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Found 57 results

  1. Hypothetical situation, some guy becomes a sliver, bonds with a Spren then dies and becomes a Cognitive Shadow. So what happens to the Nahel Bond? Will it break or continue after death?
  2. So the Unmade are basically super-spren that came from Odium, they're similar to the Godspren like the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher and the Sibling, though probably a step beneath them on the totem pole. So my question is could someone Bond with an Unmade? Not Yelig-Nar I mean like Sja-Anat or Nergaoul, would it be possible with one of them? If so what kind of craziness would arise from that?
  3. So the Honorblade's whole thing is that they can grant anyone access to Surgebinding at the drawback of not being as efficient with Stormlight as the Nahel Bond, so my question is this: If a Surgebinder held an Honorblade with entirely different Surges, like a Windrunner with the Lightweaver blade, would the presence of the Nahel Bond get rid of the inefficiency problem?
  4. Did Ishar forge the Oathpact himself with the powers he recieved from Honour, or did Honour forge the Oathpact? Also, did Ishar create the Nahel bond, and if he did, did he do it around the same time?
  5. Boy, I'm going to be using this a lot now. Okay, i know I read a thread somewhere talking about it, but what has BS said about taking spern bonds and shardblades of Roshar?
  6. Hoid has bonded a Cryptic. Now to progress through his “oaths” he must speak truths about himself. What truths might Hoid speak about himself? I assume must be truths he hasn’t already said, even to himself. I don’t think we have enough information even to guess, except maybe for one truth about this immortal being surrounded by mortals who cannot understand him: “I am alone.” I doubt he will say that, but it’s my only guess. What do you think?
  7. Hey everyone, Not sure if this is worth making a thread for but just read the below sequence from WoR Chapter 63 and was just blown away how I did not notice this. Love how Shallan just casually drops what a spren who has had their bond broken in Shadesmar is supposed to be like. Brandon with the "100 Sneak" in writing haha.
  8. Are Knights Radiant always bonded to spren of the gender they find attractive in humans? I was thinking that Knights Radiant were always bonded to member of the opposite gender, but then I remembered that Renarin and Rlain are bonded to masculine spren. Renarin and Rlain are attracted to masculine people, though, so now I'm wondering if Radiants always bond spren of the gender they're attracted to (in humans).
  9. Who do you think might become the third bondsmith? This topic has probably been explored on this forum, but I can't find it, so it's probably time for another post. Also, do we know for a fact that the third bondsmith spren is the Nightwatcher? My guesses, such as they are, are Adolin, Hesina, or Dabbid.
  10. Ok. I'm new but I've tried to at least be mostly thorough while digging through the forums for my ideas and/or supporting evidence. My new job allows for many hours of audio (by far my preferred method) and allowed me to start binging Shardcast, something I had little time for previously. An episode I watched recently talked about deadeyes and The Recreance. A WoB was mentioned that talked about the deadeyes being similar to something that happened previously in the cosmere. The argument on shardcast was the situation one like Seones (Maybe spelled right?) Or shades on Threnody. The majority of the crew heavily sided with similar to Seones, and most posts I have read speak very little of shades. This is my thoughts. There are WAY too many clues about BAM and the recreance. WAY too many. The entire narrative is directing you straight at it. Well, all the Mistborn epigraph was trying to point you straight at Vin. Well, now there's Harmony. Ya know? So why would Brandon put out dozens and dozens of blatant clues that BAM was the cause of deadeyes? Simple misdirection. Here is my actual theory. The problems on Threnody started because Ambition was basically killed by Odium. Now we have Shades. My best research has been able to provide, Honor was dying in the time leading up to The Recreance. His death probably coincided very close with The Recreance. Seones issues were caused by Elantris magic system being directly connected to the landscape. That is NOT the case on Roshar. The landscape changed. The Seones changed. On Roshar, the singers were connected to BAM, not the Radiant Spren creating Nahel Bonds. The radiant spren as far as I can tell are connected to Honor (some more than others). So what if the parshmen lost their form because of the imprisonment of BAM. But the deadeye were because of the death of Honor. I love new information so feel free to prove me wrong. Totally want the real details. But I feel the shades on Threnody are what was referred to in the WoB. Not the Seones. I am reasonably confident this theory has merit. BUT The secondary part of my theory maybe is a lot more fluid and all that. So, if the deadeyes are mainly affected by the death of Honor, and a VERY good chance also that it was connected to Honor breaking his own oathes. Spren are connected to Honor. Honor breaks his oathes and dies. Radiant oathes being broken now cause deadeyes. This happened near simultaneously with The Recreance. A huge theory I see getting repeated is Kaladin taking up the Shard of Honor. (Sometimes Dalinar and others) BUT I think Adolin has shown more Honor than anyone. He is the 1 throughout many books, he has shown kindness to slaves and servants, common soldiers. He is always championing whatever "righteous cause" comes along. Who is closer to Honor? I had a wild theory before about Adolin being Honors champion. But what if, instead of Dalinar or Kaladin, Adolin became Honor! A bit of supporting evidence or implications or whatever. Similar to the beginning part of my theory. Sanderson loves misdirection. I see a lot of mention of Adolin as a "side character". Sazed was a side character for all the same reasons Adolin. As far as I am concerned Adolin and Sazed are on the same level of side/main character. Now we have Harmony. Whether or not it is Adolin, I think when the shard of Honor had coalesced in whichever way and finds another vessel, the new vessel will renew the oathes and free the deadeyes. I believe near simultaneously, right before, right after, which have you. In a very similar timeline BAM will be released and fix any issues still with the singers. I'd love to hear any feedback pro or con. I really hope my idea isn't completely stale and repetitive as I'm late to the forum party. Lol.
  11. Apologies if it has been discussed or I've forgotten something. What would happen to a sapient spren if it was captured in a gem? We've obviously seen lower spren be captured and we've seen Unmade like the Thrill and Ba-Ado-Mishram (kinda seen) be captured, but what about the in-between? Could you manifest some effect from a fabrial made with a Sapient spren? What would happen if the gem was broken and the spren escaped (would the spren experience a loss of function, cognition, etc.). (I think this has been somewhat discussed in some Shardcasts about Ba-Ado-Mishram.) Does this affect bonds (thinking Nahel) in strange ways?
  12. theory

    First of all, I cannot take full credit for this theory, as the basic idea of “inverted Nahel Bond” comes from this post by @Seloun While re-reading Oathbringer I realized that it actually explains most, if not all, weird things and quotes about corrupted spren and Voidbinding, so I decided to write down all arguments in favor of it. The basic premise is that Voidbinding (at least the form shown in the Voidbinding chart) is an extension of Surgebinding and the Nahel Bond, caused by adding Odium's Investiture to the Radiant spren. As a result, a person gets two Surges from the bond, and the spren gets two matching Voidbindings, explaining the similarity between the two charts. This would make Voidbinding a magic system of all Rosharan Shards, with its name probably being a portmanteau of Odium/Void + Surgebinding Here are all the hints I was able to find: The Surgebinding chart shares the color theme with the map of Roshar, as beings from the Physical Realm get the powers; the Voidbinding chart using the colors of the Shadesmar map hints at spren being the ones to get powers Odium's Tone is now a pure Tone of Roshar, and Eshonai's last chapter in RoW implies that all Tones and Rhytms form a wonderful harmony. Spren getting powers and, by extension, a more equal footing with people, seems to be compatible with that way more than if Voidbinding was a separate thing purely of Odium. Also, spren now essentially share mortality with people, so getting powers would be a natural next step Voidbinding being the cousin of Old Magic makes a lot of sense now: people get Old Magic powers by being changed by the Nighwatcher, spren get powers by being changed by Sja-anat Corrupted Truthwatchers cannot control their visions, but their spren seem to have at least some level of control. Glys can record the visions to show to other people (possibly similar to how Lightweavers can capture Memories), and Tumi knows exactly what is going on during Rlain's first vision, even though Rlain is clearly surprised by the whole thing Glys having access to futuresight beyond what he shows Renarin would explain him talking in future tense and providing constant protection against Odium's futuresight Glys also wants to give his sorrow to Renarin, hinting at the reversal of typical roles in Voidbinding Tumi thanks Sja-anat for his eyes in her interlude in RoW, presumably referring to the futuresight We know about corrupted Truthwatchers and futuresight, which is most probably the Voidbinding of Illumination, but what about Progression? I believe that there might be some hints in Oathbringer about that. The quotes below were sometimes interpreted as Renarin having a gemheart: There's no way Renarin naturally has a gemheart, but what if Glys used his Voidish Progression to grow one in his body to have some place to hide? It wouldn't need to be big, as a cremling gemheart was enough for Tumi in RoW, and it would explain a lot, in my opinion
  13. The Wiki Page starts with: But I remebered this: I came to this Topic when i wanted to mention, "This Character has a Nahel Bond" in a WTCC Question but checked the Wiki to not confuse everyone. Can we change this in the Wiki? I know that WOBs are only secondary canon but the quote is from December 2020, so it is pretty recent and past RoW. And he literally said, that it is the definition. It does not just change "human or singer" to "being from the Physical Realm", but also "sentient spren" to "spren".
  14. Is there a link between human and spren gender ? i.e Kaladin is a boy his spren is a girl... It always seems whatever the human is the spren is the opposite gender. Has this been discussed somewhere?
  15. Brief disclaimer: It has been some time since I posted theories on here (probably since OB came out more or less), and my Cosmere knowledge is a bit rusty, and probably outdated. If I get anything wrong, please let me know. I also do not currently have a copy of RoW on me, so I won't be quoting directly (feel free to give quotes, and I may edit some in later). I have also not read Dawnshard, so no spoilers for that please. Anyway, on to the theory: Essentially my theory is that Adolin and Maya have formed/are forming a sort of reverse Nahel bond. If my understanding of Nahel Bonds is correct (and honestly most investiture in the cosmere), they are formed when spren attach themselves to a radiant's spiritweb, utilizing cracks in the web to attach more thoroughly. My theory is that when the Recreance occurred Spren and Radiant spirit webs were forcefully separated (it is confirmed that the Spren were damaged in the Spirit realm, but to my knowledge, not how). I believe that a piece of the Spren's spiritweb remained attached to the original Radiant's spiritweb. This sort of fits in with the description of their eyes, as in the eyes are just kinda absent. Essentially, I am saying that I think that piece of the spren remains trapped in the original Radiant's web (Which is why a radiant could revive their own dead spren after killing it). This is why I think Maya and Adolin are forming a sort of reverse Nahel bond. Instead of the spren filling in the cracks in the Radiant's web, Adolin is filling in the cracks in Maya's spirit web. I think this is also why it might be that in RoW, Maya begins swearing the first oath, not Adolin.
  16. So as Im reading RoW, a thought came to my mind. What would the process of a Human/Singer bonding a spren look like in the Cognitive Realm? Is it even possible? Also, could a person "encounter" a spren in Shadesmar and bond it, while still there? Or do they both need to be in the Physical Realm? Would the Bond be initiated differently? Related to that would be the question of a KR swearing a higher ideal while in Shadesmar, which What are your thoughts?
  17. Okay, so i recently ask if there was a way for someone to get a nahel bond of Roshar, and answer was yes, but difficult. So what would happen if someone bonded with a spern, and then just left Roshar? Would the spern just stay and Roshar? Would the bond break, or would they just be waiting there? What happens if you go back to Roshar? Is the bond fine?
  18. Hello, first post, be gentle with me We don't really know that the Nightwatcher is a Bondsmith spren. It's a good theory, seems widely accepted and quite probable. But so far as I know, no in-book quote or WoB confirms her as such. I think it's likely that she probably is one of the three Bondsmith spren, as a counterpart to the Stormfather. She already has a magic system (-ish?) associated with her, the Boon and Curse: granting a wish but with a curse attached alongside it. Couldn't someone also ask her for the boon of being granted Radiancy (is that the word?). Has anyone in Roshar's history? Could she grant other spren bonds, lower spren or spren of the other Orders? And assuming she is a Radiant spren, could someone ask to bond with her? Could it be how she herself is supposed to be bonded? Could the next Bondsmith have to trek to the Valley and ask for the boon of bonding her? What could be the Curse to accompany such a Boon? Would they need to speak the Ideals or would the Curse, sort of, supplant the words?
  19. I just wanted to think for a second about why humans had the ability to bond higher spren but singers, who seem to be fully rational creatures like humans, at least in any form besides dullform and slave form. I think the reason for this has to do with evolution on Roshar and what higher spren get from the Nahel bond: sapience in the physical realm. Humans are physical beings--their cognition is a product of biological processes of the physical realm which obviously are manifested in the cognitive realm, and facilitated by innate investiture in the spiritual realm. The Parsh natives of Roshar evolved on a planet where the cognitive-based investiture was all over the place, and from evolutionary terms, the path of least resistance to developing sapience was a symbiotic process between humanoid and spren, rather than a fully physical process. The result is, obviously, that the sapience of singers is less physically grounded than that of humans, and thus a nahel bond is not nearly as firm a grounding in the physical realm as it is for humans, whose sapience is a result of their physical brains, at least on a material level. I think this is correct, but what has changed recently? Are spren bonding singers like Venli or (hopefully) Rlain even though the bond is less secure because they think it's just the right thing to do, and it CAN serve, just less well, or is there some other difference?
  20. My theory is that Shardplates are a portion of the Radiants' cognitive aspect, manifesting in the physical realm by a mechanism analogous to that of living Shardblades. This idea originates because current Plates seem to be sensitive to it's bearers minds: they adapt to the shape of the bearer's body and some experienced ones can even give mental orders to their Plate, for example, causing a part to come off the rest. We know that the more Radiants progress in their order, the closer they are to their spren. I even think I remember something about their Spiritwebs becoming more intermingled with each step of this process. We also know that spren have the ability to manifest in the physical realm in the form of metal. Knowing this, it seems possible to me that the Nahel bond may eventually grant the Radiants the ability to bring into the physical realm part of their cognitive aspect, which is shaped around their bodies due to being an extension of the way they view themselves. In my opinion, this would explain better than the current theory —Shardplates being minor spren— why Syl doesn't hate those who use current Plates like those who use dead Blades. For in their creation during the Recreance, no spren —not even sub-sentient ones— were harmed, but the very Radiants who broke their oaths were.
  21. I'm fairly sure this idea will have been suggested before, but I want to try and dive deeply into it for the sake of it, really. I want to know if you guys think it'll happen or not. So, then. The theory/hypothesis. Will the 5th ideal cause the Radiant and Spren's spiritwebs to be so thoroughly connected that the two become indistinguishable in the SR, thus causing them to become Cognitively and Physically the same being? I suppose the big points against this would be 1. If we've seen Nale's Highspren on-screen, since he's a 5th ideal skybreaker (but also a Herald which might change things) and 2. How would Shardblade summoning work if that's the case? We already know a single spren can't manifest as two separate pieces of shardblade because that involves splitting their spiritweb, which, OUCH. So if this was the case, there would need to be some alternative. Perhaps we've seen a proto-form of this, when Dalinar manifests a not-Blade out of stormlight to use the Oathgate and flee. If a 5th Ideal Radiant could do that reliably and safely, whatever it is (i think it was partially condensed stormlight, personally), then they wouldn't need to split their spiritweb to manifest a Shardblade. Alternatively, they could just do something like FMA and have a sword-arm instead. Another consequence of this would be that the Radiant/Spren hybrid would take on physical traits from both components, which could have some pretty cool visual alterations. Like imagine how a full-truth Lightweaver could look, with that weird, almost glassy Cryptic cloak, maybe their face has a moving tattoo that matches the pattern of their Cryptic (or a new pattern that represents the Radiant AND their Cryptic!). That would be SO cool. In terms of how this affects powers, with effectively 0 resistance between the Radiant and their Spren, they would have perfect access to their Spren's surges, without any weird latency or Stormlight inefficiency (note: i'm not claiming the hybrid would not leak Stormlight at all... But Brando did specify in a wob that "humans" leak too much, so maybe this is the caveat). Continuing with the Lightweaver example (totally not because of personal biases), this would likely have bigger ramifications with Soulcasting, given how the Cryptic does the translating between Cognitive aspects and the Radiant. Perhaps with this final step, the Radiant can just comprehend and speak to the beads in Shadesmar directly. Would certainly expedite the process, if nothing else. With Lightweaving, one downside I can see is that without the Spren being separate, you couldn't do the thing Shallan does and stick an illusion of Veil to Pattern for him to walk away with and misdirect people. However, I can see one way to circumvent this. If Plate really is lesser spren, then perhaps Lightweavers can stick Illusions to those as well (which for one just sounds amazing, a swarm of illusions that the Lightweaver uses as misdirection, forgoing the defensive capabilities of Plate). Another effect this may have is on aging, or lack thereof. I wonder if a Spren is enough to slow the aging of their hybridized Radiant waayyy down. Not to be ageless like the Heralds, but maybe... Maybe it could be with a tweak from a Bondsmith, Stormfather permitting. That's a mini-theory for another time, though. One last piece of meta-evidence is that SA is meant to be sort of like an anime, and this is similar to one of those somewhat prevalent (in my experience) anime tropes.
  22. So, I found a WoB that answers a little of this question (below), but still leaves questions for me. If a lighteyes becomes a Radiant and gains the ability to summon a living Shardblade, how much (if any) does their eye color change depending on the order? Like, if someone with blue eyes becomes a Willshaper, will their eyes turn purple? Because Brandon has implied that there could be a change, but that it might be subtle because the lighteyes are descended from people who were gradually but permanently altered by the bond/stormlight. Presumably blue eyes would mean someone was descended from a Windrunner. This leads to another question: If a change in eye-color has already occurred due to investiture exposure and been passed down through genetics, and a descendant joined an order that would normally have produced a similar, but different, change [like red or orange or purple], would the descendant's children have blue eyes or the eye color of their parent's order? The WoB, quoted: "Questioner My question has to do with the color of Shallan's eyes currently, because we've noticed over the books that Kaladin's eyes, as he's continued to use his Surge, changed to lighter and lighter blue. Whereas one could argue that Shallan is farther in her Ideals than Kaladin is, yet her eyes have not changed at all. Brandon Sanderson Right, 'cause they were already light. Questioner 'Cause they were already light? So it only affects lightness or darkness in the eyes, not necessarily any other color? Brandon Sanderson It's not like it is-- It's not like it's saying "Light minus 50%". Questioner It's not like Honor is blue and-- Brandon Sanderson No. It is not. It is just kind of the way that the changes the Stormlight is making the body and certain people are already descended from people who had repeated, over time, changes by the body which stopped physically... That's not to say that all lighteyes that's where they came from. There are some that are natural mutations."
  23. What would giving Breath to spren result in? Breath is supposed to be more in the Physical than the Spiritual due to the nature of Endowment / to facilitate their transfer. Would the adaptability of Breath to different sDNA cause it to become more Cognitive in nature? Or would it make it easier for the spren to push into the Physical Realm and retain their coherence there? I assume that the rules of Awakening should still remain the same for them and they would still gain Heightenings if they acquire more Breaths, but would doing so change what kind of spren they are if they have more of Endowment's Investiture or would Endowment's nature mean her Investiture wouldn't change the inherent nature of the spren? If the spren was a Nahel Bond capable spren, would this count as Corruption assuming their nature does change? Would they still grant the same Surges? Could they grant the benefits of the Heightenings to their Bondmate? Seeing as the Nahel Bond is a melding of the Spiritwebs, to some degree, would transferring Breaths be easier between Bondmates or could a Bondmate use one another's Breath at the Fifth Ideal?
  24. So I have a suspicion about the identity of the elusive spren of the Radiant order of Truthwatchers. In Edgedancer (about a page into chapter six), Lift’s Cultivationspren, Wyndle, mentions a type of spren known as Keenspren. Context: Lift was talking with a young street urchin, using all kinds of very strange words in odd ways. After the urchin leaves, Wyndle says: “Mistress, that was the strangest conversation I’ve ever heard, and I once grew an entire garden for some keenspren.” Truthwatcher’s spren are described as looking like “light reflected onto a surface through a crystal.” And Glys, Renarin’s corrupted spren, looks like a crystalline snowflake growing up from Renarin’s back. Many of the examples of corrupted spren we’ve seen were still recognizable as the type of spren they were. Keen means sharp, either in mind or as an edge, like a blade. I think this correlates well with what we’ve heard of the spren’s appearance in addition to the traditional personality attributed to the order of Truthwatchers. I would love to hear other suspicions about the Truthwatcherspren. This is a bit of a pet peeve of mine, so please share your thoughts on my theory!
  25. One of things that has always bothered me Is why none of the Singers had ever bonded a non void spren before . Venli is the first to ever do so . Even she thought it was not possible . So on a reread of WoR I found the Song of Spren . The song seems to contradict itself . At first it says that Singers can’t provide what men can provide . Comparing their bond to broth and humans bond as meat . Making me believe that the spren won’t gain much intelligence . Later it says this was promised in days passed. So is a Nahel bond possible or not ? I know Venli has one . But is it that Venli spren is the only type that can do it , and is that why it’s never worked before ? I’m sure the answer is in this song . So can some of you tell me what you think it means