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Found 6 results

  1. It was quite good. Jenny Ortega nailed the role and Tim burton made his weirdness work for him in a good way.
  2. This is a place to discuss Miraculous Ladybug! Answer questions like: who is your favorite character, which hero/ character are you, and which episodes are your favorites! Please, no spoilers unless hidden. Bonus, which is your favorite ship? 1: Natalie. Hawkmoth should just let his wife stay dead and create a new life with her. 2: Marinette/Ladybug. That's what all my friends tell me, at least. 3: Oblivio, Evillustrator, and Cat Blanc. Oh, and the one where 4: Marinette/Ladybug+Adrien/Cat Noir. Do you realize: Ladybug+Cat Noir's ship name is the same as
  3. Hello. So, I just searched the shard and I didn't find any threads about this show. So, here's a place to talk about the Netflix reboot of She-ra. Who are your favorite characters? Favorite episodes? Favorite scenes? Spoilers: Spoilers for the whole show throughout the thread!
  4. It has come to my attention that there's no She-Ra thread? I am here to immediately rectify that. She-Ra is one of the best shows I have seen in years. Its a reboot of the 80's cartoon, and it improves literally everything so drastically that watching the old cartoon even in clips is laughable. Where do I even start. It's in the trope of magic girl anime, I suppose? Its about a girl named Adora, who grew up on the wrong side of the war, who finds a magic sword that transforms her into a 7 foot tall warrior lady, and joins the Rebellion and fights for good! But its so much more than that. Its about figuring out who you are. Its about choice and destiny. Its about friendship, and adventure, and what to do when you make mistakes, and its so gosh darned wholesome. The visuals are gorgeous. The colour palette is so soothing to look at. The story is phenomenal. The characters are each unique and individual, not just with different goals, aims, and personalities, but different skin tones and body shapes too which is SO RARE for female characters. The male 'lead' Bow is kindhearted and smart and thoughtful, and he has two dads who are so dad-like and wholesome, and...........rust I could go on about this forever so I'll wrap it up - Its technically a kids show but that doesnt mean its bad. Its so good, in literally every way, animation, design, values, character, representation, story, its gorgeous and heartbreaking and healing and the best thing ever and we need to talk about it.
  5. So, avatar is coming to Netflix. Not exactly sure how I feel about this. The disappointment of the 2010 movie was strong. What does everyone here think? This about sums it up for me: