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Found 1 result

  1. As I was reading this book, I was turning over an idea that I had during Shadows of Self: Does Wayne have a naturally low level of Identity? This all hinges on the concept that people can have variable levels of Feruchemical attributes. This backed up by people having better vision or hearing than others, or simply being stronger with larger muscle mass. These are things that can be tapped or stored in metalminds. Warmth can be varied, and some people are naturally more cognitively speedy than others. When it extends to the spiritual aspect, things get a little more hazy since we aren't aware of how to directly measure them currently. Things like Investiture have been shown to vary among individuals, however. Now, Identity. This is tricky to throw into words, as part of my reasoning is psychology based, but I'm not super well versed in that (but I love the Kaladin = Seasonal Affective theory). Trigger: The furthest back in Wayne's past that we are aware of was the first time he has used a gun lethally. According to the story, this is where our current Wayne begins. (In an alley. With a mugging gone wrong. Was it raining? Was there a theatre nearby? Is Wayne his last name!?) In my theory, this is the point where he turns on himself and divests himself of as much Identity as he can. This is likely also around the time that he Snapped. After falling in with Wax, he starts building transient identities that are inconsistent. Some of his dialogue shows keen insight into the human condition and interpersonal relationships, while his viewpoint chapters are also somewhat inconsistent, with insights even then couched in vague terms. His outward identity shifts depending on who is around him, but not in a submissive/dominant relationship way. He still functions, he just changes. Obviously, his Identity isn't as low as Feruchemical extremes, as he can't just access anyone's metalminds. But it seems... low? Of course the flipside is that he could just have really high Communion. Either way, it leads to a character that can empathise with pretty much anyone that he focuses on. A bit rambly, not lifechanging, but figured I'd make some noise.