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Found 19 results

  1. I just finished starsight and the fact that Brandon Sanderson can write such great stories consistently and uniquely is amazing! Now that I'm caught up with all the books I can't get enough of Sanderson. Anyways which book, for you guys, finally put you over the edge and made you sign up for the 17th shard. For me it was Starsight.
  2. I am called many names. Some call me Vainamoinen, others Vainomander, yet others call me Vainonalsium-son-son-Vainonalsium (aka Vainonalsium the Third), but you may merely call me Vain. I, Vainamoinen/Vainomander/Vainonalsium, humbly request that you give me all of your Investiture for research purposes (and also for conquest, I guess). On a more serious note (as serious as I can manage), I am excited to be part of this community and am looking forward to having in-depth conversations about the Cosmere... Right after I finish Mistborn real quick. I like languages and linguistics, among many, MANY other things. Anyway... hello!
  3. Greetings all! I've been a Sanderson fan since finding Elantris (his only published book at the time) in an airport bookstore. It got me through a long flight home. :-) Since then, I've gobbled up everything as it gets published, but haven't explored theoryland much...yet. Looking forward to expanding my Sanderson journey!
  4. Hi i'm new here, mostly here to discuss the stormlight archive, I would be nice to know if there's any particular etiquette for making posts and stuff I should be aware of? this is only really the second forum i've ever joined. Also I relate to Renarin Kholin an embarrassing amount.
  5. So I've been visiting 17th Shard for years and years, as well as, so I figured it was time to come into the stormlight. (And, I wanted to register for the Oathbringer dust jacket.) Let's see, just a little about me: I often ask myself, "Do I feel special because I read Elantris in 2005?” Yes. Yes, I do. But seriously, I know that there are many here with that distinction. It's just my jokey way of saying I've been a Sanderson fan for many years. Well, now that I am officially a member of the Forum, I promise to post comments and replies. BUT, now I have to get back to reading Oathbringer. My Kindle tells me I am 58 percent through the book, and my lunch break is only one hour! Cheers, James M.
  6. Hello friends! I got into the Cosmere through the Stormlight Archive series but recently (as in like a few hours ago) finished Elantris. I'm impatiently waiting for the next installments of both. In the meantime, I've been studying Aons. If you're one of the lucky ones to happen to have a name that includes an Aon (like myself - Ati, meaning hope, within my name Katie) comment below with your Aon and how you think it coincides with your history or personality! Thanks, K(Ati)e
  7. Hello, all! I'm new to the forums. I've browsed to some small degree in the past, and I'm far from well versed. I'm hoping I can fix that. I'm currently working through my first run of Elantris. I've read the first 3 Mistborn books, and the first 2 Stormlight Books, and own the Arcanum, I've had very little time lately to read that one to any major degree. While I'm waiting for the release of the next Stormlight Archive book, what order would y'all recommend I read Sandersons books? Any that I should avoid? (Im interested in the Cosmere as a wholw, and more specifically whichever books have tie ins to the Stormlight books.) Any favorites?
  8. I exist and have not been splintered. I've got like five planets orbiting in my solar system and I spend my time keeping Rayse the hell away from me and ordering takeout
  9. Hello! I've never been a member of a forum before. I'm a big Sanderson fan, I've read most of his books (still need to read Alcatraz) but don't want to read his unpublished work if there's a chance he'll publish it someday. The first time I ever heard of Brandon Sanderson was about 5 years ago when I was a starving college student trying to sell plasma. I was close to passing out and the tech was talking to me trying to keep me lucid and suggested I read this awesome book called Mistborn. Sanderson is my favorite author, I think he has the best and most compelling writing I've ever seen. Excited to be here!
  10. Hi

    Hello everyone, My name is Matteo aka matfire1999, I'm 18 and currently live in Florence. I first stumbled upon Brandon Sanderson with a promotion for The Last Empire in my local bookstore(Feltrinelli). I read the first trilogy in a few weeks and immediately bought the second one. Then I started reading the Way of Kings and I'm currently finishing up Worlds of Radiance.
  11. Hey everyone, I thought it was about time to register on the forums since I'm an undeniable Sanderson fan. To tell you a bit about myself, I used to read every novel I could get my hands on but after a while I began to feel like all the books that I was reading were basically just iterations of the same story and I quit reading for a few years because I felt like video games had better, more unique, stories. I had a friend who kept telling me to read Mistborn though and after a while I gave in and I was amazed at how cool the magic system was. I have always liked thinking about magic systems and I loved that allomancy actually had rules to it, unlike magic in many other books. I read the whole series in about four days and decided to read Elantris next, which I loved, but was slightly dismayed to find that the magic system in that book was almost identical to one I'd been developing for an RPG I was playing with my siblings. I guess there really are no original ideas. Anyway, I've read everything but Wheel of Time now and I eagerly await more books. I'm not sure what you guys usually look for in an introduction but hopefully I covered it.
  12. Hello! I'm an avid reader of all things cosmere. Can't wait to explore this forum and find out tons of things I've missed. Like many of you, I am blown away by the enormity of the cosmere series, its vastly different worlds and magic systems, how they are linked and all the major players and shard bearers. I have so much to learn and I'm looking forward to getting to know you.
  13. Hey everyone. This is my first time on this site. I just want to say hello!
  14. Hello, I am Witless. This is the first fandom online forum thingy that I've joined, so I'm not very sure how this whole thing works. I've read all of Sanderson's books (except for Mitosis, Firefight,and Calamity), and am currently annotating Elantris, WoK, and WoR. I still only kindofish get how the shards and everything fit together, but I'm excited to watch his world coalesce. Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians and The Stormlight Archive is where most of my knowledge and interest lies, so I'll probably be found on those boards. Quick question, how do you set a profile picture and a tagline? Thanks!
  15. Hay all I'm a newbie at forms, the names Ovis and I started out in the cosmers with Way of Kings than Words of Radiance than went to Mistborn and Elantris and I finished Warbreacker and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed by all the fans have come up with, and I hope to add to what has been introduced here. So greetings all (I'm a horrible speller by the way ) And what's up with selling my soul for a bagel lol it's worth at least 5
  16. I'm finally on the forum! Looks like a pretty cool place to hang out with other fans... I'm relatively new to Sanderson. I started reading his books about a year ago probably. I started of with Steelheart and was hooked. I've steadily been trying to work my way through everything, but I've still got a ways to go. Not sure what else to say here. When I'm not reading amazing books, I'm probably doing school (when school is going), gaming, or some other miscellaneous task/waste of time. I'm done now.
  17. Well I have missed the forums! There are a ton of great topics that I need to catch up on it looks like. Until then, I'd like to introduce everyone to the newest member of the Green Hoodie family and addition to the 17th Shard... Pink Hoodie Mistborn!
  18. been a fan of Brandon Sanderson's work for AGES now but I was just introduced to 17 shard. my hobbies include. being overwhelmed trying to draw spren. collecting colours to help my on my way a lifeless army of giant pink ants and surge binding peoples hats to the sky. hoping to not be crushed under fan bases like on most fan-sites as well as making friends who can help me obsess over BranSan. yours faintly- Surgebound Rainspren
  19. I have always lurked in the shadows of Forums. Always reading, but never contributing. I am a new member, but have been visiting this site as a guest for about 2 years. What I find that is full of just as much adventure as reading the book is reading and pondering on the forum. Especially when you discover that hidden connect between two seemingly different events or characters thanks to the extremely observant fans. Hats off to you all. The invention of the Forum is great as it allows all of us come together to discuss great books, because be honest, who can't wait to talk about a great book, or chapter the moment you finish it? Luckily my cousin and I almost always end up reading the same book. Usually at the same time. We are both WOT fans, and now Sanderson fans. It's funny. I remember how I learned about Brandon Sanderson. The announcement of "The Gathering Storm" came out. Brandon Sanderson was the author listed to finish the series. I remember specifically thinking who is that? That day I drove to the book store, looked him up, and bought "Mistborn". I read all three back to back. Hooked ever sense.