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Found 26 results

  1. This is my first post, so please go easy on me as this is a bit of a disjointed theory. Speaking with a friend while reading through Oathbringer, we were talking about what might be the other 2 Bondsmith Spren. I think everyone assumes the Nighwatcher is the 2nd. The "one that slumbers", I don't think is a crazy stretch to assume is possibly a spren somewhat entangled with Uruthiru. If honor and cultivation are responsible for half of the surges on the Surgebinding chart, how is the 3rd Bondsmith spren connected to the magic system? My thought is that the 3rd spren, Uruthiru's spren, is connected to the ancient fabrials. In a similar way that Shardblades and Shardplate are bastardizations of what was originally wielded by Surgebinders, I believe modern fabrials apply a misunderstanding of the original fabrials. Where Shardblades are dead spren, the fabrials trap or enslave spren to perform a function. Bringing this all together, I believe Navani starts to make some discoveries when it comes to fabrials, and eventually bonds with the spren of Uruthiru. She will come to be horrified about how modern fabrials have enslaved spren. I'm not a big fan of the possibility of all the Kholins becoming surgebinders, but this just seems to straight forward.
  2. Still wishing we had some more Brandon Sanderson books to read instead of watching the horrific collapse of our country. Though this week I'd settle for a statement about racism and injustice. I agree with NattyBo's post about silence. I do think, however, that Brandon communicates best in his books. This week I reread the way of kings chapter Justice, one of my favorite moments. Navani walks up to Sadeas paints the ketek Justice on the ground, says a prayer, and lights it on fire. Maybe don't actually do that. However, you choose to seek justice, be safe, be strong, and stand united. Also, check out my other Blackmail Theories, Hoid's Holiday and Lift's Gifts. Blackmail Theory: Seducing Sadeas Sadeas is treacherous, conniving, power hungry and ruthless in the best way. He is also surprisingly loyal. He is loyal to Gavilar all through the unification war. He is loyal to Elhokar for six years on the shattered plains. Sadeas and Gavilar took a lot of risks, fought duels, waged war. Gavilar got shards, lands, a kingdom and a crown. What did Sadeas get? Does anyone think his goal was to have a good king for Alethkar? My theory is that he wasn't loyal to Gavilar. He was loyal to Navani. By loyal of course I mean getting all up in her sleave. Turn on your Shaggy sound tracks now. "Dalinar Kholin is mine, and I am his. (Navani) YOU HAVE BROKEN OATHS BEFORE. (Stormfather) (OB 58)" I've got nothing but love for Navani, but you've got to admit she has a thing for powerful men and she goes for what she wants. She 'practically seduces' Dalinar. She doesn't care about tradition and she never loved Gavilar. She and Gavilar were very different people. Gavilar didn't share his secrets or his plans involving the Sons of Honor with her. As Gavilar lay dying he didn't spare a thought or a word for her. Gavilar loved his kingdom. He saw Navani as part of that, a jewel on his crown. Sadeas by contrast wasn't always a red-faced, aging, lump of evil dough. The red-faced thing is likely the result of excess drinking. When he was younger, Sadeas was powerful, a skilled swordsman, well dressed, intelligent, and more interested in Navani than Gavilar was. We get some glimpses into Sadeas's mind. We see that he doesn't really love Ialai. Their marriage is based on a shared cunning ruthlessness and a love of power. Sadeas and Ialai literally scratch each others backs. Sadeas covets things, gemhearts, shards, ryshadium, kingdoms. He doubtless coveted Gavilar's finest jewel. Navani and Sadeas must have been around each other on campaigns and at court. All of this is to say, there was plenty of opportunity and motive here. Let us imagine that Sadeas and Navani did have an affair. Navani keeps stringing Sadeas along, the occassional late night tryst. Sadeas hating Gavilar but staying by his side so he can be close to Navani. Then Gavilar dies and Sadeas comes to the shattered plains. Sadeas can at last marry her and have what he wants, but she's in mourning and he's married so he waits some more. Perhaps she leads him on a bit to keep him loyal to her son. Then Navani chooses to follow her heart and be with the man who has always loved her, always seen her for herself. She choses Dalinar, a stupid, brutish, Kholin, again. It almost makes you feel bad for Sadeas. It explains his mysterious loyalty and his terrible hatred for Dalinar. Alright, I know this theory has run on a bit. It does sound a bit more G.R.R.M. than Sanderson, but Sanderson does try to push himself into new things. I have some more evidence if people need convincing, but I'll just add one more speculation. What if Jasnah is Sadeas's daughter? Both are well dressed, black haired, cunning, ruthless, and power hungry. What if Jasnah's childhood lunacy is her knowing the truth about her parents? Did Adolin kill Jasnah's father? Does Jasnah have a blood right to the throne? How upset is Dalinar going to be when Ialai tells everyone? The most important words a man can say, "I will remember that my wife is always right."
  3. As we know Navani's parents hasn't been mentioned by name in the entire Stormlight Archive. But while rereading TWOK ch61, I found this. Is this why we know little about Navani's background because she's from a broken kingdom?
  4. Somewhere in the first 2 books Navani says to Dalinor (quoted loosely from memory) "in some cultures, we'd be obligated to marry." Now, I'm not sure what culture in Roshar or even the Cosmere, but I think there is real world source for it. Where is that source, and why is it there? Call it a challenge for all of you. Good Luck!
  5. So about two days ago, I finished my OB reread. Oh, how I love that book. But to the theory... In Part 5, one of the "viewpoints" is the Knights Radiant as a whole. In the actual chapters the perspective changes every couple paragraphs pretty much, but anytime there is a chapter with a picture of the KR symbol at the beginning, it includes all of our known Knights, as well as... Navani and Yanagawn of Azir. My theory is that these two people will be become Knight Radiants, possibly in the near future. (I'm a little iffy on Yanagawn, because the passage was kinda showcasing Lift, but anyways...). In the other chapters, if there are any other viewpoints besides the KRs and these two, there is a different symbol in the beginning of the chapter. Maybe I missed one that would ruin the pattern, but I feel pretty confident. So, do you think Brandon was trying to hint that these two, especially Navani would become Radiant? Corrections welcome.
  6. I first posted this what if in another group , a less enlightened group. The discussion was interesting so I thought I would ask you guys and see what you guys thought! Dalinar has trapped Nergaul inside the Kings Drop. A perfect ruby! So what’s the plan now ! Do they put it in a vault in Urithiru and say that’s it? What if Navani got ahold of the Kong’s Drop? What could she do with it . Could she make a Fabrial with it that When turned on sent men on the battlefield into a bezerker frenzy ? Seems logical, but would Dalinar , ever want to use something like that? Probably not , why would Dalinar want to Riot everyone on a battlefield ? The answer is he wouldn’t .... But , then I remembered Navani pain fabrial !!! And, how when Navani was in trouble she reversed the fabrial that was designed to remove pain and made it inflict pain instead!!’ The possibilities made my eyes pop. If she made Nergaul a giant Rioting Fabrial could she then reverse it and Create a Gigantic Soother . That is Something I could see Dalinar putting To Devestating effect. Seeing as they are fighting the Fused, who simply get another Body When killed , the obvious solution is to deny them bodies to possess. And this is a very good tool to use against the passion inspired Singers! thoughts
  7. It is assumed that Sibling is a God Spren of bondsmiths. There is also theory that he is a spren of Urithuru Megafabrial. Navani is an artifabrian, what may bee a connection to the sibling? She is obviously close to Dalinar and there was an entire chapter about her "keeping the kingdom together". Do you think she could become Dalinar's squire, and then bond with Sibling?
  8. I really want to know more about Navani's past. When the Stormfather is overseeing her and Dalinar's wedding he says she has broken oaths before. While nobody wants their dirty laundry aired in front of all those people, it seems like shes kinda hiding something big. Then in her POV chapter with the ruling council of Urithiru she thinks to herself that she doesn't want to be in charge, and those would be dark times. These things will probably be aired in Jasnah's book, maybe has something to do with Jasnah's alluded imprisonment when she lost her mind. I'm so intrigued about her past.
  9. Might we see Dalinar ascend to form the shard Unity? Thoughts?
  10. We all know about the Nahel bond between a special type of spren and a Knight Radiant, giving the spren the ability to fully manifest in the physical realm while giving the Radiant two Surges and the ability to take in stormlight on a continual basis to power these surges. In this thread, I speculated about a Gemheart bond, where a spren is captured inside a gemheart and bonds with the host of the gemheart: Human (e.g., Aesudan and Amaram), Parshendi (different spren give different forms), Various gravitation-defying creatures bonded to mandras (chasmfiends, greatshells, skyeels, and most likely thunderclasts), and Fabrials including Soulcasters and Urithiru. Venli appears to have formed a Nahel and a Gemheart bond with Timbre, as well as retaining her Gemheart bond with the Envoy spren to retain her Parshendi form of power. I believe that we'll soon see another dual-bond among Navini, the Sibling, and Urithiru using both the Nahel and Gemheart bonds to tie all three together. There have been many speculating that the Sibling is Urithiru, including my own speculation in the Gemheart bond thread. I want to clarify that the Sibling is not Urithiru but rather the spren that bonds to and powers Urithiru as well as bonding to her bondsmith. If the Sibling's bondsmith abandoned his or her oaths during the Recreance, that may explain why the Sibling and Urithiru have slumbered ever since, awaiting a new bondsmith to return. One of the WoR epithets tells us that only one of the bondsmiths is always with Urithiru, probably because the Sibling bondsmith will need to stay with her spren that will be captured inside Urithiru's gemheart, powering Urithiru. So, what makes me think this bondsmith will be Navani? All primary point-of-view characters have chapter art to denote the chapters which are primarily their own. Even though she'd had minor points-of-view before, Navani got her first primary POV chapter with Oathbringer in only one chapter: Chapter 95, Pieces of a Fabrial. The chapter art representation of Navani appears to be a giant, luminescent gemheart encased in what might be a fabrial: Obviously, one can argue that the fabrial image is perfect for Navani simply because Navani is the goddess of fabrials. But I would argue that this is probably what makes her the perfect choice as the sole Radiant whose bond is both Nahel and Gemheart. Who better to operate the Urithiru fabrial than Navani? Who better to stay with Urithiru than the ostensible Queen of Urithiru? Who better to be another bondsmith than Dalinar's wife?
  11. Too fanciful(ha)? Ask Rushu how to keep the mast from ripping off Jasnahs Favorite Touch the gems in the correct combination to release a shock from the front nodes that will incapacitate an attacker Top View Side View Stormpiece Timepiece The ketek in the end is already translated.
  12. This is less of a theory and more of a looming concern in my mind: what if Dalinar is starting to remember Evi because his curse/boon was specifically worded in relation to his WIFE and he has a new wife now? As memories of Evi start to appear, will memories of Navani start to fade? Was this how it was when he forgot Evi as well? Color slowly bleeding out of a picture until it became gray then fuzzy then black? We now are pretty sure it's not the bond with the Stormfather causing the memories to return and I read an interesting theory on here about the watch fabrial which could still be valid but the following passage has me worried: Navani, he thought. On my arm. It still gave him a heady, surreal feeling. Dreamlike, as if this were one of his visions. He could vividly remember desiring her. Thinking about her, captivated by the way she talked, the things she knew, the look of her hands as she sketched—or, storms, as she did something as simple as raising a spoon to her lips. He remembered staring at her. He remembered a specific day on a battlefield, when he had almost let his jealousy of his brother lead him too far—and was surprised to feel Evi slipping into that memory. Her presence colored the old, crusty memory of those war days with his brother. I have no evidence but the passage puts memories of the two women right next to each other in a way that seems foreboding. The juxtaposition of vivid, fond memories of Navani and re-emerging memories of Evi feels like a literary tool to set us up for something. He also gives a fixed point by which the reader will be able to judge the deterioration of Dalinar's memory: a "specific day" on the battlefield when his jealousy nearly got the better of him; a day sure to be the subject of a soon-to-come flashback. Also, it feels like it would be just about appropriately soul crushing for us to see Dalinar get what he always wanted only to have it slowly drip away until he can eventually only hear Shshsh when someone says Navani's name. Anyways, just saying it smells like a Sanderson set-up. I'd love to get all your thoughts.
  13. Original character designs I've been developing -- Jasnah is in the works. I would love to hear any critiques/tips you all may have!

    © Elizabeth Kunkle 2014

  14. Isn't it so adorable?
  15. So - umm - since I've bonded this Theoryspren I figured I should probably progress a bit. You know. Working towards the Second Oath, and all. also, Tricorder isn't talking to me yet. I've been doing some reading - there's a bunch of threads about this already, but since I wasn't certain how the perspective on thread necromancy was here I thought I'd throw in a few lines of my own, just some wild thoughts. This is about the Godspren and Odium's Investiture on Roshar. The following is an attempt to keep things more organised. I'm autistic, we're great at organising. This is a suggestion, something I'd like to try: I'll add a big fat Presupposition tag, so that we can actually discuss everything under the presumption that the premises are axiomatic. If you want to speculate under other presumptions, please make a new thread - you link to this thread and/or write me a PM, and I'll link them right in the first post. Please forgive me not being big on quoting sources here. I usually do that, but I want to get that theory down and not get sidetracked while trying to find quotes that back it up. I'm determined to add these later, if I talk some utter crem, let me know immediately, I'll alter this. Presupposition(s): Odium didn't Invest in Roshar, unlike Cultivation and Honor Honor is dead The Allmighty is Honor. Honor is dead, Cultivation may not be (Source: Hoid). Whenever there are two gods, there are three magics to go with them (see Ruin and Preservation vs. Dominion and Devotion). So, there are two gods on Roshar, one dead, one hiding (Nightwatcher), what if there's a third..? That brings me to the Odium-spren or not-Odium-spren. If my presupposition stands, then Odium has not Invested into Roshar and instead corrupted native spren, like he most likely corrupted Venli. What if there's a third spren? Cultivation's godspren, trapped in Gavilar's black sphere? Corrupted by Odium? What if this is one of the Listener gods, one they were right to be terrified of? Looking forward to hearing your ideas.
  16. View in full resolution for maximum effect, please. OPTIONS > VIEW ALL SIZES > LARGE Character reference sheet for the Kholins and friends. Now you see what a bore Dalinar is by forcing all the men to wear uniforms 24/7 24/5 when all the girls get to wear pretty dresses with jewels and braids. I originally thought the havah was an overly complicated, fussy dress but after drawing them multiple times in multiple designs I've come to like their elegance and visual sleekness. Super large res for people who like collecting images or inspecting details: And for those unrepentant self-indulgent people (sadly including me on occasion) who like this kind of stuff - ALTERNATE UNIVERSE EDITION!! Would AU Kaladin own the Bridge Four t-shirt and the slave brands beanie from the Sanderson store? Who knows. And now you see why Shallan thinks all Alethi are huge. The Kholins' average height is higher than the national average in my country. The more times I draw a character, the more they evolve as I get a firmer grasp of how the written description translates to a picture that evokes the character traits and impressions of their personality that stood out most to me. When a character doesn't have viewpoints then I have to rely on other characters' relationship with them, and the occasional physical description that only comes in a line at a time. Renarin and Navani are hard for me for this reason, Renarin especially since he just fades into the background. And I don't think there's even a description of Salinor's blade that Adolin won in a duel and gave to Renarin.
  17. Hello 17th Shard World, This is my first entry in the forum. I've been putting some art up in the gallery and someone recommended that I post them here too so that they'd reach a few more souls. The cell-shaded, cartoony looking ones are all several months to about a year old, so there's lots that I look at and want to change in them.. I'll do a few more reboots soon. Hope you all like 'em! Let me know what you think. You can see them, and some more stuff on my website if you ever have a mind:
  18. So I have been thinking about the possibilities of fabrials. we know that fabrials can be made that emulate all ten surges, so i was thinking about some of the possibel devices that could be made..... #1 - melty sword. a sword that has a fabrial in the hilt which strengthens the blade (against temperature and impact) while another fabrial makes it SUPERHOT. (with a device to stop the handle from heating up.) melt through your enemies armor/bodies/horses. 'nuff said. #2 - reverse shield. A shield which changes the gravity of any objects that hit it's outer surface, throwing them away. these could be good for non-shardbearers to equalize things.... Any other ideas? I got more, but I wanted to see what you guys came up with.
  19. A portrait of Navani Kholin. Tried to convey Navani's "mature beauty" here. And her crafty smile that makes Dalinar say "Stormfather!" to himself an awful lot. I had to look up fancy hairstyles for this. I was also considering looking up some fancy embroidery... but no, I just drew some squiggly thing on her collar and called it a day.
  20. So, We know that fabrials can be created that...... - increase strength - create heat/cold - simulate all ten surges - link objects And alot of other stuff. So- What if you could create a suit of Fabrial-armor (kinda like shardplate) that would not only make you stronger and protect you and stuff, but also shoot heat rays, or othe rstuff? or was HUGE? Titanfall is coming to Roshar.
  21. So, I'm re-listening to WOK st work, and near the end of hour 6 in book 6, there's a sweet Kholin family moment, everyone's chilling before the high-storm and Navani is showing off her new pain-killer fabrial. " I am particularly proud of this little device, as I had a hand in its construction... ...well it's just an early model, I was working backwards from one of those deadful creations of Longshadows..." The implication here is that this Longshadow, whoever he was, invented a pain inducing fabrial . And several other magical devices of similar charm. Sweet, motherly Navani is reverse-engeneering torture devices invented by a mysterious Rosharan equivalent of an evil mad scientist. I get the distinct feeling we will be learning more about this in future books, meanwile, speculation is always more fun than working anyone has any notion who this Longshadow might have been? Maybe the head of the 'inquisition' at the time of the hierocracy?
  22. So I have this theory that Navani will become a Sky breaker for two reasons one is after reading this quote from Words of Radiance - "The considerable abilities of the skybreakers for making such amounted to an almost divine skill, for which no specific Surge or spen grants capacity, but however the order came to such an aptitude, the fact of it was real and acknowledged even by their rivals." (WOR pg 636.) Combined with what Szeth experiences after being brought back to life by a fabrial at the end of the book "impossible." " not if it is done before the brain dies... you could be restored with the right fabrial." Nalan then invites Szeth to join the Skybreakers the order he used to lead/inspire whatever. I think that the Skybreakers were really good at making fabrial and so is Navani. Also Skybreakers considered justice to be most important, and when Dalinar is betrayed on the shattered plains and Navani hears about it she doesn't write a Glyph for hope or mercy or victory or strength, she writes Justice. Maybe that a bit of foreshadowing maybe not. If you think that this doesn't work because Navani is not broken enough, just remember that she has raised Jashina as a daughter and a failure king as a son, on top of the fact that she straight up tells Dalinar the there was a darker side to Galavier. All in all maybe I just grabbing at wind spren here but maybe not
  23. I recently finished some character designs just in time for Words of Radiance. I posted them to the gallery and would really love to hear some feedback from you guys. Here is a link to my Behance portfolio for higher res images:
  24. This is my reading of why Navani liked, but didn't love, Gavilar. From what we've seen he was a good hearted man determined to forge the Alethi into a kingdom that would resist the desolation. But he "wasn't who people thought he was". Maybe Navani knew more of the Sons of Honor than she has let on, but I have a hunch that Gavilar wasn't straight. He had a very close relationship with the conspicuously single Amaram.
  25. On Page 406 of the hardback edition of Words of Radiance, there are 5 lines of the Alethi script on the Navani's Notebook illustration. I learned the Alethi script, and have thus translated these 5 lines. From top to bottom, they translate as follows. You're welcome. Enjoy the book!