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Found 6 results

  1. I just made my account and wanna post my first topic but the spam protection wont let me I get the Spam! You're new so no links page when I try to submit it. This would make sense if I had any links in the topic but I don't, there's only text and a picture. What do I do?
  2. I've only just finished Elantris - I read the first to Stormlight Archive books, and a friend heavily chastised me for a) not reading them in order, and for b) not joining 17th Shard. So, I'm here now, ha. Ready to explore and get to know everyone!
  3. Hey all! New to the site, working through Elantris now. That, Emperors Soul, and the graphic novels are all i have left to become current in this realm. I come from reading other epics like Wheel Of Time, Hyperion Cantos, and Hitch Hikers Guide. Favorite Sanderson character currently is obvious. HIIIIIIIIIIII
  4. Just a simple girl making my way in the world. Happy to be here, but I really messed up when I chose my random and weird username.
  5. Hi?

    Hello hello, the Doctor's arrived in the cosmere! Anyway, hi, I've been lurking around the stormlight and mistborn forums for a few weeks now, starting a discussion or two, but now I suppose I'd come in properly and introduce myself. I'm a Sanderson you probably could tell. I've read every book Sanderson has written thus far, with my favorite series being the Stormlight series, with Mistborn era 1 a close second. Non cosmere favorites are Rithmatist and the Alcatraz series. Random other things I like are Doctor Who, as again, you probably could tell (Maybe I should set my title to Captain Obvious), and My little pony. heh. Oh and I'm from Malaysia. Hi! While not a theorist myself, I do love reading all those crazy theories we fans come up with. I tend to ask random, perhaps meta discussions such as Vin vs Iron Man, or trying to create trailers or posters for the Stormlight Archive (Possibly Mistborn as well). I also love writing fanfiction, although I haven't dabbled in cosmere fanfiction yet - but its a matter of time! BTW I am accepting prompts for writing if anyone has them. Also, I'm friendly (most of the time) and quite open to meeting new friends to discuss cosmere with! I love this place already, and I think I'll be very happy here.
  6. I have no cliue what I am doing here, as I have only read all Alcatraz books (1-4), Elantris, The Emperor's soul, and Steelheart and Firefight. Ah well. I made my username, Saonae, out of the symbols in the back of the Elantris book. "Sao", means intelligence or learning, and "nae", means sight or clarity. I look forward to posting with everybody!