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Found 1 result

  1. I was just thinking about Queen Jasnah carrying out rescue operations through Alethkar to pull as many humans to the shattered plains or a powered Urithiru. Then I thought of Rlain and his Listeners group. How Jasnah could use the parshendi to assist in carrying out the rescues and finding new Listeners to fight against the Fused. With truths uncovered from the Listener songs Jasnah could help the Listeners fully understand their shared history. Keeping the children and non combatants/spies safe while finding a place in their society. However, idk where Radiant Venli fits in this but I do feel like Rlain is moving towards a squireship with Renrin and not Kaladin. Having a Warform Parshendi healing people and being so close to the Kholins could do a lot towards forcing a new place for Listeners in this global alliance. Then I started thinking of how to fight the Fused and it came to me. The gem hearts from parshmen can hold a Cognitive Shadow. Can't they be used the way that Dalinar did for the Unmade, drawing the Fused in to take over bodies and trapping them in dead Listener gem hearts to keep imprisoned. I'm thinking of the parshendi wearing the gem hearts the way they had the gems braided in their hair and beards. Just taking the CS of fused after they die and go back into the Cognitive Realm, or warding away the Fused from attempting takeovers during battles near an Everstorm. A true struggle where the Everstorm is starting to be negated leading up to the 5th book and the big break in the series. Where humans have a grasp on the struggle but then everything flips or a stay of the desolation is found. This was my thought process and I just wanted to ask you guys if any of this sounds plausible. 1. The Listeners hate the idea of touching their dead, but could they get over that if Jasnah pushes properly. They get to have a real weapon and chance to stop their Old Gods from taking over countless misled Listeners... 2. The Listeners gem hearts, could they be weaponized to stop recently dead Fused from getting back to the Everstorm and then reborn, or trap them entirely as they find hoasts in an Everstorm? 3. What implications would there be if Rlain becomes Renarins squire, and does become a bastion of healing for the humans? With and without finding his lost people. 4. Jasnah wouldn't marry Rlain would she? A pure marriage to be used to sway more newly awakened Listeners to the side opposing Odium.. would she? Could it work? 5. Jasnah using transportation surge to start reclaiming her people and just pulling out of Alethi lands. Is this more or less likely? A desolation just began and what is the most important for her? 6. Will Jasnah try to carve out a stronghold in the Cognitige Realm utilizing the walking door that is Dalinar Ascended? 7. Bridge 4 dynamics throughout this? Honorably finding ways to protect all life while coming to terms with humanities history and getting used by a masterful Jasnah. They could even start guarding Urithiru in Cognitive realm or legit forcing fused out of CR to build better relationships with the higher spren.