town, so therefore they can either have their Vote count for double, OR, they can cancel out somebody else’s vote for that cycle. This power can be used the Cycle you get elected. Dragon's Fang: At night, Villagers without any special Roles get to help the village hunt down any possible darkfriends. Once a Night, they can submit a player they want to give a Dragon’s Fang. The player with the most votes for a Dragon Fang gets revealed in the Day write-up, and has an automatic vote placed against them for the lynch that Day. Villagers win if they eliminate all of the Darkfriends and Corrupted. Darkfriends win if they outnumber the other players. The Corrupted and Padan Fain win if they outnumber the other players. General Mafia Rules in effect. Each player is assigned a Role and Alignment at the beginning of the Game, and then they can post Votes in the thread during the Day Cycle, and send in any Role Actions whenever appropriate. The player with the most Votes tallied against them is Lynched at the end of the Day Cycle, Mayor votes and Dragon Fangs are included. Day Cycles will be 48hours long, and Night Cycles will last 24 hours, or end whenever all Night Actions are sent in. If you chose not to use an Action for the Night, still send a PM declaring your action to be “None”. How Write-ups will work: Votes will be posted publicly in the thread with a list of who voted for whom, etc. Night event write-ups will work like this: -Wolfbrother kills will be obvious. (Wolves swarm the victim) -When Padan Fain converts somebody, it will be mentioned in the write-up, denoted with the appearance of the evil white fog, Mashadar.** -Darkfriend and Forsaken kills appear the same -Wisdom healing somebody is only mentioned if they actually save the Target from Death -Whitecloak, If somebody is Detained, it is shown in the write-up, but not who was Detained or who Detained somebody -Channelers Fireball will be revealed in the write-up if used, and the other powers depending on if they interacted with any other Roles. (If Hands of air actually save somebody, Earth Skin will be written up the same way as Aiel-Blooded, Spirit and Water Actions won’t be revealed in write-up) -If your Action gets Role-blocked or doesn’t go through, it won’t be revealed in the write-up and you will just be informed your Action was ‘unsuccessful”. -If a Channeler gets roleblocked, then it counts as the weave never being used, and you can still use it later. (Unless Two Channelers use Spirit on each other, then they’re both used up) - Dreamwalkers detained by a Whitecloak can still be targeted by Forsaken for a kill Quick Links to the Beginning of Each Turn
  7. LG21: To Reforge a God Background: Since the last two wars with Odium, the Cosmere has finally had peace. The 16 Shards are now able to turn again to their own pursuits - creation or destruction, as it suits their Intents. But the greatest conflict since the Shattering brews on the horizon. Hoid, the discredited leader of the 17th Shard, is rumored to have returned. The last letter he wrote since he left the Cosmere to parts unknown hinted at his desire to end the rule of the Shards entirely, and reforge that from which they Shattered. The name can be heard floating on the Rosharan highstorms. It curls with the mists in Scadrial. The colors of Nalthis whisper it to the Returned. Adonalsium. Through the length and the breadth of the Cosmere, the message travels, leaving consternation in its wake. The final conflict of the divided Cosmere approaches. The end of the order of uncounted millennia looms. The Shards gather their forces for one last stand. Will they be able to defeat Hoid and end his goal of reforging Adonalsium once and for all? Or will Hoid take his final vengeance on that Coalition? Only one thing is certain. The Cosmere will never be the same again. Factions: Shardic Coalition: For untold millennia, you have supported the rule of order in the Cosmere. Hoid and his interference has brought you only two costly wars, and the insolent fool didn't even have the decency to face his punishment for warmongering. Now, he has returned, and you must stop his plan to bring about the return of Adonalsium at any cost. The Coalition wins after killing all members of the 17th Shard, as well as Odium and Autonomy and their Champion(s)/Agent(s). 17th Shard: You have been brought into Hoid's great plan for the worlds of the Cosmere. He was there when Adonalsium was Shattered, and he intends to be there when the God is reborn. To bring his plan to fruition, you must gather up the Shards from their original holders. Unfortunately, they are not likely to surrender them peacefully. To win, you need to outnumber the members of the Shardic Coalition. (Autonomy, Odium, Survival, and any Champions of Odium/Agents of Autonomy do not count towards either faction for purposes of outnumbering.) In addition, the 17th Shard has a sudden death win condition - if at any time, members of the 17th Shard hold all 10 Unshattered Shards, the game is immediately over and they win. If Cultivation is Shattered, this sudden death win condition is no longer possible. The 17th Shard have a doc to conspire in, and have a Faction kill. In addition, there are three Shards who have separate win conditions. These will be described in the Roles section. Roles: All players may make up to three actions in a turn (spread out over day and night cycles). The following count as actions: using a Shardic action or investment ability, using a minor role ability or Faction kill, investing in another player, passing a Shard to another player, moving to another planet. Voting in the thread does not count as an action. Planets and PMs: There will be 7 worlds available: Scadrial, Roshar, Nalthis, Sel, Taldain, Yolen, and First of the Sun. Each of these worlds will have a PM associated with it. Anyone on that world may use the PM freely. Other than these planet PMs and PMs that may be created by Devotion, no PMs between players are allowed. Order of Actions (Day): Secret Votes Redirect Vote/Action Investment Non-specific Shardic Abilities and Meta-Roles Lynch Order of Actions (Night): Redirect Action/Roleblock/Destroy Planet Investment Conversion Non-specific Shardic Abilities and Meta-Roles Protection and Healing Poison Mastrell Awakener and Analyst scans Attack Actions Worldhopping The game will start Saturday, 5/14/16, at midnight, Mountain Daylight Time. Day Cycles will be 48 hours, Night Cycles will be 24 hours. Future turns will end at midnight, MDT, on the appropriate day. Writeups will be posted as soon as is convenient following that.
  8. The snow and the ash from the nearby and aptly named Ashmount, Tyrian, fell together in a swirling mesh of black and white. It made it even more difficult to see anything at a distance. After only a 15 meters, everything just looked like static on a television screen. But the people of Tyrian Falls didn't need to be able to see to know what was out there. Every year, like the worst alarm clock in history, they knew that another band of Koloss was steadily trudging towards them. And they knew all about the Spiked hiding in their midst, attempting to sabotage their preparations. You'd think that they'd all just leave, but for some strange reason, it seemed that they couldn't; as if they were cursed by some evil, unseen hand. As the snow and ash fell and an impending sense of doom settled onto the shoulders of the fair people of Tyrian Falls, they all stopped whatever they were doing to stand and curse the sky together: "Leave us alone, Metacognition!" Guess what everyone? It's that time of the year again! Three cheers for our second year here on the illustrious 17th Shard and it's been a great year, if I do say so myself. Thank you all for being a part of it and for making these games as amazing as they've been. Our little sub-forum here wouldn't be the same without all of you. So you guys all know what's coming; it's time for our Anniversary Game! Unfortunately, the Admins didn't get back to us in time about the Anonymous Accounts at this point in time, so we're going to see if maybe this time, the village of Tyrian Falls can get a little redemption. If the Spiked wind up winning again, I'm officially calling this village cursed! But before we get to that, I'd like to give you maniacs some updates as to a few things we're changing for our next year here and also some things to look forward to too! First up, with as many people as we have playing anymore and how many awesome people who have stepped up to GM games for us, we're updating the schedule for how and when the games will begin. The new schedule is in effect as of now. So what is the new schedule and how does it differ from our last schedule? I'm glad you asked! Before, the way we staggered games looked something like this: -LG1, QF1 in the middle of LG1, MR1 after QF1 finishes and as LG1 ends. LG2 starts after LG1 ends and the cycle continues. I did a simple graphic for it (not to scale by any means) a long time back that I'll include here: But, with how the subforum has grown, this is what we'll be working with going forward: Instead of setting the MRs and QFs schedules to be based on the LGs, they operate independently. QF1 is followed by MR1, which is followed by QF2 and so on. On the other hand, the LGs would stagger. LG1 would start, run for 5 cycles (this is just a starting number and we will adjust it if that seems like it is too long or too short of a delay) and then LG2 would start and repeat ad infinitum. As I did above, I did a quick visual of what we're looking at: We feel that this will make it so that there's not as long of a wait before someone gets to run their game. Which means we could probably use some more QF GMs, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to sign up! Due to how this schedule is set up, it means that we won't be able to avoid holidays as much, but I think that will be a minor problem. If you have any questions or comments on the new schedule, please feel free to contact either myself, Wilson, or Gamma! That's the major news. We're discussing on reformatting a few of the threads to use them more effectively and you guys should be on the look out for something we're calling the SEAcropolis in the near future too! I think you guys will like what we have in mind for the future. Now, onto our second Anniversary Game! I'll be posting all the rules and roles and stuff below. Sign ups will last until the evening Dec. 25th. That's right, my Christmas present to all of you is your roles and alignment! This also allows us to circumvent the worst of the holiday distractions as well and leaves us with only a small bump once New Years rolls around, so this is as accessible as we could make it. So without further adieu: AG2: The Return of the Koloss! Oh no! Koloss have begun advancing on your little town, Tyrian Falls! Since The Lord Ruler died, they seem to be acting with a mind of their own. Unfortunately for you, your town is a way point between Fadrex City and Luthadel. That means you have a stockpile of metals, but that's probably why they targeted you in the first place. On the other hand, you have a large collection of metals. You might be able to hold them off, but it seems like someone (or a conspiracy of someones) seems to be undermining your defenses. Somehow, before the Koloss arrive, you have to rid your town of these dissenters; those that are spiked. Until then, you won't be able to mount an effective defense for your town. If you fail, everyone dies, so you better not fail! Factions: Some people within the town have been hiding a few secrets; some of them are Mistings, so you have help in your battle versus the forces of Ruin. Although some of them may be spiked. Why can't anything be easy? Roles: We'll be starting on a Night round (sorry to whomever likely gets killed before they even really get a chance to play!) This is due to the fact that that was how it was before and I think it will give people a chance to establish some RP before the game actually starts (which always helps make the write ups better, IMO). Order of Actions for the Night will be: -Smoker -Seeker -Lurcher -Coinshot/Kills Days will be 48 hours long (ending roughly around 1 AM EST unless this schedule needs to change). Nights will be 24 hours long. No hints will be given in the write ups. Allegiance and Roles will be reveal upon death. That should be about everything! If I missed something that you would like clarified, please, let me know either via PM or here in thread and I'll do my best to answer any questions. Let the games begin and again, thank you all for another great year! Quick Links:
  9. The Empty Throne Part 1: The Barrow Barons With Steelheart dead, the remaining Epics are running amok as they try to wrest control of the city of Newcago from their rivals. You and a group of others have taken refuse inside the now vacant Enforcement Headquarters to wait out the chaos that grips the city. Unfortunately you aren’t the only ones with that idea as some of the former barrow barons have taken it upon themselves to grab control of the HQ and make it their base of operations. Day cycles last 48 hours, night cycles are 24 hours long. Extensions can be requested. Roll over is at 4pm NZDT / 3am GMT / 8pm PDT (I think I got the conversions right.) Write ups will be simple as I am, unfortunately, not as creative as the past GMs. Updated player lists will be posted at the start of each day. Night Action Order: Enforcer/Streetperformer/Illusionist/Neutralizer, Protections, Kills then Scouting. Win Condition: Find and kill the Barrow Barons. Lose Condition: Allow the Barrow Barons to outnumber everyone else. Note: No group can win as long as the Serial Killer is alive. Except for the Serial Killer that is. Barrow Barons have a doc to conspire in as well as a nightly group kill. GM is to be included in all PMs Each day cycle players must send a PM to the GM telling them which room they are to spend the night in. Any who don’t claim a room will be stuck sleeping in the hallways. At the start of each night cycle the GM will PM each player with the names of the other players that are in the same room. The names of those who are in the hallway will be posted in the main thread. You cannot post who you are sharing a room with until the following day cycle. Abilities/roles/PMs can only be used on those in the same room as yourself or those in the hallway. Example: Steelheart is in the Barracks with Frank and Steve. Firefight and Gillian are in the Armoury. Bob is wandering the hallways looking lost. Steelheart can only attack/PM Frank, Steve or Bob. Gillian only has Firefight and Bob for company. Poor Bob has no one to play with unless someone contacts him first. Should both Gillian and Steelheart contact Bob then Bob can pass messages along. However Bob cannot use any abilities on anyone as they aren’t in the same room. Rooms: (Rooms may be added or removed depending on player numbers) Armoury Barracks Mess Hall Officers Lounge Training Room Shooting Range If any wish they can use their night action to search the room they are in. There may or may not be something to find. For example if someone was to search the Officers Lounge they may find a fully/partly charged sidearm which allows a set number of kill attempts or they may find an empty whiskey bottle. Roles: Serial Killer: You are an insane genius. You worked out how to become an epic, all you need to do is kill enough people. After all everyone knows that epics kill indiscriminately, so that must be how they gained their power, right? As such you have two abilities. You can kill once per cycle, day or night, or you may instead stalk up to two people a cycle and find out what roles they have. You must also choose a signature to leave behind as a sign of your kills. i.e. a red rose. Note, if you choose to use your abilities during the day then your vote won’t be counted. Win Condition: Kill everyone. Civilian: You are a normal civilian and have no special abilities however your voice is that of the people. This could be the chance you have been waiting for. Prove yourself to the right people and they will surely reward you. Arms Dealer: Somehow you got caught up in the mob and have found yourself trapped inside the Enforcers HQ. Luckily you still have some of your inventory. Once a night you can give a one shot gun to another for them to use the next night. Enforcer Chief: You can provide protection detail to one player of your choice for one night cycle. (You protect one player from all actions taken both by and against them. Target is not informed that they are protected. Cannot self target. Rich Civilian: You have money, you have influence and you left it all outside. Whoops. However your vote counts double as many still listen to you. Street Performer: You are a master at sleight of hand and misdirection tricks. Once per night cycle you may redirect any action directed against one player to another of your choosing. (You must pm the gm with the name of the target you want protected as well as the target for the redirected actions.) Smoothtalker: You can sell anything. In fact you have already sold Steelhearts skull on numerous occasions. Once a day you may change anyones vote to whatever you want. (Including a no vote) Doctor: You are a trained physician and can provide medical protection to one person for a full cycle. (Once per night cycle you can choose to protect another from any one attack for that night and the following day. Protects from lynching. Cannot self target.) Scout: You are an expert in stealth. Once every night you may spy on another player and discover what actions they take. Sniper: You are a former Enforcement sharpshooter. One kill attempt each night. Invisibility: You are able to turn completely invisible for a limited amount of time. Once per night you can follow a target and find out what actions they take. Precognition: You can see the future. Once per night you may either protect yourself or another from one attack. Matter Disruptor: You can turn any organic matter to dust. One night kill attempt per cycle. Flame body: Your entire body can be turned into living flame, protecting you from attacks. Once every second night cycle you can protect yourself from any and all attacks but must rest during the next cycle. (Invulnerable from all attacks for one night cycle, but cannot protect self again next cycle.) Neutralizer: You can neutralize anyones actions once per night. If no actions are countered this will cancel the targets vote on the following day. Mitosis: You are able to make clones of yourself. You may order your clone to undertake one of the following each cycle. Note: you cannot take the same action in consecutive cycles. Follow a player and learn what actions they take. (Night only) Attempt to kill another player. (Night only) Protect you or another from one attack. (Night only) Distract another so any action or vote they take fails. (Day or night) Strong-arm another’s vote to one of your choosing. (Day only) Illusionist: You can change the appearance of what actions others or yourself take once each night. Example: Player R uses their kill attempt on Player F. The Illusionist can make it look like they protected Player F instead. The action still happens as normal but it won’t show up to any who happen to be spying on Player R at the time. Note: This changes the actions appearance only not the target.