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Found 21 results

  1. Hi 17th Shard! I am a new user/poster! Likely I will be a lurker to start to get the lay of the land, but I have read all published Cosmere (SA twice now, cause they're just that good to me) works, as well as Skyward, and am looking forward to delving into the fandom on this site! I sub to basically all of the Sanderson subreddits, but I think this is the true place for Cosmere fanatics, so I will make it my home as well! Life Before Death, Strength Before Weakness, Journey Before Destination!
  2. "I won't join another fan site" I said... "I'm already on too many" I said... "There's only so many hours in a day and I spend far too many of them on such things as it is" I said... "...But it's the cosmere" I said and joined anyway.
  3. Errr... Hi. I'm Fiona, a UKer reader of Sanderson currently embedded in Oathbringer. Only started the Stormlight Archive in November which took me a while to read due to work largely being in the way. But have spent the entire of xmas and the new year reading. In fact saw in the New Year with Words of Radiance stopping briefly for a quick toast before getting straight back in. Both me at my OH have been reading these books together and big fans.
  4. After an embarrassingly inappropriate amount of fangirling, ranting, reading theories and being useless after reading OB, finally decided to join the forums instead of just lurking. Honored to be here. JOURNEY BEFORE PANCAKES! ✨
  5. Hello! Long time listener, fist time caller. I remember when the WOT FAQ was Usenet! RD
  6. It is I, a man of mystery a man of many names, time-filled with timelessness, worldhopper, denier of deity, theif of air, light, metal and so much more and if you are looking for me closely I may already be there. Hello cosmere friends! Ever since reading Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" and Brandon's amazing concluding 3 novels in that series (of which the first 3 and the last 3 books are my favourite) I delved into Brandon's world first and foremost with Warbreaker. Vasher, Vivenna, nightblood and lightsong (my favourite character, the lazy deity with a crisis of faith in... himself) drew me in to the cosmere grinning and hungry for more. From there I went to Elantris, and then mistborn (how epic!) and then finally the Way of Kings (which absolutely floored me in its brilliance and worldbuilding and characters). I recently joined 17th shard to follow all the awesome theories and reactions post Oathbringer. Thank you for allowing me to nerd out wit you lovely people! Sincerely, Joseph AR (Cephandrius Everstorm)
  7. Hello Cosmere from the Cognitive Realm. I’m a longtime fan of everything Brandon. I started with the first Mistborn trilogy while waiting for Rothfuss to publish KKC #2 and was hooked. I followed up Mistborn with Atlantris, did a quick jaunt through WoT and then knew it was time to invest in SA. I’ve read everything (except OB) published on Cosmere at least 2X and now I’m ready to explore WoB and discussions here on the 17th Shard. Thanks for creating this community! I’ll try not to lurk too much, but from what I’ve seen, you all are Radiants and I’m just an aspiring squire.
  8. Waiting on Oathbringer has taken nearly as long as Rock's stew.. I am new to the forum and am excited to start exploring!
  9. Hail and well met, for I am the humble bard Quadrophenia of Dahoo! Heh, all kidding aside, it's nice to be here! Last February I was assembling a reading list of esteemed fantasy authors and series ranging from the bleak philosophical nihilism of R. Scott Bakker's Second Apocalypse series to the fantasy-wrapped history lessons of Guy Gavriel Kay's Sarantine Mosaic when---walking about a local bookstore---I had found a certain title called "Mistborn" propped up on the table, with a sticker 'pon it that read "TOP EMPLOYEE RECOMMENDATION!" Really, now? Well, if it's a top recommendation from an employee of this establishment, I thought I'd give it a whirl. And I did. And by the time I had reached the last page a few short days later, I was in love. I've been a fan ever since! From there, I put the rest of the fantasy reading list on hold so I could read the rest of the Mistborn series (including the Wax & Wayne novels, the Secret History novella), Elantris, Warbreaker and (finally) The Stormlight Archive in their current totality. Needless to say, I've been won over as a lifelong fan. Heck, I even went so far as to buy the officially licensed Mistborn RPG and its Alloy of Law supplement. Granted, to play either I first had to pester several friends of mine into reading the serious, which, yes, took some time... but as I got the ball rolling I not only managed to get them to read Mistborn, they even started reading The Stormlight Archive. We were off to the races! We're big into tabletop gaming, we're old school that way (as old school as millennials can be, natch). I'm fairly well caught up as things are, have to say. Well, at least where the Cosmere novels and short stories are concerned. Still, I figured it was high time that--as a fan--I check out the official fansite, maybe make some friends amongst like-minded fellows and such. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I'm a bit of a film snob, literary fantasy is my bag, I love tabletop gaming (and regular gaming) and I'm hoping someone can show me where I can get a decent picture to fit the necessary size requirement for my profile (XD). Hi there!
  10. Well I just heard about this site and have just recently learned about the cosmere, Just a list of titles I've read: the first 6 mistborn novels, elauntris, and currently reading way of kings.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm Rielle, and eighteen year old Kiwi (which means I'm online when everyone else is asleep or doing productive things). I was pushed off the cliff into Sanderson by one of my beloved siblings late last year, but didn't actually end up obsessed until I got hold of WoR a couple of months ago, so here I am. I'm a bit of an oddball, as my equally nutty friends could tell you, and am on a mission to make sure my last year of high school is nice and eventful. I love reading, especially fantasy books, and sometimes take a stab at writing a bit myself. Before you ask, it's usually terribly cliché fanfiction for my friends' eyes only. I'm also a tiny bit obsessed with Korean boy groups, but we won't talk about that. Anyway, enough about me. Soon you'll be seeing me popping round all sorts of threads, you'll be sick of me before long!
  12. Im trying my best to get into the book everyone seems to like to no avail.The first book struck me as being so mediocre and derivative that I quit after a few chapters.I picked up the comic series and read it all and Im scratching my head on whats great about it.Not only is it freaking slow,its derivative farmboy turned hero-I mean Really. Please tell me what book those this series get better,so I can skip to it instead.
  13. Hi guys, Staccato here! I've been reading up on 17th Shard ever since 5 years ago and I honestly don't know why it took me so long to finally sign up to be a member (probably because you people are so awesome you end up intimidating me, haha)! So anyway, here I am guys. Anyway, things about myself. My first introduction to Brandon Sanderson was the Mistborn Series and so far it's my best among the bunch (still getting around to reading Warbreaker and the Way of Kings so I still have no opinion on them ). Anyway, I'm itching to finally post my theories, ideas, and stories here and I hope you'll take kindly to them. That's all for now I guess, but I can't stretch just how awesome the entire Cosmere universe is! Thank you all and happy reading everybody!
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Andrew aka CuriousWolf, I've been popping in and lurking as a visitor now and then for a while now but have only now gotten around to creating an account. I'm one of those who discovered my love for Brandon's writing through Wheel of Time, after which he's become my favorite author and I've gone on to read everything of his that I can get my hands on (still haven't requested the unpublished works, and haven't read any Alcatraz). I imagine that's probably a pretty common story around here. The cosmere concept excites me like no other aspect of fiction has since... I don't know, probably Lost. And they squandered it (Abrams, Lindelhof, Cuse, all I can say is ಠ_ಠ). But Brandon has already proven that he has so much more planning in place that I'm not worried. The details we've gotten so far are delicious and I get giddy when I make a connection while reading--be it an intended one or wild supposition. I may contribute to some theories eventually but for now I'll probably just continue to soak it all in. I met Brandon once here in Austin, TX. I was too starstruck to make a good impression I'm sure, plus being one of the last people there at the end of the day, but he was still totally good-natured about everything. His interactions with his fans are part of why I am one, even beyond his impressive quality and quantity of work. A little about me, in case anyone cares: I'm 33, I do software QA, and in addition to fantasy literature I love video games and board games and am an animal lover (household has a bassett-terrier mix, a black cat, and two sugar gliders, plus whatever less welcome critters make their way in out of the Texas heat). See you on the forums!
  15. Hopefully the mis-typed book title got somebody's attention of somone ready to fume at me Hey there, I'm new the whole forum-verse of Brandon Sanderson, I finally convinced myself to join. The reason I mis-typed the topic title is because when I first read the mistborn trilogy I honestly kept reading it as WALL of Ascension not WELL of Ascension, only about 3/4 the way through said second book did I double take and realise I had been reading the word wrong the entire time.. Just throwing that out there.
  16. I'm going to the World Fantasy Convention in Washington DC in November. I'm more or less a complete newbie, which is why I'm ever thankful for the Writing Excuses podcast. I'm currently on the second draft of my fantasy-mystery novel. Mainly I'd just like to network with some fellow fantasy writers, though I wouldn't mind the chance to pitch my book to agents and/or editors. Does anyone have any tips on what to expect? This is pretty much my first literary convention, so I'm a little on edge
  17. Hi guys! I've finally decided to open an account here. I've been reading the forums ever since Way of Kings came I guess I've been a long time lurker. Haha. I've read the all the published Sanderson books except for the Alcatraz series. I really really love the Cosmere and it was really how I found the site. Nice to meet you all! BTW, are there any Filipinos here?
  18. Hi guys! My name is Daniel, I'm a new 17th Sharder, and I've read some of your theories. Very interesting thoughts. I hope to become better acquainted with the Cosmere and to eventually read all of Sanderson's books. By the way, does anyone have a list of published books and/or unpublished ones? Thanks!
  19. Well then, a little about me: I'm Dutch, but currently living in Estonia. Enthusiastic poet (written well over 1200 poems in English, Dutch, German, Estonian and a few in French) and have been featured in a few US coffee table poetry collections. Recently self-published on Amazon. Also hope to be a novelist, currently working on a (read several) fantasy stories. I have a few short stories finished, but no major ones yet. But fervently working on it. Maybe I'll get lucky one day and hook up with a publisher. I am a big fan of fantasy novels and was following among others of course The Wheel of Time. Gotta love Jordan. Through that I learned of Brandon Sanderson's work, so I picked up copies of the Mistborn trilogy. Fantastic! Now I've also read Elantris, The Emperors Soul and Mistborn: alloy of Law. Just started on Warbreaker... In my quest for cosmere knowledge I landed here on this forum. So joined... That's it for now. Happy postings to all. Daniel.
  20. Finally made an account after drooling over WoR and everyone's theories. I need to have my say haha. I started on BS when he took up the WoT and I have read all of his cosmere books except that I am currently reading the alloy of law. I met him twice working the book tours for the last two WoT and he is just at another level. Used to be over at theoryland, but sadly most of that has died down. the stormlight archive is by far my favorite of the cosmere series, and I am so sad that I have to wait for another one. Hope I can contribute something.
  21. Hi! I exist!! Sorry if this is the wrong place for this by the way but yeah I have a theory pertaining to the mysterious visions dalinar receives from the almighty!!! And it's probably totally wrong and it's really quite baseless but here it goes. Now dalinar as we all know has a phrase that he uses an awful lot something like "blood of my fathers", now upon first look I thought nothing of it although upon my subsequent reread, before words of radiance arrives, I noticed that he happened to say it during a vision, the one where he is heb I think, and I just thought well maybe what he is experiencing is the memories and trials of his forefathers. That's pretty much it but yeah I was interested by it. The only other thing I can think to support the idea of dalinars visions being from his ancestors is that we know that blood is important, not only in this series but also in the other cosmere works. So yeah, that's it, thanks