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Found 33 results

  1. What would giving Breath to spren result in? Breath is supposed to be more in the Physical than the Spiritual due to the nature of Endowment / to facilitate their transfer. Would the adaptability of Breath to different sDNA cause it to become more Cognitive in nature? Or would it make it easier for the spren to push into the Physical Realm and retain their coherence there? I assume that the rules of Awakening should still remain the same for them and they would still gain Heightenings if they acquire more Breaths, but would doing so change what kind of spren they are if they have more of Endowment's Investiture or would Endowment's nature mean her Investiture wouldn't change the inherent nature of the spren? If the spren was a Nahel Bond capable spren, would this count as Corruption assuming their nature does change? Would they still grant the same Surges? Could they grant the benefits of the Heightenings to their Bondmate? Seeing as the Nahel Bond is a melding of the Spiritwebs, to some degree, would transferring Breaths be easier between Bondmates or could a Bondmate use one another's Breath at the Fifth Ideal?
  2. HDjsnvjdnvjsnvkcn what is that Emperor’s Soul dog meme I can’t. :lol: 

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      It is The Truth. 

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  3. So I have a suspicion about the identity of the elusive spren of the Radiant order of Truthwatchers. In Edgedancer (about a page into chapter six), Lift’s Cultivationspren, Wyndle, mentions a type of spren known as Keenspren. Context: Lift was talking with a young street urchin, using all kinds of very strange words in odd ways. After the urchin leaves, Wyndle says: “Mistress, that was the strangest conversation I’ve ever heard, and I once grew an entire garden for some keenspren.” Truthwatcher’s spren are described as looking like “light reflected onto a surface through a crystal.” And Glys, Renarin’s corrupted spren, looks like a crystalline snowflake growing up from Renarin’s back. Many of the examples of corrupted spren we’ve seen were still recognizable as the type of spren they were. Keen means sharp, either in mind or as an edge, like a blade. I think this correlates well with what we’ve heard of the spren’s appearance in addition to the traditional personality attributed to the order of Truthwatchers. I would love to hear other suspicions about the Truthwatcherspren. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, so please share your thoughts on my theory!
  4. Hello, first post, be gentle with me We don't really know that the Nightwatcher is a Bondsmith spren. It's a good theory, seems widely accepted and quite probable. But so far as I know, no in-book quote or WoB confirms her as such. I think it's likely that she probably is one of the three Bondsmith spren, as a counterpart to the Stormfather. She already has a magic system (-ish?) associated with her, the Boon and Curse: granting a wish but with a curse attached alongside it. Couldn't someone also ask her for the boon of being granted Radiancy (is that the word?). Has anyone in Roshar's history? Could she grant other spren bonds, lower spren or spren of the other Orders? And assuming she is a Radiant spren, could someone ask to bond with her? Could it be how she herself is supposed to be bonded? Could the next Bondsmith have to trek to the Valley and ask for the boon of bonding her? What could be the Curse to accompany such a Boon? Would they need to speak the Ideals or would the Curse, sort of, supplant the words?
  5. If this has been posted before, forgive me, I didn't locate it elsewhere. Something occured to me and it seemed no one has brought it up. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A BONDSMITH BONDS THE NIGHTWATCHER? The reason I ask is because the NIGHTWATCHER has access to the old magic. Sure Dalinar bonded the Stormfather, but that's just boring Honor. Ho hum . Will the Nightwatcher's Wordsmith be able to manipulate the old magic as well? What say all you wise ardents?
  6. Okay, I'm not sure about whether it was a theory only or was it confirmed somewhere. Does Nahel bond pull the Surgebinder and spren closer together, what results in spren being pulled more into Physical (somewhat confirmed because as the bond progresses spren can manifest as Shardblade) and Surgebinder being pulled more into Cognitive Realm? I mean, Kaladin was able to see spren nobody else could (like bindspren) and the other instance we have is Rock who is a Horneater who are a result of human/Parshendi interbreeding so they are closer to Cognitive (I just realised that that is also not confirmed).
  7. Spren only bond to those with gaps in their spiritual web. If a spren would fill such a hole, then the person becomes even more broken, could another spren come along and make the radiant a double radiant (with two spren)?.
  8. In OB, it sound like it's possible to force a person to bond a specific type of spren. (Nale would do it, to bond potential radiants to make them skybreakers, or kill them.) Is it? Does that mean that the type of spren is technically irrelevant?
  9. Hi there! First time poster, but long time fan of all of you on the forum. In one of the Shallan flashback chapters, the one where she buys Jushu back, the man collecting her debt said something interesting. Shallan's necklace was made of aluminum, which can only be soulcast. There's been some WOB where he's said that aluminum has some weird effects on magic systems all over the cosmere. My theory is that the aluminum necklace supressed or killed Shallan's bond with Pattern. Shallan's father, influenced by Odium, didn't want another radiant around to ruin his plans, so he gave her the necklace to try to sever the bond. That's just my take on it. Thoughts?
  10. So I'm rereading WoR, and i just passed the part where Hoid comes to Shallan and delivers a message from Helaran. Hoid specifically tells Shallan Could Hoid once have tried to bond a spren (a Cryptic)?
  11. How do you think the Nahel Bond would be effected by a Knight Radiant traveling through space? I assume a spren like Syl would be more okay with traveling, and I feel it is implied that Willshapers and Lightspren potentially travel all over, but what if Dalinar had to board a spaceship and leave, would he still be connected enough to the Stormfather to benefit from the bond? Could the Stormfather travel? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? If the Stormfather were on a space station large enough to contain him, could they power it with stormlight and all Radiants always have plenty of power (while on the ship or whatever)? Any other thoughts about the Knight Radiant Orders in space??
  12. I'm new here to the forums so sorry if this is something that has been brought up before but I haven't heard anyone talk about. So this insmy thought on how the spren choose people and how the nahel bond connects humans to spren. So my theory started recently in my millionth reread of WoR when Kaladin says tonSyk that he is no knight, that he is broken. Syl replies to them that all of the knights radiants are broken, much like Kaladin and shallan and even Yv from the interlides was in his youth. The next part that grew my theory was when Szeth is sitting in top on Urithiru and mentions how the town's people leave out spheres for him to use and mentions he burns through them to fast since he has" to I'm perfect a body". The last part that goes into this invloves Mistbirn Secret History and Keliser and crazy people. He can only interact with crazy people and syas that they have cracks in their spirit. So my theory is after I've already made this way to long a post is this, the Soren watch people who are " broken" or have "cracks" in their spirits, they watch them.closley because these are the people they can not only see more clearly in the coginitve real but also because it is easier for them to bond with them the same was as it's easier for Keliser to talk to crazy people. I think that this also has to do with why they can burn storm light more effectively since the nahel bond fills in the cracks in the spirit web in the cognitive real bringing making them partially begin to bind spiritually with a Soren that is made of and lives if investiture. Sorry for rambiling that out and not really getting my points across it's late here in the east coast, it's much clearer in my head. Still I would love to hear what you think, looking forward to being part of the forums.
  13. Syl is the only spren (as far as I can recall) to tell Kaladin her name. All the rest — Pattern, Ivory, Wyndle, Spark, etc. — were named by their Radiants. (I don't remember if Glys was a given name or a habituated name, but I think Renarin named him?). So did the Stormfather name her, maybe?
  14. Hey 17th Shard, My best friend shared with me an interesting theory that I wanted to run past you. He is not much for the forums but he did say he would be OK if I shared it here. I took his idea and built up a quick assumption list to help solidify his insight. Assumptions: 1. Bondsmiths can make and break Nahel, and other, bonds between a person and a spren. This assumption is not, necessarily, pivotal to the theory but perhaps the Bondsmiths are the ones who figured out what to do. 2. There is some sort of fundamental, underlying principles that dictate how these bonds are formed. Perhaps it is the innate system of the Rosharan system that makes the rule, perhaps Honor/Cultivation have a hand in it, perhaps it is a mix of those two, or perhaps it is something else altogether. Whatever the reason is, I do not think it is too big of a stretch to say that Brandon would create governing principles for the Rosharan magic systems. 3. The Knights Radiant of old (pre-Recreance) knew that Parshendi (or Parshmen) were Voidbringers. Or, since there is some debate about what a Voidbringer actually is, we might say that the Knights Radiant of old were aware that Parshendi/Parshmen were involved, somehow, with Desolations and Voidbringers. Theory: The Knights Radiant, knowing that Parshendi were related to the Desolations/Voidbringers (see assumption 3), discovered a way to break (see assumption 1) the underlying magical principle (see assumption 2) that allowed Parshendi to bond with Voidspren. In doing so, however, they also had to break their own bonds as well because the underlying principle applied to both their Nahel bond and the Parshendi bond. The Recreance was a direct result of the Knights Radiant deciding to give up their bonds because they thought it would forever prevent the Voidspren from bonding with the Parshendi again. We know that one Order of Radiants (possibly the Skybreakers) secretly kept their bonds which means that whatever a Bondsmith (see assumption 1) did to break the underlying principle (see assumption 2) was not completely successful - either due to the Order that secretly refused or perhaps because the Bondsmith just did something wrong. This mistake/accident/betrayal meant that some of the Parshendi remained Parshendi (Eshonai's people) and most turned into the Parshmen. This also means that the line in the Diagram about Taravangian possibly reusing the secret that broke the Radiants before could be referring to this. If the current Radiants were told that they could break all of the Voidspren's bonds with Parshendi by sacrificing their spren what would Kaladin, Shallan, and the others do? Could they justify to themselves not doing this? If they could save the world by sacrificing their spren... well, I think it would be hard for them to refuse. What say you Sharders? Is it possible that the Recreance was caused by the Knights Radiant delibrately trying to break the bonding process so that Parshendi could never again join with a Voidspren?
  15. Should I have known this already? I kinda recall Sansderson indicating that Radiant spren are generally of the opposit sex from the bonded Radiant. I don't think Renarin is homosexual but I'm surprised we got a same sex nahel bond so early. Naturally, Renarin is the one dude whose head we aren't in....
  16. I was recently re-reading the ending of Words of Radiance, particularly the scene where Dalinar speaks his first/second ideals, thus becoming a bondsmith. However, he joined with the Stormfather, who was against this, and reacted angrily upon Dalinar's speaking the First Ideal. While I was reading, it occurred to me that in the Wheel of Time series, forming a similar bond to create an unwilling Warder was seen by the characters as little better than rape, due to the man's inability to resist the bond. Essentially, Dalinar has forced an ancient and sentient spren into a mental and magical bonding without it's consent or agreement, forcing said spren to provide him with the ability to control Stormlight, and at the same time, putting the Stormfather's very existence into danger if Dalinar abandons his vows. In your opinion, was this an immoral action?
  17. So, I've seen a lot of theories here about Eshonai becoming a KR, and it got me thinking if that's even possible. On my most recent reread of WoR, I saw that Syl tells Kaladin that Parshendi can't become surgebinders (chapter 44). So how do all you theorists explain this part? I would normally think that surgebinding is pretty important to be a KR. Could She perhaps be wrong about this/misleading Kaladin?
  18. I suspect that when Radiants who have reached a certain degree of progress in the Nahel bond die, they go to Braize. Several points of evidence have led me to to suspect this: The Nahel bond was not designed by Honor, but was an attempt by the spren to imitate what Honor had given to the Heralds. In WoR chapter 87, Syl clarifies to Kaladin that the Nahel bond was specifically based on the Honorblades. The Prelude to the Stormlight Archive tells us that one of the conditions of the Oathpact is that the Heralds would return to Braize to be tortured if they died, and were expected to return willingly if they did not die during a Desolation. To abandon the Oathpact, they had to leave their Honorblades behind, willingly and intentionally giving them up. They did so by slamming the Blades into the stone ground. This suggests that the Honorblades was the basis of their connection to the Oathpact, and thereby to Braize. The coded passage from the Diagram found in the WoR Chapter 84 epigraph references "the secret that broke the Knights Radiant". Apparently there is such a secret, and obviously it would need to be a very significant one. When Dalinar observes the Recreance in his vision (WoK Chapter 52), he sees the Radiants slam their Blades into the stone ground, as the Heralds did, and as Dalinar does when he relinquishes Oathbringer to Sadeas. This is clearly how the Bond is broken, though why they needed to leave the Plate behind as well is unclear, mostly because we know so little about what Shardplate actually is and whether it has any connection at all to the Heralds (whom so far have never been shown wearing Plate of any kind). Nale believes, following Ishar, that when the proto-Radiants "naturally discover the greater power of the Oaths"..."without Honor to regulate this, there is a small chance that what comes next will allow the Voidbringers to again make the jump between worlds." (Edgedancer, Chapter 9) This suggests that the Radiants are connected in some way we do not yet understand to Braize, and could potentially (though by no means certainly) bring a Desolation the same way the Heralds do. Whether Ishar is correct in this belief or not is not yet known to us. To bring these points together, the Nahel bond is based on the Honorblades, and severed by the same means that the Heralds severed their ties to the Oathpact. Is it possible, then, that by copying the Honorblades, the Nahel spren inadvertently recreated the not-so-desirable aspect of the Honorblades that connects the Heralds to Braize? If so, it is possible that when Radiants die, their soul(?)/Cognitive shadow/non-material aspect goes to Braize, as the Heralds do, instead of going through the usual afterlife? This would be an extremely serious side-effect for the Nahel bond to have, and it's hard to imagine anyone, least of all the Radiants who were all broken people in some way, stoically accepting more-or-less-eternal torment after their death. As others have theorized, we already have reason to believe that the afterlife is messed up in some way on Roshar, but if the Radiants suddenly found out that they were more or less guaranteed to go to Damnation, that would go a long way toward explaining the Recreance.
  19. Why do we get 2 effects from a Nahel bond? Building off the theory that the focus for surgebinding is the Nahel-Bond itself, or more precisely, the puzzle-piece-filling of a Spren into a broken human to form a new reforged/"whole" entity. I posit that it is because the bond works in 2 directions: The spren completing the person's brokenness while the person completes the Spren's sentience. This then implies that each type of bond-forming Spren requires a different aspect of sentience to become whole. So, can we line this up on the Ars Arcanum chart for Divine Attributes and Surges? Let's try! 1st Theory of Combination: Each participant in the bond provides a single row from the Divine Attributes table. - Kaladin provides Protecting/Leading/Adhesion; Syl Provides Just/Confident/Gravitation. - Lift provides Loving/Healing/Abrasion; Wyndle provides Learned/Giving/Progression. - Shallan provides Creative/Honest/Illumination; Pattern provides Wise/Careful/Transformation. Ok this one just looks wrong. Shallan is *not* the honest one in this relationship. But she is the creative one... So on to our... 2nd Theory of Combination: Each Participant provides one of the 2 Divine Attributes from each of the applicable rows in the table. It is then the combination of these 2 attributes that results in the specific surge that is expressed. Furthermore I posit that the two participants in the bond will form an 'X' on the chart between the attributes. Let's see if it holds up: - Kaladin Protecting + Syl Leading = Adhesion; Kaladin Confident + Syl Just = Gravitation. - Lift Loving + Wyndle Healing = Abrasion; Lift Giving + Wyndle Learned = Progression. - Shallan Creative + Pattern Honest = Illumination; Shallan Careful + Pattern Wise = Transformation. - Dalinar Pious + Stormfather Guiding = Tension; Dalinar Leading + Stormfather Protecting = Adhesion OK so far those are looking spot on! Yeah! Now on to more speculative pairings: - Renarin Learned + ____spren Giving = Progression; Renarin Honest + ____spren Creative = Illumination - Jasnah Wise + Ivory Careful = Transformation; Jasnah Builder + Ivory Resolute = Transportation - Skybreaker/Szeth Just + Highspren/Nightblood Confident = Gravitation; Skybreaker/Szeth Obedient + Highspren/Nightblood Brave = Division - Stump (Edgedancer vs. Truthwatcher): I must say I'm stumped by Stump either way. Followup Questions: Can we use this theory to posit the types of spren that will bond the other surgebinders? (E.g. Renarin's spren would in some way bring Giving and Creative to the relationship, so what might that spren be?) Are the Honorspren always Leading & Just and the Windrunner always Protecting and Confident? Could you gain access to the same 2 surges via a different bond with a being who was Leading and Just and a spren who was Protecting and Confident? Could it be that Szeth's pairing with Nightblood is actually a swap/subversion of the traditional Highspren bond? Meaning a normal Skybreaker provides Confident and Brave while the Highspren provides Just and Obedient. Even further - are there 4 types of bonds which could theoretically grant access to the same 2 surges?? (Add Protecting/Just being + Leading Confident spren as well as Leading confident being + Protecting/Just spren.)
  20. So I was wondering why szeth didn't become a skybreaker a long time ago,and I must say I'm surprised even baffled that szeth hasn't yet bonded or at least attracted a highspren,given how that guy sticks with the law to the very end,hell even the order's patron was attracted to szeth and even invited him to the order,I know some people will object that no spren will choose szeth because some of the things that he does are evil even kaladin mentioned it,but I don't think the highspren will worry about that,skybreakers are all about following the law no matter what,their second ideal is "I will put the law before all else." And to szeth he is just following the laws of the shin. Skybreakers don't care if their actions seem evil or not right,if you break the law they will execute you without any hesitancy and with no mercy,look at how Nale for example executed ym because he unwittingly played a part in the poisoning and death of a person or how he wanted to execute lift (who's a child) for petty stealing,so I doubt skybreakers and highspren will bother much about szeth previous killings and assassinations because he was technically following the law Why do you think he doesn't have a spren? Or is that he has already attracted a spren but that the spren hasn't revealed itself to him yet? Like how syl was following kaladin since when he was in amaram's army but never revealed herself to him until he later became a slave in the wagon,personally I do think in my opinion that even if szeth doesn't have a spren now,he'll eventually attract one now that he has been officially invited to the order.
  21. So, I've always noticed a similarity between Kal's impressions of Syl an Tien. This made me wonder if Syl was somehow a pseudo-reincarnation of Tien. But she has really old memories, so this seemed unlikely. Then I saw this WoB: This says most of what spren get is physical form and memory in the PR. So, what else do they get? I don't know as much of the spiritual realm as I'd like, but what I've gleaned is that it is a realm of connections. Spren seem to be cognitive manifestations of abstract concepts that are drawn to perceived instances of those concepts in the PR. Being abstract things, do they therefore lack connections (and so presence) in the SR? Kaladin has an unusually strong desire to protect, which drew Syl. That desire to protect initially was focused on Tien, with whom he had a very strong Connection. When he lost Tien, that connection remained, but the associated desire to protect became more generalised. Syl represents that desire to protect. So, in bonding with Kal and becoming the cognitive manifestation of his desire to protect, does she also tap into his spiritual connection to Tien, and so inherit some part of their emotional relationship? If so, does this count as pseudo-reincarnation? Whilst this started with the Syl-Kal-Tien relationship only, I have also noticed it applies to Dalinar-Stormfather-Gavilar. The Stormfather was drawn to Dalinar as a result of his desire to unify the kingdom, and hold rigidly to the codes (both presumed aspects of Bondsmiths). These are both desires tied strongly to the memory of his brother. Also, Dalinar always felt his brother was an unstoppable force that shaped those around him into what he needed them to be, making them better as a byproduct; this is clearly also true of highstorms (though whether this is a particular impression Dalinar holds regarding highstorms is unclear). The evidence of spiritual connection seems less obvious here, until Dalinar's final vision in WoR, just prior to bonding the Stormfather. In that vision, which the Stormfather did not consciously send, Dalinar felt as if Gavilar were in the next room (paraphrased). That suggests a spiritual connection to Gavilar manifested via the Stormfather. What this means for Pattern, Ivory, Glys... I think we need to know more. What do you guys think?
  22. I don't know if this has ever been discussed, I can't find a thread about it. There's a scene in a chasm where Kaladin wonders whether he's the only one with a beginning Nahel bond. Syl says at some point: "I just ... I don't know what I know." but it's not quite clear whether she's thinking about Kaladin's original question at that moment. Then follows this scene, which makes me wonder every time I read it: What made Syl change for a moment? I cannot imagine this is meaningless or just a wrong impression on Kaladin's part. Yet, after several rereads, I've still found no possible explanation. My only idea is that maybe at that moment, she makes some connection to Shadesmar, retrieving knowledge she didn't have before, with the result that she now remembers she's not the only spren that has tried to bond. But that seems a little far fetched. Ideas? Or definite solutions I just haven't been able to find?
  23. So in one of Dalinar's visions in Way of Kings he sees Radiants who have helmets on and then all of the sudden do not. It seems like a silly thing to be an effect of the vision as there are no other weird discrepancies and Brandon is not one to add details for no reason. Also the fact that after the battle of the Tower where Dalinar is betrayed by Sadeas he loses his shardplate's gauntlet. He then says that the Parshendi could hold that gauntlet and regrow it into a full suit if Dalinar did not have the rest of the shardplate. He borrows Adolin's gauntlet and says his shardplate will regenerate the hand piece with stormlight and time. So if shardplate regenerates like some kind of organic coral type thing could modern shardplate also be made of dead spren stimulated by stormlight? Are we seeing the Radiants in Dalinar's vision drop their visor mentally with a thought? If shardplate is made of spren is it the same spren as the blade or a different one that becomes the armor once they reach the 5th ideal or something like that? WILL KALADIN BOND A damnation GLORY SPREN FOR THE SHINIEST ARMOR AWARD ALREADY!!! Sorry... got carried away. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  24. I have been looking and I can't find anyone who makes the case for the connection between the "broken" people and the bond the spren create, however it's something I've been contemplating for a while. I think it's Pattern who speaks about how Shallan was broken and that's how the nahel bond could be formed and I found it interesting because I can see four other KR's who might be termed Broken in the same kind of way. My thoughts are as follows. Shallan: her mental problem is that she dissociates - she is unable to deal with truth - Her Spren is a cryptic who progresses her in her order through Self Awareness and Truth. She's only able to deepen her nahel bond through overcoming her issues of dissociation. The essense attributes of her order is Creativity and Honesty. Kaladin: His mental issue is Depression - he is prone to giving up and inaction - His Spren is Honorspren - he progresses in the nahel bond through dedication to Protect (action) - His anger and restlessness in WoR lead him to mildly depressed state where he chooses inaction - but he revives the nahel bond with Syl by rededicating himself to protection and proaction. The essense atributes of his order is Protecting and Leadership. Renarin: His mental issue is Autism - Autism is linked to issues of learning and development - It's harder to say exactly how he progresses as of yet, but Truthwatcher and the essense attributes Learned and Giving. Give some indication that it'll likely be through similar means as Shallan, he also seemed to grow to fit in better with the Bridgemen, overcoming difficulties in relating to others? perhaps he'll need to become more of a scholar and accept his abilities. Ym: His mental issue indicated in his chapter, is addiction, (he's described as having drunk and partied away all his inheritance) Which is why I would suggest he was also a Truthwatcher (rather than an Edgedancer) His addiction makes him a Taker. Overcoming his addiction and dedicating himself to hearing the stories of everyone he helps (giver) also means he's dedicated to learning. Lift: Her mental issue is I suspect ADHD, she's prone to distraction and not paying attention(uncaring). Her bond with her Spren Wyndle deepens when she acknowledges and speaks the second ideal of her order - "I will remember those who have been forgotten" (Caring) the essense attribute is Loving(caring) and Healing. Jasnah: I honestly don't know, but I suspect she has some issue she's overcome to a large degree being she's proficient in Elsecalling, Her issue likely deals with the opposites of the essense attributes Wise and Careful. Perhaps something that makes/made her unreasonable, insensitive, blunt, thoughtless, inattentive? Absentminded? Losing herself in scholarship? could be something similar to Lift, ADHD, hyperfocus is part of it after-all. Dalinar: His mental issue, might be the same as Ym, addiction, he's described as having been almost addicted to the Thrill, and he was prone to drinking in excess, furthermore he was neglectful and mismanaged the war for a similar reason, addicted to the idea of getting revenge, excessively attached to the codes, causing division, he also lost faith as he was told Honor was dead, the almighty was gone. Overcoming his flaws which lead to division of the kingdom, he was neglectful for many years while Gavilar had the throne, and the other high princes manouvered, then when Gavilar died in his shame and self-recrimation for that neglect lead him to become attached to the codes which in turn lead the other high-princes to see him as divisive, because he put himself as holier than them. Dalinar dedicates himself fully to the ideal of uniting rather than dividing with his second oath. The attributes connected to Bondsmiths are Pious and Guiding. Dalinar has to overcome his need to force and control the path of others. Now we come to speculation! Elhokar: His mental issue is paranoia - he's erratic, fearful and (self)-destructive (he's acknowledged this last one, he tries to do right, but he keeps self-destructing in some way) I make the argument here that he's very clearly "broken" he's already seen something that seems to be spren of some kind. Going by the already formed pattern his mental issue makes him the opposite of the essense attribute of the order, Willshaper is the most likely with the attributes Resolute and Builder. Further I think he also contains some of the positives,having a love of adventure, novelty and oddity. Rysn: I'm not certain but I'm going to call her leaping off the Island irresponsible and unstable (in the search for dependability and resourcefulness) again working from the theory that an order's KR will have to overcome a mental deficiency opposite the essense attribute here Dependable and Resourceful would make her a candidate for Stonewarden. I'd even say she embodies one of the flaws of the Stonewardens, Stubbornness, she was unwilling to give up even when she was told by the King that the trade wouldn't be possible, she also somehow survived a rather large fall. (I'm not as certain of this one, but I think it works) Eshonai: I think her Mental issue is Social Anxiety (fear), her adventuring and discovering seems to me to be to a large degree to remain away from her people, she's IIRC described by her mother as being a disobedient child. Eshonai is clearly scarred in some way, and again if we do as before, the things she's been overcoming has been the opposite attributes to the Order of Dustbringers(releasers) Bravery(courage) and Obedience. (again it's debatable, and I'm not sure about Parshendi and Surgebinding as such, but she's at least a candidate in my mind for that order, again because of how I've interpreted her personality.) Szeth - I'm just not sure how to touch this one... Like he's shattered, I can imagine he might become a Skybreaker? He's completely without confidence and I'm not sure he trusts that what he has done was truly just, so it might be that he's going to need to overcome his uncertainty, self-doubt, and what injustice he might caused before? I don't think he's going to be Evil in any case, I think the beauty will be in how he comes to be a whole and hale person fighting for Roshar. I'm gonna end it here, I'm interested in hearing if anyone has any thoughts and if it makes sense in some fashion.