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Found 41 results

  1. So you can store investiture in nicrosil right. So how does that work. 1). Does it only store the ability to use other magic systems ? Like suppose I'm a twinborn and I store the ability to burn steel in an unsealed metalminds ,while not burning the metal. So when someone else taps it , do they temororarily gain the ability to burn metal but have to actually metabolize metal to use it ? 2). Suppose I burn steel but instead of using the energy to push on steel , I store it inside the metalmind. Then when someone else taps it , would they gain the ability to push without actually burning the metal. Or do both methods work ? Also suppose I'm compounding. So if I store 1 Newton of steel pushing in the metalmind and I burn it, do I get access to 10 Newtons of pushing ?
  2. Punny title aside, would it work? That is: can Hemalurgy spike out Surges (either from the surgebinder or their Spren) and grant them to someone with the right bind point? I imagine the metal most apt for this would be Nicrosil (Steals Investiture), and I think it would be more likely for the target to have to be the Spren, which would probably mean taking your spikes to the Cognitive Realm... Making it a bit of a hassle unless you have a method to get in there (Surge of Transportation, Oathgate, Perpendicularity). If this IS possible, what surges would you spike yourself with? I would personally go with Abrasion and Gravitation, because it would let me constantly slide "downhill" by lashing myself diagonally forwards and slicking my shoes. No skating effort required, just a mastery of partial lashings. Possibly more stormlight-efficient than just flying with Gravitation, too. It's also possible that you would have to put these surge spikes into your own Spren, in which case I would use a Cryptic and spike them with Abrasion and Gravitation, since their Oaths are just truths about yourself (and not, like, protecting people. Cause that would be a bit restrictive to Hemalurgy). And yes, I know, I still have to speak the First Ideal, but if these surges give me the power to save more lives than the spren I spike, isn't it worth it? Strength before weakness, after all. ...Kind of a tangent but I just wanted to preempt arguments like that.
  3. Okay, so... First post. Yay. I won't waste your time with that though, cause I want to see if anyone agrees with me on this. So hopefully you know what Compounding is; when someone has the same metal in Allomancy and Feruchemy. They can Allomantically burn a charged metalmind to get "tenfold" the amount of power back out of it, using the End-positive nature of Allomancy to generate that extra Feruchemical aspect. So here's my theory on Reverse Compounding, where one would use Feruchemy to increase the amount of power you get out of burning a metal. STEP ONE: Be a Nicrosil Compounder. This can be done using Hemalurgy spikes, if needed. STEP TWO: Spike yourself with another allomantic metal. Preferably not Aluminum. STEP THREE: Charge the everloving heck out of your Nicrosilmind with your spiked Allomantic metal. STEP FOUR: COMPOUND THAT NICROSILMIND TO HECK. STEP FIVE: BURN THE HECK OUT OF THE CORRESPONDING METAL. STEP SIX: PROFIT. And that's the most basic form of Reverse Compounding! And yes... Reverse Compounding Duralumin with another metal alongside it would be even more insane. But we can discuss those scenarios together. P.S. A Fullborn/Full Compounder can do this with no spikes needed. So that's fun.
  4. Could Nightblood be a nicrosil metalmind? Brandon has RAFO'd everything about what Nightblood is made out of, and has also stated that there is more to his astronomical amount of investiture than his breaths. Could this fit? Brandon has said that Nightblood was not black before being awakened. Anybody know what color nicrosil is? I'm not sure if this works, let me know what you guys think.
  5. If you could find a misting that was hemalurgically enhanced with duralumin, and then you got a nicrosil misting to touch them, could they theoretically stack and multiply the original misting's power?
  6. So here we go. Most people on the 17th Shard know that nicrosil can store investure, including investure from other worlds like breath, surges, and stormlight. We also know that spren are basically just sentient investure. Shardblades are living or dead spren, and Shardplate is some sort of investure/investure related phenomena connected to the ten Surges, stormlight, and/or spren. All of this means that Shardblades and Shardplate are just a form of investure, as evidenced by Radiant summoning/dismissing blades and plate in and out of midair. That most likely means that blades and plate can be stored in a metal mind. We also know that someone was looking for talking metal in Era 2 Scadrial. I think that they are planning on using that metal/scadrian equivalent to spren to make Scadrian Shards. The Set are interested in hemalurgy, not to make a mistborn, but to make a nicrosil compounder. We know that the eight "new" metals are rarer compared to the eight basic metals like Iron, Steel, Pewter, and Tin Etc. This goes for both Allomancy and Feruchemy, but especially for Feruchemy. They are trying to find the right combination so that they can make medallions or power something like south scadrian technology. Wax's Uncle and Sister are merely the result of the experiments to figure out hemalurgy so that they do not waste a good ferring. Nicrosil Ferring worth>Steel Misting worth. Given that most splinters assume the form of a sword when pushed into the physical realm enough, it is likely that an artificially created splinter would manifest as a Blade/Plate that could be stored in a metalmind and called on when needed. It would give the Set an huge advantage over a high powered Twinborn like Wax, any Mistborn that decide to come out of the woodwork or a person armed with Allomancer killing rifle rounds. The Blade/Plate would not be effected by most allomacy/feruchemy and most likely give a boost to any abilities inherent to the user. The user could also store the armor in the metalmind and tap it to summon the shards when they needed them. The Bands of Mourning may have been Kelsier's early attempt at making such a weapon. I suspect that it would required a hack we have not seen yet to shape the investure into a blade/plate, which would most likely be similar to the hack that allows Allomantic Bronze to be used on non-Scadrain investures.
  7. (spoliers for BoM) Recently, I looked over the Feruchemical powers again and recalled the scene in BoM where the group finds the Nicrosil and Gold bracelet (I think) stored with an immense amount of Health that anyone could use because of the Investiture in the Nicrosil. It happens again in the epilogue with the coin and memory of Kelsier in the Final Empire. Now, after seeing Aluminum's Feruchemical power was Identity, I'm curious as to how it works. Do we know anything? My guess is that it may be a sort of protection against brainwashing, or in combination with Nicrosil, could literally make someone drawing both Investiture and Identity act like the Identity donor. What do you all think? Or what do we actually know?
  8. Would a feruchemist (either a soulbearer or full feruchemist) who had ended up in Roshar and bonded a spren to become a radiant, then be able to store stormlight into a nicrosilmind? That is, would they be able to store stormlight in a nicrosilmind and use that rather than carry spheres or gemstones around with them everywhere they went? Is a nicrosil mind capable of doing this or would it simply store the ability to use stormlight, not the stormlight itself?
  9. So I've been thinking about whether it'd be possible to create a full feruchemist using lerasium? Since alloying lerasium with a metalmind makes a feruchemist of that metal, could you alloy lerasium with a metalmind that would form a full feruchemist? Perhaps nicrosil? Since nicrosil stores investiture, if a full feruchemist were to store their investiture inside a nicrosilmind and then alloy that with lerasium and a regular person were to burn it, would they become a full feruchemist? If I've made any terrible mistakes due to a lack of understanding of lerasium or nicrosil, feel free to correct me.
  10. Hey all. So this is a quick speculation thread based on some stuff I was thinking about in the shower after re-reading Elantris and some WoBs about nicrosil. The way interplay between all these different forms of Investiture is hinted at is fascinating. I've been a casual poster here for a while, but this is my first foray into actual speculation. If what I'm saying has any spoilers in it (I don't think it does, but I could be wrong), feel free to mark it as such. Also, I'm not really up-to-date on the latest Realmantic lingo, so bear with me. Anyway, as far as I'm aware, Feruchemical Nicrosil stores Investiture. In terms of Scadrial magic systems, this usually means storing the Investiture an Allomancer or Feruchemist uses to fuel their other abilities, with the ability to tap it at a greater rate to get more of that power over a shorter duration. However, we know from various WoBs that a nicrosilmind can stor other forms of Investiture from other worlds, including Divine Breaths from Nalthis or the ability to use the Surges of the Knights Radiant (whether this refers to storing the Nahel bond or Stormlight is unclear). We also know that in Selish magics, the Dor is heavily linked to location, because of the Dor being essentially the shattered corpses of two gods dumped in the Cognitive Realm by Odium. This means there is a sharp drop-off in the power of Selish magics the farther they get away from their particular region-- most notably in AonDor and Forgery, with the Dakhor monks being a little better at this, for currently-unknown reasons. So my hypothetical is this: Let's say I have nicrosilmind--whether I'm an actual Soulbearer or just using an unsealed nicrosilmind is an irrelevant distinction at this stage. If I were on Sel, could I store Investiture from the Dor in my nicrosilmind and take it with me, to fuel Selish magic with it? If I were an Elantrian or Dakhor monk on another world, could I tap that nicrosilmind to increase the power of my Aons/Bone-twisties to the level they would be closer to home? A sort of Dor-battery or Dor-transformer? Or is there something I'm missing in my analysis. Be gentle.
  11. I was thinking, would it be possible for a nicrosil metalmind be keyed to an allomantic ability or a certain surge and then just be refilled with investure after it runs out? Would it have to be filled by a coinshot or a rioter in order to use that ability? or could it be keyed to that ability and then just be refilled by a nicrosil ferring?
  12. So if a Nicroburst were use their ability on a Mistborn burning duralumin and say... pewter, would the Mistborn get more of a burst than normal duralumin since the Nicrosil would be burn through all the duralumin?
  13. This is pretty much just a weird thought that crossed my mind. But in South Scadrial they have magitek that can mimic the metallic arts. So what if you created a pair of nicroburst components set up to nicroburst each other? I imagine it would make a feedback loop, building up an insanely massive enhancement effect. If you then used this to enhance another allomantic power, say, an omnidirectional steelpush outwards... The result would probably be pretty dramatic.
  14. Do you think a Soulburst (nicrosil compounder) could store not just bare investiture but also a manifestation of said investiure, like for example would he/she be able to store a Gravitation lashing? Also do you think it would be possible for a Soulburst to convert between Investiture from different worlds, for example converting a Breath into Stormlight or something similar? Furthermore a compounder can effectively multiply a stored unit tenfold, so if a Soulburst can multiply Investiture, how will that effect the Shard which fuels the magic system, since the Investiture comes from it.
  15. Throughout the Stormlight Archive, we see that Honorblades give a person Radiant powers— the ability to surgebind. Also, we know that one of the metals, nicrosil, stores investiture. Are Honorblades made of nicrosil, and is that how they give abilities to people? It would explain how people gained powers, and why they no longer have them after losing possession of the Honorblade. I don’t know if Sanderson has already answered this in a WoB, or if this is already a forum. If someone could please let me know, that would be great. If not, then... let the theories begin, I guess.
  16. I've got an idea in my head that through some combination of Copper, Nicrosil, and Harmonium that it would be able to duplicate the memories held in a Coppermind and transfer them to multiple individuals. My basic reasoning for this is that everything in a Metalmind is some kind of Investiture and Harmonium is able to duplicate the at the very least the Investiture from Allomancy and Feruchemy.
  17. So, let’s say that I, already in possession of the powers of Allomantic and Feruchemocal Nicrosil, were then given a steel spike, Hemalurgically charged with Allomantic Pewter. If if I were to place this spike in my ear, and then to store the investiture it endows me with inside a nicrosilmind, would removing the hemalurgic spike then still remove the power to burn pewter from me? If I were to place only a tiny, tiny piece of that pewter investiture within a nicrosilmind, and then to burn that nicrosilmind (lather, rinse, compound), could I then remove that spike from my ear, passing it along to someone else for free pewter, while retaining supernatural levels of pewter burning in myself? Or would this spike prevent me from storing such Investiture? Would it still remove it altogether, seeing that investiture as keyed and attached to the spike? If I were to compound and the remove that spike, and such removal took away my pewter, would the next wielder of my spike have supernaturally strong pewter? I would love to be able to throw people to the moon, but I’m unsure whether I’d like to murder someone on a potentially failed attempt to gain such abilities. Thoughts?
  18. Aluminum is internal pulling, and removes the user's metal reserves. Duralumin is the internal pushing, and burns the user's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Chromium is the external pushing, and removes the touched target's metal reserves, and Nicrosil is the external pulling and burn's the touched target's metal reserves in a single, super powerful flare. Why are the internal/external pairs so similar? None of the other quadrants are that similar. The internal physical metals enhance strength and senses, but the external physical metals don't enhance other's strength/senses. Copper and bronze are wildly different from zinc and brass. Gold shows you your past or alternate self (personally I think shows a change in Identity, but that's a theory for later); it's not like cadmium shows you another person's past... that's what malatium does... huh. Is there a reason for this? I know Harmony and Preservation changed around Allomancy, is this an artifact for that, or just a weird coincidence?
  19. Short and simple premise today. I found a WoB and didn't know what to do with it. Chromium(Leecher) can drain Metalminds. Nicrosil(Nicroburst) cannot. (which was news to me, who just thought it was unknown) Question 1: Why? Question 2: Do Aluminum/Duralumin follow this pattern? Question 3: Opinions on what this means for the magic/the future?
  20. So I have been a little bit confused ever since I read Bands of Morning regarding south scadrian medallions. My understanding is they work by being a combination of an unkeyed nicrosil mind that has stored inside of it a feruchemical ability and a matched unkeyed metalmind. So far so good. The nicrosil part of the medallion gives the feruchemical ability, and the other metal provides a matched metalmind which may be filled with a useful attribute. So my confusion and question is this: What makes the nicrosil metalmind unique? Why can a person tap an unkeyed nicrosilmind, but must have the appropriate feruchemical ability to use the other metalminds? Thanks.
  21. This might have been asked before, but could a Fullborn Compound into a Nicrosilmind ( or do it while storing Identity, then give it to a Nalthian), then convert that Investiture to Breaths in order to attain the Tenth Heightening?
  22. So, I'm confused as to how the medallions work. How can a Nicrosil ferring reduce their Identity enough to make an unlocked Feruchemical nicrosil medallion? And other ferrings reduce their identity enough to add to it? Is it a matter of using Feruchemical aluminum? But then how does an Feruchemical nicrosil ferring use Feruchemical aluminum? Also, how can a non-Feruchemical nicrosil person tap the Feruchemical nicrosil, even if it's unlocked? Don't you still need to be able to tap Nicrosil in order to use it? Unlocked just means that someone else can use a metal mind that you created, it doesn't give you the ability to actually use that metal if it's not in your sDNA, right? Is Nicrosil special in that it allows anyone to use its Investiture?
  23. As you probably know, Feruchemical Nicrosil can be used to store Investiture. However, like other Feruchemical attributes, it doesn't make sense to store a fraction of Investiture. Lets use Allomantic Steel as an example. If The Lord Ruler (using him as he has full access to both power sets) were to store 50% of his Allomantic Steel power in a Nicrosilmind, would his steel pushes be half as powerful as he is filling the Mind? Alternatively, perhaps Nicrosilminds are filled all or nothing. Maybe, the TLR fills the Nicrosilmind instantly, and when he stops, he is completely devoid of the ability to burn steel Allomantically. Then, someone else could come tap that same Nicrosilmind (assuming it had no Identity) and immediately gain full access to Allomantic Steel forever, even when they were to take the Mind off. In this scenario, Nicrosilminds would work like a gift, giving an ability to someone, until they can give it back. Does anyone know how it works, I would like to know, just so it will be easier to comprehend things in The Lost Metal, which I assume will be full of complicated Identity and Investiture storing. So confusing, please explain?
  24. In the past months I have seen people wonder about how nicrosil feruchemy works. Just today, this theory prompted me to compose this table. So. How does nicrosil feruchemy work? As I understand it, nicrosil feruchemy can store investiture that is actually part of the feruchemist. It cannot store any investiture that is merely passing through the user. It cannot effect investiture that they are channeling from an external source. So far we have seen nicrosil work in Bands of Mourning. In Bands of Mourning, nicrosil exhibits the behavior I describe above. Within allomancy, there are two distinct groupings of investiture. There is the investiture embedded in the allomancer's soul that grants them the ability to draw on preservation's power. And there is the investiture that the allomancer channels from preservation when they actually burn a metal. Nicrosil only stores the first kind. So. I'm just going to suggest a table of exactly how nicrosil will interact with each magic system I have seen in the cosmere. Scadrial Allomancy- Stores how strong of an allomancer the user is. You can spend one hour getting half of much of an effect out of your pewter, then spend one hour getting 1.5x as much strength from burning pewter. Feruchemy- Stores how efficient your feruchemy is. Feruchemy is not 100% efficient, particularly when you draw a lot on a given reserve. You can spend one hour with more loss-y feruchemy, then you can spend one hour with 1.5x less loss in your feruchemy. A nicrosil-boosted feruechemical power might also have higher yield when used in compounding. Hemalurgy- If the hemalurgic spike grants a magic, nicrosil feruchemy treats the magic as if the user were naturally endowed with it. If the hemalurgic spike grants a non-magical attribute (like strength for koloss or sapience for kandra), nicrosil would probably be able to store this attribute. A soulbearer koloss, when storing power, would slowly grow smaller, weaker, and more intelligent as their body and mind adapts to the change in their soul. When not storing or tapping, they would slowly revert to their normal Koloss state. When tapping, they would slowly become bigger, stronger, and less intelligent than a normal Koloss. Roshar Surgebinding- A surgebinder would be able to store their nahel bond, not stormlight. A surgebinder could spend one hour consuming stormlight at 2x rate, and then spend one hour consuming stormlight at 2/3 rate. Of coarse, they wouldn't need to actually be consuming any stormlight while they stored power, which makes this a lot more useful. Listener Forms- I suspect that a normal listener form would find nicrosil useless. A form of power, however, could probably store their symbiosis with Odium in the metalmind. This would mean a stormform might be able to spend one hour feeling weak and having trouble summoning lightning, and then spend one hour feeling stronger and being able to summon lightning more easily... I suspect that while they are storing, they would also feel less in Odium's control, and while they were tapping, they would feel more in Odium's control. Voidbinding- We know absolutely nothing about voidbinding yet, so I really can't say. Old Magic- We know absolutely nothing about the old magic yet, so I really can't say. Nalthis Awakening- For awakening I suspect you could actually just store breaths in the nicrosil mind. Pretty useless since you can store breaths in anything that isn't metal or stone. More useful if you have nicrosil compounding, however... Nicrosil compounding probably wouldn't increase the number of breaths you had access to, but would rather amplify the strength of each breath. This could still increase heightenings. It is also possible but unlikely that nicrosil would only store the strength of the breaths, and not the number of breaths. In this case, storing or tapping wouldn't change your number of breaths, only how strong each one is while you store or tap. This could still decrease and increase your heightenings. The big difference here is, each breath would revert to their normal strength when you stop storing. You could actually spend one hour as a half-strength awakener, then spend one hour as a 1.5x strength awakener, unlike the scenario above. Sel AonDor- You could probably store your Elantrian status in the metalmind (AonDor is on a fundamental level nearly identical to allomancy in how it works). This means you could spend one hour during which time your Aons produce only half the effect they normally would, then spend one hour during which time your Aons would produce an exaggerated, 1.5x effect. Due to the fact that being an Elantrian also has physical effects, someone storing power might additionally transition part of the way to being a fallen Elantrian, and someone tapping power might additionally experience increased physical vitality. Forgery- This one presents a unique question. The ability to forge is only based on knowledge, not on some unique investiture in the user's soul... And yet, presumably that is because everyone in that locality has the ability to forge written into their soul. So... Would nicrosil store the potency of your forgery? Or would it be able to store the effects of a soul-stamp? Would it be able to store both of these things? In any case, chances are nicrosil would allow you to manipulate how well a soul stamp sticks. Dakhor- Dakhor seems to be somewhat similar to AonDor. The subject has a connection to Dominion, and thus they can draw power from Dominion to gain physical enhancement. Chances are, a Dakhor monk storing nicrosil would be able to spend an hour with half of their extra strength and speed, then an hour with 1.5x their additional magic-granted strength and speed. In the hour of storing, they are half as connected to Dominion and can only draw half as much energy from Dominion. In the hour of drawing, they are 1.5x as connected to Dominion and can draw 1.5x as much energy from Dominion. EDIT: I would also like to make a second distinction here. We know that nicrosil only effects innate investiture. I would also like to suggest that nicrosil does not effect all types of innate investiture. For example, I do not believe that you could store the spark of life in a nicrosil mind. I must conclude that nicrosil tends towards storing specifically innate investiture that originates from an external source (IE a shard). If a shard's power is in no way involved in giving someone innate investiture, I do not believe that nicrosil feruchemy can store it.
  25. So I know my name is PewterAgoldF but I was thinking about what I would do if I was double nicrosil and had some thoughts Firstly this is probably the rarest combination there is so lets just say Harmony gave me some specks of lerasium I could alloy with whatever I want (not enough to become a mistborn) and another bead that does the same for feruchemy somehow (perhaps lerasium+atium+another metal, idk) Secondly, since I can now compound investiture, could I potentially get a Pathian earring, made from old inquisitor spikes, and take the miniscule residual investiture from it and compound that? Steel earrings could hold Pushing and Pulling and Pewter allomancy, and Pewter earrings would probably have feruchemical gold, possibly speed. Thirdly, in the same way that you can't compound if you got your feruchemy and allomancy through hemalurgy because it is being performed with the spiritual signature of the victim, does that mean that as a nicroburst, I could nicroburst my own allomancy which I got through hemalurgy? Or is the signature thing only for feruchemy? And lastly, could I compound the investiture of hemalurgy taken from regular people? For example a tin spike doesn’t give allomantic or feruchemical tin ability, it just gives you better senses permanently overall, then as a nicrosil compounder I could tap as much as I want at will. This could go for strength (try not to koloss out), mental strength, and emotional strength too, and a duralumin spike grants faster burning ability I think (not instant burning of all active metals) so compounding this would be way more useful than actual allomantic duralumin) I see only one issue with the last one (apart from potential craziness) being that if the power is not of preservation then how could allomantically burning it grant more E.g. if I somehow get pure Ruin investiture I don’t think I could compound it because preservation doesn’t have ruin investiture to give. But maybe the senses taken from regular dudes still has preservation in it. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.