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Found 2 results

  1. Daughter of the prime forest stalked through the camp, letting the plants around her grow, spreading their leaves to the sky. She was so tired. So tired of being here, in this godless world, with this constant buzzing in her head. People with lanterns were coming nearer, and she slipped behind one of the tents, watching them pass. She let out a deep breath. She needed to find the Servant of the Mad god… hopefully he would be able to get her out of here… The voices returned, coming closer, closer… And then they were upon here, with those horrible clocks and horrible torches. The mob grabbed her, dragging her away, but as they did so, Daughter began to hear a distant sound, almost imperceptible. It was the whispers of dreams as one slipped off to sleep. The terror of waking in the middle of the night covered in cold sweat. The evil thing inside of her tried to fight back, nearly grabbing a Gun. However, the mob was too fast, and didn't let her have it. It shrieked in rage, as the crowd quickly eradicated the Forgotten among them. The rest of her consciousness pulled away just as the portal opened up below her and she fell, spinning through the void. She landed with a soft thump on the grassy field in the middle of The Village, before standing up and dusting the chalk dust off her. The grass twisted around her legs, glad to have her back. Thanks for the Death RP Lotus Vote Count: Lotus (5): Gears, Archer, Araris Valerian, Devotary of Spontaneity, Kasimir Burnt Spaghetti (1): Flyingbooks Flyingbooks (1): Mist Lotus was court-martialed, and was killed in the struggle over the gun. They were a Forgotten. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is at 2. This Night will end at 8 PM CST on February 18th.
  2. The ticking of the clock seemed ever present. It beat back and forth, almost hypnotically. Connie's head started bobbing to the rhythm. It was so relaxing to her. Even as the camp debated killing her, she couldn't keep her eyes off the clock. Sweat, and white condensation began pouring from her face. So this is what they were fighting for. The camp needed no further evidence, and quickly grabbed her. However, she had already passed on, with a smile on her lips. The first Forgotten had fallen. Vote Count: Condensation (6): Archer, StrikerEZ, Illwei, TJ Shade, Devotary of Spontaneity, Kasimir Gears (2): Araris Valerian, STINK Illwei (1): Ventyl Lotus (1): Shard of Reading Condensation has died. They were a Forgotten. Items Taken: Camp Supply: Player List: This Night will end on February 6th at 8 PM CST. The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is at 2.