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Found 7 results

  1. So, feel free to debunk me by any means necessary, but I'm relistening to RoW, and a thought occurred to me as to what's happening to adolin and maya. We know that a nahel bond grants special abilities to radiants. What if it can work the other way as well... Is it possible that adolin is becoming, for lack of a better term, Mayas... "spren?" What if adolin isn't destined to become a radiant, because Maya is destined to become... Something new?
  2. Just wondering. I mean, Syl is friendly enough (except to Pattern). This could be my imagination, but...she did she meet with Ivory or Glys already? Yeah, but I think would create an interesting dynamic. If a spren were friends with another spren, and they're Radiants didn't like each other. Or best friend Radiants have spren who refuse to talk to each other. Does the Storm father have friends? He seems too...ethereal. (And let's be honest, he's a priss.)
  3. Parshendi Forms: From Eshonai's prologue, after Gavilar explains the fabrial: When Venli first meets Timbre, at Eshonai's body: And then Venli bonds with Timbre: And then when talking with the Fuzed named Rine: So the Nahel bond is more powerful than the Parshendi forms bond from capturing spren inside their gemhearts during highstorms to transform, presumably because the only stormlight needed for the Parshendi bond to work is during the bonding itself but not for any of the surges that come after the bond. When Aesudan and Amaram bonded with the Unmade spren, that seems to be a Parshendi bond since they swallowed gems (spheres) to make the bond, with Amaram's purple gemheart glowing in the end and Aesudan's gemheart glowing through her dress. Thunderclasts From the Thaylen City battle: So the stone has gemhearts that, when inhabited by Voidspren, transform the stone into something else. No wonder Szeth's people aren't stonewalkers, right? Does stone have other forms? Chasmfiends Chasmfiends obviously have gemhearts. I think they must have other forms, too. We know chasmfiends, skyeels, and greatshells all have the same spren. From the Kaza interlude, we know that greatshells do also have gemhearts. Are these three different forms for the same being? Do chasmfiends have other forms? Are they also thunderclasts? From Adolin's fight with the thunderclast: Urithiru And then: So we wake it just as the Fuzed woke Thunderclasts from stone, right? We bond Urithiru with a spren. Or multiple spren. Spren that can be trapped in a heart of emerald and ruby. And from the gem library: Dude, is Urithiru the Sibling?!!!! Sibling to the Nightwatcher and the Stormfather? So the Sibling was stolen away? And from the Stormfather's conversation with Dalinar: Slumbering! Sleeping! Just like Dalinar said Urithiru was! And this is why the Radiant says goodnight to Urithiru, goodnight to the Sibling! So we need to find the slumbering Sibling spren and restore her (or probably "them" because the Stormfather refers to the Sibling in the singular and the plural) to Urithiru's heart to waken Urithiru, right? And what will a wakened Urithiru be like? Will she move? Will she protect? Will she destroy? *************************** Related ideas: Fabrials are similar but not as alive as it would seem Urithiru will be and certainly not as alive as Parshendi, chasmfiends, or great shells. Parshmen may not have had gemhearts until the first Everstorm, which restored their gemhearts and thus enabled them to now have forms, including Voidforms. Different Parshendi forms likely come from different types of spren, with Voidform (forms of power) coming from corrupted or Unmade spren. Dullform might be having a gemheart with no spren bond since dullform is so close to parshmen. Are there secrets to other cities, not just Urithiru? Kabsal draws Kholinar as a triangular shape with three outlying wings and a peaked center (Pg 510 of WoK), which incidentally is the symbol on Gavilar's shardplate (Pg 29 of WoK), saying that the city was built on a rock formation already there. The stone windblades of Kholinar seem particularly significant, where Kaladin says the interior corridor of the windblades reminds him of the strata at Urithiru (Pg 785 of OB). I'm equally interested in the City of Shadows and even the City of Bells, but perhaps these cities are special in different ways.
  4. We know that something about the thrill is becoming sickening to Dalinar. My thought is that his developing connection to honor (through his lifestyle and nahel bond) is both allowing him to access stormlight to heal, as well as interferes with the thrill (likely being the influence of an unmade). That interference makes him feel sick. Another point to consider is if stormlight as a system was set up by honor and cultivation - and is the natural source of surgebinding - and if both honor and cultivationspren nahel bonds can channel it equally without interference, would odium (who showed up on roshar considerably later) be realmically capable of fueling his planet-influenced form of magic (is. Voidbinding) with something that has historically been the medium of honor and cultivation. It seems that spren can have a dual, intermingling nature of the two of them without interference, so it's a reasonable assumption that whether stormlight is the vapor form of both cultivation and honor, or indeed just honor (as I think was confirmed by WoB?) there is no interference between honor and cultivations' investitures on a practical level: Surgebinders of both alignments can access it. that's the background. My question is, if these conflicting investitures (stormlight/honor-based and thrill/odium-based) demonstrably cause such a debilitating and connection-nullifying reaction in Dalinar, isn't it a reasonable assumption that a voidbinder under the influence of/ bonded to an odiumspren would suffer similar investiture-dissonance if they were infused by stormlight? And further to that, wouldn't that mean voidbinding would require some energy source other than one derived from honor or cultivation? The implications of this could be vast, or non-existant. After all, it could still be that all odium-spren (including the unmade) are simply corrupted (mixed investiture) forms of honor/cultivationspren, and retain their ability to process stormlight. But then... If that's the case. Then why would Dalinar react to the thrill as he did; becoming sickened and unable to maintain it. If my suspicions are correct and voidbinding isn't fueled by stormlight, then what is it fueled by? Maybe odium is taking a more direct hand and fueling powers directly? It doesn't seem like him to give away his power to be used by people. And how closely can voidbinding mimic stormlight's powers? The physical manifestation could be very similar, seeing as how the planet focus and sDNA of the people are constants. Here is where... Finally... I get to some plot-relevant discussion. I think that whatever is happening to Renarin is not caused by odium, because I am convinced that he is actually becoming a surgebinder and Glys is a radiant spren. This comes from the way Brandon speaks about Renarin and truthwatching, as well as the 'you stopped wearing glasses... Stormlight healed your eyes' exchange. There are just too many things that point to Renarin actually becoming a radiant. And if that is happening, then I dont think that odium could influence him to scribble prophesies, etc., because of the aforementioned interference. However! I dont discount the possibility that Cultivation is the one taking over during his episodes. Rant over. Any input please? I know it's rude of me to not reference a single WoB in all of that but I hope you'll all forgive me and consider my points and intuitive leaps,
  5. Reading across a recent thread on the abilities of Bondsmiths gave me a fun idea, but I didn't want to hijack that thread, so here goes... It seems possible to me that Bondsmiths can strengthen the bond between man and spren. I'm not sure about forging completely new bonds, but at least increasing the power of existing ones. The quote about readily understanding the implications of the surges being granted to men, and binding the radiants to a set of rules and precepts, or else he would destroy them all might in this context be referring to destroying the actual spren, not the knights. We've already seen that a spren's connection with the physical realm is jeopardized when the radiant acts in opposition to their ideals (the spren also seem to undergo cognitive regression if they dont withdraw to shadesmar). Bondsmiths could have been the ones to make the nahel bond so strong that when the radiant acted in opposition to the spren's ideals, the spren would effectively 'die a little'. Alternatively this could be a natural danger of the nahel bond. What I'm really interested in is 'Destroying every last one of them'. If Bondsmiths can strengthen the Nahel bond, perhaps they could make it so strong that when the radiant physically dies, the spren would effectively die with them (note that I'm assuming that spren normally have the capacity to survive the radiants' deaths and continue on to eventually bond another radiant... This is supported by syl remembering other battles and helping other radiants). But if the spren were to be so tied to the radiant that the spren died physically and cognitively when the radiant went beyond, then it could potentially retard or even permanently cease the growth and bonding of surgebinders en masse. Basically it would be a threat to the spren of 'if you let your radiants go bad, I will personally ensure the permanent destruction of all of your kind'. That kind of ability could also go a long way to explain the 'related to the unique abilities of bondsmiths' quote to deal with the voidbringers: Perhaps the bondsmiths found a way to more permanently bind voidspren to their hosts, such that when the host died, that spren was also as good as destroyed (I'm trying to be careful to follow the law of conservation of investiture haha). Once the voidspren saw what was happening, they abandoned the parshendi (making them parshmen) rather than suffer certain doom. Because think about it, even odium is going to pause if all of his spren (and future warmaking ability) can be killed in just one generation, no matter how much devastation he could cause in that relatively short time... The only option would be to wait until all the bondsmiths and their secrets died out, and then try to win before they could rediscover it. There are many other potential ramifications of this ability, but I'm going to leave it at those ones. Additional thought: I've been trying to reconcile 2 things that seem related to me: First, the secret that broke the knights radiant - I find it unlikely that the bondsmith ability would be the sole reason for breaking the knights. Second, the way to resolve the war related to the unique ability of the bondsmiths. I know this is baseless, but I feel like these are connected...
  6. This is an extension to the theories about squires found in this thread: From the epigraph of chapter 54 of Words of Radiance, we have: This quote, combined with a quote from Dalinar’s vision at the Purelake, heavily implies that loyal followers of a Knight Radiant can gain access to powers granted by Stormlight, and that the Windrunners are one of the Orders to have such squires. At the end of Words of Radiance, Lopen is able to absorb Stormlight and use it to heal his arm. I think it is pretty obvious that that this indicates that he is the first of Bridge Four to become a true squire. But that leaves the question of why he is the first. There is nothing to show that Lopen is any more loyal to Kaladin than any of the others in Bridge Four. This leads me to reconsider the way the Nahel bond and its corresponding Oaths/Ideals work. We know from WoB that Perception and Intent are very important to Investiture in all of the books in the Cosmere: So this is the meat of my theory: The Nahel bond is not about oaths, but Intent. The oaths, except for possibly the first Ideal, are not actually concretely defined, but representations of the Intent of each Herald. Each Herald/Order has a purpose but that purpose doesn’t necessarily have to be defined, but some Orders have additional Ideals defined to provide an explicit outline or reminder of their purpose. This is further supported by another section of the WoB: This is why at the end of Words of Radiance, Pattern tells Shallan that as a Lightweaver, she only has one Ideal; this possibly means that the Lightweavers (and maybe even Shallash herself) chose not to define their purpose in such a concrete way. Pattern implies that she has said all of the words that she is required to say, but still has truths (i.e. some aspects of the the full Intent of the Lightweavers) to fully discover. This is why some spren are attracted to humans even before they even begin to say the Ideals. Sylphrena and Pattern both were attracted to Kaladin and Shallan because they demonstrated the true Intent of their respective Orders. Though we don’t know exactly what the Intent of the Lightweavers is yet, we do know the Intent of the Windrunners. Kaladin’s progression through the Ideals of the Windrunners is very strong evidence for this theory. At the end of TWoK, he discovers and speaks the Second Ideal when acting upon the Intent that the Second Ideal was meant to describe. The same thing happens at the end of WoR when Kaladin acts upon the Intent of the Third Ideal. It is important to note that the Intent comes first, which then triggers the “discovery” of the Ideal. I believe that it isn’t the speaking of the Ideals that is necessary to become a full Radiant, but believing them and fulfilling them through action. Now back to Lopen and the squires. Why just Lopen and not all of Bridge Four? Not only is Lopen loyal to Kaladin, but he has acted on the Intent of the second Ideal by protecting Elhokar. There is a bit of an assumption here because we don’t see what is going on in Lopen’s head, but I believe he has truly committed himself in protecting the King, and that is how he gained the ability to use Stormlight. The reason the other members of Bridge Four haven’t gained this power yet is because they haven’t committed themselves to the Intent of the Windrunners, and are still acting purely out of loyalty to Kaladin.
  7. The quote that got me thinking about the Stormfather's identity was this: from when he was confronted with the idea of bonding to Dalinar. So What is a Sliver? source Does this mean that the Stormfather has held, or is the cognitive aspect of someone who has held part of the Honor Shard? Could this be connected to his Vorin association with Jezrien? If this is true, why did he hold the power, how did he gain access (Shardpool in the Horneater peaks?), and what did he change while he held it? Where was Tanavast when this happened? Was the Honor Shard shattered at the same time that Tanavast was killed? We also know that he is a spren of some kind as he forms a Nahel bond with Dalinar to form a Bondsmith. Were all ~three of them bonded to the Stormfather? Is the Nahel bond necessarily one-to-one? If so, how is he still alive assuming they are gone? Do spren only die if oaths are broken? Could one of the old Bondsmiths have held the power, and would that make the Stormfather a Sliver? I had intended to come up with a more concrete theory, but obviously have more questions than ideas. Hopefully this can help start a discussion some of you will find interesting!