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Found 4 results

  1. Packed update this week! It's been announced that the Dawnshard audiobook will release in August, a physical version of Secret History is up for preorder with a new cover, merchandise and badge pricing has been released for the Dragonsteel con this November, and r/books will be holding an AMA with Brandon this Thursday. First up, at long, long last, the Dawnshard audiobook will be releasing August 16th! It can be preordered now on Google Play or Apple Books, and probably the other usual places too (can't find a full list). It's unclear whether it will be released on Audible or not, as there doesn't seem to be any listing for it right now despite it being up elsewhere. And because Brandon can't just release one thing at a time, a new US hardcover edition of Mistborn: Secret History will come out on September 20th! It can be preordered now from Amazon, and has a brand-new cover by Howard Lyon: Also, pricing for the Dragonsteel 2022 con is out! Details can be found on the event's FAQ, and a summary is in the box below: Sales open on July 11th, and an early bird discount code for the General Admission Badge will be announced then. Not all events require flying out to Utah, though – Brandon will be doing an AMA on r/books this Thursday, July 7th at 6PM Mountain Time. Note that from the sound of it, this will NOT be a normal AMA, but instead will be closer to one of his monthly livestreams, just taking questions from the r/books AMA rather than r/brandonsanderson and with someone transcribing the answers from the stream and posting them in the thread. And lastly, there are of course the usual progress updates: Secret Project 1 is being sent off to the printers to prepare for the Year of Sanderson, Brandon is finishing up revisions on Secret Project 2 and will be starting revisions on Secret Project 3 before going back to writing Stormlight Book 5. What do you think of the new Secret History cover? How many years have you aged waiting for the Dawnshard audiobook? Will you be attending the con? Let us know in the comments below! As always, the Weekly Update video can be found on YouTube or right below this paragraph.
  2. Brandon's holding a contest to design an Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians-themed T-shirt! Also, the wonderful folks over at interviewed Brandon's art director Isaac Stewart in the wake of the White Sand omnibus releasing in Spain. But first, a word from Brandon's progress bars: the final draft of The Lost Metal is at 86%. Once this is done, it'll be sent off to the publishers, and will release in the US and UK on November 15th. (Release dates for other regions vary.) Onto the main events... to celebrate Bastille vs the Evil Librarians coming out in the fall, Team Dragonsteel is running a T-shirt design contest! The full details are on Brandon's website, and you really should read the terms there if you plan to participate, but here's a summary: Besides that, (the Spanish Cosmere fansite) held an interview with Isaac Stewart, Brandon's art director (and mapmaker, alphabet designer, etc—he does a lot), in celebration of the Spanish release of the White Sand omnibus edition in Spain! (Which releases in English in November... it's complicated). The interview is in English, with Spanish subtitles, and you can check it out on their YouTube channel or embedded beow: If you're a Spanish-language speaker, you should definitely check their site out if you haven't already. Lastly, Brandon's apparently an asteroid now! Reddit user Rukongai recently had a chance to name a minor asteroid, and felt a certain SFF author was a prudent choice.
  3. Publisher's Weekly has revealed the cover for Bastille vs. The Evil Librarians, the final entry in Brandon's Alcatraz series! Bastille is cowritten with Janci Patterson, co-author of the Skyward Flight novellas, and is due to release September 20th. Additionally, the print collection of said novellas is out, and Brandon and Janci shared a bit about what Skyward will look like going forwards. Additionally, their article contains release dates for the new editions of the previous books in the series, which are receiving new covers by Justin Gerard to celebrate Bastille finally coming out. (In case you missed it, the new cover for the first book in the series was revealed back in December!) May 3: Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians July 5: The Scrivener’s Bones and The Knights of Crystallia August 20: The Shattered Lens September 20: The Dark Talent and Bastille And now, we venture skyward! Specifically the Skyward Flight collection released this week! If you've been waiting to buy these in print, you can find links to do so on Penguin Random House's website. It also includes a few sweeteners like character art and deleted scenes. Unfortunately, Skyward beta reader and Janci's friend Darci Cole was originally supposed to help write the next trilogy, but had to step down from the project for personal reasons. Janci and Brandon will both continue to be involved with it, however. Oh, did I not mention the next trilogy yet? Well, on the most recent stream, Janci and Brandon spoke about the plan for the future of the Cytoverse after Defiant (the fourth Skyward novel) releases next year. The current goal is to co-write a second trilogy following characters we already know (they can't confirm which, though we know from the Mini-Con that Kimmalyn is likely in the running). They intend for the books to be dual PoV, with one primary character getting major viewpoints in all of them, and a different second character getting their own plot and main viewpoints each time. However, this is subject to change, as they are still early in the outlining phase. Oh, and of course, we have progress bar updates from the latest Weekly Update video! The first draft of Stormlight Five is about 6% completed, which is about on-track for where Brandon expected it to be. The third draft (which takes into account beta reader feedback) of Secret Project 1 is about 80% completed, meaning prep work for publishing it next January can soon begin. Speaking of the Secret Projects, the Kickstarter raised $41,754,153 from 185,341 backers, easily taking the crown for most-funded Kickstarter with more than double the second place. (However, Exploding Kittens still has it, and every other project, handily beat for the most-backed position, with 219,382 backers.) Who do you think the next Skyward series's viewpoint characters will be? Why are there sharks in the sky on the Bastille cover? Is it just me, or does that airship look like Darth Vader? Find out... uh... whenever the books release, I suppose, but until then, share your guesses in the comments below!
  4. Been a while, but it's finally time for another news roundup! A new cover for the first Alcatraz book has been revealed, the timing for the spoiler stream has been released, and a whole bunch of smaller projects have been announced! First things first, the obligatory percentage bar update: Defiant is currently about 55% of the way done. Next things next, Brandon will be doing a full spoilers livestream on December 16th, at 6pm Mountain Time. Generally, Brandon's assistant Adam will make a post on /r/brandonsanderson the day of to gather questions, as well as putting out a tweet and taking questions from chat. (If you're on the 17th Shard Discord server, we've used the fancy new events feature to display it in your local time and send a reminder when it's about to happen.) Additionally, during the stream he will be announcing the winners for the Twelve Workdays of Christmas giveaways his team is running. Each weekday, a keyword is being posted on his social media pages that you can put in the subject line of an email to [email protected] to enter a giveaway for various prizes, such as signed books and merch. Next up, the cover for the trade paperback edition of Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians has been revealed! New Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians cover by Justin Gerard. We don't know when exactly the new edition will come out, but the full series is expected to be released with new covers over the next year or so in the leadup to the final book. (However, that is a very tentative timeline that has changed before, so take it with a grain of salt.) In other news, there were some exciting announcements at the recent Dragonsteel Mini-Con (thanks @Use the Falchion for their report, as few Shard staff were present): Lux is planned to be a trilogy, but this is not set in stone yet Dan Wells is writing the novelization for Dark One, but it is not following the outline of the graphic novel Janci Patterson, along with her friend Darci Cole, will be writing more Skyward Flight novellas after the success of the first few, with one likely following Kimmalyn The White Sand omnibus is finished and they are working things out with the publisher, hope is to get it out next year Isaac is about halfway through a story following Nikki Savage (an adventurer in the Mistborn Era 2 broadsheets) tentatively called Boatload of Mummies Brandon also dropped a few interesting things during one of his SandoWriMo posts: A Mistborn film is in development, but this sort of thing has been happening for years so it does not indicate anything solid yet A screenwriter is currently working on another of his properties (he didn't say which), but once more nothing certain He's working with a video game company for something, but it's unknown what they're working on and in what capacity he's involved Also, for those watching the Wheel of Time show and interested in some of Brandon's behind-the-scenes thoughts, he's put out a few discussion posts on /r/WoT. He and Dan also discussed it on the most recent episode of their podcast Intentionally Blank. Lastly, going forward the leather in Brandon's leatherbounds will look a bit different, as it turns out the previous line they were using was named Corona, and for some mysterious unguessable reason got discontinued recently. Isaac has tried to find something that looks as close to the same as possible, but they're not quite identical. Comparisons at various angles can be found in the YouTube video where it was announced. As always, Brandon's own Weekly Update videos can be found on his YouTube channel, with transcripts on his blog. What do you think of the new cover? Which project are you most excited for? Which book would you most like to see adapted? Let us know in the comments below!