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Found 38 results

  1. So I'm in the process of trying to make my own Cosmere blanket, based on this amazing one here, and I realized that Nalthis was left out of Arcanum Unbounded, as it doesn't have a short story. This means it doesn't have a fancy symbol, and won't have representation in the blanket. What's a girl to do? So far, my best idea is to tie multicolored strips of cloth in with the ties, but I'm feeling rather bummed that Nalthis wasn't included. Any ideas?
  2. Nananav was a character in Oathbringer who was robbed by Veil and her crew. Veil's crew posed as carpet workers, which allowed them to infiltrate the keep. The name Nananav reminds me of Nalthian naming schemes, with the repetition of consonants, such as Vivenna or Llarimar. I would assume she would be at third heightening or higher, which would allow perfect color recognition, as one line of dialogue from her is requiring the new carpet to be a perfect match of color. Am I reading too much into this?
  3. Hey everyone, so I am new (obviously) and love this forum so far! So I picked up my first cosmere-related book (not Sanderson book, but cosmere-related book) on January 1st this year-and loved it so much I finished the whole cosmere by August 21st (unless you count white sand- haven't gotten ahold of that yet). Anyway, I have a burning question and I was wondering if any of you know the answer or want to share your opinions- Does everyone in the Cosmere have breath? I get that they aren't all drabs but do they all have a breath, like from when they are born? Or is it just people from Nalthis (Nalthinians?)? I mean Hoid got some extra but Hoid is Hoid and besides I figured anyone could get more... Anyway would really appreciate any reply to this (And heads up, I really like parentheses as you can tell). Suppose I should also introduce myself- I'm a dude who lives in Japan although I am American and admittedly haven't read much fantasy outside of Sanderson (Do like Fablehave and Eragon tho, although I am still working on Eragon so no spoilers). TLDR; Hi. Who has breath.
  4. I've been relistening to Warbreaker and at 8 hours and 16 minute it mentions that if Vasher had more breaths he could have seen the "lichen" on the grass. I can't find if it has been discussed, any idea if it's the same lichen as mentioned in White Sands that fuels their sand Mastery?
  5. In the Greater Cosmere there are 4 major magic systems I'd like to discuss and make comparisons. My purpose is not to theorize who'd win a fight between magic users of different systems, more a comparison of the nature of the magics themselves. Note that I'm not including White Sand, Aether of Night or Shadows of Threnody. The first isn't fully published, the 2nd may not quite be canon yet and the third we don't know nearly enough to evaluate. So, first the Planet and the systems. Sel-AonDor/Dakhor Scadrial-Metallic Arts Nalthis-Awakening/Chromatics Roshar-Surgebinding/Voidbinding Granted this list is of course incomplete. As Brandon writes more books and opens up more of the Cosmere we will potentially see more planetary systems and more magic. Up to this point the 4 major magic systems of the Cosmere are the ones listed above. Easiest Entry Point: That title goes to Awakening. Everybody in the system is born with a seed of the magic in Breath. It's not terribly difficult to get more, at least in comparison to the other systems. And if one gets enough Breath you get the magic handbook. In fact the only restrictions come when you make it to Cognitive Shadow territory and even that's not onerous. 1 Breath a week, substituted for any raw Investiture if breath isn't available. Most Mobile: The Metallic Arts take the cake on this one. If your sDNA allows for metal manipulation then you can do it anywhere in the Cosmere. It's not location dependant like on the other Shard worlds because the doorway to the power is already incorporated into your spiritweb. Most Investiture: This is obviously Roshar. Two living Vessels and a shattered third are all in system. Raw Power circles the globe on a semi-regular basis. That raw power can be harnessed by practitioners of different magic systems with a simple hack. Probably a different hack for each system but it's probably not terribly difficult. Unlike say Scadrial where the hack into their system involves material that no longer exists (lerassium) or finding someone with the appropriate spiritweb and ripping a piece from their soul. On Roshar all you gotta do is stand out in a storm with a kite. I'm sure there are more but that's all I could come up with for now. I'm sure there are others. I tried to stay away from the more subjective comparisons like Most Useful or Most OP but feel free to explore.
  6. Keepers on Ashyn would be incredibly powerful. So we know that on ashyn, magic is disease based. The example Brandon gave is that while you have the common cold, you can fly. Now who do we know that can control when they are sick? I think it can generally be agreed upon that for most metals, tapping is better than storing, right? You would rather be fast than slow, healthy than sick, quick of thought than slow, and so on. Unless you are on Ashyn that is. What we know of Ashton is that it is incredibly hot, you get powers from being sick, and people live in the sky. If I were a Feruchemist, I would gladly spend a year or two absolutely miserable in exchange for immortality and an incredibly wealthy and comfortable life. Allow me to explain. So our keeper heads to ashyn, with plenty of extra metalminds of all of the different metals, he finds a nice place to stay, perhaps someone to help take care of him, and he spends the next year or so absolutely miserable. He stores everything. Being in a floating city, its better to weigh less, he needs to store heat, storing senses to keep him from suffering, but most importantly, strength age and health. He needs to be as frail as physically possible. The idea is to get as sick as possible, and store all of those newly gained powers in unkeyed nicrosilminds. So you can see where this is going, he lies in bed for a year and fills all of his metalminds as well as collected tons of powers in his nicrosilminds. Even though he is intentionally close to death this whole time, he is never in danger as if he ever needs it, he can just stop storing and tap a little health to completely recover. Now our keeper, after all this time pumping stuff into his metalminds, can sell his unkeyed nicrosilminds filled with powers, which are vastly more efficient than when normal people get them. For example, if someone has a cold for 3 days, they have the ability to fly for 72 hours, which is being wasted whenever they aren't flying. After 72 hours, the power is gone and the whole time you had it, you were sick. When you use a nicrosilmind though, you can fly for 72 hours, and whenever you aren't flying, you just stop tapping. Say you fly for one hour a day, you fly for 3 days with the cold, so 3 hours. However if you fly with the nicrosilmind, you can fly for 72 hours or 72 days. Far more efficient. So back to our keeper, everyone on this planet can use these powers with the right sickness requirements, so as cool as it is, its nothing special. However... Over on Nalthis, nobody has ever had these powers that you can offer them, and everybody is born with something to offer to you. I bet you could get breaths incredibly easy if you talk to wealthy people with lots of breaths and offer them new magical powers with incredible length of use, remember that our keeper spent a year, or as long as he wants, collecting these powers as well as his own feruchemical powers. Assuming he sells everything he has been collecting in exchange for a massive wealth of breaths, he could gain immortality, awakening, and live a comfortable, powerful, and wealthy life wherever he wants. If he chooses to go back to ashyn and stores a few more powers, he can basically use whatever powers he wants wherever and whenever he wants, on top of his breaths and Feruchemy. Slightly overpowered and awesome if you ask me. I doubt it would happen in Canon, but I would love to see it so much. Tell me what you guys think.
  7. So... I’m doing a re-read of Warbreaker, and this thought came to my head. When awakening, can you lose breaths? To add some clarity, I’m asking that when you awaken something and retrieve your breaths afterwards, can you possibly lose some? Ex. You awaken a rope. It takes 50 breaths, you only retrieve 35 because some was ‘used up’. The book always says you get all of them back, but I’m just asking if it’s possible. (And as a smaller question, do non-Nalthians have Breath?)
  8. So quick question, are people to transfer limited numbers of breaths (i.e. Not all of there breaths) to another person? And if so what are the words they have to say? Admittedly I haven't read Warbreaker in a while so can't remember if this is ever addressed Thanks
  9. Aloha! Does anyone know if Brandon have any plans on writing more books about Nalthis? I can't seem to find any topics on this here, or anything on But I have a vague memory of reading something about it... I so want to know more about Vasher and Nightblood! Thanks!
  10. I just saw this very cool response from Brandon over on this Reddit thread. Basically, BS had previously said he'd like to include a Nalthis essay (which was notably absent from the original Arcanum Unbounded) in a future edition, around the time of its paperback release and/or Oathbringer. Given that both have happened, they asked if he still intended to write that and here's his response: So... that's pretty awesome, yeah?
  11. So I was reading through the well of Ascension the other day, and I think that the religion of the Dadradah may have been influenced by Nalthian world hoppers. Here is the description of the religion when Sazed was pitching it to Clubs. This sounds a lot like the religion of the iridescent tones practiced on Nalthis. For example, when Lightsong would go over the offerings every day, he would look at art, which were said to hold prophetic visions of the future, which the Returned were said to be able to see because of their ability to distinguish hue and color so well. Not only that, but they would sometimes get poems written in the artisan script, which is a language made up of different dots and colors. I think someone from Nalthis may have gone to Scaladrial long before the Lord Ruler lived and influenced an entire region with the religion of the Returned, and it changed over time into the religion of the Dadradah. Other thoughts, or things that would either support or shoot down this theory?
  12. Alright so this is my first time doing this and I'm very excited and pls be gentle. Compounding with Allomancy and Feruchemy is basically done by investing a piece of metal (I guess replacing the investiture from Preservation with that of a Feruchemical charge) and then using the end positive nature of Allomancy to generate extra power from the 'new metal' right? If this is wrong, hopefully it's close enough for the theory to hold. This is nice because Feruchemy takes a bunch of preparation and storage to be useful. Now, as far as I can tell breath is somewhat limited by supply, and cost. You could theoretically get more than you could ever need but it would be expensive and generally a pain. Because of this, being able to make Breath would be neat. Enter the 9th Heightening: This handy dandy quote from the Coppermind states that when you've got enough breath you can put some of it inside steel (Probably other metals too, but I'd assume that steel is the only tested metal). Now, given how simple compounding is: Could a steel Misting of the 9th Heightening invest some steel with Breath and burn it? Assuming any Allomantic metal can be used in Greater Awakening, any Misting could have access to Breath Compounding. Now, given how costly it was to awaken Nightblood, it's possible that you'd spend more Breaths than you'd gain though this process (Psst here's a nice way to patch this hole if you don't want it to be used). There's also a WoB stating that awakening isn't easy for non-Nalthians, but through Hemalurgy or Lerasium I suppose this could be entirely avoided by making a Nalthian a Misting. Anyway I've said my part, and this lowly spren is tired from all this thinking. Would love to hear corrections, compliments on my magnificent genius/stupidity, insults, discussion, really anything.
  13. There is a WoB from November 13, at the Oathbringer signing party, in which Brandon confirms that Nightblood's sheath is made of Aluminum. Brandon has also previously noted that Vasher (and I assume at least also shashara if not all the scholars) where on Roshar to study investiture, leading them to attempt to duplicate shardblades on Nalthis (resulting in Nightblood). He also noted separately (sorry for not having this WoB's linked) that Nightblood's sheath was present upon Nightblood's creation to serve its obviously necessary purpose (though he does make it sound like they aren't sure what will happen). However we can pretty obviously infer there, that the five scholars are aware of at least some properties of Aluminum for them to have used it as the metal to be sure they could put Nightblood inside if they needed to. Compounding this knowledge with the presence of Iyatil (who is, I believe, a confirmed southern Scadrian) on Roshar to prove that worldhopping between the planets is fairly conceivable, it seems to me to be fairly certain that the scholars would have also visited Scadrial on their trip and brought the aluminum back with them. Do we have any other confirmation that they went to other planets? Or do we only know for sure that Vasher at least has been to Roshar and Nalthis?
  14. During my WoR reread, I just found this. On page 727, where Kaladin is in prison, and Wit comes to tell the story of Fleet, he's sitting on a bench, tuning his lute (or some other stringed instrument) he says this, " 'Perfect pitch,' Wit said, 'makes this all so much easier than it once was.' " This seems to me to be a very subtle hint that Hoid has recently been to Nalthis and become an awakener. What do you think?
  15. I read a WoB about how Vasher can stay alive much more easily on Roshar, presumably because he uses stormlight as a substitute for Breath, and I started wondering if Breath is something that only people on Nalthis are born. That seems to make sense considering that there aren't awakeners all over the different shardworlds; however, aside from the AonDor the forms of investiture we've seen aren't location dependent. Does this mean that awakening is location dependent in that you can only, for the most part, acquire Breath from people who are natives of Nalthis?
  16. It has become clear that Harmony will become a large player in the Cosmere, and could actually be tied to the eventual fate of the 16 Shards, or what is left of them. It's good to reflect on just what Harmony is and how little we actually know about his motivations, capabilities, or the eventual role that he will play. He is already under attack, and this could only be the beginning. Here is the most recent "Letters from the Cosmere" where Elsric defines what Harmony is and explains his connection to the Shard: Transcript: My Dearest Kassar, By the time you get this, I will be gone. Before we set out for Scadrial I wish to establish two new mine sites. In order to maintain our estate while we are away I plan to reveal the other locations so that the company can continue to grow. I plan to be back within the month when we will depart. Our last conversation has been on my mind as of late. I feel that my inability to speak earlier was a disservice. I am not sure I can share all that I need to tell you. Perhaps after you have read these words I will have mustered the courage necessary to share my inner most turmoil’s. A lot happened to me on Scadrial, and I must admit I at nervous at the realization that we will soon be returning to that place. I fear you will feel lesser of me. I do not want to cast a shadow over us during this trip, but it is time I told you the truth. For years now I have been in the service of a being known as Harmony, a man who took up the power of a God and saved my life. Harmony is a kind of god, much like the beings of Cultivation and Odium. In fact, these three all are fragments of a far older power the came before them. While each piece behaves differently and independently, their power all came from Adonalsium. Harmony is unique, as far as I know, because he is a more recent wielder of Shardic power. More interestingly he is the combination of two formally separated and opposing powers. Ruin and Preservation were a shard pair that founded Scadrial. They worked together to create the life and humanity that lived on the planet. In the end however they were opposed to each other’s Intent which inevitable led to a preverbal deadlock conflict. The planet and the people who lived there were nearly the casualties of this conflict which was only resolved when the Shard bearer of Preservation purposefully ignored her intent and destroyed the mind of Ruin while destroying her own mind. The Hero of Ages, Preservations great gamble, then reached out and took hold of both Ruin and Preservation. I was there that day, watching as the world burned and thousands died. Scadrial was already a brutal and desolate place, and during those final years it was little more than a husk too hostel to live on. Ash choked the ground and the sun baked the planet from above. It was a kind of Desolation, orchestrated by Ruin as he sought to fulfill his driving purpose to break down the Cosmere piece by piece. Even from the Cognitive Realm, the destruction was very real. I had resigned myself to my fate. And then there he was, like a pillar of light that enveloped the planet in an embrace. Harmony shaped the world, returning it to what it had once been. The land was molded and shaped like clay. The three realms seemed to melt together, and suddenly I was standing on a land unrecognizable. He was there with me through it all. Somehow he knew who I was and why I was there. Even though he was creating a new world, he had the time for me. Well, I imagine his existence was not bound by physical location, at least not as we understand it. When I left that world, I assumed that would be the end. Apparently, Harmony kept an eye on me because when he wanted more information, they quickly sought me out. Harmony has servants who he uses to keep tabs on his world and to reach out to others. These are the Kandra, shapeshifters who take the forms of men by using their bones. They are immortal, as far as I know, and can receive direct instruction from Harmony. In fact, the man who stopped by the mansion last year was one such being. That was when I received the call to return to Scadrial. I am not sure why Harmony contacted me to begin with, when he has servants who can spy on the rest of the Cosmere for him, but perhaps it has something to do with the nature of Harmony. It is easy to think that Harmony is simply both Preservation and Ruin, much like how I have a right arm and a left arm that are similar, yet opposites working together. But if my studies into the nature of Shards is correct, then Harmony is actually something else. The Shards are no longer separate powers, but one. They have blended into a new alloy to create something new. This means that Harmony has the abilities and understandings of both Ruin and Preservation, and yet he has his own powers and influences that are independent of the powers from which he is derived. He also is somewhat of a powerhouse, wielding twice as much raw power and energy as the other shards that have been documented. From here we can see the potential orgin of the current conflict. Odium proved to be a vicious and heartless Shard. Granted the mind of the being who took up the shard must be practically obliterated by the Intent of Hatred. If you trace the macro events in the Cosmere, it becomes clear that Odium set his sights on dominating the Cosmere by eliminating those with the power to challenge him. I would be surprised if Harmony is not the manifestation of everything Odium fears. Harmony is most likely the most powerful being in the Cosmere. It is not surprising to hear that things are not all well back on Scadrial. Before the Kandra found us here on Nalthis, I hadn’t heard from them for years already. Considering how often they had been checking in up till that point, I had started wondering if something had happened. Before we were contacted, I had already resigned myself to return to Scadrial. It seems that something has changed and Harmony is under threat by some unknown power. Naturally, the Kandra are worried, and it turns out that I have had the most experience out in the Cosmere with other Shards. They have requested that I make my report and attempt to aid in their investigation. Considering what we have just survived, I feel that we cannot ignore this plea. It is clear to me that the mishandled wielding of godly power can cause untold levels of death an destruction. It is infuriating to see that intelligent beings took up such power for themselves and then turn it against each other and the people of these worlds. Harmony is perhaps the best there is of the Shard holders. His very nature is restraint and balance, and is the only power in the Cosmere I feel I can truly rely upon. Despite my growing mistrust of these Shards, I will not abandon Scadrial to be destroyed yet again. The things I saw over those last years of the old Scadrial… left me scared and broken. If my knowledge can help prevent that from happening again… well… it’s worth the effort. If there is to be a grand future to the Cosmere, Harmony is sure to be a focal point of what will come. Given our potential limitless lifespans, I wonder if we will see the end of the Shard holders. I am not sure what would be best for the Cosmere as a whole, but I am content to work with the servants of the one Shard I feel we can trust. I will do my best to prepare you for our integration with the Skadrian people. Hopefully, we can blend in a little better than I did on Roshar. Until we speak again, Elsric
  17. So I'm working on getting one of my friends into the cosmere, and after reading Warbreaker, she expressed hopes of seeing more Lightsong in the future even though he died. While I don't think that will happen, it did get me thinking about how the Returned are cognitive shadows "stapled" back to their bodies with their Divine Breath, and now I'm wondering again if the cognitive realm on Nalthis is just full of redead Returned just hanging out as cognitive shadows. Does anyone know if Brandon has said anything about this? Do cognitive shadows ever get the chance to go Beyond? I have so many questions now because of this.
  18. Ok, before I get to my Outrageous Theory I'm going to talk about some things that got me there.. I'm going to point towards some WoB that I've read, sorry in advance as I find it difficult to cycle through all the WoB to find the exact quotes: WoB that suggested that there's more to the creation of Nightblood than a bucket load of breaths and a command WoB that suggests the five scholars were World Hoppers WoB that suggests Nightblood was modeled after a Shardblade Outrageous theory in the form of a humble question: I may be way ahead of myself here, so I'm going to ask some questions that may point us in the right direction or void said theory: In relation to the Cosmere timeline - where is SA compared to Warbreaker? keeping in mind that Nightblood was created at least 3 centuries ago (That was when Vasher ended the war he started wasn't it?) In relation to the Cosmere timeline - when was The Recreance? Is a Shardblade like Aluminum and immune to awakening.? if so, can enough breaths (investiture) overcome this? Is there possibly a Connection issue? (crossing over Shardic Magic) if so, can enough breaths (investiture) overcome this? Thoughts..? !~ HIF ~!
  19. First and foremost: I'm on my phone and my access to internet is flimsy, so I couldn't search if this had been talked about before or not, and my grammar and format might be plainly wrong so, excuse me on both ends, please. I had a lot of thinking time today (where i have to wait in the car and only wait...) and my mind wandered towards the Cosmere as usual. It's very simple, really, but I cane up with something: When you awaken something there are 2 things that ease or handicap the process: if the thing had been previously alive, and if it had a human shape (or at least part of one, like... A foot) The problem with awakening iron or its alloys is that they were never alive. You might make an iron leg to substitute one you lost but awakening that would be hella difficult. But make it out of bone, or wood, and it's a lot more doable. Here is the thing: Trace Elements, or Oligoelements, are small, minuscule amounts of material that our body has and needs but are in such a low percentage that we don't actually count as having them. Iron is one of those Oligoelements, used to make blood (i think?) and the average male adult has 3.8gr of the things in his body (a little less for women). A very small amount. But it's Iron that has been part of a living body, that "remembers" being alive. I'm not actually sure how much iron does a sword actually needs. Let's say it weighs 5kg. You'd need around 1320 humans to acquire that much iron. Let's also assume our extracting methods are not 100% effective... Let's say that we actually siphon correctly half of a persons iron with our procedure and the rest goes down the sink with the rest of the blood. 2640 humans, for a sword that's 50% easier to awaken than one made from mined ores (as it isnt in human shape) It hardly seems practical (if at all), but imagine you GET to do that. Invest a wallop of breaths in the thing, command it to slay evil, and it actually works. damnation... Suddenly, if this method is known, other people might try to repeat it and slaughter another 2640 humans. Wouldn't it be a secret worth killing to keep?
  20. using awekening under normal cicunstances awekening organic things. so i was wondering... Can you take a glass of , for example, apple juice(or any organic liquid) and aweken it. And if you can do it, can you repeat the process if you put the juice in cystern of water. Also, can you (with 2 bilions of breaths and 23th higthening aweken chemical clean water. and what with gases..
  21. Essentially what it says in the title. I've been thinking of a lot of Cosmere questions lately, and I think this is one I'm most proud of, as it doesn't seem like anyone else has sparked on the idea yet. If a worldhopper traveled to Nalthis and died for whatever reason, would they be able to return? We know that Breath is one of the easiest magics for non-natives to wield, and since the Divine Breath of a Returned comes from Endowment, it stands to reason that a Shard would have an even easier time stamping Investment onto someone from the outside. I think there are some interesting possibilities here. I subsequently started wondering if, perhaps, the female Terris worldhopper was a member of the Court of the Returned. I think it would be really neat, and quite unexpected, though I understand that the nurse is the prevailing theory and more likely, considering the gleeful smile Brandon gave when asked.
  22. If Szeth son son Vallano went to Nalthis, how similar to the returned would he be? Would he have to consume a soul every week?
  23. just released the Table of Contents, along with some other minor info, about this month's release: Arcanum Unbounded. Someone commented that there was no mention of Nalthis. I was wondering, is that merely because there is no novella set in the Nalthis system or does it mean Khriss, who is doing introductions for each of the other systems we know of in the Cosmere, has never been there? Does anyone remember any mention of Khriss having been to Nalthis? Source:
  24. LG25: A Breath of Power GMs: Elbereth and The Only Joe In a small town between T’Telir and the Idrian border, a number of Idrian Returned have gathered after their escape from Idris (being unwilling to die). They have discovered a way to force others to give up Breath, and so they are creating drabs left and right (and then, of course, killing them; they don’t want the secret getting out). You are the Hallandren people of the town, and you don’t particularly wish to become a drab and then die, for fairly obvious reasons. You must stop these Returned before they steal all your Breath and murder you all. Good luck. Generics: Each player has two actions per cycle. Cycles will be composed of 48 hour days and 24 hour nights. Turnover will be at 8:30 p.m. PDT/11:30 EDT/3:30 GMT. Tied lynches will result in a coinflip. PMs are completely open as long as you include the GMs. Factions Hallandren Village. May lynch one person every day cycle. Win condition: Kill all the Idrian Returned. Idrian Returned Every individual Returned must consume one Breath every 3 cycles. As a group, the Returned may steal one person’s Breath every cycle, which goes to whichever Returned sent in the kill. Returned may or may not start with Breath. They have a doc in which to converse. Win con: Outnumber the Hallandren. Breath Each person starts out with a certain number of Breaths (at least one). Breath may be used to Awaken objects or given to another player (at which time all of your Breath which is not in an Awakened object goes to that player) during the Day. Note: If you voluntarily give your Breath to someone else, breath cannot be passed to you (though you may still enter the Lottery). This does not apply to having your breath stolen. 0 Breaths (Drabs): If you spend one full turn as a drab, you will die. (The Idrian Returned have hired an assassin to kill all drabs, because drabs are useless to their purposes and they don’t want any drab from whom they have stolen Breath to reveal them.) Potential Returned: If a Potential Returned is killed by the Returned, they resurrect and become Returned instead of dying when they would have died from the assassin, and their win condition changes to Idrian Returned. Awakening You may choose to Awaken an object during any night cycle. You may not use the object the same turn in which it is Awakened. You may also use an action to retrieve your breath from the object. (Note that this comes after drab deaths in the Order of Actions.) Strawman: You may invest 4, 6, or 8 breaths into a Strawman. Each progressive level can perform a different action. All Strawmen can also sense whether the target is a Potential Returned. 4 breaths: Discover how much Breath your target currently holds (not including any they have in Awakened objects). 6 breaths: Discover what item(s) your target currently has Awakened. 8 breaths: Discover one action that your target took last night (kill, Breath Transfer, Lottery, etc.). The Idrian Returned kill shows up as Breath Transfer on the night on which the kill is performed, but a kill on the night during which the resulting drab dies. Awakening appears as Breath Transference. Awakened Rope: 3 breaths. You may target one person each night to roleblock them. Lifeless: 5 breaths. Choose one person each night to target. Your Lifeless may protect that person from one attack (including stealing breath). This does not include death from being drab. You may self-protect. Awakened Clothing: 1 breath. Choose one person to negate their vote during the day. Lifeless Rabbit: 9 breaths. Choose one person every night to kill. This is not a delayed kill. Breath Lottery Each night, players may choose to enter the breath lottery. There will be a certain number of breaths available each night (based on number of alive players), which will be distributed randomly among the entries. The lottery may only be entered once each night. Order of Actions Breath Receiving/Lottery Drab death Awakened Rope Lifeless Breath Stealing Lifeless Rabbit Retrieve breath from Awakened objects Awaken Objects Strawmen The game will begin Friday, August 19th (for American timezones; August 20th for everyone else), at 8:30 p.m. PDT. Write ups:
  25. Warbreaker spoilers follow. Gather members, and hear the tale of Darkbinder. Here is the tale of an living object, devoted singularly to its task for ages and ages. Here is its tale of life, woe, and ultimate defeat. Many know of how the Manywar came to an end. Man fought man and Lifeless fought Lifeless, and at the Battle of Twilight Falls, a new and devastating weapon was unveiled. Nightblood, a sword seemingly forged out of shadow and death itself. The carnage it wrought was unspeakable. The war ended shortly thereafter, as none could hope to oppose the awesome might of the Awakened blade. Few know, however, that in the last days before the final truce was decided, a team of Pahn Kahl Awakeners labored to counteract the might of Nightblood. Using their own cunning and knowledge of Awakening, they endowed a rope with a thousand Breaths and gave it a single command: "Bind our enemies." Thus Darkbinder was born. A fair and golden as Nightblood was black, his sole purpose in soul and spirit was to bind and captivate the enemies of the Pahn Kahl. Any who might work against them was to be ensnared. Even after the treaty ended, Darkbinder continued to work on his purpose. His mind coiled around a single target: Vasher. The man who wielded the dark sword. The man whose weapons had devastated the Pahn Kahl. The man who even now worked against them. For years, Darkbinder slithered like a serpent in pursuit of his prey. Across kingdoms and continents he hunted, always staying just out of sight. Like an anaconda spun from flax, he waited for the perfect time to strike. That opportunity came in T'Telir, where he found his ancient foe engaged in a mysterious task. The Awakened rope rose like a harvest-colored cobra from a dark alley, prepared to vanquish his long-hunted quarry. "Are you the one they called Darkbinder?" Vasher asked solemnly. "I am," the rope replied. "And I am here at long last to bind you and your soulsucking travesty forevermore!" "I cannot allow that," Vasher said, his voice saddened and weary. "Flee, rope, and find new purpose in your artificial life." "Never!" Darkbinder declared. "It's you or me, now or never!" "Very well," Vasher intoned. "I regret what I must now do." And with those words, he unsheathed the shadowed sword Nightblood, which giggled in unnatural glee at the forthcoming destruction of evil. Their fight waged on and on. Darkbinder would coil over his bitter enemy, only for the Awakener to slip out of his hold and press onwards offensively. The rope dodged swing after swing of the abominable sword. But over time, Darkbinder made the slightest mistake. His dodge was too slow, and Nightblood cleaved through his head. Like a python with its head sliced through the front, the rope writhed and hissed in agony. In a moment Vasher had his hands on its golden coils, and tied the rope into a thick and unbearably tight knot. Seeing that the rope would not live much longer, Vasher tossed it aside into the street. "I am sorry, one they called Darkbinder," Vasher called over his shoulder as he turned his back. "You left me no choice. The Manywar is over." And he strode away from the site of their duel. Darkbinder lay in the street for quite some time, the Breaths leaking from his form. His color became steadily less golden; no longer was he flax but a sickly grey. All he could think of was that he had failed. His lifelong purpose was shattered. The enemies of the Pahn Kahl were unbound and free to roam. And now he himself lay in an undecipherable tangle, his front end torn apart by the dark sword. In time, the steward Bluefingers happened to come this way. Knowing much of esoteric Pahn Kahl history, he recognized the shaking and trembling rope on sight. "Are you the one they called Darkbinder?" Bluefingers inquired, his voice soft and reverent. A cracking realization struck the Awakened rope straight through his soul. No longer was he Darkbinder. Now... he was nothing. Had he a human face, tears would streamed down from his eyes. "No," he croaked in response. "I'm... a frayed knot." And with those parting words, the final Breath passed from his mangled form. Thus ends the tale of Darkbinder, the living rope.