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Found 65 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm Emon from India. Just finished reading Oathbringer, completing Stormlight. I've read Mistborn era 1, Warbreaker, Elantris and the Arcanum Unbounded short stories. Just wanted to ask, what do you think Nightblood, Vivenna/Azure, Vasher/Zahel doing on Roshar? And how do you guys think Nin got hold of Nightblood? How did Vasher lose it?
  2. Hello, First off I can't believe it took me such a long time to join this fansite. I was introduced to Brandon Sanderson's works by a friend. The two of us had always had a similar taste in books, i.e - fictional fantasy with good character development, intriguing plot and a pleasing narrative tone. We had fallen in love with the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings series, the Name of the wind and others. So when she introduced me to the Stormlight archives, I was all in. It took me a while to warm up to the characters but 100 pages in, I was rooting for Kaladin like never before. By the end of the first book, I was in love with the series. I felt the character's highs and lows. I fell in love with the overarching arc of the series. Brandon Sanderson's form of writing in the Stormlight archives led me to his other works. Unlike many authors who have a repetitive style of writing when they publish multiple books/series, Sanderson has the ability of making each series unique. I guess one of the main reasons I ended up here was because I shared the series with another friend of mine. She just finished The Oathbringer and as we both finished the last chapter together, I realised that there was so much about the book that I discovered as I reread it. There are still so many questions and so many beautiful moments that need to be talked about. So here is to this fandom and waiting for the next book in the series with you guys
  3. Hey y’all I’m new here and I just finished the Mistborn trilogy and I’m in love with it! What should I read next?
  4. Hello! Happy to call myself a Worldhopper! I'm ashamed, however, to say that I've known of 17th Shard for almost as long as I've known of Sanderson's existence, and only just joined. Now, before you cast me to the Pits of Hathsin, I had only read the first Mistborn book from the first era and was afraid of being spoiled of things I knew nothing about. I took a few quick glances here and there on the site and read several things that almost instantaneously shattered my Shardblade on contact. My reasoning for staying away at the time was undeniable. But, I'm excited to be here, and I'm just going to do my best to remain unspoiled until I finish absorbing his work. So far, I've read the original Mistborn trilogy, The Way of Kings, Steelheart, Firefight and Children of the Nameless. I own several more books than this, but I was trying to pace myself through them so that I don't run out. I think I'm leaning towards casting that notion to the winds of a Highstorm and doing the exact opposite - volunteering for the front of a bridge carry. I should be fine. I know of at least one other who has done it and survived...
  5. So, um, Hi! I am new here and just finished Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. I would be curious about the opinions of others on Vin's death. It is interesting. I have to say, I do prefer The final Empire to the others. I have never really been a big fan of the books in which the main character dies in the end. Mistborn is an exception, being one of my facorite books of all time. I would like to see if any one else would have liked Vin to stay alive or thought that the death was fitting for the story.
  6. Hi there! I'm Naveen.. I just joined the forum.. I've read the entire available Cosmere and the Reckoners Trilogy.. I've also completed 2 books from WoT!
  7. Hello, fellow Brandon Sanderson fans! I have no idea what I'm supposed to write here, but oh well... I have read all of the Stormlight Archive books, the first two books of Mistborn, Edgedancer, Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and Skyward. Obviously, I have a couple of Brandon Sanderson books left on my list I found Brandon Sanderson books by my brothers and my dad. They kept ranting about them at the dinner table, so I decided to give them a try. It took a while to get into The Way of Kings at first; the length made it hard to start. As soon as I got into it though, I knew I had to read all of his books! My favorite characters from The Stormlight Archive would probably have to be Wit, Kaladin, or Lift (along with their individual spren); although my favorite right now is Renarin! My favorite character from Mistborn is probably Kelsier (still), and/or Elend. Anyway...Hi!
  8. Well, hello 17th shard. I'll guess that by joining this forums I'm formalizing my transformation from a casual Sanderson Reader to a fully invested Cosmere explorer. Is there something in particular that I should be sharing here? Well, for a start, I'm from Argentina and I've read a few of Sanderson's books, those being: Stormlight Archive books 1 & 2; Mistborn era one, and I'm now a few pages into both "The eleventh metal" short story and "Alloy of Law" from era two; and the last works I've gotten to read were "Elantris" and "The Emperors Soul" Now that I'm on vacations I intend to go dive deeply into all Cosmere stuff. So you will hopefully see me around!
  9. I'm just another passing through this part of the internet. I prefer the audiobooks but find them excellent. I have currently read Through Oathbringer in the SLA I need to read bands of morning on the mistborne series. and I'm currently ticking through Elantris Nothing special
  10. So I finally got my copy of Skyward from the US today, and as per, I will always ask Brandon for some information about a shard we haven't seen yet, and he gave me the following info this year... I have two possible ideas with this, feel free to pick at them though! 1) Brandon is referencing Bavadin, and possibly suggesting that there are six separate entities or aspects to Autonomy 2) It's the eyes, nostrils and front fangs of a Dragon SPECULATE!
  11. Can someone who knows what they're talking about give me a summary of Hoid's story that we know so far? I've read Mistborn Eras 1&2, Stormlight, Elantris, Edgedancer, Mistborn: Secret History, The Hope of Elantris, and The Eleventh Metal. I plan to read the rest of Ars Arcanum, the Rithmatist and Warbreaker in the next few weeks. I just want to be able to participate in more Hoid discussions. I'm still fairly new to all this stuff and getting an answer from someone will be faster than searching out all the answers on here.
  12. Hi! I am new to the shard (obviously...). So far I have read The Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, Warbreaker, and The Emperor's Soul. I am currently on page 12 of The Way of Kings. (I know... what a huge dent I have made xD) Super stoked to dive into this world (the Cosmere world)!
  13. Hi

    Hi everyone. Im on page 24 of the way of kings. its great
  14. Hey everyone, so I am new (obviously) and love this forum so far! So I picked up my first cosmere-related book (not Sanderson book, but cosmere-related book) on January 1st this year-and loved it so much I finished the whole cosmere by August 21st (unless you count white sand- haven't gotten ahold of that yet). Anyway, I have a burning question and I was wondering if any of you know the answer or want to share your opinions- Does everyone in the Cosmere have breath? I get that they aren't all drabs but do they all have a breath, like from when they are born? Or is it just people from Nalthis (Nalthinians?)? I mean Hoid got some extra but Hoid is Hoid and besides I figured anyone could get more... Anyway would really appreciate any reply to this (And heads up, I really like parentheses as you can tell). Suppose I should also introduce myself- I'm a dude who lives in Japan although I am American and admittedly haven't read much fantasy outside of Sanderson (Do like Fablehave and Eragon tho, although I am still working on Eragon so no spoilers). TLDR; Hi. Who has breath.
  15. Hello all! I am a pretty new member and starting my first project on the coppermind(which I am really excited about). I am an artist an am interested in creating cosmere related art. I am starting with the Ryshadium but beyond that I am open to suggestions.
  16. Hi fellow epic readers, I'm new here. Just joined today after finishing Oathbringer and dieying over and over again from not having people around who read it. Anyways I just started getting into Branden Sandersons book after I read the Mistborn trilogy. I started steelheart still reading it *badum tiss* .Meanwhile I found the stormlight archive. The rest is a blur. Anyways I shipped Shallan with almost everyone thought the while series. Until Adolin and Kaladin. So I was okay as long as something was sailing.
  17. I’m a long time Brandon Sanderson fan. Proud to say I am Weber State alumni, From ages ago. Really looking to be involved in The Cosmere fandom, But really don’t know how to begin. Jasnah Kholin Is probably one of my favorite characters. My husband and I are into tabletop games and general fiction fandom community. Currently live in Las Vegas but looking to relocate to Utah. One of my dreams is to combine my love of RPG, table top, and passion for miniatures together unto one little hobby. Want to re-create some of Dalinor’s battles or the scenes from Stormlight archive in miniature landscapes. Also have some hopes for Cosplay.
  18. So. We all know how this started. I was a reader, just like any of you. But then I had questions, and Brandon's a secretive little demon, so I had to look ay forums and theories and then I got ideas.... And now I'm here. This is what I like: 1. Greek salad. 2. Eating cake and crying about it. 3. Yelling at books.
  19. New Here, but I LOOOOOOVE me some Sanderson!! Read everything in the Cosmere and hungry for more!! Looking forward to some mind bending conversations about some amazing books!
  20. Howdy everyone! I have read all of Brandon Sanderson's books, and have even browsed the forums here from time to time, but was waiting till I finished Oathbringer (via audiobook) to create an account. I'm looking forward to discussing some theories, but I have some questions: Does anyone have tips on the best way to use the search function? I would love to cut straight to some good threads about certain topics I am interested in, but it seems like when I search for key words, there are a lot of non-relevant threads to wade through. Recommendations would be appreciated! Topics I am interested in checking out: Theories on Adonalsium & the Shattering Locations of the known Shards Locations of the Heralds in SA Hoid/Wit Stormfather's siblings The Unmade Zahel/Vasher
  21. Yo~

    Hey! I'm new! I accidentally stumbled across Brandon Sanderson's work and now I'm obsessed. I've kind of jumped all over the place. I've read Warbreaker, The Reckoners, and Mistborn Era 1.
  22. Hey i'm new is it possible to get a copy of white sand and aether of night,
  23. That's me, just thought I'd say hello! Let y'all know I exist. Heppy to be among hardcore fans! It's so ahrd for me to find them these days.
  24. Hello! I'm excited to finally be a part of the cosmere club. Now I can speculate absurd ways of hacking the magic systems just like I used to, but now it'll be official. Medium-sized blurb about me: favorite cosmere setting so far is Mistborn Era 2, Wayne is such an awesome character (maybe even as awesome as Lift). Favorite feasible power set (as you might be able to tell from my username): Twinborn Allomantic Slider + Feruchemical Steelrunner A theory that I've been considering recently is what would an allomantic bendalloy savant be able to do? Take his time bubble with him as he moves? Reduce his bubble to act like a second skin so that no one else could accidentally get inside and reap the benefits?
  25. Hi all, So I'm new. Not much of a forum guy. I'm just here because I completely ran out of Sanderson fiction and am here to try and get my hands on The Aether of Night. It started in February 2016 when someone lent me Way of Kings. After reading it I found out it was a decalogue and realized it was by that guy with the decalogue that I really didn't want to start on because it would take forever. So thank goodness for the Brandonbot. I binged everything Sanderson I could get my hands on ... everything but The Aether of Night. As far as I know. Brandon is my current favorite. Other bingable ones are Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Guy Kay and Connie Willis. About me: I'm an English student turned editor turned bookseller turned filmmaker/animator. And sure, at the beginning of all that I thought I would be a novel writer someday. Brandon's videotaped lectures and Writing Excuses sure have rekindled that idea. It'll be a lot simpler than Brandon's work though — currently contemplating a private children's book for my boy. Then for my girl the year after. Goals without deadlines are dreams, so their birthdays should get me going Curious to see if 17th shard can fill the void till the next book. On the other hand, I should use that spare time, right? Cheers, Frank