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Found 1 result

  1. Spoilers for OB and BoM. (New and not sure best way to handle spoilers). This is my twitchy theory that having a near death experience may add to/alter abilities, Investiture, spiritual connection, etc. At the very least, connection to the cognitive realm. I can understand that being on that line between life and death can create some flux between the realms, but when the person ends up NOT dying, I wonder if they don't "return" with some added bit of connection or ability as a result. I'm currently re-reading Warbringer and thinking about the "prophecies" that the Returned glean from dreams and paintings. The priests describe the Returned as having glimpsed the future due to their experience on the other side. Fast forward to OB and Kaladin's examination of a painting for sale in Shadesmar, which reads much like a painting from Nalthis. Is Kaladin's experience with the painting related to him being Invested and/or his (admittedly many) near death experience. The main one that stands out to me is when he's left out during the highstorm and sees what may be death spren. Hop over to BoM where we have Wax's near death experience and chatty vision with Harmony. There's also Szeth's super near death experience, to the point where his poorly reconnected soul leaves an after image from his body. There may be other examples. I mean, the trappers on First of the Sun live one giant near death experience. Maybe why Aviar seem to prefer them? Is Snapping on Scadrial related more to a mental breakdown and spirit web stuff, or potentially to a having a near death experience?